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Yes, this is inartfully expressed and politically unwise, but it’s not at all saying what Trump’s detractors, and even what some credulous Republicans think. Notice the first sentence is a question, not a statement. Are we living in a post-constitutional country? Indeed, in many respects, we are. Vote fraud is among the most direct and destructive anti-constitutional acts. Trump is asking us to think. It’s established law the Constitution cannot be a suicide pact. At what point, we all have to ask, are the laws that have bound us together so turned against us we have to consider different approaches? Would the Founders have abided fraudulent elections? To simply accept them as the status quo would be stupid. Even the French demand voter ID, paper ballots and one day elections. 

A legend in his own mind—what’s left of it: 

 President Biden all but declared himself as the greatest president in America’s history on Wednesday.

‘I tell you what,’ the president said. ‘No one’s ever done as much as president as this administration’s doing. Period.’

Well sure, if you count doing things destructive to America.  You must, gentle readers, take this link and view this brief video. In it, Joe Biden is completely confused, has no idea where he is or what he’s supposed to do. It falls to French President Macron to direct him.

If our enemies don’t take advantage of us or our allies—I mean more than they are now–in the next few years, it can only be because they think our military is not completely woke—yet.  Joe’s working on that.

More confusion: 

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden attended the 100th National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Washington, D.C. yesterday, but many left discussing Biden’s antics once again.

In what has become an all too familiar sight, Biden ended his speech by standing and staring, seemingly completely lost and needing to be escorted off-stage by his wife while he took the microphone with him instead of leaving it on the podium.

Biden is lost in time: 

President Joe Biden struggled to deliver a speech from his teleprompter on Sunday while saluting the Kennedy Center Honorees at the White House.

During the address, the president spoke about singer Gladys Knight, one of the nominees, recalling a performance she delivered in Delaware.

‘She’s performed on the biggest stages, but a point of personal privilege, I think her performance in 1919 at the 100th anniversary of the Delaware State Fair was pretty special,’ Biden said, without correcting himself.

And he’s reading from a teleprompter.

Hell no, Joe ain’t goin’ to no damn border! 

‘The President was clear that his top priority is investing in the American economy and in American communities, out-competing China, and bringing back American jobs from overseas. In fact, as Fox News’ own analysis showed, the economy is the top issue for most Americans. If anyone believes that shouldn’t be the President’s top priority too, they should say that out loud,’ a White House spokesman told Fox News Digital.

 ‘Of course, the President is also taking action to secure our border and build a fair, orderly, and humane immigration system,’ the statement continued, adding that Biden has secured increased funding for the Department of Homeland Security. ‘President Biden is focused on real solutions, not political stunts. And if border security is such a top priority for Republican officials, voting against President Biden’s request for record funding for the Department of Homeland Security, as Representative Roy did, is an odd way to show it.’

 Riiiight, because politicians never do “political stunts.” Oh, and DHS isn’t exactly securing our borders or looking out for foreign threats, is it?

This just gets better and better:

The Biden administration’s non-binary nuclear waste guru was a presenter at a fetish conference in LA, weeks after admitting stealing a woman’s suitcase at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. 

Last Saturday, Sam Brinton, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, who could be facing five years in prison for the bag theft, presented a seminar titled: ‘Spanking: From Calculus To Chemistry.’

The seminar was held at Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites in Los Angeles, where Brinton, 34, stayed on Friday and Saturday night. The event was titled: ‘LA Leather Getaway’ and was sponsored by CLAW Corp., a national leather charity. 

There are “leather charities?!”  Homeless leather boys and assorted BDSM enthusiasts?

Brinton, who presented at the event under the pseudonym, NuclearNerd, has been teaching their ‘Physics of Kink’ class at universities and community events ‘across the country for years,’ according to their profile on CLAW’s website.

The bio goes on to say: ‘They have been active in the kink world since 2013, host monthly kink parties in their dungeon in Washington, DC, and estimate they have spanked over 2,000 cute butts.’ 

Brinton is listed in CLAW’s 2019 year book under the name Sir Sam Brinton where they taught a class on the ‘Newtonian physics of spanking.’ They added: ‘Physics is a pivotal part of the kink experience.’ They were pictured at the event in 2021 as well. 

