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Recently, in Climate Emergency!!! Three Questions, I pointed out we—the human race—do not have the knowledge or technology to change the global climate.  I also pointed out even if we did everything climate hysterics demand, spent untold trillions we don’t have and bankrupted our country, to say nothing of the consequences for less prosperous countries, we might—might—lower the global temperature by about one degree centigrade by the end of the century.  So let’s all buy electric vehicles, and make gay Mayor Secretary Pete Buttigieg happy!

Issues and Insights provides a bit more, well, insight:

‘We’re going to build a different future with one — one with clean energy, good-paying jobs.’

That was President Joe Biden talking about the climate ‘crisis’ and how it ‘is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world.’

Right about the time Biden was giving this speech, the World Economic Forum painted a picture of what Biden’s future would look like.

Suffice it to say, if you like socialism, you’ll love it. Because it involves a radical transformation of our economy that brings the end of private ownership of things like cars, phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.

For those that have studied socialism, and/or lived through the Cold War, none of this is a surprise:

The WEF article begins by admitting something that the left usually refuses to acknowledge: There aren’t enough metals around to power everything with ‘clean energy.’

‘This transition from fossil fuels to renewables will need large supplies of critical metals such as cobalt, lithium, nickel, to name a few. Shortages of these critical minerals could raise the costs of clean energy technologies,’ writes Winnie Yeh, the World Economic Forum’s head of responsible sourcing.

Just how large a supply is she talking about? Even assuming that all the metals in use today are recycled, the World Bank estimates that the production of these minerals would have to increase roughly 500% by 2050 to meet the demand for ‘clean energy’ technologies.

As I pointed out in my last climate article, most of the metals and processing capacity is owned by China.  Afghanistan is now a Chinese client state, thanks to Joe Biden, with enormous reserves of all those materials, and no government willing or able to prevent China’s exploitation of those materials.  China also has a lock on windmills and solar panels and the materials needed to make them, as well as the materials needed to make electric vehicle batteries, which by the way, add on average a ton of weight to any light passenger vehicle.

So, to achieve this ‘”clean energy” future, we’re going to have to do an enormous amount of mining.  We do have considerable deposits of the necessary materials within our borders, but as the article points out, international and internal American resistance to mining of any kind is fierce.  Our greenies want “renewable energy” we can’t get without massively increasing environmentally destructive mining, mining far more damaging than oil drilling, yet they won’t allow the mining.  The article also points out these materials are available though mining the seas…that’s right gentle readers. Greenies won’t let us mine there either.

So, if raping the earth and ravaging the seas to get the minerals needed for ‘clean energy’ are off the table, what’s left?

Ah, the global elites have the answer!

Just get everyone to give up ownership of their cars, cell phones, and other stuff that needs power to operate. If we all shared the stuff, we’d need less of it.

‘More sharing can reduce ownership of idle equipment and thus material usage,’ Yeh says. [skip]

Of course, getting people to give up their cars for the ‘good of the planet’ won’t be easy.

Actually, I do not think our homegrown socialist/communists would go for doing away with all vehicles, not entirely, and not right away.  They would quickly discover a huge deficit in gas taxes, so they would try—as they are already doing—to force everyone into electric vehicles, and then mandate electronic spies in every vehicle to tell them how many miles you are driving and where, the better to “manage” our scarce resources and tax you for the miles you drive.  Of course, there would be limits on how much driving you could do, when and where.  Allowing people to just do what they wanted without government permission would be unthinkable and unsustainable.

Of course, that won’t work well, because most people won’t be able to afford EVs, and there won’t be enough of the materials necessary to build them and their batteries, so they’ll just have to switch to direct confiscation of our wages and property to fill their coffers.  They will also have to confiscate our internal combustion powered vehicles, which will make it uncommonly difficult to make a living in most of the United States, which will make it difficult to tax Deplorables, but they’ll figure out something maximally detrimental to those they believe they are destined to rule.

It was Margaret Thatcher who said: “The trouble with socialism is you always run out of other people’s money.”  Our socialists will run out of it very, very quickly, and other global socialists, even more quickly.

And so, ‘to enable a broader transition from ownership to usership, the way we design things and systems need to change too,’ the article says. ‘Introducing more of these circular models requires significant effort and changes to our current way of life.’ (Emphasis added.)

