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Out there in the trackless wastes of Flyover Country, the unfathomable, toothless, WalMart-shopping, smelly denizens—you know: Deplorables, semi-fascists, MAGA Republicans, domestic terrorists, white supremacists, Q-Anon (whatever that is), racists and every other kind of “ist”—have a pithy saying: “put your money where your mouth is.”  In other words, talk is cheap.  It’s easy to virtue signal when it doesn’t cost anything, and people who claim to be paragons of virtue, but won’t raise a finger to act on it are, in the words of another Flyover Country idiom: “All hat, no cattle.”  You know: loud mouthed posers.

The denizens of Martha’s Vineyard, where the median home price is around $1.35 million dollars, the home of millionaires, billionaires who are mostly very, very white, and more importantly, woke people, recently had the chance to put their very considerable money where their mouth is, and they muffed it.

The Vineyard, you see gentle readers, is one of America’s toniest bastions of virtue signaling.  They’re ardent supporters of “refugees,” and “immigrants.”  They have—perhaps had—signs to that effect posted pretty much everywhere.  Why, Barack Obama has a 12 million dollar, 30ish acre summer cottage there, and he is on record as one of America’s most ardent supporters of illegal immigration.  As he’s so often said, we’re a nation of immigrants; it’s who we are.  The undocumented had every reason in the world to believe they’d not only be welcome there, they’d be exalted.  After all, they are the very stuff of which contemporary virtue signaling is made, even though the border is secure, so none of them are actually here.

And then Ron Desantis, Governor of Florida, called their bluff.  He, the bastard, gave them the opportunity to live up to their own rhetoric, their own rules. Unlike Martha’s Vineyard and a variety of other sanctuary virtue signaling strongholds, Florida is not a sanctuary state.  Gov. DeSantis observed he believed since Florida is not a sanctuary state, illegals would be best served, and would feel most welcome, by sending them, fare-free, to the sanctuary cities and states that not only wanted them, but celebrated them.  So he chartered two private jets and sent 50—25 per plane—to the Vineyard.  Thinking back on my last commercial flight where I was one of many sardines, I envied the illegal’s space and comfort.

That’s when the fun started.  Consider these outraged D/S/C responses of outrageous outrage, courtesy of The New York Post:  

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren scolded that sending in the illegals was ‘repulsive and cruel.’ Supine and penitent former Republican columnist Max Boot of The Washington Post denounced DeSantis’ ‘heartlessness and cynicism’ and warned that his future presidency will be ‘dangerous.’

DeSantis’ electoral opponent, Charlie Crist, who trails him by 8 points and likely regrets that the illegals won’t be in Florida to vote for him in November, called the move ‘disgusting and vile.’ He suggested that DeSantis is ‘not in control of his faculties,’ hilarious from a man with no principles who has managed to run for statewide office as a Democrat, Republican and independent and lose in all three guises.

Self-proclaimed ‘experts’ have accused Florida’s governor of human trafficking. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre hysterically declared that the illegals ‘deserve better than . . . to be left in Martha’s Vineyard.’

Really.  Prior to this, one would have thought Martha’s Vineyard something of a destination of choice.  Who knew it was a hellhole designed to degrade illegals?

In a CNN interview the morning after the illegals arrived, biased journalist John Berman and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns — a past guest of the island’s boring film festival — compared the free inbound flights to the Holocaust.

But of course.  Flying free on chartered jets to one of the world’s premier vacation spots, where their needs were catered can be nothing other than mass torture, starvation and genocide.

MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes, who has held book-signings on the Vineyard, found it ‘deeply dehumanizing to fling human beings somewhere vindictively.’

But I—and obviously DeSantis—thought places like the Vineyard actually wanted Illegals.  After all, “All are welcome here,” and “hate has no business here.”  Besides, private jet travel is usually considered to be rather more comfy than vindictive flinging.

Yet it was Massachusetts state Sen. Dylan Fernandes who might have tossed the most colorful word salad. He denounced DeSantis’ ‘secret plot to send immigrant families like cattle on an airplane . . . to a place they weren’t told where they were going [sic].’

The Meat Puppet in Chief had this to say:

‘Republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. What they’re doing is simply wrong, it’s un-American, it’s reckless. And we have a process in place to manage migrants at the border. We’re working to make sure it’s safe and orderly and humane,’ Biden continued. ‘Republican officials should not interfere with that process by waging these political stunts.’

The Venezuelan Illegals, for their part, seemed quite happy, if for no reason other than that they were now in America—they had won life’s lottery—and they were going to get to stay.  D/S/Cs scream some didn’t realize they were in Martha’s Vineyard, or exactly what that might mean in economic terms, regardless, they seemed remarkably, vindictively flung-free.