What consenting adults do in privacy is none of my business, but perhaps someone in charge of nuclear waste ought to be a bit more obviously sane? Of course he did, because checking the LGBTQWERTY++– box: 

Sam Brinton, the infamous non-binary-identifying Biden Energy Department official, was revealed to have previously partnered with organizations that are pushing to indoctrinate children with explicit sexual ‘education.’

Before joining the current administration as a deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition, Brinton worked for the Trevor Project, an organization that purports itself to be an LGBT youth ‘suicide prevention’ nonprofit while operating an online forum where adults instruct minors on how to hide their transition from parents and ask them about sex. While working as the Trevor Project’s Vice President of Advocacy and Government Affairs, Brinton partnered with organizations such as the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). 

Of course this sort of person should hold a high federal position dealing with nuclear waste. How can you tell what’s satire anymore?

This week’s peak stupid:

Oh, they marveled, alright…

San Francisco is investigating Twitter because they provide places for employees to rest and sleep. Just stick them on the sidewalk and it’ll be fine.

Of course it’s not, you racist while people!

Aren’t these guys supposed to be worried about Jewish issues?  Double standard?

And where, exactly, in the Word of God do you find that, Pastor?

In an interview with MSNBC host Joy Reid on ‘The Reidout’ on Monday, [Raphael] Warnock, who has voted for abortions up to birth, tried to justify killing babies by saying that it’s okay from his standpoint because he is a pastor.

‘I get a lot of pushback from people who seem to think that they own the interpretation of the Gospel,’ Warnock said. ‘I have been studying the Scriptures my whole life. I’m committed to the faith. And, as a pastor, I have a profound reverence for life. And, as a pastor and a person of faith, I have a deep respect for choice.’

‘If we care about life, black women are dying three to four times the rate of white women in childbirth, as a result of childbirth,’ he said. ‘And so, if you care about life, we ought to find a way and address the obvious bias in our health care system.’

‘It’s what Jesus would do,’ Reid said.

‘I think it’s exactly what Jesus would do,’ Warnock agreed.

Suuuure, Jesus would. Not if they weren’t doing things to harm others:

Roth seems to be taking this kind of personally.  Awwwww…

Of course, because California: 

California has released thousands of convicted pedophiles after spending only a few months in prison.

Such pedophiles have been convicted of ‘a range of horrific acts, including raping kids under 14,’ according to the study investigation conducted by the U.K. Daily Mail.

More than 7,000 persons convicted of ‘lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age’ have been released in the same year they were convicted. Convicts who committed even more heinous crimes, such as sodomy and rape of children, also served short sentences.

‘Thousands of child victims are being denied justice and George Gascón and his group of radical prosecutors can [sic] care less,’ Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami, who serves in the Complex Child Abuse Unit and whose outspokenness about DA Gascón contributed to a recall effort, told the Daily Mail.

Golly, you’d almost think D/S/Cs like it when children get molested, beaten and raped.  The stupid is in being for child porn: 

A cyber security and data analyst funding research into Twitter’s alleged child sexual abuse material (CSAM) problem said Saturday that the platform has nearly doubled its daily suspension rate on accounts that share exploitative content containing child pornography.

 I wonder why Twitter couldn’t find pedophiles before Musk bought the place?

 Of course, because Minneapolis: 

A federal court Wednesday approved Minneapolis, Minnesota’s agreement to pay 12 protesters a combined $600,000 for injuries sustained during 2020 demonstrations over George Floyd’s murder.

Of course, because Portland: 

A Portland Antifa member who had been considered a wanted dangerous fugitive earlier in November has been arrested and released without bail.

23-year-old Jarrid Huber was arrested on November 30, for a litany of charges including felonious criminal mischief, arson, and rioting stemming from a May 25, 2021 incident. He was released that day without bail.

Golly, you’d almost think D/S/Cs like arsonists and rioters.

Splurging on lunacy:

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen blamed consumers’ excessive spending habits as a primary cause for the near 40-year-high in inflation on Wednesday.

The Biden official appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” where she was asked about the price increases that have plagued the U.S. for more than a year.

Colbert asked her to explain to his audience how inflation got out-of-hand when ‘two years ago everything seemed fine.’ The late-night host, known for his sycophantic boosting of President Biden and Democrats, even noted the Biden administration dismissed inflation as a ‘small risk’ as recently as last year.

