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We are, circa September 2022, inundated by the perverse.  I’ve long been writing about the demands of trans this or that, particularly mediocre male athletes pretending to be women, so as to dominate women’s sports.  The virtually exclusive supporters of such deluded, mentally ill people argue their own reality: there are no differences between men, women—whatever those are—women pretending to be men and men pretending to be women, so to deny men pretending to be women the ability to actually beat women—as in martial arts competitions—is the worst kind of prejudice.

There is no cohort of women pretending to be male athletes, because there, real reality intrudes and they cannot hope to achieve athletic fame and fortune competing against people who are genetically bigger, strong and faster.

This altered reality sees its ultimate expression in the idea men can not only menstruate—that’s why we have tampon dispensers in boy’s school bathrooms—but become pregnant and give birth.  Who can forget the touching photo of Pete Buttigieg, who thinks highways are racist, sitting in a hospital bed with his whatever, who is wearing a hospital gown, and both sporting hospital wrist ID bands, holding the babies to which we are to believe one or both of them have given birth?

In a classic Monty Python sketch, Eric Idle declares he wants to have babies, and John Cleese replies he doesn’t have a womb, so where will he put the fetus, in a box?  For my part, I anxiously await the groundbreaking video depicting a man giving birth.

The Biden Meat Puppet Administration is on the case, and Biden has unfurled the trans/LGBTQWERTY++–#@&!! banner, in the service of the civil rights struggle of our time.  With federal money and emphasis, it is unsurprising the boundaries of the struggle expand daily.  Where once the push was behind fake female athletes, now the federal wind fills the sails of all manner of perverse indoctrination and overtly sexual displays in the nation’s schools and libraries.  “Minor attracted persons”—pedophiles– drag queens with their prolific twerking, groomers of all stripes, and cracktivists encouraging children of all ages to “transition,” with the help of chemical and surgical mutilation are not only present in our schools, but lauded and defended by those charged with educating the young.  They, like all good Marxists, know it’s essential to get them while they’re young.

John Hinderaker of Powerline finds this confusing:

Generally I think I understand liberals pretty well. They like wealth and power, and they favor policies that give them more wealth and power. But some issues are puzzling, like their insistence on little children being indoctrinated in transgender ideology. This is a hill that Democrats seem willing to die on, but why? I don’t see that it brings them wealth or power, nor does it advance their cause politically.

On the contrary, voters are strongly opposed to trans propaganda, especially with regard to very young children. Take this New York Times/Siena poll, for example. The pollster asked, “Do you support or oppose allowing public school teachers to provide classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity to children in elementary school (grades 1 to 5)?”

A large majority, 58%, were strongly opposed, while another 12% somewhat oppose such indoctrination. Conversely, only 27% expressed support for this instruction. And yet this was the issue on which Democrats attacked Ron DeSantis with their ‘don’t say gay’ theme.

What I find disturbing is 27% of the population—I know; don’t get me started about polling—is all for sexually warping our children, and the younger the better.

As kids get older, voters apparently become more comfortable with classroom trans instruction. Thus, when the same question was asked about classroom instruction directed at junior high school kids, grades 6 through 8, 44% supported while 54% opposed.

And when asked the same question about high school students, grades 9 through 12, 56% were willing to accept gay and trans instruction, with 42% opposed.

As I’ve so often written, a teacher’s most valuable commodity is time.  Every year, teachers lose more and more time to fads and various social imperatives, leaving less and less time to actually teach the basics of human intellectual development, and fidelity to our constitutional republic—to liberty.  Yet apparently 56% are all for this loss of brain development in favor of sexual navel gazing?

These findings are similar to what my organization got when polling Minnesotans a month ago. We asked, ‘Do you favor or oppose teaching elementary school children about homosexuality and transsexuality, and encouraging them to explore these alternative forms of sexual identity?’ 33% favored such indoctrination, while 60% opposed, with by far the largest cohort, at 45%, being strongly opposed. We didn’t ask the question for higher grades.

The message seems clear: pushing gay and trans indoctrination on young children is a political loser. Yet Democrats seem undeterred. Similarly, there has lately been a recurrence of ‘drag queen story hours’ in young children’s libraries, and of drag shows in which children as young as two or three are invited to participate. These phenomena baffle me. They must be strongly disapproved of by a large majority of Americans, and I don’t see how they bring wealth or power to liberals. So why this unwavering commitment to bizarre sex on behalf of the Democratic Party?

There are a number of factors driving this headlong lunge toward perversity and dissolution, all related and reinforcing each other.  The Contemporary D/S/C left is inherently opposed to the normal.  They either deny there is any such thing as “normal,” scream “normal” is evil and oppressive of the truly virtuous, and always do all they can to redefine the abnormal as normal, therefore, intellectually and morally superior.  This thinking boils down to: D/S/C ideology good, non-D/S/C ideology bad.  Coastal self-imagined elites good, Flyover Country, smelly, toothless, WalMart shopping Deplorables bad.

Normal is sanity.  It is common sense, what works, efficiency, merit, kindness and leaving others alone.  It is law and order, prosperity, liberty and calm.  It is rules, written and unwritten, spoken and unspoken, which hold civilization together, that prevent chaos and conflict and that moderate the evil in human nature.  It is, consciously or not, adherence to God’s law, the human owner’s manual, for when we ignore the directions, bad things happen.  Normal does not burn cities, scream “racist!” at everyone, sexualize children, disobey the law or preach hatred of half the population.

