2 thoughts on “5”

  1. petresrapidnetcom said:

    Hey, just think how much easier it will be to report election returns in a one party state? Talk about a piece of cake, even a pandemic of the unvaxed won’t put a damper on election eve what with truck loads of early voting returns, all of them basically filled in for Joe Biden. Eventually, even the act of having an election day will be seen for what it is – white supremacy – and eliminated. Then it is just a hop, skip, and jump to a peoples republic and/or a workers paradise. Now, who could be against that? C’mon man!

    • Dear petresrapidnetcom:

      Now, now. We must have elections in “our democracy,” even if we list the results before voting begins. Indeed, that’s the very best kind of election–so efficient and fraud proof.

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