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To whatever degree one listens to the Biden Meat Puppet Administration, one learns a great and transformational transformation is transforming everything.  By main, inflationary economic force, they are forcing us out of nasty, environmentally destructive internal combustion vehicles into nasty, environmentally destructive electric vehicles, which are in short supply, are far more expensive and far less useful, and for which not nearly enough electric generation capacity exists.  Should they be successful in their transformational delusions, there will be far less available electricity than today.

Why far less?  Because solar and wind comprise only a small portion of our generation capacity, and an intermittent and unpredictable portion at that.  As conventional means of electric power generation are retired far before their time, there will not be sufficient power to meet our current needs.  Adding millions of electric vehicles will run us into negative numbers of available electric power when that grim future arrives.

In other words, there is no transition, transformation, shift, whatever you want to call it, because what the Meat Puppet and his minions want is impossible, technically, scientifically, in terms of materials, you name it, it can’t be done, not if we want to maintain a 2022 standard of living.  We don’t have the technology, and we don’t have the science, and we don’t have the materials, and that’s just where electric vehicles are concerned.

Let’s talk about the existential threat of all time, the threat that is going to wipe out the entire planet in—according to noted climate scientist/cracktivist, congressperson, bartender, and a woman who arrested herself with invisible handcuffs, AOC—about ten years-ish.  It is, by the way, no coincidence we’re now about to be smacked with a “climate emergency” when the mere thought of another Covid emergency makes the peasants want to break out torches and pitchforks and storm the White House.  Normally, D/S/Cs wouldn’t care about that, but with the midterms and what all, they’re pretending Deplorables actually exist, at least until after the election.

I’m old enough to have experienced, firsthand, another “climate emergency” back in the 70s, but that one gave us 10 years until another ice age.  That one passed without popsicling everyone, but lo and behold, that nasty climate changed 180 degrees and we’ve been living through multiple “ten years until extinction” hysterical global warming warnings.  Odd.  With all that “climate science” pushed by “climate scientists” and even better, “climate activists,” one would think we would come up with, say 7.6382 years until extinction once in awhile, but no, it’s always 10 years on the dot.

Unfortunately, the globe hasn’t been warming—at all–for around two decades now, which is kind of embarrassing to all the brilliant climate computer modelers, but garbage in, garbage out, and it’s not “global warming” anymore, but “climate change,”  and more 10 year predictions of doom, but this time, damn it, they mean it!  This is a “Climate emergency” so dust off your insect cookbooks, park the Ford F-150 pickups and say goodbye to the sweet odor of bovine flatulence.  They’re going to save us all, and the planet, if it kills us, and it will indeed kill millions of us when we can’t cool our homes in summer, and particularly when we can’t heat them in winter.

As regular readers know, Democrats/Socialist/Communists are so intellectually and morally superior, their pronouncements, policies, and arguments—usually: “shut up you racist,” or “shut up you climate denier!”—are non-falsifiable.  They cannot be proved wrong.  Therefore:

“Climate change” is the Swiss army knife of hysteria.  There is nothing it cannot do, and no condition it is not.  Hot weather?  Climate change.  Cold weather?  Climate change.  Hurricanes?  Climate change. No hurricanes? Climate change.  Tornadoes?  Climate change.  No tornadoes? Climate change.  Melting polar ice?  Climate change.  No melting polar ice or expanding polar ice? Climate change.  Covid 19?  Climate Change.  No Covid 19?  Climate change.  Too few polar bears?  Climate Change.  Too many polar bears and shut up you climate denier!?  Climate change.  Donald Trump? Climate change.  Joe Biden?  Climate change emergency.  It seems we just can’t get away from that damned climate changing all the time.

To what end must we complete the destruction of our economy and national security Joe Biden—actually China through his handlers–begun?  I believe it was not the last UN climate panel but the one before it, or the one before that–does it really matter which?–which proclaimed if we did everything they demanded, we might lower the global temperature about one degree centigrade by the end of the century.  Might.  One degreeish.

Hmmm.  Correct me if I’m wrong, not being a climate scientist and all, but a slightly warmer global climate means longer and more prosperous growing seasons, which, along with fertilizer, is something places like Sri Lanka could use about now.  More slightly warmer weather might not be such a bad thing. What’s that you say?  What happened to Sri Lanka?  The government, in the finest, Communist, Lysenkoist style, trying to be as green as possible, prevented farmers from using man-made fertilizer.  In a single season, crop yields cratered, and the entire economy has collapsed.

But that couldn’t happen here!  It already is.  We’re very short of fertilizer, and what’s available is increasingly expensive.  Too little fertilizer, a lot less eating, which is, according to Normal Americans, not climate scientists, “bad.”  Unlike “climate scientists” and “climate activists,” they know if one does not eat, one dies, and right now, not ten years in the future.  Oh, and ask the farmers in the Netherlands.   You might also check in with the Germans, whose government is about to popsicle the lot of them, and check in too with the Canadians, whose prime minister is trying desperately to out-Communist his daddy Fidel Castro, who is dead and his condition is not expected to change.

