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There’s D/S/C tongue bathing, and then there’s this:

Oh yes, she can confirm:

Even Biden’s daughter thinks he’s a pervert, but this women thinks him a Hallmark movie.  As some women are fond of saying: Eeeuuuuuw!

We’re in the very best of hands.  Karine Jean-Pierre was asked:  “What exactly would the Inflation Reduction Act do to reduce inflation in the short term?”  Her response:

So I — I — when you look at the lowering costs, in particular, for Americans, I think that’s important when you think about how inflation has — has increased cost for American — Americans.

If you think about the hundred dollar — saving $100 per year on premiums with ACA; when you think about lowering costs for our seniors, capping that at $2,000 a year instead of thousands and thousands of dollars a month — that lowering of cost, as we — as we deal with a time that is difficult for many, many Americans.

Look, experts, economists has said themselves that this would be — the Inflation Reduction Act would — would be beneficial to — that 300 — that extra $300 billion in deficit that is really important, as we have — right now have $1.7 billion [trillion] in deficit deduction [reduction] under this administration. It would — it would help lower that even more, which is incredibly important.

And so, look, we’ve heard from Republicans and Democrats who were U.S — U.S. Treasury Secretaries who said it would lower inflation.

We’ve heard from — more than 126 economists said it would lower inflation.

And so I think that is — that is also an important fact that we point to when we talk about the importance of the Inflation Reduction Act, the importance of lowering cost for American — for American families, even as you look at the energy cost as well.

And that wasn’t all she’s recently read from her notes:

White House press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday that President Biden’s ‘soul of the nation’ speech — in which he cast former President Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans as a threat to the country — was not divisive.

She said the president was talking about ‘a minority, a small group of people who have extreme views and who threaten that … core value of who we are as a country.’

‘You don’t have to look further than Jan. 6, 2021, to see what their attack was on our democracy. It was very clear. We all saw it,’ Jean-Pierre said. ‘And when you have people who say the protesters on that day were patriots, that’s problematic. That’s coming from leaders.’

Oh yeah, that whole free speech thing is a real danger to “our democracy.”

The White House denounced supporters of President Donald Trump on Wednesday, accusing them of posing an “extremist threat to our democracy.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre began the daily briefing by condemning Republican leaders for their dangerous rhetoric but also said that President Joe Biden believed supporters of former President Donald Trump were also a threat.

‘Let me be very clear, it’s not just Republican leadership, it’s not just that blanket right?’ she said to reporters. ‘He’s talking about an extreme portion, an extreme part of the party.’

And did you know KJP told us Joe Biden has created “nearly ten thousand, million jobs”?  Wow!  That’s multiple jobs for every man, woman and child in the country!  No wonder we have to import millions of illegals!  What would any edition of TSTS be without Kamala Harris?

Uh, right…?

Everyone has the same capacity?  Wow!  I get to play in the NBA!

Going and doing and working are important, but not if that means going and doing a debate:

The questions about John Fetterman’s health have swirled since he suffered a stroke in May. Now, Fetterman is effectively admitting that he is not fit to be a senator.

Fetterman has ducked out on a debate with Republican opponent Mehmet Oz for the first week of September, accusing Oz of being too mean to him. Fetterman claims he needs to focus more on recovering from his stroke.

Uh-huh.  And how’s that recovery going?

Maybe Fetterman needs to run as Kamala’s VP?  I’ve heard of being obsessed with pronouns, but this?

And speaking of pronouns:

A division of the U.S. Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), the branch tasked with confronting China, has ordered its senior leaders and commanders to stop using gender pronouns in written formats, saying the shift to more neutral language will help improve the fighting force’s ‘lethality.’

‘In accordance with the Diverse PACAF priority, ‘We must embrace, promote and unleash the potential of diversity and inclusion,’ states a May email sent to senior leaders and commanders at the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam, which operates under the Pacific Air Forces, according to a partial copy of the order obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Pronouns improve lethality.  How about Verbs?  Gerunds?  Adjectives? I had no idea the parts of speech were so deadly!  I used to be proud to say I am a USAF veteran…

California, Colorado, it’s getting to the point there’s little difference.  Here’s your excellent, clean energy future:

During the dog days of summer, it’s important to keep your home cool. But when thousands of Xcel customers in Colorado tried adjusting their thermostats Tuesday, they learned they had no control over the temperatures in their own homes.

Temperatures climbed into the 90s Tuesday, which is why Tony Talarico tried to crank up the air conditioning in his partner’s Arvada home.

‘I mean, it was 90 out, and it was right during the peak period,’ Talarico said. ‘It was hot.’

That’s when he saw a message on the thermostat stating the temperature was locked due to an ‘energy emergency.’

Your bodies are belong to us!  What could possibly go wrong?

Bank of America is specifically offering zero closing cost mortgages for first time home buyers in black and Hispanic communities.

According to NBC News, Bank of America’s head of neighborhood and community lending said, ‘our Community Affordable Loan Solution will help make the dream of sustained homeownership attainable for more Black and Hispanic families, and it is part of our broader commitment to the communities that we serve.’

And how will BoA ‘serve’ them when they default on the loans?  I smell another loan forgiveness for which non-deadbeats are going to have to pay coming.

No one is more violent than those MAGA Republicans:

OK, so maybe she’s more violent…  What would we do without the FBI:

What would we do without Kamala?

She thinks the southern border is secure too.  Speaking of 9-11:

Right.  The government kills an unarmed, tiny woman, the Congress finishes its business and everybody goes home, which is just like 9-11 and “nearly ended American democracy.”  But other than that, these people are entirely sane and rational.  These people aren’t:

The pandemic ushered in a new era of work, with more people than ever ditching the office to do their jobs in the comfort of their own home. With nearly all Covid-19 regulations now gone, however, there has been mixed reaction to calls for employees to return to their cubicles.

