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Michael Brown—the SMM Brown archive is here—is a holy, social justice martyr. As with every other social justice martyr, their martyrdom is a matter of political convenience and racism, and as such, is largely based on lies. In Brown’s case, the definitive lie is he was kneeling, with his hands up, begging then Ferguson officer Darren Wilson not to shoot him. “Hands up; don’t shoot” racist cracktivists, including various congresscritters and senators continue to cry. Then Elon Musk entered the fray with—gasp!—the truth:

Elon Musk posted a video mocking a pile of #staywoke t-shirts that he said were found at Twitter’s headquarters.

‘Found in closet at Twitter HQ fr,’ Musk posted on Twitter early Wednesday morning, along with the crying-while-laughing emoji.

The shirts, which date back to 2016, were made to support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and were promoted by Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey, who spoke in support of the BLM movement at a Recode event in 2016.

Dorsey said that he took two weeks off to work with the civil rights organization in 2014, creating a Twitter hashtag to promote the movement following the shooting of Michael Brown, a Black teen who was shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was unarmed at the time, and the shooting sparked protests over police shootings of Black people.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Bloomberg reported, the billionaire appeared to reference the police shooting and said ‘Hands up don’t shoot’ was made up. The whole thing was a fiction, and linked to a 2015 report from the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on Brown’s death. Musk later reposted the DOJ link without any additional text.

BLM–“civil rights organization.”  Riiiight.  Various people famous for being famous were outraged, including St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones:

The mayor of St. Louis said she has quit Twitter, citing a now-deleted tweet by the company’s new owner, Elon Musk, that referenced the 2014 Ferguson protests.

‘The final straw for me. I’m out,’ Mayor Tishaura O. Jones tweeted from her personal account on Thanksgiving Day, sharing a screenshot of Musk’s now-deleted post.

Michael Brown
credit: the political insider.com

Don’t let the screen door whack you in the ass on your way out, Mayor Jones.  As you can see if you take the link to the SMM Brown archive, Musk is right. Michael Brown was a 6’4”, nearly 300 pound thug wanna be, who posted the usual thug social media images of himself and his thuggish buddies throwing gang sign. He smoked pot with his equally useless buddy every morning, and he came to the attention of police when he committed a strong armed robbery of a quick shop, stealing handfuls of cheap cigars– they’re commonly called “blunts”–he and his pal intended to hollow out and fill with pot.

Michael Brown            credit: cncpunishment.com

A short time after the robbery, then Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson spotted them walking down the middle of a street. He pulled over near them and asked them to get out of the road. Brown immediately pinned Wilson in his vehicle and began to beat him through the open window. Brown had the size, strength, height and leverage advantage as he kept Wilson pinned behind the steering wheel. Wilson later testified he felt like a five year old being beaten by Hulk Hogan, so overpowering was Brown’s strength, aggression and demonic fury. Brown tried to take Wilson’s gun, and in the struggle Wilson barely kept control of the weapon, though a round was fired which very slightly wounded Brown’s hand.

Michael Brown              credit: freerepublic.com

Brown and his pal ran. Wilson got out of the vehicle and told Brown to stop, but he turned and made a berserker, head down charge at Wilson. Believing if Brown got hands on him, he’d be killed, Wilson fired, finally stopping Brown only when he fell virtually at his feet. Brown was never on his knees, and never raised his hands, in surrender. Nor did any credible witness ever see or hear Brown say “don’t shoot,” or anything remotely like it.

Brown was not armed, but that’s not the issue. The size, strength and aggression disparity was so great, any reasonable police officer would have believed they were in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death. Go here to Self Defense In A Nation On The Brink to find the criteria for the use of deadly force. One need not be armed with a knife or gun to cripple or kill, and size, strength, and violent intent do matter.

Then began the narrative, which reached lunatic proportions. People—black people—who saw nothing of the incident, came out of the woodwork to lie about it. The PBS News Hour came up with a bizarre chart that asserted witness credibility must be based on majority opinion(!). If 51% of witnesses said “X,” or something close to it, then “X” must be the truth. Consider this FBI interview of a witness from Update 10: Tactical Nuclear Witnesses:

credit: stlouis.cbslocal.com

[Witness] 41: And I, that’s when I ran down to the lot to see what was goin’ on.

Special Agent (SA): Okay.

41: And um, Michael Brown’s on his knees with his hands up and he was being shot up. And then he-he fell. The officer got out of his truck, SUV rather and that’s when he stood over the boy and just emptied his clip.

SA: Um, okay, so you said that you saw—you saw Michael down on his knees. Was he facing the police officer?

41: Yes he was.

SA: Where was the police officer at the time?

41: The police officer was coming toward him. He was on his knees.

SA: So the police, so Michael Brown was on his knees.

41: And he had his hands up. He had his hands up.

SA: And the police officer’s walkin’ toward him?

41: Yes, and he had his hands up and the police was shootin’ him as he was comin’ toward him.

SA: But he was on his knees?

41: (unintelligible—UI) Michael was on his knees with his hands up.