Faced with an unexpected influx of 50 whole people in the off season, when thousands of accommodations were empty, the painfully, conspicuously white and wealthy residents of the Vineyard sprung into action, expressing great compassion in observing they could not possibly accommodate 50 additional people, because they just do not have the accommodations.  Why, they have no “services” for such people, and they have a “housing crisis,” you know, not nearly enough places to live for the people who live and work there, particularly during the off season with all those extra accommodations which can’t possibly accommodate those kinds of unexpected and dark-skinned people.  They didn’t quite say it, but the point was, “all are welcome here” except if “all” are not the right kind of “all,” which is to say, wealthy, white, effusively virtue-signaling D/S/Cs.  One might almost be tempted to say they behaved in a–gasp!–racist manner, but since they’re a sanctuary city and ardent virtue signalers, that can’t be possible.

But all is not bad.  According to CNN, the illegals not only left an indelible mark on the Vineyard, they enriched it:

During their whirlwind 44-hour visit this week, migrants like the young Venezuelan woman left an indelible mark on their accidental hosts in this isolated enclave known as a summer playground for former US presidents, celebrities and billionaires. . .

There’s the mark.  Here’s the enrichment:

‘The year round community is very strong because you are kind of isolated here — whether it’s the ferry or the bad weather, you’re stuck here,’ he said. ‘We’re used to helping each other. We’re used to dealing with people in need and we’re super happy — like they enriched us, we’re happy to help them on their journey.’ At the empty parish house hours after the migrants had departed, Charles Rus, the church organist and music director, said the place felt lonely.

Overwhelmed by a sudden infusion of non-virtue signaling real reality, the noble, diverse, and above all, inclusive, residents of the Vineyard expressed their unlimited compassion by declaring a state of emergency, calling out the National Guard—as Joe Biden would say “not a joke”–and putting the 50 vindictively flung invaders on a bus to a military installation on Cape Cod, all within 48 hours.  They even got to ride on a bus on a ferry; such adventure!    Thus far, Biden has not taken credit for such a fast and efficient retreat.

Ben Franklin observed “fish and visitors stink after three days.”  On the Vineyard, it’s less than two.

D/S/Cs would not call out the thousands of guardsmen Donald Trump offered to protect the Capital building, but guardsmen to hustle illegals off the Vineyard?  But of course!  So concerned for the welfare of the welcome undocumented were they, so solicitous, about 150 guardsmen were sent, three for every immigrant.  One, of course, expects such compassion from the compassionately compassionate.  As lonely as they felt, as much as the illegals enriched everyone, they knew there was no love, no sacrifice, so great as putting them on a bus out of town, which they compassionately did.

In Texas, it’s one riot, one ranger.  On the Vineyard, it’s one illegal, three guardsmen.

So as KJP said, they deserved better than to be left on Martha’s Vineyard.  The horror.  I assume she believes “better” would consist of being “left” somewhere in Texas, Florida or anywhere else in Flyover Country, where those people belong.  After all, the Biden Meat Puppet Administration has, for at least 18 months, been leaving tens, even hundreds of thousands of illegals all over the country, vindictively flinging them to those Nazi death camps by bus and jet, without warning the places they’ve been left of their imminent arrival.  Unlike Gov. DeSantis, Biden has been doing it in secret, and often, in the dead of night at out of the way airfields, which concealment has been greatly aided by the Lamestream Media, who have covered it in their usual manner by not covering it.  One wonders if they deserve better than to be left on Cape Cod, which is not quite so exclusive or expensive as the Vineyard.  Wouldn’t that be a step down in their situation, particularly since they’re now “left” in the care of our military?  Our troops generally consider MREs cruel and unusual punishment.  Wouldn’t the Meat Puppet Administration move heaven and earth to ensure they get better?

There is the little matter about their status as illegals.  Shouldn’t the government transport them to, say, Venezuela?  Until such vexing legal questions are resolved, Cape Cod will have to do for the time being.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who requires a daily oil tanker for his hair, asked the Meat Puppet Administration to get DeSantis for kidnapping those poor illegals.  The Vineyard responded by kidnapping them and shipping them off to Cape Cod.  the Administration is said to be considering “litigation options” to keep people like DeSantis from doing on a very small scale what it has been doing on an enormous scale.  To date, there is no more prolific human trafficker and drug dealer than Joe Biden.  DeSantis gave free transport to 50.  Biden has done thousands.

Thus, gentle readers, do we convincingly discover the reality of “sanctuary” cities and states.  It’s figurative, rhetorical sanctuary, high-minded, virtue-signaling, feel-good steaming piles of bullshit.  It’s sanctuary only so long as those proclaiming it don’t have to actually spend a dime on actual illegals, only so long as their communities aren’t soiled by brownish immigrants.  They so often say, no one is illegal, but obviously they’re unseemly at best.  But even when they expose their rhetoric as rank hypocrisy of the highest rank, they do it with such compassion and efficiency as they ship illegals off to non-sanctuary cities and states, where the Deplorables actually spend their money and other resources to care for them, the white supremacist, racist, insurrectionist, hateful haters.

As the Vineyard proudly proclaims: “We stand with IMMIGRANTS, with REFUGEES.”  One needs an electron microscope, however, to read the fine print: “Unless the unwashed bastards actually show up here, then we’ll call out the Guard to get rid of them.”

Our intellectually, morally superior self-imagined elite had a perfect opportunity to demonstrate their superiority.  Instead, they engaged in epic definition of character.