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When writing about such attacks, it’s wise to avoid hubris. I don’t have the police reports.  Body camera footage only tells part of the story, and that subject to interpretation. There is much I don’t know, much no one can know, particularly if our fundamentally untrustworthy media finds its cherished narratives thrown sideways by reality, as Ben Shapiro notes: 

The legacy media have a preset narrative machine when it comes to mass shootings. That narrative machine takes into account the identities of the shooter and the victims, and then churns out an explanation for the shooting. White shooter, black victims: systemic racism. Black shooter, white victims: alienation caused by systemic racism. Muslim shooter, gay victims: Christian homophobia.

On Monday, a self-identified 28-year-old trans man shot up a Christian school in Nashville, killing three children and three adults. The shooter left a manifesto, which police said reeked of ‘resentment.’ And so this week, we are learning what pops up in the narrative machine when the inputs are ‘trans man’ and ‘Christian schoolchildren.’

And here’s what pops up: America is systemically cruel to trans people, who apparently cannot be blamed for losing control and targeting small children at Christian schools. A hate crime by a trans-identifying person against a religious group is immediately transmuted into a generalized societal crime against the mass shooter herself. Thus, NBC contributor Benjamin Ryan tweeted, ‘NBC has ID’d the Nashville school shooter… Nashville is home to the Daily Wire, a hub of anti-trans activity by @MattWalshBlog, @BenShapiro and @MichaelJKnowles.’ Newsweek tweeted a story titled, ‘Tennessee Republicans’ ban on drag shows criticized after mass shooting.’ ABC News correspondent Terry Moran stated that the shooter ‘identified herself as a transgender person. The State of Tennessee earlier this month passed and the governor signed a bill that banned transgender medical care for minors…’

In the perverse world of Leftist victimology, this makes sense: If you are a member of a supposedly victimized group, you cannot be the victimizer; there must be another victimizer who has victimized you, turning you back into a victim.

Indeed, but before we proceed, let’s be certain of this: in a constitutional republic, the Constitution–particularly express, unalienable rights–takes some things off the table. Banning the most popular semiautomatic rifle in America, banning an entire class of common, legal firearms, absent amending the Constitution, is beyond “debate” or national “conversation. This is only one reason D/S/Cs want to pack the Supreme Court: to get what they want by ignoring the Constitution. It also seems Elon Musk hasn’t fired quite enough Twitter censors:

Federalist CEO Sean Davis was locked out of his Twitter account Tuesday night for factually reporting on the ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ following the deaths of three children and three staff members at a Christian school in Tennessee at the hands of a transgender shooter.

‘The cold-blooded mass murder at a Christian school in Nashville by an apparent transgender person came just days before a planned ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ organized by the Trans Radical Activist Network,’ wrote Davis.

It’s policy at SMM not to name—dead or otherwise—mass killers. I also will not assist the mentally ill in their delusions. The killer was a 28-year-old woman, according to media accounts, mentally ill and under psychological care, in part for pretending to be male.  This is always a good question:

And therein, gentle readers, lies the media’s cognitive dissonance. Trans this or that are holy in the D/S/C church. They are at once the most oppressed, helpless, vulnerable beings on the planet, and simultaneously saints and martyrs, depending on transitory narrative needs. They are oppressed because Normal Americans refuse to grant them sainthood, refuse to call them normal, or even sane, refuse to accede to their demands, and refuse to praise their self-imagined intellectual and moral superiority. So when one of these objects of veneration invades a Christian elementary school and murders three 9-year-olds, and three adults, the dogma of the D/S/C church is in danger, particularly when that dogma is rife with lies and calls to violence: 

The primary Day of Vengeance event is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Saturday at the Supreme Court in D.C., with additional events planned for March 31. LGBTQ activists specifically targeted Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was previously the target of an assassination attempt by a far-left activist last year.

The group purports to seek revenge for what they term ‘trans genocide,’ a conspiracy theory that claims that transgender people are systemically targeted with violence. However, an examination of FBI statistics by the Daily Wire shows no proof to corroborate this claim. In 2021, only two of the 271 recorded hate crimes against transgender individuals resulted in murder. These figures are substantially lower than those of other groups and insufficient to substantiate allegations of ‘trans genocide.’

