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By the time this article is posted, it will be only 10 days until the August 16 Wyoming primary, and Liz Cheney and her supporters are becoming increasingly desperate.  As I’ve previously noted—enter “liz Cheney” in the SMM home page search bar to find every article in this series—Cheney and her boosters are begging Wyoming Democrats to register Republican so they can vote for her in the Primary.  The problem is Republicans outnumber Democrats 4-1 in Wyoming, and bookmakers and pundits alike are rating Cheney’s ouster a sure thing.  Most Wyomingites could not be more pleased, and I’ve not talked to anyone who is not looking forward to voting on the 16th.  Let’s see a bit more Cheney news.

Seen around Wyoming

When you’ve lost CNN: 

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) knows she is likely to lose the Wyoming primary to Donald Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman on August 16, CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza suggested Monday.

‘Cheney looks likely to lose — and she knows it,’ Cillizza wrote. ‘What she also knows is that, at least in her mind, this isn’t the end of her political career.’

This is wishful thinking:

If Cheney does run [for president in 2024], her poor polling suggests she could run as an independent. ‘The real question seems to be then not whether Cheney runs — she sounded to all the world like that decision is mostly made — but rather whether she would have any sort of impact on the 2024 race,’ Cillizza wrote.

Cillizza pointed out that if Cheney ran as an independent, she could hurt former President Donald Trump’s chances of reclaiming the Oval Office. Cheney has proposed never to allow Trump near the White House ever again.

‘Assuming Trump is the Republican nominee, such a candidacy could skim off enough votes to potentially hamstring the former President’s chances of winning,’ he wrote. ‘Even under that scenario, however, Cheney would function as a spoiler — trying to keep Trump from the White House — rather than as a viable candidate to be president.’

Again, wishful thinking.  Independents are like Hispanics in that they are deserting Biden, and Democrats in general, in droves.  Cheney could register, at best, in the low single digits, and for the moment, there is no one on the D/S/C side who could excite even rabid D/S/C voters.  Of course, 2024 is a long way away.

And how desperate is Cheney?  This desperate:  

Even with the Yellowstone star’s endorsement, the former vice president’s daughter has a long way to go if she hopes to win the Republican primary against her opponent Harriet Hageman, who holds a commanding lead of 52 percent over Cheney’s embarrassing 30 percent.

Costner’s endorsements have not exactly carried much weight politically in the past, considering he went all in for Mayor Pete Buttigieg during the Democrat primary.

That worked out brilliantly for Gay Pete, who is now reduced to calling highways racist and telling Americans who can’t afford gas to buy an EV. Wyomingites aren’t much impressed with celebrities.  If they want to see any, they can drive over to Jackson Hole.  Most don’t.  I was last there more than two decades ago because Jackson was the starting point of the Tour de Wyoming, an annual bike tour.  While some Wyomingites might like Costner’s Yellowstone, it’s filmed in Montana, and he lives in Colorado.  They’re not for a moment thinking he’s one of their own, nor do they claim Cheney who lives in Virginia and avoids Wyoming like the plague.  Cheney’s national favorability is hurting:

Pence isn’t much impressing Wyomingites either

Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) nationwide favorability rating is underwater after she fixated on former President Donald Trump on the partisan January 6 Committee, a Wednesday Politico poll found.

Only 32 percent of voters view Cheney favorably, while 35 percent view her unfavorably. Eighteen percent had never heard of Cheney. Fifteen percent had no opinion of the representative. The poll surveyed 2006 voters from July 22-24 with a 2 point margin of error.

“Eighteen percent had never heard of Cheney.”  That had to leave a mark, particularly after she has worked so hard to become a TV star:

While a sizable percentage of viewers have tuned into the House hearings on the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, they have turned out to be a dud for the political parties and failed to raise concerns about the midterm elections in the fall.

Two new polls out Thursday show that voters have generally moved on from the 2020 elections and their aftermath, though Republicans appear to be somewhat interested in the concerns raised by former President Donald Trump.

Considering those concerns revolve around election integrity, that’s hardly surprising.  Even Wisconsin’s Supreme Court recently ruled the 2020 election was not lawfully conducted.  

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey, for example, found that the hearings haven’t helped Democrats much in winning new voters eager to punish Republicans for the riots egged on by former President Donald Trump and some of his allies as he sought to overturn the 2020 results.

Rasmussen found that after watching the hearings, 34% of likely voters were more inclined to vote for Democrats in the fall congressional midterm elections. But the pollster also found that 30% said they are more likely to vote Republican after tuning into the hearings.

We can reasonably infer most faithful viewers of the Stalinist TV series are Democrats.