Thus is the nuclear family, a father, mother and children, bad.  Thus are single parent families, with no man, for men are evil, good.  Thus is heterosexuality bad—this is the genesis of the scare term “heteronormativity”—and homosexuality of all kinds good.  Thus do they now push to “normalize” pedophilia by calling such perverse and entirely evil felons “minor attracted persons,” because the last things enlightened beings should do is stigmatize such gentle souls, who are misunderstood.  Just because they’re attracted to minors doesn’t mean they want to have sex with them.  Certainly not!  The intellectually, sexually and morally self-imagined elite have evolved beyond such base compulsions, like this guy:

Another significant element of the drive toward societal destruction is simple, juvenile rebellion.  Whatever “Normal Americans” cherish, D/S/Cs hate and must destroy. The more outrageous the display, the better.  As Biden’s handlers have destroyed everything Donald Trump accomplished for the sake of being contrarily destructive, they also seek to destroy everything normal they deny exists in the first place.  A lunatic teacher in Canada wears enormous fake breasts with ridiculously protruding nipples as an expression of his righteous trans identity, yet the unmistakable in-your-face quality of the charade comes through.  If an American teacher hasn’t already done the same by the time this article is posted, I’ll be amazed.  This is not a subtle act of trans dignity, but an adolescent, burn-it-all-down act of sexual exhibitionism, and the longer it is allowed to go on, the more the grotesquely abnormal becomes normal.  It is the seizure of school children in a warped sexual fantasy.  The “teacher” is acting out his masturbatory fantasies for all to see and kids are along for the ride.

The underlying driver of all of this is pure evil, the eternal battle between light and darkness. D/S/Cs routinely reject faith, putting their faith in themselves and government.  Anything that rejects and damages normal faith, the established order, our constitutional republic, is good and the ultimate, self-expressive morality.  To whatever degree they’ve ever studied the Bible, they understand the inevitable fate of those who lead children astray, but by ignoring that fundamental part of the human instruction manual and not being immediately struck down, they gain a sense of giddy pseudo-power.  They either don’t understand from where that perverse sense of power actually comes, or they embrace it fully.  There can be no greater power than the state, ruled by the contemporary version of scientific, American communists, who, for the first time in history, will finally get it all right.  In rejecting God, they twist their souls into blackened, shriveled husks, and are compelled to do the same to everyone, particularly children, for that is the ultimate abomination, the ultimate rejection of the good and normal and kind.

Once evil takes hold, it can never be satisfied.  Good becomes evil, ignorance becomes wisdom, hate becomes love, truth becomes lies, slavery becomes freedom and in the pursuit of what they come to see as ultimate virtue, the end, however violent and bloody, always justifies the equally violent and bloody means.   If Normal Americans are insurrectionists, white supremacists, domestic terrorists, the greatest threat to “our democracy”—the tyranny of the majority—ever, can there be any means too harsh to stop that kind of “evil,” an evil which threatens the power and privilege of the self-imagined elite?  The embrace of evil requires projection.  Mark Twain said: “nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.”  Whatever the truly evil decry in others, they do themselves–or want to do.

A Wendy’s, caught up in “the summer of love”…

Inherent in all of this is the destruction of western civilization, a return to barbarism, and the elimination of individual liberty. This is why merit must be destroyed.  Civilization can only persist, can only improve, if the truly good is recognized and exalted.  It takes no skill, no wisdom, no striving for moral truth to dress up like a horror movie parody of a woman and thrust one’s pelvis at children.  Merit has nothing to do with demanding men be allowed to relieve themselves in women’s bathrooms and shower with women. Forcing others to accept this, and other perversions, is a blatant display of power and brute force.  It’s an in-your-race warning the state can do whatever it wants to the normal, and they’d better shut up or it will do even worse.

D/S/Cs don’t give a damn about any tiny “community.”  Government has no conscience.  It does not love or care, nor does it uphold individual liberty.  It does not recognize its power comes from the people, for if so, their power is power denied the state.  But it absolutely expresses itself through hate, and in the hatred of those tiny “communities,”—useful idiots—it finds its foot soldiers, its distractions, its outrages and its drip, drip, drip of an evil water that can eventually wear away moral mountains.

They tie it all up with a bow when they can force Normal, sane people not only to remain quiet about their evil, but to accept and praise it.  Absolutely, men are women because they say they are.  It’s completely normal to mutilate children.  It’s superior morality to have sex with children.  Oh, how brave they are, now noble, how intellectually, morally and spiritually superior they are in comparison to the reviled, intolerant Normal.  They’re the next stage of evolution.  They can even get parents to participate in the destruction of their society, their nation, their families, their children.  That’s real power.  If they can accomplish that, what can’t they demand?

That’s why D/S/Cs pretend to embrace the perverse and destructive.  It’s useful in the eternal battle. It’s easy to destroy, but it takes merit to build.  They’d rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.  It’s useful in maintaining and growing power until all that is good and true and noble about mankind is dead and buried once and for all, and it all begins with the children.