Seldom do we see such deflection of blame and justification of murder.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight on 03-28-23, Journalist Andy Ngo noted a substantial number—around 25% of violent Antifa thugs arrested –but never prosecuted, of course—identified as—surprise–trans. And where, you might reasonably ask, is the FBI, those dogged pursuers of domestic terrorists like parents upset about the political and sexual indoctrination of children in the public schools? They’re not in Nashville: 

The FBI is not treating the Monday shooting in Nashville that killed six, including three small children, as an act of domestic terrorism, The Daily Wire has learned.

To be fairer to the DOJ/FBI than they likely deserve, murder is usually a local crime, not federal jurisdiction, which doesn’t stop them when the narrative demands suppression of evil Normal Americans. Testifying before Congress, Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to say the FBI would investigate the attack against a Christian school as a hate crime. That designation is surely much-abused, and when an attacker is dead and likely had no accomplices, essentially moot, but it is ubiquitous when the government’s ideological enemies are in their sights.

Sidebar: Every August, I update the School Attacks series, which reveals the facts and solutions to school attacks. To find the most recent 9-part series, enter “school attacks 2022” in the SMM home page search bar. Nearly all of the issues stemming from the Nashville attack are therein addressed. I say “nearly all” because the 2022 series doesn’t explore the growing threat of trans, anti-Christian violence. The 2023 update will, and in a sense, begins here.

Police body camera Footage: You can access it here—You Tube; who knows how long it will remain available?–and here (Powerline, so it will stay available).

In this article, gentle readers, I’m not going to try to do in-depth analysis, but provide primarily initial impressions, and facts, insofar as they’re known at the moment. What is generally known, and is likely accurate, is a 28-year-old woman pretending to be a man shot her way into the Covenant School in Nashville on March 27, 2023. She was armed with a pistol caliber carbine—more about this shortly—what appears to have been an AR-pattern pistol, and a semiautomatic handgun. She killed three nine-year-old students, a janitor, the school’s principal and a teacher. In the process of firing through a second story window at arriving police officers, she was killed by Nashville officers who promptly assaulted the building. According to Nashville’s Police Chief, the killer chose this school, rejecting another, because that school had “too much security,” while Covenant had no school resource officer, and no other armed security. The killer also apparently purposely chose to attack Christians in general, and this school in particular: 

(Via NBC) – A sense of ‘resentment’ might have played a role in a 28-year-old’s deadly attack on the private Christian school they once attended, Nashville police said Monday.

The shooter, Nashville resident Audrey Hale, had no previous criminal record before opening fire at The Covenant School, killing three children and three adults, authorities said.

‘There’s some belief that there was some resentment for having to go to that school,’ Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told Lester Holt of NBC News.

Hale had carefully planned the attack with detailed maps and surveillance, police said.

The killer also left a “manifesto,” which the police have acknowledged. Do not expect it to be released anytime soon, if at all. It surely will portray the “trans community” in an accurate, negative light. The FBI, which is “assisting” Nashville police, will see to that.

Useful Links:

Brietbart explains how anti-liberty/gun cracktivist Shannon Watts was attacking lawful gun owners before anything was known about the attack.

PJ Media speaks to the martyrdom of the killer.

Heaven forbid anyone “misgender” a mass murderer. Why, that’s even worse–much worse–than murder.

Don Surber speaks to the media’s manipulation of the trans narrative.

Hot Air speaks about the stirring up of trans violence.

Time Frame: In any crime, and particularly this type of crime, understanding pretty much everything depends on a precise time line. If authorities provide one, it’s a sign they’re being transparent and telling the truth. It’s also a sign of their competence. If they don’t, it’s a virtual certainty they’re hiding things and engaging in politics. For the moment, we have only a tentative time line via Fox News. 

0954: The killer drives through the parking lot and parks. Her manifesto was later found in her vehicle.

1010: The killer shattered side doors with several rounds, taking only a few seconds. We don’t know which weapon was used. The killer entered and began her rampage.

1021: Officer Rex Englebert’s body camera shows him arriving, taking an AR-pattern rifle out of a case in the back of his vehicle, briefly speaking to a school employee, and stopping at a door. Someone opens the door with a key, and about four officers enter and begin clearing first floor classrooms.

1024: Gunfire can be heard, and the officers rush up a stairwell to the second floor and down a hallway. At about 1024, Englebert and another officer spot the killer and fire, immediately dropping her.

Initial Impressions:

*The officers that took down the killer did what they were supposed to do. They immediately entered, hunted down and neutralized the killer. What the body camera footage makes obvious—all of this is covered in the School Attacks series—is how daunting the task is for responding officers, who don’t know the building layout, don’t know where the killer–or killers–is, don’t know how they’re armed, and have to be very careful about every bullet they fire, which killers don’t.

