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Good lord.  Did the Pennsylvania D/S/C Party, whoever runs it, the state puppet masters, seek the advice of the White House puppet masters?  Did whoever is actually running the country convince the PA D/S/Cs they could run Fetterman, just as they ran Biden, and in him, have their useful idiot?  Do they believe, after nearly two years of Biden and all the destruction they’ve used him to wreak, they can do the same with any mentally deficient candidate at any level?  Are they that desperate to retain control of the Senate?  Do they think a red wave may be within the margin of fraud this time?  Do they truly believe the American people, particularly Pennsylvanians, are that stupid?

I speak of course of Fetterman’s high-speed rail, train wreck of a debate.

Interesting questions, perhaps important questions, but the necessity of asking them provides answers to other questions, questions D/S/Cs do not want asked or answered.  Here are a few of those answers:

1) D/S/Cs have abandoned all interest in the rules and benefits of our constitutional republic.  They hate the Constitution because it is an impediment to their goals.  They hate it because its very structure limits them and empowers the people, who cannot be trusted to do the right—left—thing with such power.  They see elections as means to an end until they gain sufficient power to use them as all tyrannies do: cover for tyranny.  Of course everyone knows they’re a total fraud, but by then, anyone daring to complain ends up imprisoned, lobotomized or dead.

2) With that in mind, they no longer need candidates with character or qualifications.  In fact, such people tend to have minds of their own, even ethics, which only get in the way.  Better to have people bought and/or mentally deficient, empty vessels that will say and do what they’re told.

3) Joe Biden was the first such of which Americans are becoming increasingly aware.  There are more, including Diane Feinstein who for many years had a communist spy as a handler.  Eric Swalwell, pumped by a Chinese spy.  Nancy Pelosi, another dementia case handled by who knows who, and surely many, many more of which some in government are aware—CIA? NSA?—but are kept in place because they’re useful.

4) And now, John Fetterman, though there is now a real danger the usual margin of electoral fraud, which can be covered by screaming “election denier!”, might not be enough to put him in the Senate.

5) Orwell’s 1984 observation that when the state can force you to believe whatever they want and disregard your own eyes and ears, they own you, is being played out before our eyes.  The media and D/S/C operatives (I know: one in the same) have, for months, claimed Fetterman is perfectly normal and healthy.  Despite Fetterman’s mental explosion onstage, they continue the narrative, calling those with working eyes and ears “ableist,” or blame the closed caption technology Fetterman’s handlers demanded.

Capable, moral, intelligent candidates dedicated to upholding and preserving the Constitution, the rule of law, and with both, America, are no longer necessary.  Pliable meat puppets will do—they’re preferred—to attain the power necessary to establish D/S/C paradise on Earth.  The arc of history bends inexorably toward Communism–they believe–and Communism always destroys lives and nations.  I recently wrote about Fetterman and what he represents in Fetterman: The Future Of Civilization.  Let’s move forward to the Debate between John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz.  We’ll tell the story largely with the tweets/comments of others.  We’ll make our first stop on the way to the crash with Joe Biden:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said during the daily briefing that President Joe Biden was fully supportive of Fetterman’s campaign.

‘The president has found him to be impressive, incredibly bright and talented person who’s just as capable as always to carry out the duties of his office,’ she said, referring to ‘personal conversations’ that Biden experienced with Fetterman.

‘That is the case before and the case today,’ she added.

KJP is referring to how impressed Biden is after the debate.  Perhaps one shouldn’t take the word of one suffering from progressive brain damage—dementia—about the qualifications for office of someone else suffering from brain damage.  Our next stop on the doomed express train is Fetterman’s campaign, prior to the debate, dramatically lowering expectations:

According to a memo sent to the media, the Fetterman campaign wants to ‘be clear about this match-up.’ It repeatedly stresses that ‘Dr. Oz has been a professional TV personality for the last two decades’ and cites a past report that ‘Fetterman wasn’t great at debates’ even before his stroke.

