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I call it the Penn Biden Center For Chinese Espionage And Bribery:

To borrow from my Papa, I found myself wondering, “What in the hell is the Penn Biden Center?”

So, I ventured to the website of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy & Global Engagement. Alas, I remain even more in the dark. I found a few articles and what seem like press releases. I found no reports or policy papers, which is odd because such is the main product of a think tank.

I did, however, find Joe Biden — everywhere. Biden’s grinning mug is splashed all over the thing. When you first open the website, you see Biden. When you click the first heading, labeled, ‘We’re Focused On,’ you’re assaulted with some mindless mishmash about “Advancing the Dialogue of Internationalism.” The viewer is greeted by — surprise — two photos, both of Joe Biden. The first is a photo of, quite appropriately, old Scranton Joe and China’s Xi taking a friendly stroll together at some bridge near Beijing.

Am I wrong about how stupid, and corrupt this is?

‘Throughout his decades of public service, the Center’s namesake, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has fought to secure American global leadership by defending and advancing a liberal international order. The Center will bring President Biden’s lifelong commitment to public service to its every endeavor.’

The remainder of the page’s exciting mission statement is a longer section about — spoiler alert — the one and only: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.

So, in sum, the Penn Biden Center is a monument to one man. It may shock Biden’s conservative detractors to hear this but, apparently, the heretofore alleged cognitively challenged president is, in fact, a one-man think tank.

Guess not. Does he know about which country he’s speaking?

Michael J. Morrison—not stupid.

Isn’t this sort of backward? 

This week President Biden told New Yorkers that:

‘Global warming is the single most existential threat to humanity we have ever faced, including nuclear weapons.’

I trust I don’t have to explain why this is stupid? Thought not.

credit: dailymail.co.uk

I’m a victim!  First, Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Some 50 former “intelligence professionals” told us so. It turned out it was not only all true—not disinformation—and not Russian at all. Now with congressional committees and perhaps even a very reluctant Justice Department breathing down Hunter and Joe’s necks—there’s irony: someone breathing down Joe’s neck–Hunter’s lawyers have announced the laptop was indeed his, and people have released its contents without Hunter’s permission. The horror.

When Hunter failed to retrieve the laptop, it became, under law pretty much every state has, the property of the repair shop. Why didn’t he retrieve it? He was coked to the gills those days. Oh, and Hunter signed permission for the shop owner to access the laptop. How desperate is Hunter—and Joe–how stupid, to now admit the laptop, and its contents, were his in the hope of somehow delaying the possibly inevitable?

This is the guy foreign governments gave millions:  

It has been revealed that Hunter Biden sent his assistant money in exchange for virtual sex after she told him that she was struggling to pay rent while working at his law firm, Owasco.

After the $837.06 she was owed for the latter half of December never came in and her company insurance was declined at the dentist, she emailed Hunter’s secretary asking what was going on. ‘I haven’t been able to get any contact with Hunter so I am completely in the dark,’ she wrote.

It wasn’t until weeks later that Hunter finally stepped up and apologized, sending her $500 via Apple Pay. He justified the lack of payment by saying he had ‘really no money’ thanks to ‘alimony tuitions and other s**t like girls insurance etc.’

In March, he sent her another $2,500 via Apple Pay, saying ‘I will [m]ake up for back pay,’ but, ‘You have to make up for back work … By FTiming me and/or going to our next-club party.’

‘If we FT the rule has to be no talk of anything but sex and we must be naked and we have to do whatever the other person asks within reason,’ he added.

Thus began a series of calls between the two, after each of which the assistant was compensated via Apple Pay.

‘Set the phone up [so] I can spy on you showering,’ he asked at one point, adding ‘Show me how you play with yourself.’

Stupid, and gross. But I dunno. Maybe these are qualifications for all the millions foreign governments gave him. Different cultures, you know…

Nothing to see here: move along, move along: 

The FBI issued the ‘all clear’ on its latest search of one of President Biden’s residences. The announcement came with the first day of special counsel Robert Hur on the job at the Justice Department.

Hur may find that the Biden legal team feels that ‘all clear’ extends beyond the latest search. It could be challenging to make a criminal case after how the investigation has been handled.

At every stage, the FBI has adopted an approach that would compromise or complicate any criminal charge.

