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It’s time once again gentle readers, to review the top 15 SMM articles of 2022. We’ll begin with the most popular, and work our way down. The numbers of readers of these articles are sometimes mystifying, and the top article of 2022 is no exception.

#1: License To Kill: The Murder Of Erik Scott—November, 2018 Update.

It was in June of 2018 License To Kill: The Murder of Erik Scott was published. In November I added an update, which included a link to a radio interview I had recently done with the Ed Opperman Show. Sadly, that link no longer works, but the interview may be accessed here.  There are commercials, and it takes a few minutes to get to the meat of the interview, but it, and the article, may be worth your time. The SMM Erik Scott archive is here. 

#2: The Sunday Funnies have become SMM’s highest traffic regular feature. Actually, various editions of the funnies are easily the top 20 articles of the year, so I’ll include only the October 29th edition.  And one more to follow in this top 15 list. Here’s the header graphic:

#3: The next on the list is the March 6th edition of Sunday Funnies.  I try to keep them topical, and add a bit of dry commentary about each entry. Here’s the header graphic from that edition:

All of the Sunday Funnies may be found in the SMM Humor archive.

#4: The Erik Scott case continues to engage readers, I suspect because of its everyman quality. If a solid, exemplary citizen like Scott can be murdered by the police without cause, who is safe? I also suspect the popularity of this series is propelled by a growing lack of trust in our institutions. The SMM Erik Scott archive is here.  Here’s an excerpt from the article, posted on the 12th anniversary of Scott’s murder: 

Erik Scott, Armor Officer

There are some stories, some people, all of us should know.  I speak not of people famous for being famous.  I speak not of violent felons made political martyrs, people unworthy of notice, and absolutely unworthy of emulation.  I speak not of vacuous celebrities, addled athletes or dimwitted TV talking heads.  I speak of people like Erik Scott.

July 10, 2022 marks the 12th anniversary of the murder of Erik Scott by panicky, undertrained Las Vegas police officers at the Summerlin Costco.  I never met Erik, but over many years of investigating his murder and writing the definitive book on the case, I came to know him well, which only exacerbates my sense of loss—and outrage.

#5: On November 11, I posted: Paul Pelosi: David DePape Didn’t Kill Himself. Yes, I was getting a little ahead of the story. This case continues to draw interest from Normal Americans, even as the media does its best to bury it. It’s another example of a farcical official narrative foisted on Americans who are tired of being pissed on and told it’s raining.#6: I was born and mostly raised in South Dakota. I served in the Air Force there, and also served as a civilian police officer. My ties to the state continue, so I’ve watched the career of Governor Kristi Noem with interest. Until March of 2021, she hadn’t made a serious political misstep. Suddenly, trans boys wiping out girls in school athletics, caused her to step in it past the knee. It was an unforced error from which she has never entirely recovered. An excerpt:

Oh dear.  Where to begin?  No one is trying to “cancel” Noem.  Normal Americans of good faith are merely raising two issues: (1) Is Noem actually sincere in her desire to protect the rights of female athletes, or has she gone wobbly in the face of D/S/C woke threats? (2) Is her stated course of action—building a “coalition” to oppose the NCAA—a rational and effective tactic, or a means of appeasement and obfuscation?

Definitive answers to those questions remain unresolved.

Noem has since more or less tacked back into sane territory on this issue, but her self-inflicted damage has yet to fully heal.

#7: The SMM electric vehicle series—the archive is here—continues to be popular. In Electric Vehicles: Fairy Dust And Unicorn Farts, I reiterated a continuing theme of that series:

Our self-imagined elite live in an imaginary world of fairy dust and unicorn farts, where electricity magically appears at every wall outlet in inexhaustible quantities.

The self-imagined elite are mostly D/S/Cs, but membership is far from limited only to them. A fair number of ostensible Republicans are card-carrying members too.

#8: The events of January 6 have been largely covered up by the government, and of course, the D/S/Cs that run it. On June 10, I posted Capitol Coverup 9: Prime Time Debacle. The focus of that article was the J6 Committee’s prime time clown show. To find every related article, enter “capitol coverup” into the SMM home page search bar.  An excerpt:

Inflation is now at 8.6%, the highest rate in 41 years.  The average gas price is now at least $5.00 per gallon, and new records have been set daily for the last two weeks.  Considering that, and far more/worse, D/S/C’s focus is, Inspector Javert-Like, pursuing Donald Trump.

