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Where am I?  Who am I? Where do I go now?  Who are you?

NOTE:  I’ll be doing “preparing for winter” chores around the Manor Friday, so here’s Friday’s article a bit early.  Enjoy!

Joe Biden spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, but the most disturbing part of his day happened afterward. The president took that stage at an event sponsored by The Global Fund, which does work regarding AIDS and other diseases, and things went off the rails. In this case, quite literally.

A video is circulating showing Biden appearing to be completely dazed and confused, fumbling around the stage as his handlers attempt to talk him down. Meanwhile, another man is speaking, trying to thank him for being there while the president appears to have no idea what’s happening.

Take the link and watch the video, and as you do, consider what our allies and enemies are thinking as they watch it.  Of course they are:

President Joe Biden told the United Nations on Wednesday the Palestinians are ‘entitled’ to their own state, a day after the U.S. State Department announced $64 million in aid to the U.N. agency for so-called Palestinian refugees.

Perhaps someone should tell Joe the Palestinians have, several times, rejected their own state, and their founding documents say they exist to murder every Jew.  Oh wait: Anthony Blinken is the Secretary of State.  No wonder…  And on the crime front:

San Francisco crime has skyrocketed since 2020 and bike theft has grown into an epidemic in the Golden City. In response the San Francisco Bike Coalition wrote on their “considerations” section of their website that victims of bike theft should reconsider calling the police as ‘Black and brown’ people could be harmed from the interaction.

One Twitter user responded, ‘San Francisco Bicycle Coalition @sfbike acknowledges that ‘Black and Brown people’ (sic) are way overrepresented as bike thieves, but says not to report them, because filing theft reports leads to them being ‘impacted’ by police. You can’t even make this up.’

What’s really fun is these days bikes are expensive.  Many, if not most, would constitute a felony theft or if taken from a garage or home, a burglary, which is also a felony.  Is California worth saving?  Nah.

Hmmm.  Last time I looked, California was like, waaaaay out on the West coast, which means pretty much everything has to be shipped there…

Saying they had a ‘moral obligation,’ California regulators could soon ban the sale of diesel big rigs by 2040, ending a long reliance on the polluting vehicles that are the backbone of the American economy.

The proposal by staff of the California Air Resources Board would further require that, by 2035, medium- and heavy-duty trucks entering ports and railyards must be zero emission and that state and local government fleets be so by 2027.

Right.  They won’t let people charge Chevy Bolts now.  They’re going to have the capacity to charge semi tractors then?  Perhaps if you didn’t mutilate children…?

Cutting off breasts and castration, that’s hurting people, isn’t it?  This is not only stupid, it’s evil on an international scale:   

Republican lawmakers are accusing the State Department of ‘radical gender imperialism’ and of seeking to push other nations to ‘normalize and encourage transgenderism among youth.’

In a letter first obtained by The Daily Signal, members of the Republican Study Committee point to a leaked memo reportedly circulated by Secretary of State Antony Blinken indicating that the Biden administration may begin pushing other countries to endorse youthful ‘gender affirming care’—a euphemism used by the media, activists, and Democrats to describe the more grisly-sounding transgender surgeries, hormones, and puberty blockers.

D/S/Cs delenda est.  We  now know Joe Biden was late for the Queen’s funeral, but that was far from his only royal screw up:

And he poked the clergy in the stomach…

He said he was going to make the world respect America again.  I guess this is how you do it.  This is what he said about Elton John, who is gay:

Apparently Denver is competing with San Francisco for the “craziest city in America” award:

The city of Denver is set to roll out a new homeless plan. One that they ‘say’ will get more of the homeless unhoused people off the streets.

To help ensure that episodes of homelessness are rare, brief and one-time occurrences, the City and County of Denver will soon provide cash assistance to more than 140 individuals experiencing homelessness. City Council today approved a contract to provide basic income to quickly and cost-effectively move people out of homelessness and back into housing.

The contract, announced in Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s State of the City address and led by the Department of Housing Stability (HOST), utilizes $2 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to provide monthly cash assistance to more than 140 women, transgender and gender non-confirming individuals, and families in shelters.

‘Just as important as housing and shelter is a regular source of income for those experiencing homelessness,’ Mayor Hancock said. ‘This direct cash assistance will help more than 140 women and families currently in shelters move into stable housing, and provide support so they can stay housed, while opening space in our shelters to serve more people.’

Let’s stop and read through the above one more time. Currently, in Denver, there are an estimated 8,000 homeless. This plan will only ‘help’ about 140 people. Moreover, that plan will only help those who are women, transgender, gender non-conforming, and certain families living in shelters. Only 140 people will magically receive $12,000.

The program is divided into three different groups, with 260 receiving $6,500 up front and then getting $500 a month for 12 months; another 260 will receive $1,000 a month for 12 months; and the control group of 300 will get a $50-a-month stipend to complete surveys.