Does the FBI really think we believe them? Is it possible for anyone to be that stupid?

Who is more stupid, the appointer or appointee? 

Biden on Thursday tapped Brown University climate scientist Kim Cobb to serve on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board, the White House announced in a press release. While past presidents have used the board to probe high-profile national security threats and intelligence failures, it’s unclear whether Cobb will be able to stomach such sensitive and unsettling information.

That’s because the mere news of Trump’s upset win in 2016 sent Cobb into ‘an acute mental health crisis’ that for weeks saw her unable to ‘get out of bed, despite having four children to tend to,’ the climate scientist told Mother Jones in 2019. ‘I could not see a way forward,’ Cobb recalled at the time. ‘My most resounding thought was, how could my country do this? I had to face the fact that there was a veritable tidal wave of people who don’t care about climate change and who put personal interest above the body of scientific information I had contributed to.’

Exactly the kind of person we want formulating intelligence policy—if we’re stupid.  Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Washington state?

Eager to show they’re evolved on gender identity but painfully ignorant of biology, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) is alerting ‘Transmasculine persons with a cervix’ that it’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Though they desperately crave some credit for inclusion, the department is using Washingtonians to earn social currency, hoping to add to the department’s progressive bona fides.

By ‘transmasculine persons with a cervix,’ the WA DOH means ‘biological women,’ but it’s possible the social media manager gets paid by the word. Transmasculine is a term used to describe biological women who are masculine. Not everyone who says they’re transmasculine identifies as a woman.

It’s different when D/S/Cs do it:

Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs told reporters last week she would continue the program under her Republican predecessor Doug Ducey to bus migrants out of the state — but in a more humane and efficient way.

On Tuesday, Hobbs defended her decision to keep the program in place, telling The Arizona Sun that her administration would focus on ensuring that the state’s continued payment of migrants’ travel costs is ‘efficient and humane.’

Just like the way the residents of Martha’s Vineyard did it? This is one of the most pitiful things I’ve ever seen:

After he/she/whatever fell, he/she/whatever couldn’t stand up. Another Finnish skater—an actual, graceful woman, had to help he/she/whatever, up. Oh, and rather than spending a lifetime learning to skate, he/she/whatever decided to begin in he/she/whatever’s late 50’s. But trans, so it’s all good.

These guys are providing news for much of the world:

Saving the world, one “the” at a time.

We need more of the same, only gooder and harder! 

California Congresswoman Judy Chu, who represents the state’s 28thCongressional District, reportedly called for universal background checks in the wake of Saturday night’s tragic mass shooting in Monterey Park, telling CBS News it should have passed ‘a long time ago.’

‘But in California,’ noted Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, ‘that has been the law for quite some time. The gun allegedly used in this horrible attack is already illegal in the state. Yet, Rep. Chu is making statements suggesting her state needs more gun control when it is clear the laws she wants are already on the books, and they did not prevent the tragedy in Monterey Park.’

Well, she was a sex kitten once long ago, so she must be right: 

Hollywood star and radical leftist activist Jane Fonda has declared that the current ‘climate crisis’ is a result of racism, saying in a recent interview that ‘everything’s connected.’

Speaking this week on NBC’s ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show,’ Jane Fonda offered her theory on climate and race.

‘Well, you know, you can take anything -– sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, whatever, the war, and if you really get into it, and study it and learn about it and the history of it and — everything’s connected. There’d be no climate crisis if it wasn’t for racism,’ she said.

When asked to elaborate, Fonda replied: ‘Where would they put the shit ?’

Come to think of it, she’s a traitor too, so her scientific credibility is beyond reproach. He got a grope and said something incredibly stupid at the same time; it’s a twofer!

He said WHAT?!   

Forget about the recession and rampant, crippling inflation that has soared to 40-year-highs, MSNBC’s All In host Chris Hayes was here to assure you that the Biden economic recovery has been ‘one of the most successful, remarkable recoveries in all of American economic history.’ Sadly for Hayes, the large eyeglasses on his face won’t make him seem smart with economically illiterate comments like that. The pollyannaish host made these comments on the heels of Thursday’s GDP report which showed the economy grew by an anemic 2.9 percent.

So that’s why taking out a mortgage is necessary to buy eggs!  It’s all that remarkable success!