SA: Okay, okay, and then did Michael Brown fall?

41: And yeah, he eventually fell and fell face down and that’s when…

SA: He fell face down?

41: …that’s when the policeman came over and just finished him up.

SA: So-so when he came over and you said he finished him up, where was he shootin’ him?

41: They shot him in his head and that was the last bullet that went off was in his head.

SA: Okay, but, how could he have shot him there if he’s face down?

41: No, I’m talkin’ about while he was up he was shootin’ ‘em.

SA: Okay, then you said he fell down…

41: But, then he fell down and he-he-he and that’s when he shot him in the head.

SA: He got up over him…

41: And shot him in the head.

SA: Shot him in the head. In the back of the head?

41: No.

If you’re getting the message she’s blatantly lying, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet:

SA: How many shots did you hear total?

41: I got a total of nine.

SA: You heard a total of nine shots.

41: Yeah.

SA: OK, um, but you said, did he shoot him after he fell?

41: Yep. He-he was goin’ down that when he was shootin’ he-he’s like no, you ain’t gonna plea me down but you almost down.

SA: yeah.

41: And, that’s when the bullet hit him in the head.

SA: Okay.

41: And he went on down.

SA: And then—then did the police officer stop shooting?

41: he didn’t have no more rounds. The gun just stopped. Or, the gun said ‘click click.’

SA: Okay. Un, you understand that you-you’re not allowed to lie to a federal officer?

41: Yes, I know.

SA: You know it’s a crime.

41: A, who you tellin’? I know that.

41: But I’m just tellin’ you what I saw. And then a, I ran in the house and I-I got all my (UI) ‘cause I-I’ve been vomiting. Then I-I got myself back together. I went back out and he was just laying there. Just blood just running everywhere.

SA: O-okay.

41: And, a, they say on the radio move everybody had to move back. So, everybody moved back so they can get the body out of the street but the boy lay there for four hours uncovered. And then they finally covered him up and he laid there and hour and thirty minutes covered up.

SA: Um, I think we told once before that we-we know, this isn’t the first interview. This isn’t the first a, thing we’ve done in the investigation.

41: I already know about you all ‘cause my uncle is a FBI, that’s why I know about your all procedures…

SA: Your uncle’s FBI?

41: …and yes.

SA: Who’s your uncle?

41: I can’t tell you that.

SA: Well why can’t you tell me that?

41: ‘Cause I can’t.

SA: If he’s an FBI agent, it shouldn’t be a secret.

41: No, I can’t tell you all that.

SA: Where’s he…where…what office is he in?

41: Washington, D.C. I can tell you that.

SA: Okay, your uncle is-is an FBI Agent. You know, what-what area does he work, do you know?

41: I just know he live in Washington, D.C.

SA: Is he an agent?

41: Yes he is.

SA: He’s an agent. Okay. Well, I bet if your uncle is sittin’ to you he wouldn’t-he wouldn’t be add…buying your story either. ‘cause I’m not…

41: You don’t have to buy my story…

SA: No, I’m-I’m not…what I want…

41: …matter of fact you…

SA: …you…

41: …what you all can do is erase this.

SA: No, we’re not erasing anything.

41: But, I am.

SA: Please put the recorder down.

41: Nope.

SA: Please put the…

The recording ended as the agents wrestled the recorder away from her. That, gentle readers, was the quality of most of the “witnesses” in the Brown case, the 51%+ PBS would have us believe. Contrast that with this credible witness statement from Update 11: Injustice And Truth: 

Witness 10–I am presuming, based on his pattern of speech and word choice, he was black–is one of those obviously telling the truth. His comments are taken from the September 23, 2014 grand jury transcript, beginning on page 149 and continuing to page 210. Witness 10 was interviewed by the St. Louis County Police and the FBI before testifying before the grand jury, so the grand jury had those statements to compare with Witness 10’s testimony.

On the day of the shooting W10 was in the area, working. W10, at his parked car, saw Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson–accurately described in the transcript–walking on the street. Interestingly, he described Brown as wearing ‘bright neon yellow’ socks with what appeared to be ‘marijuana symbols on them.’ W10 also repeatedly spoke about how big Brown–who he did not know–was.

W10, whose car was parked quite closely to Wilson’s police vehicle–perhaps 20-25 yards–went back into the home where he was working, but a short time later, returned to his car and saw Wilson’s vehicle parked in the street at a ‘slight slant,’ and:

‘I seen Mike Brown was leaned over inside the police officer’s window. I didn’t see Mr. Johnson at any moment during this time. [skip]

I just see Mr. Brown inside the police officer’s window. It appeared as some sort of confrontation was taking place. After that, that took place for seconds, I’m not sure how long. I know that it appeared that some confrontation was taking place.

And one shot, the first shot was let loose and after the first shot, Mike Brown came out of the window and took off running.

With that happening, I thought instantly because the police officer didn’t immediately react on how I would have thought it would have went down. Where he didn’t immediately get out of his car and chase after Mike Brown.

