POINT:  Sometimes a Picture Really Is Worth A Thousand Words.  This stunning photograph was taken by Frank Glick at the National Cemetery in Minneapolis on a June morning.  It originally appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  You can do the rest.

POINT:  Perhaps There Is A Bit Of Class Left in Hollywood After All:  I’ve often reflected on Tom Selleck, he of Magnum P.I. fame, as an example of class for two (and other) incidents.  Many years ago a young Selleck appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Carson asked him about politics and Selleck replied that he was an actor and he couldn’t imagine why anyone would care what he thought about politics.  His job was to act as well as he could.  Many years later, at Ronald Reagan’s funeral, Selleck was standing in a very long line waiting to view Mr. Reagan lying in state.  He was offered the opportunity to move to the front of the line and refused, remaining with all of the other Americans surrounding him.  I’ve purchased every DVD he’s made and ever will make.

Now Mila Kunis—a lovely young actress whose work I am utterly unfamiliar with, and Justin Timberlake (I’m equally unfamiliar) accepted the invitations of two Marines to Marine balls on the occasions of the birthday of the Marine Corps.  That’s pretty darned classy and sadly rare.  Good on ’em.

POINT:  Macho Guys Are Willing To Practice Safe Sex?  Macho guys are willing to practice safe sex.  So says Stephanie Pappas at LiveScience.  It’s on the Internet, so you know it has to be true.  See what you think.

POINT:  Even a Dog Know Who Really Likes Him:  At a recent NASCAR event, Michelle Obama was among several people (VP Joe Biden’s wife was with her) to say “Gentlemen, start your engines.”  Brietbart TV provides the video of the crowd booing her.  Some will, no doubt, cry “racism.”  I suspect the motivation of the crowd was anything but.  After all, Mrs. Obama has famously observed that America is a “mean” country, and her vacation frequency, spending and choices might strike the average NASCAR fan—heck, the average American—as rather more like Marie Antoinette than Bess Truman.  Even a dog knows who really like dogs.  I don’t believe for a moment that the Obamas like America or Americans.  Woof, woof.

POINT:  Louis Renault Award of the Century:  I’m shocked, shocked (!) that the “Supercommittee” of six Republicans and six democrats charged with cutting $1.2 trillion from the debt now seems headed for absolute failure.  A vote is due Wednesday and no proposal has been made and agreed upon.  Republican and Democrat members of the SC made the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows, each blaming the other. Here’s what we know for sure:

(1) If they don’t cut $1.2 trillion over ten years, automatic cuts will take place, at least half coming out of defense at a time only a complete moron (or a Democrat) would think of cutting defense.

(2) Mr. Obama is adding to the debt at the pace of nearly $1.5 trillion a year.  The idea that $1.2 trillion is a significant cut is utterly absurd particularly when spread over ten years.

(3)  Future Congresses are not bound by past Congresses.  The idea that anything this Congress mandates past its final day in session is sacrosanct is as idiotic as—well–anything else those people are doing.

(4) No deal is possible because Democrats absolutely refuse to cut entitlements—even though they know those entitlements will bankrupt the nation sooner rather than later—without dramatically raising taxes, which will be used not to pay down the deficit, but for yet greater deficit spending.

So let me see if I have this straight: We’re going bankrupt due not to insufficient tax revenues, but grotesque over-spending.  The Democrats won’t consider cutting spending and want to raise taxes, which will inevitably further suppress job creation and reduce tax revenues.  The Democrats won’t cut entitlements, which are the high-speed rail express to fiscal oblivion.  Oh yes, and they’re blaming Republicans claiming they don’t want the rich to pay their “fair share” despite the fact that the rich pay most of the taxes in the nation with the most regressive income tax structure on Earth.  Does that about sum it up?  Thought so.

John Hinderaker at Powerline thinks it really doesn’t amount to much, and that the Republicans, as usual, are being suckered by the Democrats.

So how about it Gentle Readers?  Reelect Mr. Obama and stack the House and Senate with Democrats?  Alllllll aboard!

POINT:  And Speaking of Pornography… I have been, of late, enjoying the writing of Susannah Breslin, whose latest article at Forbes is entitled Why the Porn Business Isn’t Misogynist.  Some years ago Breslin did in depth research into that particular industry and her views—and writing—are interesting indeed.  Worth your time, I think.

POINT:  And Speaking of Even More Pornography… Stacey McCain has a solid article titled What the Occupiers Believe and Why They Believe it.  It’s an interesting explication of the Marxist and Socialist (Marx-lite) beliefs of the OWS crowd and their financial backers.  McCain observes that a great many of those participating cannot coherently explain Marxist theory (or much of anything else, including what they think they want and why living in squalor at the risk of rape and worse might get it) or even recognize that they are useful idiots for those that can.

For your edification, I wrote a nice little Marxist Primer for PJ Media back in October of 2010.  It too would be worth your time.  There really are Communists working to destroy our freedoms.  There always have been and likely always will be.  It’s good to know those that would enslave and destroy you.

POINT:  If An Evil Enemy Was Trying To Destroy America’s Economy, How Could We Tell Them From Mr. Obama?  So asks John Hinderaker at Powerline.  I’ve often asked the same thing.  The sheer number of steps being taken, overtly and covertly by the Obama Administration to strangle American’s energy supplies are absolutely stunning, ranging from shutting down Gulf drilling, to financially supporting Brazilian oil drilling, from shutting down nuclear plant building to the Keystone Pipeline, you name it, if it would harm America and greatly increase American’s energy bills, Mr. Obama is hard at work making it happen.

As Hinderaker observes, if Mr. Obama wins a second term, he’ll have absolutely no restraints and his dream of making energy costs “necessarily skyrocket,” teamed with Steven Chu’s hope of European level gas costs will become a horrific reality.

By all means, take the links, Gentle Readers.  These people really do want you to pay triple your current electric and gasoline bills and more.  They actually think that would be a good thing for America.  But then again, they think raising taxes in a recession and engaging in even more deficit spending is a good idea too.  Next thing you know they’ll want to tax Christmas trees!  What’s that?  They’ve done that too?  Figures.

POINT:  Want To See What the Female Brain Looks Like during Orgasm?  Me too!  No, it’s not science porn, but it is fascinating.  Yes a woman stimulated herself to orgasm inside an MRI machine.  Eeeeeuuuuuwwww?  Perhaps, but fascinating nonetheless.  As a bonus, there’s a link to the first couple having sex in an MRI scanner.  I, of course, am far too genteel to look; you’ll have to make your own decisions in a mature, reserved, adult manner.

POINT:  If It Helps The Troops… Dinners With Warriors publishes a cookbook, the sales of which go to a variety of worthy projects such as:

The Wounded Warrior Project, Homes For Our Troops, Children of Fallen Patriots fund, TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Programs for Survivors), Soldiers Angels

You’ll find their website here and can visit them on facebook here.

POINT:  Otters And Hippos and Hedgehogs, Oh My!  And as a palate cleanser after all the pornography—I meant the political stuff, but you knew that, didn’t you?—take a trip to Zoo Borns and see some of the cutest critters around.  Major “awwww” quotient.

I’ll see you tomorrow with an education article on the nature of intelligence and its application in the real world.  I hope it’s reasonably—well—intelligent.  Thanks for dropping by!