With “accomplishments” like these, we don’t need disasters: 

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s ‘Deadline: White House,’ outgoing White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain stated that President Joe Biden has had ‘a record of impressive achievement and accomplishment,’ including the fact that he ‘managed the largest land war in Europe since Truman’ and passed ‘the largest climate change bill’ in America’s history.

He “managed” a war? Aren’t you supposed to win those? Don’t get me started on “’the largest climate change bill’ in America’s history.”

And she’s in college

The horribly offense photograph. I feel unsafe…

A female journalism major at Shippensburg University wants an apology from the school for a photo featuring two male students with the caption: ‘This is what an #engineer looks like.’

We helped kill loads of people and we’re trying to do it again. Don’t tell anybody, OK?

Yes. Yes it does:

What, exactly, is “anything?” 

Discussing the death of Tyre Nichols, Goldberg said, ‘Peaceful protests continued nationwide after Friday’s release of police footage showing officers savagely beating Tyre Nichols in Memphis. So far, five cops have been charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping. I asked this question way too many times at this table, but you know, when will the brutality finally lead to some police reform from the ground up? Because clearly, it doesn’t matter if it’s a white policeman or a black policeman. It is the problem with the policing itself. It seems things don’t make sense to people unless it’s somebody they can feel or they can recognize. Do we need to see white people also get beat before anybody will do anything? I’m not suggesting that. So don’t write us and tell me what a racist I am. I’m just asking, is that what people have to see in order to wake up and realize this affects us all?’

So “anything” means what? Charging the former cops twice for murder? If given the death penalty, executing them twice? How about just abolishing all police? That would work.

It’s a hat trick: stupid, ugly and evil! 

‘You teach it to a group of seniors at West Jordan High and they don’t tell their parents.’

Administrators, educators, and union officials in Utah were caught on video boasting about how they managed to keep teaching critical race theory or LGBTQ concepts to students, despite Utah’s bans on CRT in the classroom, according to a Jan. 27 tweet thread from Accuracy in Media.

Several of the individuals were from the Jordan School District in Utah. For instance, Michelle Love-Day, Director of Culture and Diversity at Jordan, explained how her team gets around the rules by only telling parents what wokeness they taught kids after the fact, thus avoiding complaints that could prevent the teaching from taking place. ‘There was, like, loopholes with it that it just goes back to the LEA [Local Education Agency] for equity and for things. And so, our … whenever our team goes out we don’t do an opt-out prior to,’ Love-Day said. ‘They just go out, meet the kids, work with them. We operate like a math department. And then we give a letter after they go out, saying, ‘We were in your school and this is what they talked about.’

One is stupid, the other isn’t:

Now the Border Patrol can’t chase them: 

‘CBP Officers/Agents, may engage in and continue emergency driving, including a vehicle pursuit, only when and for as long as the Officer/Agent determines that the law enforcement benefit and need for emergency driving outweighs the immediate and potential danger created by such emergency driving,’ CBP’s policy states.

Oh, that’s going to work well:

Because human traffickers are aware of the new policy, it could incentivize them to drive recklessly, the National Border Patrol Council argued on Tuesday.

‘Smugglers will be encouraged to drive recklessly, causing supervisors to immediately end pursuits because they want to avoid being investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), allowing smugglers to escape into the country with unknown people or contraband,’ the union said.

If they were trying to destroy the country, what would they do differently?

And the wheels on the bus go round and round…   

In response to what appears to be a student reporter’s question about whether ‘green’ electric school buses purchased with $1 billion of Joe Biden’s “green” grant program will retain their ‘signature yellow color,’  Madam Vice President giddily responded:

‘These are gonna remain yellow school buses, because who doesn’t love a yellow school bus? They will remain yellow but their heart will be green!’

I’m amazed the Chinese haven’t attacked us yet.

The people running California are children, spoiled, angry, stupid children: 

credit: readersdigest.ca

In the fall of 2022, the state passed what shortens to the FAST bill — the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act could require fast-food restaurants to pay workers up a minimum wage of $22 an hour with an annual raise of 3.5%.

While initially passed, the law has faced significant pushback both from the industry and local voters. A referendum vote has been set to November 2024 and implementation is blocked until that takes place.

Industry leaders have predictably been very vocal against the law. In an open letter from January 25, McDonald’s USA President Joe Erlinger wrote that it ‘makes it all but impossible to run small business restaurants.’