Remember, gentle readers, Fetterman has been a politician for around two decades.  He was the mayor of a small town that all but dried up and blew away under his “leadership,” and he is the current Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania.  Shouldn’t a career politician have some rhetorical skills?  Reasoning skills?  Fetterman’s handler’s knew better:

When you’ve lost Joe Scarborough…

 ‘We are prepared for Oz’s allies and right-wing media to circulate malicious viral videos after the debate that try to paint John in a negative light because of awkward pauses, missing some words, and mushing other words together,’ the memo reads.  ‘The captioning process may also lead to time delays and errors in the exchanges between the moderators and the candidates. In fact, because the captions are going to be typed out by human beings in real-time, on live TV, some amount of human error in the transcription is inevitable, which may cause temporary miscommunications at times. It is impossible to control and unavoidable. That’s OK – what matters is that people get to see and hear John’s values.’

Here’s how confident they were:

 That’s what voters are going to see on the debate stage, and it’s why John is going to win this race – even if he doesn’t win the debate.

The debate, as I’m sure you know by now, gentle readers, was a disaster for Fetterman.  It wasn’t a matter of an occasional gaffe. Dr. Oz, who the moderators called “Mr.” was very kind and did not in any way bring up or capitalize on Fetterman’s obviously severe, every-present disability.  There’s a reason Fetterman’s handlers have kept him under wraps as much as possible, and have allowed him to speak only a few minutes at a time.  When Biden visited to prop up his campaign, he didn’t utter a word.  Even honest D/S/Cs, and there are some out there, were horrified.  Some, surely, knew how badly impaired Fetterman was from the beginning, but the media D/S/C propaganda arm has been propping Fetterman up, even claiming him fully recovered and wonderfully qualified for the US Senate.  What they saw, what everyone saw, was a stroke victim far from recovered, a man who may never recover, a man unable to understand spoken speech, mostly unable to understand written speech, and unable to speak coherently.  One of Fetterman’s spokesliars had this to say about his non-performance:

‘John spoke better tonight than he did in the primary,’ Fetterman’s spokesman said. ‘I’m not sure if you were there. He gave a better performance tonight than he gave in the primary.’

If that’s true, Fetterman’s primary rhetoric must have been little more than unintelligible groans, grunts and on-air crotch scratching.  He did so well, Fetterman’s handlers blamed the closed captioning providers they demanded and approved:

We are thrilled with John’s performance. He did remarkably well tonight — especially when you consider that he’s still recovering from a stroke and was working off of delayed captions filled with errors. John won countless exchanges, counter-punched aggressively, and pushed back on Oz’s cruelty and attacks.

As I previously noted, Oz was neither cruel, nor did he attack Fetterman.  To date, Oz, and the media, haven’t so much as mentioned Fetterman’s enormous neck tumor.  Is it malignant?  Might that not be something people should know?  To D/S/Cs, however, quoting them and exposing their actions is attacking them.  Keep in mind the closed captioning was provided for Fetterman on two enormous—reports of 70”—monitors behind the moderators, and he had as much time as he needed to read them.

Gary Weitman, Nexstar’s Chief Communications Officer, responded with this statement:

‘Both candidates were offered the opportunity for two full rehearsals with the same equipment used in tonight’s debate; Mr. Fetterman chose to do only one. In fact, Nexstar’s production team went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the effectiveness of the closed captioning process, and to accommodate several last-minute requests of the Fetterman campaign. The closed captioning process functioned as expected during rehearsal and again during tonight’s debate. We regret that Mr. Fetterman and his campaign feel otherwise.’

Dimwitted and evil NY Senator Chuck Schumer was heard on an open mic telling President Biden Fettermans debate performance didnt hurt him.  Thats not what bookmakers are projecting:

Before the debate started, Oz was favored to win the Pennsylvania Senate seat by 53/100 cents. After the one-on-one, those odds dramatically changed. Wednesday morning odds showed Oz favored by 64/100 cents, an 11 point swing.

Fetterman saw his betting odds trend down from 48/100 cents to 39/100 cents, a nine point swing, on the back of his underwhelming performance.

That’s 20 points of immediate movement.  The Oz campaign is graciously offering a do-over:

But now, the Oz campaign is calling Fetterman’s bluff and making an offer to debate again in the final dozen days of the midterm campaign with a captioner of Fetterman and his campaign’s choosing.

‘We’re sorry to hear that the Fetterman campaign was unhappy with how the closed captioning system that they requested was working on Tuesday,’ said Brittany Yanick, the Oz campaign’s communications director, in a statement Thursday morning. ‘We’re happy to do a second debate any time, and let the Fetterman campaign source a closed captioner that they believe is of better quality,’ Yanick offered.