Yellen argued the administration managed the COVID-19 pandemic so well that consumers felt comfortable to ‘splurge’ on goods.

Later in the interview, Yellen also blamed Russia for the increase in food and gas prices.

What, Trump wasn’t directly responsible? Let’s see…two years ago, Joe Biden wasn’t president and the economy was in good shape… Yes, gentle readers, they really are that stupid, and/or think we are.  If you didn’t see this coming, you haven’t been paying attention:

In Georgia, a similar scenario began to play out after threats against some gay bars in Atlanta were reported to police. As usual, a familiar scene unfolded on social media in response:

Oh noes!

Another “hate crime” blows up the narrative. Who coulda thunk it? Not stupid:

Why not $223,201.00? 

Gavin Newsom’s reparations committee will recommend handing out $223,200 per person to all descendants of slaves in California for ‘housing discrimination’ at a cost of $559BN – in nation’s biggest restitution effort ever

*A task force was set up in California to make proposals for slavery reparations

*Descendants of slaves in California could receive $223,200 each, it speculated

*That would total $569 billion – more than the entire state expenditure in 2021 

*Nearly 6.5% of California residents – 2.5M – identify as Black or African American 

*A focus of the task force has involved reimbursing for ‘housing discrimination’

*The task force was formed due to a bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020.

Five hundred fifty nine billion here, 559 billion there, pretty soon you’re talking real money.  Boy, did we dodge a bullet when we didn’t elect her: 

Iranian protests against oppressive, misogynistic laws have led to over 14,000 arrests and a government decision to execute an unknown number of protestors. Afghanistan’s ruling power, the terrorist Taliban, murders, rapes, and abuses women on a daily basis. Russian soldiers reportedly weaponized rape in Ukraine. All of which, in Hillary Clinton’s mind, is equivalent to Arkansas’s pro-life legislation restricting the abortion of innocent unborn babies.

Most of us did a double take on that, but not PBS’s Christiane Amanpour. When failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton went on Amanpour and Company to discuss the women’s rights summit the Clinton Presidential Center is hosting, Amanpour didn’t seem disturbed by Hillary equating the saving of unborn babies with raping and shooting women, according to LifeNews.

Leftist ideology: a mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Who knows better than former Twitter censors? 

‘Okay, Babylon Bee,’ moderator Kara Swisher posed to [former Twitter head censor Yael] Roth, ‘which is what got him to buy the thing, I think. That’s the one which is, which was not particularly funny. ‘The Babylon Bee’s Man of the Year is Rachel Levine.’ Not funny. I didn’t agree that they should have taken that down. But go ahead.”

‘You know, it’s interesting,’ Roth replied to Swisher. ‘It’s interesting to think about what the competing tensions around that are. And I want to start by acknowledging that the targeting and the victimization of the trans community on Twitter is very real, very life threatening and extraordinarily serious.’ 

‘We have seen from a number of Twitter accounts, including Libs of TikTok, notably, that there are orchestrated campaigns that particularly are singling out a group that is already particularly vulnerable within society,’ Roth said.

‘And so yeah, not only is it not funny, but it is dangerous, and it does contribute to an environment that makes people unsafe in the world. So let’s start from the premise that it’s f*cked up,’ he continued.

Right. Leftists burn down cities, but the Babylon Bee and Libs of Tik Tok, the latter which does nothing but quote D/S/Cs, are dangerous.  This is what happens when you put racist dimwits on the Supreme Court: 

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s racial Christmas-themed hypothetical in a Supreme Court case about free speech vs. gay rights was blasted as ‘bizarre and outlandish’ by Twitter users.

The court was debating whether Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws violate the First Amendment by compelling a website designer to create a same-sex wedding website.

The newest Supreme Court Justice raised eyebrows for suggesting that the designer’s argument could be used by to endorse racial discrimination against people of color in a hypothetical ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ themed photo shoot or a vintage Santa-themed shoot with only White customers.

‘Why isn‘t your argument that they should be able to do that and maybe it is?’ she asked about the Santa shoot. In follow-up questions she brought up the movie analogy. 

‘I want to do video depictions of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and knowing that movie very well I want to be authentic so only White children and families can be customers for that particular product,’ she argued.

We’re ruled by the best and brightest, gentle readers, absolutely the best and brightest.

Golly, I wonder where they got that idea?

Too stupid to survive.