‘Under the FAST Act, an unelected council of political insiders, not local business owners and their teams, would make big decisions about crucial elements of running a business, fracturing the economy in the process,” Erlinger wrote while adding that paying fast-food workers such a wage could raise the cost of eating at a McDonald’s by as much as 20%.

Let’s see: $22 an hour is about $47,000 dollars a year, which isn’t enough to survive in Gavin Newsom’s utopia, but what fast food joint anywhere can afford to pay that to a burger flipper?  Whatever happened to entry level jobs, you know, where you learn things like being on time, how to handle details, being reliable, being competent, learning useful skills, all that outmoded stuff?

What isn’t racist? 

A recent article published in the Journal of Chemical Education describes the development of a Feminism and Science course at East Carolina University (ECU) that was offered at the university. The course, the authors argue, should serve as a ‘model’ for other educators to learn from, ‘present[ing] this work as an example of a transformative pedagogical model to dismantle White supremacy in Chemistry.’

The article, titled ‘A Special Topic Class in Chemistry on Feminism and Science as a Tool to Disrupt the Dysconcious Racism in STEM,’ argues for a pedagogical framework based on ‘Critical Race Theory and intersectional feminism.’

One of their goals ‘was to shine light, through this process, [on] how scientific epistemology and culture have strong links with capitalism, enslavement, colonization, and exploitation of female-bodied folks.’

Speaking of education:

Consider this: someone had to hire her.

Whiteboards are—you guessed it—RAAAAACIST!

Whiteboards display written information for public consumption; they draw attention to themselves and in this case support the centering of an abstract representation and the person standing next to it, presenting. They collaborate with white organizational culture, where ideas and experiences gain value (become more central) when written down.

Allegedly, when students use whiteboards, they are forced to draw attention to themselves which may ‘portray the characteristics of whiteness.’ And the fact that the boards really are white probably doesn’t help.

Do blackboards, which are mostly green, “portray the characteristics of greenness?”  And if they’re black, isn’t writing on them with white chalk, double racist?

It’s hard to believe people this stupid are capable of spontaneous respiration:

Now, we see a Washington Post article saying that the media can regain the trust of the people even if they intentionally are not objective. But if the media are pushing ideas on social policies and political activity, they are propagandists, not journalists. They are seeking to indoctrinate instead of educate their readers.

‘Newsrooms that move beyond ‘objectivity’ can build trust

What’s needed for each are clear and consistent policies regarding social media and political activity.’

By Leonard Downie Jr.

Oh yeah, that’ll restore public trust.

Nothing is more dangerous than fundamental, unalienable, constitutional rights:   

In the lead-up to his February 1 push for more gun control, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) claimed, ‘Permitless carry does not make you safer.’

But of course! Allowing only criminals to have guns is the epitome of safety—in California, Chicago, Baltimore, Memphis…

One more example of contemporary educational excellence:

Ford Follies: Finally, my 2016 Ford F-150 4WD pickup needs a new oil pan. It’s a meticulously clean vehicle with only about 25,000 miles on the odometer. There are no oil pans, from Ford and aftermarket parts sources, in America. None. I know.  I called dealerships all over the country and scoured the Internet.  When might there be some? 2024, maybe. Some of the parts guys suggested it was a “tooling problem.” All of them said dealers from across the country are calling each other trying to find the part.

How is it a common part for one of Fords most widely used engines—they’re not just in their pickups—a part essential to Ford’s most popular vehicle, can be completely gone from the entire country? It’s not like we all woke up on February 1, 2023 and everyone, everywhere suddenly discovered aliens transported all those oil pans up to their ships and fled the solar system. Ford had to know, for many months—years?–their parts suppliers weren’t supplying parts. And what did they do about it? Apparently nothing.

So my truck, and many other Ford vehicles, are going to be sitting idle, draining batteries, leaking oil, until 2024 or longer. Is this part of Ford’s announced transition to an all-electric line up? Mere stupidity, or government influenced stupidity? Do Ford’s stockholders know Ford is pissing off the customers of their most popular vehicles, tanking their investment?

Brandon’s America, so much remarkable success, gentle readers!

Not everything is stupid:

Old-fashioned integrity, hard work and character. Accept no substitutes.  As for the rest of it, too stupid to survive.