In Portland, Oregon, a group of city workers has vehemently expressed their desire to remain at home, citing the numerous forms of oppression that exist in the outside world.

According to the Willamette Week, leaders of the city’s twelve affinity groups, which represent over 1,000 city employees, penned a joint letter to city council imploring them not to mandate a return to their downtown offices.

‘Without our input, without transparency, and by continuing top-down decision-making that devalues staff contributions, we fear the city will continue to support racist, ableist, and sexist policies, the very systems of oppression we want to dismantle,’ they wrote.

Yeah, that whole “showing up for work” and “doing some work” thing is the ultimate in oppression.  But Joe Biden is the most popular president in history:

It would be exclusionary to ignore them:

Here’s how popular Joe is:

We’re in the very best of hands:

And no, that’s not The Bee.  That guy really is the “Monkeypox coordinator.”  I guess—ahem—“hands on” experience matters to the meat puppet Administration, wh ice is about the only area in which they appreciate merit.  They really do think we’re stupid:

Redistributing the wealth:

Almost every single part of Congress’s COVID-19 spending binge has been plagued by waste, fraud, and abuse at levels previously unthinkable. The latest example of this runaway waste is the revelation that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sent 1 million stimulus checks to current inmates—including some murderers!

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon’s Joseph Simonson, ‘More than 1.1 million incarcerated individuals received COVID-19 stimulus checks, totaling over $1 billion dollars, according to internal data provided by the IRS. Roughly 163,000 of those recipients are individuals serving life sentences without the possibility of parole…  life sentences are most commonly given to individuals convicted of homicide and rape.’

Yes, seriously. Congress sent more than a billion of your tax dollars in stimmy checks to literal inmates including convicted rapists and murderers.

Because who needs the money more?  Is that like ten thousand million jobs?

Here’s another bit of wisdom for the ages from Joe Biden in Pennsylvania:   

You know what the Mexicans, Mexico, which has real problems causing us real problems? You know what their biggest complaint is? Can’t we stop the gun trafficking across the southern border, into Mexico?

Of course! That’s obviously the biggest problem on the border, because where else could Mexican cartels get automatic and heavy weapons but in America?  Millions of illegals flow North, millions of belt-fed machine guns–you know, the kind you find in every corner gun store?–flow south.  This is stupidity for the ages:

So is this:

And this is just plainly evil:

OK, one more bit of classic Biden rhetoric:

Why (do) I always talk about passenger rail and particularly high-speed rail? You realize the Chinese are now building another high-speed rail line that will go up to 300 miles per hour? “You say, what difference does that make, Biden?

Well, guess what? If you can get on a train and go from here to Washington much faster than you can go in an automobile, you take a train, you take the train. We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road — off the road, saving tens of millions of barrels of oil, dealing with cleaning up the air. This is not hyperbole; this is a fact. These are facts.

“You take a train, you take the train.”  Who can argue with that?

 Look, more than $7 billion to build out the national network of electric vehicle charging stations. The way my grandpop got up here, my Grandpa Biden who died in Mercy Hospital of an aneurysm when he was 46 years old, two months before I was born in Mercy Hospital — he was with the American Oil Company. He was up here opening up gas stations in 19 — that’s how he got here.

This was 1942 — late ’42. Well, guess what? The same thing happens. We build these charging stations, what happens? Communities build up around them. You get everything from the figurative McDonald’s or the Dunkin’ Donuts to the drugstore…

So as soon as the McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts corporations see a charger, they’re going to build restaurants there?  I’m beginning to think Biden doesn’t know anything about economics…  I know D/S/C’s don’t know much about bi-o-lo-gy:

Nearly one in four Democratic voters believe men can get pregnant, according to a new poll.

The online survey, conducted by WPA Intelligence from August 22-25, found 22% of Democrats agreed with the statement, ‘Some men can get pregnant.’ The percentage rose when only including women, and a whopping 36% of white, college-educated female Democrats concurred.

‘Overall, few Americans think men can get pregnant,’ said WPAi Managing Director Conor Maguire. ‘But with 36% of a core Democratic constituency (college-educated white Democratic women) and one out of five Democrat voters believing this, one can see why Democratic leaders coddle the radical gender theory movement.’ 

Establishing a “sanctuary city”—virtue signaling—is easy, as long as it doesn’t cost anything:


D.C. is declaring a public emergency and creating a new office to provide services for migrants being bused into the District from border states such as Texas, Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Thursday.

Mayor Bowser says she will be submitting a request to the DC Council to extend the emergency.

The new office will be called the Office of Migrant Services and $10 million has been allocated for it with the District seeking reimbursement from FEMA. It will provide support with the reception of migrants, meals, temporary accommodations, urgent medical needs, transportation, connection to resettlement services, translation services and more.

Oh yeah, they love them some illegal immigrants, until they move in next door.  This is also particularly stupid, and evil:

In the midst of the worst recruiting crisis in like ever, our woke military is throwing 100,000 troops out because they refused to take a vaccine the government now admits doesn’t work.  And now we learn our troops don’t make enough money to feed their families.  But there’s no inflation or recession no sir.  This ought to really light a fire under recruitment.  If our “leaders” were trying to destroy the country, what would they be doing differently?

I can’t leave you with this kind of anxiety, gentle readers.  Here’s something that’s decidedly not stupid:

Sadly, she’s right, but only for those who are trying to establish “our democracy” rather than preserve our constitutional republic.  Think I’ll eat at Chick-fil-A next time I’m in a town with one:

There is hope, gentle readers.