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Wendy’s, caught up in the “protest”…

In the The Rayshard Brooks Case #11 Partial Resolution—the SMM Brooks archive is here–I wrote:

Let’s be clear, Brooks was a convicted felon, on parole, wanted on warrants the night he died.  A short time before he died, he admitted on a podcast any infraction would put him back in jail.  Rolfe and Brosnan didn’t know about those warrants or Brooks’ criminal history, but Brooks did.  He was also a member of the Bloods, one of the most vicious, genuinely racist, criminal gangs in America.  So of course the media has portrayed him as a model citizen and father, a true social justice martyr.

Media accounts blatantly lied, saying Brooks was merely “sleeping” in his car in a Wendy’s parking lot, implying the officers sought him out and harassed him for sleeping while black. Actually, Brooks was driving drunk and drugged, and passed out in the Wendy’s drive through lane, which is why the police were called.

I’ve said it before: Rolfe and Brosnan would be foolish to remain at the Atlanta PD.  They’d have enormous, glowing targets on their backs, and not only racist criminals would be targeting them, but their own city “leaders” and high ranking police administrators would be gunning for them. That Rolfe and Brosnan responded was mere chance.

Media outlets are reporting Brooks’ survivors are planning lawsuits, and I’d be amazed if the Biden Meat Puppet Department of Justice didn’t persecute them.  For Rolfe and Brosnan, this is far from over.

The smart move, for them both, would be to complete retraining, become fully certified, and resign.  Perhaps another occupation would be best, or if not, there are probably law enforcement agencies in other states that still allow police officers to enforce the law, and that consider violent criminal assault on officers to be somewhat concerning.

The backdrop for this is out of control crime in Atlanta, which thanks to D/S/C local politicians, rages unchecked. In Buckhead, GA: On Our Own, I noted:

Buckhead, GA.  Once a nice and relatively well to do suburb of Atlanta.  Crime, for the last year and more, has become increasingly out of control.  A famous mall in the suburb of some 100,000 is all but shut down as shootings and lesser, but not less bloody, violence are daily events.  Atlanta police are, as in many D/S/C-ruled cities, prevented from doing their jobs, and the idiotic D/S/C mayor has recently admitted she had no idea how to ensure public safety and has asked for suggestions.  The citizens of Buckhead have one: separate from Atlanta and take 20% of Atlanta’s tax base with them.  The situation has become so bad, Buckhead residents are working with the state legislature to become an independent city so they can hire their own police force to actually enforce the law.

Buckhead’s battle for self-determination continues, as does the Atlanta crime rate. I also made this point:

Politicians don’t like to admit crime is out of control, because it reflects on them.  Their primary job is to ensure the public is protected, that the daily routines of life can go on because citizens don’t have to worry about being killed every minute of every day.  In many blue cities, they don’t care.  Through perversity, stupidity, racism, all three or more, they make life easy for criminals and difficult for the honest.  Even most animals are bright enough not to foul their nests.  Not D/S/C politicians.

With that in mind, consider this from CNN, America’s least trusted fake news source:

Credit: Atlanta PD

The family of Rayshard Brooks reached a $1 million dollar settlement with the city of Atlanta, more than two years after police fatally shot the 27-year-old Black man in a Wendy’s parking lot, according to Ryan Julison, a spokesperson for Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, the law firm representing Brooks’ family.

‘The family of Rayshard Brooks is pleased to have reached a settlement with the city of Atlanta that resolves their civil case. This grieving family has been through so much during this process. Although the children of Mr. Brooks have lost their father, settling the case will undoubtedly assist them with future plans as they come of age,’ said attorneys L. Chris Stewart, Justin Miller, Dianna Lee, Brian Spears, Jeff Filipotis and Wingo Smith in a statement following the settlement.

‘While we are disappointed that prosecutors didn’t pursue a criminal case against the officers involved in Mr. Brooks’ death, we continue to hold out hope that the Dept. of Justice will intervene in this matter,’ the statement continued.

CNN has reached out to the city of Atlanta for comment, but has not yet received a response.

Let’s visit Fox News to see what CNN was unwilling to reveal:

Credit: Atlanta PD

The Atlanta City Council unanimously approved a $1 million settlement with the widow of Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old Black man who was shot and killed by a police officer following a struggle in June 2020.

The shooting came just weeks after George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer and ignited protests throughout America.

Pete Skandalakis, executive director of the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia, was appointed as a special prosecutor in Brooks’ case. Skandalakis determined in August that the use of deadly force was ‘objectively reasonable,’ saying that he doesn’t think race played a role in the shooting.

‘This isn’t one of those cases,’ he said. ‘This is a case in which the officers were willing to give Mr. Brooks every benefit of the doubt and, you know, unfortunately, by his actions, this is what happened.’

We learn the City Council was unanimous in giving Brook’s family a million dollars. Atlanta is self-insured. There was no insurance company deciding to settle the case over the strenuous objections of local authorities just to get it over with, or to avoid a higher payout from a sympathetic jury. This was a political decision, and I suspect it was made not only because they wanted to reward Brooks, but because they sensed a jury might not be as sympathetic as they might have been a few years in the past when crime was not quite so out of control. Oh, and note Fox’s gratuitous mention of George Floyd, the prototypical holy social justice martyr who was surely unknown to Brooks, and had nothing whatever to do with his case.

Garrett Rolfe (L), Devin Brosnan (R)

Final Thoughts: Here we have race hustling lawyers, who are going to take at least 1/3 of the settlement, inviting the Biden/Garland DOJ to pursue the officers, whose only error was thinking they could enforce the law in Atlanta where a black, violent felon was concerned. It’s something of a miracle the special prosecutor actually followed the law rather than imposing social justice. A second miracle would be if the most corrupt and racist DOJ in history did not try to put the officers in prison for the rest of their lives. How could this DOJ resist such a juicy invitation? I’m amazed they haven’t already pursued the officers.

As in every major—blue—American city, the Atlanta Police Department is desperately short of officers.  Particularly post-Brooks, every officer who could retire did, and many left for police agencies that allowed them to enforce the law without prosecuting them. Many others simply left policing altogether. It’s difficult to get exact statistics, but there are unrelenting realities in policing. In order to put one officer on the street 24 hours a day, at least four must be hired. That’s three officers for three eight hour shifts, and one to cover for sickness, training, court appearances, vacations and a variety of other things that take officers off the street.

Like every big city, Atlanta is having enormous difficulty recruiting. They’re getting far fewer applicants, and those they’re getting are, for the most part, people no sane police executive would want on the street. As a result, they are surely lowering standards, accepting people with sub-average IQ, criminal records, even records of drug use and abuse, not that Atlanta or any city would willingly admit this.

Things are so bad, some cities are admitting they can’t handle most 9-11 calls, and are not answering many misdemeanor complaints. A few police executives have even taken the step—gasp!—of telling people they’re on their own, and should arm themselves.

Short-staffed police agencies are on a downward spiral. Officers are forced to accept constant overtime shifts, which drains city coffers and officer’s emotional and physical reserves. Officers get sick more often, exhausted, they are more prone to making poor decisions, and their families suffer.

In light of this ugly reality, the Atlanta City Council keeps playing racist politics, and spitting on their police force. How could Atlanta cops interpret this development as anything other than another in a never-ending series of insults? More as it develops.