It would be wise not to hold one’s breath waiting for Fetterman’s handlers to take that generous offer.

Final Thoughts:

Why did Fetterman’s handlers agree to this debate?  They knew Fetterman was seriously mentally impaired—brain damaged, that’s what a stroke does—yet they did it anyway.  They agreed to the single debate some time ago, obviously hoping they could game the system to stay with the margin of vote fraud.  They knew they could have just backed out or refused to show up.  They had the media in their pocket, but their internal polling must have shown OZ already outside the margin of fraud, or approaching it.  They were desperate, so they lowered expectations and hoped for the best, but were already spinning before Fetterman wished everyone goodnight.

Before the debate, Fetterman’s handlers and the media could pretend he was just fine, fully qualified.  Sure he had a few speaking issues, but shut up you abelists!  That one hour not only destroyed that lie, it pushed the media’s credibility even more deeply into negative numbers.  This is one narrative that will not prevent people, even some in the D/S/Cs media, from believing their own lying eyes and ears.

It was tragicomic, like the classic Monty Python parrot sketch, where a sleazy pet shop owner lamely tried to convince a man who bought a parrot it wasn’t really dead.  Even so, some in the media are still telling us the parrot has not shuffled off this mortal coil to join the choir invisible.  He has not ceased to be; he is not an ex-parrot.

Once again, we see the cruelty and evil of a political party that runs plainly mentally impaired people for high office so they can be used as meat puppets, because nothing is more important than their political power.  We see the cruelty, stupidity and evil of a media that abets that kind of inhuman abuse, and we see the cruelty and soul-destroying grasping for money and power of the families of the afflicted.

Some are still pushing the narrative of Fetterman’s morally superior bravery, his nobility in showing us even the severely mentally deficient can and should be U.S. Senators.  What the hell is wrong with the rest of us that we can’t see that?! The Philadelphia Inquirer actually claimed Fetterman won the debate!  Some of the less self-aware are saying Fetterman’s brain damage is actually an asset, because he’ll still be able to vote the right—left—way. In that, he’ll be reliable; for D/S/C politicians, brain damage is a feature, not a bug.  In that, D/S/Cs can count on him; they can count on anyone with brain damage, which now appears to be the primary D/S/C qualification for office.

We have also learned, if anyone needed additional lessons, we can absolutely count on the D/S/C Party to betray America and Americans, with the able and unashamed help of its media propaganda arm.  It remains possible Pennsylvania D/S/Cs can yet steal the election for Fetterman.  They are well practiced, and the D/S/C machine ensures their candidates will always get most of the votes in the cities, no matter how they must be misbegotten.  An example: 

More than 250,000 ballots have been mailed to Pennsylvania voters without their identities being verified, according to state data collected by election integrity group Verity Vote.

It now seems, however, the margin of fraud might be so large their best–worst–efforts might not be sufficient.  In saying that, however, I assume these people have consciences, and actually give a damn about the Constitution and the rule of law, so forget I said it.

On the other hand, Fetterman’s non-performance obviously came as a shock to at least some D/S/Cs who would previously vote for any spoiled ham sandwich their party nominated.  Inflation is damaging Pennsylvania too, and reality just might be possible this year.

It was NBC’s Dasha Burns who, prior to the debate, conducted an interview with Fetterman.  He used closed captioning in that interview too.  She did not stick to the narrative and actually committed journalism, telling the truth about Fetterman’s debilitating condition, and the media savaged her for it:

After the debate, at least a few journalists were willing to commit journalism too:

I wouldn’t be holding my breath waiting for apologies:

Have you ever seen such desperation?

There are surely many D/S/Cs who will send money.  Around 30% of them think America is on the right track.  They’d send money to a D/S/C approved rancid ham sandwich, but for most Americans, and perhaps many D/S/Cs who finally realize they’ve been played for suckers, the answer is going to be not only no, but hell no.  And as always, America’s most trusted news source, The Babylon Bee, hits it out of the park:

In any case, the mid terms are going to provide vital information about whether America, and with it, western civilization, is worth saving, and if it can be saved.  D/S/Cs would have us believe the salvation of “our democracy” lies in electing such as John Fetterman.  We’ll soon see if Americans know better.