*Much has been made of a 15-minute response time, 15 minutes from the 9-11 call until the killer was stopped. What we don’t know is how long it took from the beginning of the attack until a call was made to 911, nor do we know how long it took the dispatcher to assimilate the information and send the call via radio or computer to officers. We don’t know how long it took officers to arrive at the school after they were made aware of the attack.

*Waiting for the police to arrive ensures some children and teachers will die and others will be wounded.  The numbers depend upon the mercy of lunatics, or on their poor marksmanship.

*The police have no legal obligation to protect any individual, and can’t be successfully sued for failing to protect anyone.

*Despite the school being locked, the killer was able, just as the Newtown Killer was, to shoot their way through glass doors/panes within seconds. Even a hammer or crowbar would have been successful, though arguably a bit slower. All that’s really necessary is breaking enough glass to reach in to push a panic bar.

*Just as at Newtown, armed staff could have repelled or killed the attacker when she was most vulnerable; when entering the shattered doors.  Staff know the building and have a significant advantage over outsiders.

*The resolution of this attack was unusual. With few historic exceptions, the police have had no role in ending such attacks, the usual end being the killer’s suicide before police find them.

*Female school attackers are unusual, though every effort will be made to avoid admitting the killer was female.

*As is common in school attacks, the killer obtained her firearms legally, and no known anti-liberty/gun proposal would have made the slightest difference.

*What is not at all unusual is the killer chose a known gun-free zone with no armed security to attack.

*Video systems, unless actively monitored and absolutely comprehensive, provide no deterrence, and do not save lives. They merely provide information after the fact, and do nothing at all to assist in the prosecution of dead killers.

So, drag shows and genital mutilation prevent school attacks statewide?

Final Thoughts: As I’ve so often written, and not just in the “School Attacks” series, security measures such as locked doors, run and hide drills and video cameras, provide little or no deterrence, and only a “feel safe” level of faux-security. They are not useless, but are limited in effect, and cannot stop armed killers. The only policy that can not only deter attacks, but can potentially stop them before anyone is injured or killed is armed, willing school staff and teachers, able to stop an attack when and where it occurs. Nothing else is as effective, yet nothing is so resisted, not only by educators, but by anti-liberty/gun cracktivists, who are determined to ignore every  factor of school attacks in favor of disarming those who will never harm anyone.

Consider these responses to the murders:

No one fears trans. Insane murderers, yes.

Stupid, and evil.

As expected, the cry for banning “assault weapons” began immediately, even with President Biden, who first yucked it up about chocolate chip ice cream. Video reveals the killer, while carrying slung what appears to be an AR-based pistol, and a handgun, probably of 9mm caliber, primarily, perhaps exclusively, fired what appears to be a KelTec Sub2000 pistol-caliber carbine.

It is not a rifle, but a small, lite weight, semiautomatic carbine firing a pistol cartridge, either 9mm or .40 S&W. In this case, we don’t know which.

In this attack, it appears the media’s favorite avatar of evil, the AR-15, played a role only in being present. At the moment, we have no indication or evidence it was used to kill anyone.

As I’ve so often written, there is no such thing as an “assault weapon,” which is most accurately understood to be any firearm anti-liberty/gun cracktivists want to ban. “Assault rifles” are military shoulder arms, with fully automatic capability, firing cartridges of intermediate power. None of the firearms anti-liberty/gun cracktivists seek to ban are assault rifles. They are merely semiautomatic rifles used for a great many lawful pursuits.  Proper terminology matters, particularly to those whose strategy relies on warping language to their advantage and forcing others to use that warped, often false, language.

In the Covenant attack we arguably see the first fruits of an increasingly rage-filled, militant leftism, specifically Trans leftism. As Tucker Carlson has recently reported, NPR, which is stridently anti-liberty/gun, recently aired a report encouraging trans people to arm themselves in response to supposed anti-trans genocide. No such genocide exists, but for people who claim “silence is violence” when Normal Americans decline to praise their delusions, genocide probably lurks around every corner and under every bed.

The D/S/C media propaganda arm is always quick to claim this or that act of violence was directly inspired by Republican-sponsored legislation, comments, or even the existence of Normal Americans opposing D/S/C policies or demands. They will absolutely not ascribe leftist attacks to the same causes, even when the cause/effect relationship is much more obvious and causative.

Berry is the Arizona Governor’s Press Secretary.

More as it develops.