This bus in Connecticut was sitting idle and its battery spontaneously burst into flames. They’re rethinking battery powered busses…

Let’s think a bit further, gentle readers.  Flyover Country—most of the nation not a major city—has no public transportation, no rail systems, no busses, no subways, nothing.  It’s ridiculously unlikely the self-imagined greenie elite will condescend to spend ever scarcer money for public transportation for the likes of us, people who not only don’t appreciate the brilliance and benevolence of our self-appointed betters, but who actually resist their largess!

When all the coal and gas and nuclear power plants are shut down, there will be no power for electric vehicles and busses anyway.  The self-imagined elite just can’t seem to figure out from where electricity comes.  They know you plug cords into the wall and electricity flows through them, and if they remember high school physics it has something to do with electrons or some kind of trons, but beyond that…  They have no idea how hard making electricity is, and while I’m sure some of them know solar and wind will never be remotely adequate to maintain our current power needs—which are rapidly becoming inadequate—and can never provide the power load we’d need for an all-electric future, they don’t care.  They’ll mandate it and something—“science” maybe?–will make it happen, and it will be glorious, sustainable, diverse, organic, and gluten free to boot!

In this, gentle readers, they are harkening back—forward—to Soviet five-year planning, where the self-imagined elite mandate production and everyone else pretends it can be done.  If a five-year plans means millions have to freeze to death or die of starvation, them’s the breaks.  It’s regrettable—maybe, maybe not; these folks have no consciences of which they are aware—but one has to sacrifice to build a glorious, socialist, green, sustainable future.

Flyover Country is also where the food is grown, processed and shipped.  Nothing gets to coastal cities that does not originate in Flyover County or pass through it.  Oh, but the elite will get their food from coastal ports!  So there, peasant!  Will they now?  They seem to forget America’s role in feeding much of the world, and also seem to forget if America is having trouble due to the deprivations of their brave, new world, the rest of the world is going to be in even worse shape, and certainly in no shape to feed American elites.  In fact, they just might be more than a little pissed off at American elites.

Deprived of internal combustion machines, who will produce crops?  Who will tend livestock?  Who will process chickens and pork and beef?  How will those commodities be refrigerated and neatly wrapped in little Styrofoam trays covered in plastic wrap?  How will they be transported to the coastal enclaves of the self-imagined green elite?  How will the morally and intellectual inferior denizens of Flyover Country work and survive?  Why, they might just get mad enough to shut off the flow of food to their betters. They might be mad enough to destroy windmills and solar panels.  They might get mad enough to come for their tormentors, who absolutely will not deprive themselves of all of the benefits of every technology that they may better and properly rule.  Normal Americans are kind of obstinate and unforgiving like that when people try to starve their families and return them to a preindustrial standard of dying.

Even if the left’s ‘clean energy’ vision were to become a reality, the impact on global temperatures would be negligible, if there was any impact at all.

And to achieve that meaningless result, we would either have to ravage the land and oceans, or learn to live in a Soviet-style state, or some even worse combination.

In other words, there’d be widespread deprivation, a tremendous loss of individual liberty, and a massively expanded government presence — in exchange for nothing.

This is the future Biden intends to build.

Let’s be fair.  Joe Biden probably doesn’t know who he is or who the people around him are much of the time.  He knows only anger, lust for little girls, hatred and confusion, and his handlers are using that, playing him like a malfunctioning harp from Hell.

Socialism—Communists are socialists in a hurry—is the deadliest economic system, masquerading as a government, known to man.  In the last century alone, it murdered more than 100 million people, mostly its own citizens.  Our self-imagined elite think they’re so brilliant they’ll make socialism work for the first time ever.  They’ll do it right where all before them failed.  They also can’t define “woman,” or “recession,” think highways are racist, think men can get pregnant and birth babies, and have no idea how to design, build or maintain pretty much anything.

Remember this: to build a sustainable, green world, they’ll have to “adjust” the population to fit the available resources.  They’re already telling us we need to eat bugs instead of meat.  The New York Times has run its first article extoling the wonder and necessity of cannibalism.  It won’t be the last.  As resources disappear under five-year plans, they’ll let us starve to death, freeze or fry to death, die for the want of simple antibiotics, and if they doesn‘t sufficiently reduce the population, they’ll resort to traditional socialist methods of population management.  They won’t bother to process people into Soylent Green; they’ll just kill them.

But that’s crazy!  That could never happen here!

Read history much?