These are the same people who have told us to shut up, because “the science is settled.”  Science is a process not an end.  We use it to find what is true and what works, and when something better comes along, we adopt that until something still better, and more evidence based, something that works even better, comes along.  It doesn’t matter if there is a “consensus.”  There was once a consensus for the geocentric theory, that Earth was the center of everything, and if you didn’t believe it you might be killed, so I suppose we have some progress in that as now, they’ll usually only cancel and maybe jail you.  There was once a consensus that bleeding was a cure for what ailed you.  Because actual scientists knew the science is never settled, we know a great deal more about the cosmos, and we no longer bleed people to death in the name of science, though it did take a bit more than 10 years to figure out those screaming about “consensus” were full of…climate change, Adam Schiff or Liz Cheney, as you please.

Why would we listen to people who have proved themselves, over more than half a century, wrong every time?  Why would we allow them to bankrupt our country and return us to a pre-industrial standard of dying?

We’ll go on, but the answer to this question should end this nonsense: do we have the technology to change or regulate Earth’s climate?

Of course we don’t.  We can barely predict the weather in a limited area a few days hence, and that imperfectly.  Our understanding of our planetary climate is elementary.  We don’t know what causes our changing climate and can predict changes to the planetary climate with far less accuracy than we can predict the weather, “far less” being essentially zero.  Again, where computer climate modeling is concerned: garbage in, garbage out.  If the data we input is faulty, not even rising to the level of wild ass guesses—and it is—the result will inevitably be faulty.  “Climate Scientists” have been proving that, over and over for a half-century or so, which is pretty much the only thing they’ve been able to prove.

Science fiction postulates the ability to terraform planets, to change them into Earth-like climates for colonization.  We’re nowhere near having the knowledge to do that here on Earth. That would require intimate knowledge about how any planetary climate works, knowledge we don’t have.  But then, science fiction doesn’t have to deal in reality, just like “climate scientists.”  Ask the polar bears.

But is a “CLIMATE EMERGENCY!!!!!” NEW, IMPROVED AND FORTIFIED WITH EXISTENTIALISM! necessary, particularly when every prediction of climate doom has proved comically, and expensively, wrong?

Of course not.  Never in human history have we so mastered adapting to the vagaries of weather and climate.  Fewer people than at any time in history die of heat, cold, disease, hunger and every other scourge of pre-industrial mankind.  We have mastered inexpensive air conditioning, which allows us to live and prosper in many places heretofore unlivable, and prevents death from heat.  We have mastered inexpensive heating, which allows us to live and prosper in many places heretofore unlivable, and prevents death from cold, which has historically caused far more deaths than heat.  When the lights went out in Texas in winter, 2021, nearly 200 people died.  In Texas, because Texas politicians foolishly relied on windmills, refused to build, and decommissioned, reliable power plants.

While our technology is nowhere near mastering a planetary climate, it has more than mastered adapting to it.  The only real crisis we face is runaway inflation and recession, driven by the Biden Meat Puppet Administration’s purposeful attempt to destroy our energy industry and economy, which are inextricably linked.  Energy makes modern life possible.  We are now seeing the beginnings of what happens when energy is no longer affordable, abundant and useful.

It’s rather like Covid.  I’ll believe it’s an emergency when the Covid hysterics act like it’s an emergency.  I’ll believe it’s a climate emergency when climate hysterics like John Kerry and his private jet, Al Gore and his 100 foot houseboat, and mansion that uses more electricity than most small towns and Barack Obama with his multiple sea-side estates have to live the way they want the rest of us to live.

For additional information take this link to an article at Powerline, in the Claremont Review of Books, and this article by my favorite Bookworm.  

What’s this really about?  Money and power.  Money to D/S/C cronies, and power—what little the Chinese will allow—to D/S/C politicians.  What do the Chinese have to do with this?  They make almost all of the windmills and solar panels.  They also either have a lock on mining and/or processing most, if not all, of the minerals necessary to make windmills, solar panels and electric vehicle batteries—and they got a lot more of them when Biden abandoned Afghanistan–and make most of the computer chips necessary to make all of that and more work.  Going green, besides destroying our economy, national security, and the highest standard of living in human history, also puts the Chinese Communists directly in charge of our energy and economy, and whosoever controls those, controls all.

What’s that you say?  Joe didn’t tell you about that? 

And in the meantime, remember those two pertinent questions:

1) Do we have the technology to change or regulate Earth’s climate?

2) Is a climate emergency necessary?

Oh yes, and this one is good too: why should we believe people we know what lied to us for decades, have consistently falsified data, who refuse to acknowledge the scientific method, who tell us to shut up whenever we question their “science,” and who have, over and over, proved themselves wrong at great cost to mankind?

Pretty good questions, no?

I know: “shut up you white supremacist, domestic terrorist, homophobic, transphobic, LGBTQWERTY22++–#phobic climate denier!”