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Semiautos? Who said anything about semiautos? 

On Monday White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said President Biden’s Thanksgiving Day criticism of semiautomatic firearms was actually meant to be directed toward ‘assault weapons.’

Real Clear Politics noted that their reporter, Philip Wegmann, asked Jean-Pierre about Biden’s comment:

The president has said repeatedly that he wants to ban assault weapons, but on Thanksgiving when he was in Nantucket, he said: ‘The idea that we still allow the purchase of semi-automatic weapons in this country today is sick.’

Obviously, that is a huge category of guns from rifles to pistols to shotguns that are not assault weapons.

Did the president misspeak, or does he in fact want to ban all semi-automatic guns?

Jean-Pierre responded, ‘No. He was talking about assault weapons. That’s what he was talking about on that morning or afternoon when he was asked that question.’

So, “semiautomatic weapons” really means “assault weapons?”  Thanks for clearing that up, KJP, though I doubt you meant to admit AR-15s are semiautos. Oh, and who is the President anyway if it’s not Joe?  His handlers keep correcting him…

Does he know what anything is?

Happy Thanksgiving, and shut up you racists!

The White House on Wednesday distributed leftist talking points for predictably insufferable supporters of President Joe Biden to use for attacking Republicans during Thanksgiving family gatherings.

The list of talking points was shared by White House chief of staff Ronald Klain on social media.

Gee, thanks Joe!  Science speaks—or not… Louisiana’s Attorney General was surprised to find—not—Fauci couldn’t remember much of anything:

But what about all your e-mails?

But of course we don’t; we’re not science like Fauci:

Of course not. What’s the fun in being science if you can’t ignore science when it’s inconvenient?

This is a bit hard to ignore:

And there’s a lot more where that came from.  But we have to make deals to our detriment with genocidal lunatics! 

Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei mocked President Joe Biden as a ‘poor, demented’ man and led a crowd in chants of ‘death to America’ during a speech on state television on Saturday.

Biden turned 80 on Sunday, and his age and declining mental sharpness have been a matter of public speculation since his election in 2020.

Khamenei’s comments come as the Biden administration said this week it is still interested in reaching a nuclear deal with Iran, despite a reported stalemate in the negotiations and the Iranian government’s ongoing violent crackdown on nationwide anti-government protests.

How stupid is Biden–actually his handlers? They’re apparently missing the “stall” part about Iran getting nucs. Or are they?  Drill baby, drill—in Venezuela:

Good question:

Thank goodness we have the Associated Press:

Good question:

INFO: The AP is a “wire service.” They pay stringers around the world to provide them with photos and stories. They, in turn, charge news organizations large and small, for access to that material. So if they get it wrong, or are woke—and they usually do and are—everyone who uses their materials is wrong and woke. Reuters is a European wire service.

More good questions:

“[John] Kirby” is an administration press flack/liar and a former admiral, which helps to explain why our Navy keeps running into things and going up in flames.  What’s any edition of TSTS without Kamala Harris?

So that explains the fingernails on a blackboard, brain damaging cackle.

We have met the enemy, and he is us: 

According to CNS News, The Gentleman from South Carolina and the current House Majority Whip made an appearance on ‘Face the Nation’ on Sunday. [James] Clyburn was queried about his opinion of the recent shootings at Club Q and the Chesapeake, Va., Walmart. He was asked by the host about how effective the laws are in keeping mass shooters from legally obtaining weapons. His response was:

‘It tells me all I need to know. And that is, just because it’s legal does not make it the right thing. I tell people all the time, the institution of slavery was legal, but it was not right. Just because they purchased these weapons legally does not mean that’s what the law ought to be.’

So gun ownership is slavery. Got it.  That must be why D/S/Cs have always tried to keep guns out of the hands of black people.

So, crime is a Republican invention?

‘We don’t really have a common definition of what crime means,’ crime-statistics analyst Jeff Asher asserted in an October interview with NPR. Apparently, the range of activities that constituted a violation of statute made it difficult to discern what voters meant when they said ‘crime.’

Gee, I dunno Asher. Maybe read some criminal statutes which define which things people do are crimes?

And when ‘crime’ wasn’t a nebulous concept that eluded the unsophisticated, it was cast as a problem presided over by Republicans. ‘Research has repeatedly shown that crime is rising faster in Republican, Trump-supporting states,’ wrote Clinton-era Labor Sec. Robert Reich. It certainly wasn’t rising in cities led by lenient progressive prosecutors, as the Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein noted, citing the entirely dispassionate research produced by the Center for American Progress. Indeed, violent crimes such as homicides and rapes were down in 2022, according to the FBI’s midyear survey. ‘Violent crime is not soaring,’ Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank asserted. ‘In fact, it might be declining.’

Of course it’s not, and I’m a Nigerian prince in exile. If you give me your bank account numbers, I’ll deposit millions for safekeeping, and you can keep 20%. Oh, is that all?

No wind must be due to climate change, or Republicans. Who the hell is that creepy old pervert?