All participants will also get a free cell phone and a year of service.

In addition, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless will track how people use the money, as well as help participants get the things they need – such as furniture and kitchen supplies – and places to stay.

Well, $12,000.  That’s going to buy a lot of drugs.  And speaking of drugged, here’s what our future military leaders are being taught at the Air Force Academy:

There must be something in the water in Colorado.  Most coherent thing he’s said in the last two years:  

President Joe Biden stumbled into a confusing discussion on Friday about supporting the idea of defunding the FBI.

‘I sure in hell don’t think we should be funding the FBI either,’ he said during his speech, without correcting his comment.

For once, I agree with Joe.  One more goodie from Biden’s 60 Minutes Interview:  

In the accompanying story on volume 12 they include this quote from Biden’s 60 Minutes interview in which Biden comments on his age: ‘I have trouble even mentioning, even saying to myself, my own head, the number of years. I no more think of myself as being as old as I am than fly. I mean, it’s just not.’

Of course it’s not Joe, now eat your ice cream.  They really need to keep Joe away from children—and women—and the public in general:

President Joe Biden appeared meandering and confused during a White House event on Monday celebrating the Atlanta Braves and their World Series victory in 2021.

‘Well folks, guess we’re going to do something now, that is uh … a reception,’ he said to the team, who remained in position for the photo.

When the group reminded him that they had to take a few pictures first, Biden agreed but held his jersey folded up at his waist as the cameras clicked.

The president turned his head and began talking to the team as the cameras continued taking pictures, and then turned to leave again.

Photographers encouraged him to remain still, some reminding him to hold up his jersey for the pictures.

The president dutifully held up the jersey, but spotted a group of children in the audience, and encouraged them to come closer.

‘Guys, c’mere,’ he said. ‘Everyone under 15, c’mere. C’mon.’

He met briefly with some boys and turned to an older girl and beckoned.

‘C’mon, honey,’ he said, urging her to come over.

‘I’ve got a daughter that’s two-team all-state, so c’mon,’ he said.

He later knelt down on one knee to look at a young boy, pulled his arm to bring him closer, and pivoted him for a picture.

One of Biden’s staffers quietly approached the stage, motioning him to leave as an announcer asked for everyone to take their seats as the president left.

Joe is on top of things:

President Joe Biden claimed that the cost for a gallon of gasoline was under three dollars, during a White House event on Monday about higher costs experienced by consumers.

‘In some few states, it’s below three bucks,’ he said. ‘It’s in the low threes in other places.”

When he said that, the national average was $3.72, and still rising. Why no.  He’s not mentally impaired; why do you ask?

At one of his rare and brief campaign events, Fetterman said :”The Eagles are so much better than…the Eagles.”  The true Governor For Life of Georgia speaks:

Incredibly stupid and evil.  This isn’t:

As a hurricane was bearing down on Florida:

Priorities, priorities…

And how do you stop hurricanes?  Vote for D/S/Cs!

Who knew mastering planetary climate and weather was so easy?  Stupid, evil, both?

So Joe has all but emptied the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to try too trick Americans into thinking gas prices are going down, and is doing all he can to make it impossible to refill.  What would possibly go wrong?

Oh.   More priorities:

Who coulda thunk it?  

The state of California is delaying the release of test scores to the public, potentially pushing the release until after Election Day. Coincidentally, those test scores may not reflect well on Democratic leaders across the state.

According to EdSource, the California Department of Education is withholding the scores from its Smarter Balanced tests so that they can be released at the same time as other data on the California School Dashboard. There is no good reason for this, and in fact, it is a break in precedent. EdSource notes that since the department began releasing those results in 2015, it has been consistently released before other dashboard data, ranging from releases in the last week of August to the first week of October.

I’m sure there’s a good reason to keep the public in the dark.  After all, this is California we’re talking about.  Oh, so that’s the problem:

Americans oppose President Joe Biden’s lawless and wage-cutting mass migration because they are racist, not because of their economic worries, according to former President Barack Obama.

‘Right now, the biggest fuel behind the Republican agenda is related to immigration and the fear that somehow America’s character is going to be changed if, people of darker shades, there are too many of them here,’ Obama told a meeting of Hispanic realtors on September 25 in San Diego, California.

Well that and those damned immigration laws, and national security and all that…  Joe is sick of those damned Americans:

Yes, he’s among the stupidest people on CNN, and that’s saying something:

British royals expert Hilary Fordwich stunned CNN anchor Don Lemon into silence with her argument that African slave owners owe ‘reparations’ rather than the British Empire, in a viral clip from CNN’s coverage of the death of the queen.

Take the link.  It’s hilarious.  As Kamala Harris said: “the passage of time…the passage of time”:

Yes.  He’s insane, a liar, and incredibly stupid:

Too stupid to survive.