Voters couldn’t even agree that the riots were a major threat to democracy. According to the analysis: ‘Forty-seven percent (47%) of voters believe the Capitol riot represented a threat to American democracy, while 43% don’t think so and another 10% are not sure. These findings are only slightly changed from January, when 50% said the Capitol riot was a threat to democracy.’

This makes me worried about the electorate.  A minor riot that lasted a few hours before everyone went home, and during which most people, let into the building by the Capital Police, merely walked around enjoying the sights and taking selfies, is anything but a threat to democracy.  Were that the standard, what were the genuine riots resulting in 2 billion dollars in immediate damage in America’s cities during the “summer of love?”  Mostly peaceful protests?  If CNN had asked me, I could have saved them the trouble:

It’s hilarious.  CNN sent a crew to Cheyenne’s Frontier Days, and they searched to find any Republican willing to vote for Liz Cheney.  They actually admitted they could find only two!  Those two repeated Cheney campaign talking points in their unstinting support for Cheney, mumbling about how she is saving the Constitution.

When asked about voting for Cheney, this lady asked if she could cuss, and responded: “Hell no!”

Of these ten congress critters five, seeing the writing on the wall, are not seeking reelection, and things don’t look good for the rest.

Final Thoughts:

 Various politicians have observed all politics are local, and it’s certainly true in Wyoming, a state of around 600,000 souls, widely spread over an enormous expanse of land.  Wyomingites tend to be Republicans because they have to be self-reliant, yet are always willing to lend a hand.  Out here, actual tolerance is practiced, merit matters, and hard work, combined with honesty and integrity, is the status quo.

Cheney’s main primary opponent, attorney Harriett Hageman is a genuine daughter of Wyoming.  She was raised on a spread near Fort Laramie (the Ft. Laramie of history and western movies)–I taught very near there at Lingle/Ft. Laramie High School–and built a legal career fighting abusive federal intrusions on Wyomingites.  Unlike Cheney, who was born in Wisconsin and lives in Virginia, she has crisscrossed the state, actually meeting and speaking with Wyomingites.  We like and expect that out here.  After all, there aren’t that many of us, and it’s actually possible for politicians to know what we want and expect of them without absolute reliance on polling.  Hageman talks the talk, walks the walk, and cowboy boots and a western necklace don’t look like props on her.

Cheney, on the other hand, has avoided the state, because it’s full of “crazies” and she’s not going to talk to them, appearing only at exclusive gatherings, many of them sponsored by Democrats, who have provided the lion’s share of her campaign funds.  At one of her rare appearance in Jackson Hole, she actually charged admission for the rare privilege of being in her presence.  It was rather like a sighting of a species previously thought to be extinct, and that kind of behavior has gone a long way to extinguish her political future.  Wyomingites don’t much like to be charged admission to have a word with one of their employees.  They also tend to get a bit suspicious when Democrats are funding and boosting a supposed Republican.

That one of her rare Wyoming appearances was in Jackson Hole is significant in and of itself, and not to Cheney’s benefit.  Review the map.  It’s anything but centrally located, and driving distances in Wyoming can be considerable.  Jackson is to Wyoming much like Austin is to Texas: an island of loony, anti-American leftism in a sea of normal Americans.  Again, most of Cheney’s considerable money in this election has come from out of state Democrats, as has most of her political support.

One brief TV ad has been getting considerable airplay in Wyoming.  Two very young women mumble very brief platitudes about Cheney, and the ad ends with former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson hoping we’ll join him in voting for Cheney.  It’s unconvincing.  Simpson, an irascible Wyoming original, still garners some respect in Wyoming, but it has been quite awhile since he’s had any real political horsepower.  Most of Hageman’s ads feature something Cheney can’t match: video of Hageman actually speaking with people around the state.

Various pundits who have never set foot in the state opine the election is about Donald Trump.  It’s not, though he’s the focus of Cheney’s Biden basement campaign.  While most Wyomingites appreciate Trump, politician worship is as far from their thoughts and character as Liz Cheney is from Wyoming.  They support Trump because of his policies, because he kept his promises, and fought for America first.  They know D/S/Cs are after them, and Trump was only in the way.  They also are fundamentally fair people who smelled a rat in both impeachments, particularly one that took place after he left office.  That’s largely why they don’t care for anyone involved with the January 6th Committee.  Cheney’s egregiously hand-wringing, drooling involvement was among the most politically tone-deaf acts of the modern age.

Wyomingites don’t believe Cheney cares about them, nor that she shares any of their values.  Her pretense of supporting the Constitution rings hollow to them, and her unwillingness to set foot in the state pisses them off.  If one wants to hear obscenities in Wyoming, all they need do is mention her name.

That, not Donald Trump, is why Cheney is almost certain to be shown the door on August 16, and few are going to admonish her not to let it hit her in the ass on the way out.