Oh. It’s only Joe. Never mind. Well, not in Arizona, Pennsylvania, California, etc. anyway…

Trust the science…hey, wait a minute. Haven’t loads of vaccinated people died?

I’m sure Duke will be offering a doctorate in faggotology any day now, if they’re not already…

And Joe Biden got more votes than anyone in history while campaigning from his basement…

How could anyone not love what Joe Biden is doing to them?

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Bloomberg’s ‘Balance of Power,’ House Majority Leader Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said that ‘people love Joe Biden’s approach and they are in love with his agenda.’ But his ratings are low because even though people are ‘very pleased’ ‘when they look at their bank accounts, they look at what’s happening with their families and in their communities,’ that doesn’t show up in polls, and Biden will be like President Truman who did things that ‘were unpopular at the time, but over time, have proven to be exactly what the country needed.’

Can Clyburn actually be that stupid, or does he just think we are?

The New York Times’ Judith Newman on Michelle Obama’s latest ghost written book:

‘It’s not easy being Michelle Obama. Fabulous, yes. Easy, no.’

‘She is on a journey. Through her stories, experiences and thoughts, we’re finding the light with her. Lucky us.’

Golly. How can she be so wonderful? We’re not worthy to have her as our president in 2024.  Covid, rebranded:

Now that the November General Election is in the rear-view mirror, Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a report stating that masks and social distancing should be mandated or encouraged in public to protect people from possible “long covid.”

Coming next: Middling Covid, and everyone welded into coffins to stop the spread.

What is not racist? Nothing. Nothing at all. Isn’t this illegal?

San Francisco Election Commissioner’s Term Not Renewed Because He’s White

‘Our decision wasn’t about your performance, but after twenty years we wanted to take action on the City’s racial equity plan ….’ A deeply disturbing trend in which racism against whites as part of an ‘equity’ agenda is openly embraced.

Of course it’s illegal, but San Francisco… Isn’t this crazy, and dangerous to boot?

Hundreds of suspected wife-beaters, burglars, drunk drivers, and berserkers of various intensity will not face justice in Oregon’s most populous county, according to leftist Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt. For lack of public defenders, dangerous personalities are being set free under the justified impression that Portland, the slogan of which is ‘the City that Works,’ is a legally dysfunctional city in a legally dysfunctional county.

Of course it is, but Portland… Were you wondering, gentle readers, why so many colleges are dumping the SAT for college admissions?

Now you know. Mr. Fetterman Goes To Washington:

About two months after the email, Web3 Forward began airing an ad casting Mr. Fetterman as a working class champion who was not ‘gonna get schmoozed by lobbyists.’ The super PAC spent nearly $4.7 million boosting Democratic candidates in the midterm elections, mostly in their primary campaigns, including more than $212,000 supporting Mr. Fetterman, who won his race and is set to begin his term Jan. 3.

Joe Calvello, a spokesman for Mr. Fetterman, sought to distance the newly elected senator from the disgraced crypto entrepreneur. ‘Sam Bankman-Fried must be held fully accountable,’ Mr. Calvello wrote in an email.

If he doesn’t get schmoozed, it’s only because he can’t understand a word they’re saying.  Wait, you mean they don’t want to pay for deviant porn?

Disney’s latest animated feature, the gay, green Strange World, just tanked at the box office.

Gee, what a shock. You mean no one wants to waste their Thanksgiving weekend having their children prematurely sexualized by groomers with a side order of enviro-guilt?

This should do wonders for Disney’s already cratered stock price.

Strange World cost anywhere from $150 million to $180 million to produce. Add at least another $50 to $100 million to promote, and what you have here is a straight-up catastrophe, a quarter of a billion — with a ‘B’ — write-off.

Per the far-left Deadline, which is again making anti-science excuses for this flop, Strange World is on course for a three-day opening weekend of just $15.8 million. Over the five-day holiday weekend, it is estimated to reach only $20 to $23 million.

Golly! Whatever could be wrong at Disney?

The predators at Disney are coming for your kids, and everyone knows it.

The Disney brand is now the equivalent of a non-descript van and a guy behind the wheel offering your kids candy.

Oh. Who could have ever imagined that wouldn’t make people flock to theaters?

But of course, because going woke worked so well for the NFL, which has lost at least 1/3 of its audience and revenue.

There’s nothing untoward going on in Arizona. Nothing to see here. Move along; move along.

Ooops. She said the quiet part out loud, but shouldn’t reporters be kind of concerned about retaining, not eliminating, free speech?  This is what happens when you hire degenerates to handle nuclear waste:

It made the headlines when the Obama administration hired Sam Brinton as the deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the U.S. Department of Energy. In other words, a fairly high-level nuclear guy. On paper, Sam Brinton, an MIT-credentialed nuclear engineer, looked good. In real life, he’s a way out there ‘genderfluid’ man who believes in pretending to be a puppy for sexual reasons. Now, he’s alleged to have stolen a woman’s suitcase at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport (‘MSP airport’). 

And a felony theft at that. Take the link, read his bizarre lies, which are less bizarre than he/she/it/they/them is/are.

Too stupid to survive.