So my initial thought was that wow, did I just witness this young guy kill a police officer.

So after that, Mike Brown ran some distance, the police officer exited his vehicle with his weapon drawn, pursuing Mike Brown, and I would say Mike Brown, he stopped right here. He was turning into this driveway right here, but he stopped right here.

The officer was already in pursuit of him. He stopped. He did turn, he [Brown] did some sort of body gesture, I’m not sure what it was, but I know it was a body gesture. And I could say for sure he never put his hands up after he did his body gesture. He ran towards the officer full charge.

The officer fired several shots at him and to give an estimate, I would say roughly around five to six shots was fired at Mike Brown.

Mike Brown was still coming towards the officer and at this point I’m thinking, wow, is this officer missing Mike Brown at this close of a range.

Mike Brown continuously came forward in the charging motion and at some point, at one point, he started to slow down and he came to a stop. And when he stopped, that’s when the officer ceased fire and when he ceased fired, Mike Brown stated to charge once more at him. And he charged once more, the officer returned fire with, I would say, give an estimate of three to four shots. And that’s when Mike Brown finally collapsed right about even with this driveway. [skip]

…and when Mike Brown collapsed in the street, that’s when his friend came out, I don’t know what direction he came from. All I know is I seen him run across from in front of the squad car and he ran across and he stopped like evenly with the car that was parked right her and yelled ‘he just killed him, he just killed him.’

I’m not sure if he was speaking with the people that were in the car of if he knew them. He never leaned over to address them, he just yelled it. After he yelled it, he ran off through the back field of Canfield.

Do you know, I don’t want you to guess, other than maybe if you observed something that caused you to assume, but do you know why Mike Brown stopped and turned around?

No, I’m not sure. That is something that I wrestle with to this day, I’m not sure. I’m not sure if he knew the people that was in that car and he thought maybe had time to go back to wrestle with this officer. To this day, why would he turn around and not give himself up.

W10’s testimony about the aftermath of the shooting was fascinating and horrifying. A crowd gathered quickly and in an ugly mood, began to build the narrative of Brown being shot with his hands up and trying to surrender, and were actively hostile toward W10, who left for his own safety.’

W10’s testimony about the aftermath of the shooting was fascinating and horrifying. A crowd gathered quickly and in an ugly mood, began to build the narrative of Brown being shot with his hands up and trying to surrender, and were actively hostile toward W10, who left for his own safety.

‘That’s because that’s the way I felt at that time because with everybody down there feeling like, hey, he had his hands up. A lot of people didn’t see what actually went down and what I saw.

So I then turned and walked back towards [omitted text in the transcript] and that’s when they started to yell racial slurs at me and it was just, it was just ignorant.

I felt uncomfortable, I fully felt uncomfortable when I actually did go forward to the police station because, um, I first called in Sunday after I seen all the rioting. I just felt bad about the situation.

I knew that I needed to come forward to let the truth be told. And after seeing the rioting, I called St. Louis County Police, I just called the 911 and they took down my information and, um, Monday morning I just felt like it wasn’t, I was just going to be pushed to the side. So I felt like I needed to do more.

I called Ferguson Police Department, I had to leave a message there and I still wasn’t settled about it.

So I went down to the police station and I felt uncomfortable then just walking past all the protesting that was going on, but I knew it was the right thing to do. It is an unfortunate situation, but I know God put me in this situation for a reason. [skip]

I came forward to bring closure to the family and also for the police officer because, um, with me knowing actually what happened, um, and I know it is going to be a hard case and a hard thing to prove with so many people that’s saying the opposite of what I actually seen. I just wanted to bring closure to the family not thinking that hey, this is, they got away with murdering my son.

I do know that there is corruption in some police departments and I believe that this was not the case. And I just wanted to bring closure to the family.’

Witness 10 was in a perfect position to clearly see everything that happened. His account perfectly corroborated the physical evidence and testimony of Officer Wilson, though he had no idea of Wilson’s statement or any of the physical evidence before he made his. By all means, take the links to updates 10 and 11—there is a great deal more witness information–and read the rest of the Brown archive.

Looting In Ferguson
credit: st.louis.cbs.local

Final Thoughts: What’s most significant here is the local prosecutor presented all of the evidence to the local grand jury, who agreed Wilson acted in lawful self-defense. Even the Obama/Holder DOJ, until the Biden/Garland DOJ, the most corrupt, racist DOJ in history, was forced to agree Wilson did nothing wrong. They declined prosecution. The resulting race riots economically destroyed Ferguson. A majority black town, it has never recovered.

There you have it, gentle readers. The truth–the actual truth, not somebody’s “truth”–about the Brown case. Elon Musk was right. Michael Brown will ever be a holy social justice martyr, when in actual, objective truth, he was a brutal, doped up thug fresh from a strong armed robbery, who died while trying to murder a police officer. Darren Wilson survived, but his life, and the lives of his family, were forever damaged, all in the name of the social justice narrative. Continuing to lie about Brown damages us all.