#9: EVs: A Little Rare Honesty, was posted on January 20. The occasion was a rare bit of media honesty, sparing though it was, about the limitations of electric vehicles. An excerpt:

A recent event—the massive I95 traffic jam in Virginia due to winter weather– reminded me of just how inappropriate EVs are in colder climates.  Imagine if even half the vehicles stuck in those conditions were EVs.  Running heaters rapidly drains batteries, even if the vehicle isn’t moving.

They’d run out of juice very quickly, and with the traffic bumper to bumper for mile upon mile, there would be no way other than tow trucks to get EVs off the road, and tow trucks couldn’t get to them.  Even EVs with a little charge remaining couldn’t get to an off ramp, and there was no way to get chargers to vehicles stuck on the roadway.  Not a pretty picture.

#10: On April 26th, I did my civic duty and helped educate America with Scientific American Breasts, 2022. Considering recent SCIENCE has proved American women have the world’s largest breasts, it was a weighty topic well deserving of exposure, as this excerpt illustrates:

credit: starsandstripes and sportsillustrated

Gentle readers, I’m sooooo tired of all the political gloom and doom.  It wasn’t long ago Temporary President Biden said: “TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE!”  As we all know, D/S/Cs are all about science, so Joe must be right.  One of our most noted scientists, AOC, said we have 12, or maybe 10, years left before CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!! Kills us all, and that was about four years ago. We don’t have much time, so we had better make the best of it.  I thought I’d prove normal Americans are into science too, and return, once again, to weightier subjects—like breasts!—which were on our minds before we were beset with all kinds of inflation, like exploding bra prices.  Actually, when aren’t breasts on our minds?  It was Steve Martin who observed he was glad he wasn’t female, because he’d stay home all day playing with his breasts, so, science.

#11: I’m sure you, like me, gentle readers, get all of your opinions from the most trustworthy source: celebrities. It was in February I posted Whoopie Goldberg: That’s Show Biz, where her Anti-Semitism was already on full display.

Yeah. That didn’t last long.

#12: The Too Stupid To Survive Series has been increasingly popular. I conceived of the series—the TSTS archive is here—to mention a variety of issues that didn’t merit a full article. I originally thought I might have trouble making it a weekly feature, but oh dear, oh dear, are we inundated with stupidity, as in article 57:

My favorite is the new car manual that warns owners not to drink the battery acid, but maybe the Chinese don’t remove the child?

This was good—in a really stupid way–too:

#13: The fallout from the Uvalde, TX school attack continues to reverberate. It was May 25 when I posted the first article in that series: Uvalde, Texas: Known and Unknown. The Uvalde archive, now 16 articles long—I’ll be posting a 17th article this week–is here. 

As I’m sure you know, gentle readers, there was an attack on an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, a town of about 16,000 west of San Antonio, on 05-24-22.  I’ve waited until today to post an article on this attack in the hope more credible information would become available.

We still await the definitive, official report on the utter failure of law enforcement. I’ll continue to add to the archive as we know more.

#14: Among the most horrifying political news of the mid term elections was the election of John Fetterman to one of Pennsylvania’s senate seats. Fetterman, as I’m sure you know, was significantly brain damaged by a stroke. That he is now a US Senator says pretty much all we need to to know about Pennsylvania and our government. The October article is: Fetterman: A Civilizational Train Wreck.

If you have the stomach, take the link.

#15: The Third Impeachment. This article in the Second Civil War series, was a commentary on the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Mar A Lago home: The Second Civil War #38: Trump—The New Rules. I opened the article thus:

08-08-22, a day that will be remembered.  On that date, the Biden Meat Puppet Administration and its handlers took yet another step toward civil war.  That day will not be recalled with the perverse, even evil, delight of D/S/Cs, but because of the unprecedented nature of their desperation, calculation, or both.  That was the day the FBI served a warrant on the home of a former President of the United States, and the likely future Republican candidate for a second presidential term in 2024.  That would be sufficiently unwise and dangerous in and of itself, but the former POTUS was Donald Trump, a man the FBI and his enemies had pursued from the moment he announced his candidacy.  He was in New York City when the warrant was served.

The Second Civil War series is also popular. That archive is here.

Final Thoughts: As always, I can’t thank you enough for making SMM, this scruffy little blog, an underground, under dog success. I’ll do my part to produce what I hope are daily, informative and thought-provoking articles. I know you’ll do your part by reading and commenting on them, and perhaps even spreading the word about my scribblings. Have a wonderful new year, and may the Lord bless and keep you and yours.