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This is how the self-imagined elite want us to live

On 07-14-21, Kurt Schlichter asked: Is It Time For A National Divorce?  As I’m sure you recall from SCW #35, gentle readers, it’s a pertinent question.  The SMM Second Civil War archive is here.   Schlichter begins:

I talk about what a national divorce might look like at length in a chapter of my new book, We’ll Be Back: The Fall and Rise of America, and it’s not a pretty picture.

‘Yet, if anything, the last couple decades have taught us that the worst-case scenario can happen. Therefore, let’s examine what it might look like if all these things came to pass and America decided that its next destination was Splitsville.

The basic notion is that the red people would take their part of the community property and the blues their portion and they would go and live in separate parts of the U.S.A. Fortunately, as we all know, divvying up the pot in a divorce is never, ever, ever a giant hassle that becomes an endless, massive battle and ends unsatisfactorily for everyone except the lawyers.’

credit: rasmussen reports

This is an Electoral College distribution from the 2020 election.  We can reasonably assume a contemporary map would be somewhat different, perhaps even substantially different, but it illustrates the difficulties.  Would Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico, for example, particularly with Hispanics deserting the D/S/C Party in droves, choose to go with the People’s Republic—I’ll use the terminology of Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull novels—or would they throw in their lot with the United States?  Would Nevada and Arizona, which provide substantial portions of California’s water and power, willingly surrender those assets to a government that would be proudly, militantly less than democratic?  Schlichter continues:

A national divorce is an idea born of frustration – our frustration with the Democrats being nimrods and the Democrats’ frustration with us not accepting that we are serfs whose purpose is to serve them and obey their whims. It seems superficially easier to just split up with people who are so fundamentally different in how they see the world and our respective places in it – for example, red Americans see themselves being left alone and blue Americans sees us normal people on our backs with the pinkos’ Birkenstocks pressing down on our throats.

That’s a substantial problem.  As much as D/S/Cs—the blue states—love to ignore reality in favor of their non-falsifiable schemes, when it came down to some sort of settlement, there are enough of them that know they don’t produce nearly enough food, energy, or any of the other necessities of civilized life.  California’s Central Valley, one of the most fertile agricultural regions on Earth, has been purposely all but desolated as the water it needs for irrigation has been diverted to flow into the ocean for berserk environmental priorities.  Even importing electricity as it does now, California will experience rolling blackouts this summer.  Imagine how pleasant it will be without friendly red states under a common rule of law—as much as blues ignore it—upon which to depend.  And there’s this reality: 

The fact is that without our influence, the American left would go full Stalin, and you never, ever go full Stalin. With their own country sharing our continent, the blues would turn America into the world’s most oppressive college campus and then would immediately blame their myriad woes on red America. And that is a recipe for trouble. We’re all stuck on the same continent, and that’s too close for comfort. What we need is some constitutional marriage counseling because there’s a big chance that a national divorce would make all our problems a hundred times worse.

Schlichter is being alarmist!  He’s exaggerating!  Caraballo is a Harvard Law professor.  One would think such a person would honor the Constitution and the rule of law.  One would think they would see harassing and intimidating judges, misrepresenting the law, as damaging to our constitutional republic, but no:

Imagine what Harvard Law graduates are prepared to do to America

The People’s Republic would be a “democracy” as D/S/Cs want it.  It would certainly not be a representative republic, which would mean, among other things, virtually unlimited governmental power, no federalism, a national police force, which would be of necessity and design, far more interested in keeping the people in line than in enforcing the law, and the Bill of Rights would be out the window in an instant.  Oh, there would be a majestic document promising all manner of rights, just like in the old Soviet Union, but reality would be very different, just like in the old Soviet Union.  You think wokeness has run amok?  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The United States of America would be different too.  There would be far less centralized governmental power, and individual rights would be rewritten in such as way as to make them sacrosanct.  The rule of law would be tightened, and criminals wouldn’t like the swift, and in some cases, final, consequences.  Most of them would gladly move to the People’s Republic.  The United States would be glad to see them go.  Politics would no longer be a lucrative career, and the moment government—there would be far fewer and smaller bureaucracies—stepped out of line, forgot who employs them, they’d be seeking new employment.  Borders and national security would suddenly matter again.  Welfare would be temporary and only for those who demonstrably needed it.  The police and the military would be honored, and expected to be worthy of that reverence.  Oh yes: merit would make a triumphant return, in schools, in business, and in every facet of life.  Skin color wouldn’t matter; character, ability and reliability would.  Teachers would have clear boundaries they dare not overstep, and groomers would be stepped on.

Other realities would make themselves brutally apparent.  The power, food and material goods necessary for our level of civilization are not, for the most part, produced in what would become the People’s Republic.  In any Marxist state, people produce, and the state takes, so as the old Soviet saying went: “they pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work.”  Self-interest produces results; government mandates don’t. The United States would have most of the people who know how to make things and fix things, people who make everything work, and who are fairly compensated for their efforts.  They demonstrate merit and work hard, they prosper and so does society.  All of that would be drained, by design, out of the People’s Republic.  All that power, food and other goods would have to be transported through the United States—if everything stayed nice and friendly, and it’s 50/50 they wouldn’t.  Actually, the odds are probably worse.

Imagine negotiating the split of the nation with one side refusing to compromise.  Their view of compromise is “shut up you racist and give me everything I demand!”  And this time, it wouldn’t just be for political power and the spoils that provides.  It would be for survival.  On one hand you have Normal Americans who don’t want to split the nation and just want to be left alone to live under the Constitution and rule of law.  On the other, you have people who hate Normal Americans and America, can’t think of sufficiently vile names to call both, and many of them want Normals jailed or dead.  Are they going to politely settle for the bounty their current socialist/communist utopian states, which are, if not close to bankruptcy, not far from it, can provide?  Will they realize without the current federal government and the full faith and credit of the United States to bail them out of their own economic illiteracy, they’ll be starving in short order?  Sure they will–some of them anyway–and they’re going to want it all, and when Normals won’t give it to them, what’s the alternative?

Civil War–a hot war–with all its glories.

Considering these virtually certain realities, and considering hundreds of thousands of Americans living in blue states are voting with their feet even now, what do you suppose will happen to the populations of the blue states in a split?  California may have the same boundaries, but many, if not most, of the producers will flee.  With gas at $5.00 and our meat puppet president wanting to raise it to achieve his glorious green energy “transition,” even former D/S/C voters are abandoning their former religion, at least temporarily, in the expectation things will likely once again go back to normal and they can once again live a middle class existence and maneuver for power.  If they realize things are going to get worse—much worse—and never again be anything approaching normal, how many do you imagine are going to be happy to remain in socialist utopia, or give their lives to achieve it?  And consider a state like Colorado, with a east/west, red/blue split at the Rocky Mountains.  Does the East half and all that productive farm and ranch land go red, or will Coloradans kill each other to get it all?  Will state boundaries be willingly redrawn, or redrawn in blood?

If the divorce is more or less amicable–cough–people will probably be able to freely travel from country to country, but if it’s not, there will be no fond memories of the Berlin Wall–we’ll believing it on a continental scale.

Will our military align itself with the left, or Normal Americans?   I wouldn’t bet on the former. Most of the members of our military, including virtually all the NCOs and lower to mid ranking officers, come from Normal America, and if the NCOs aren’t on your side, you’re not doing much of anything.  Do you think people who hate America and Americans enlist? Remember the execrable John Kerry saying if you didn’t go to college, you got stuck in the military, a military he despises and dishonorably betrayed?  He spoke for D/S/Cs then as he does now.  Our military members are more than smart enough to know who hates them, and who is going to force pronouns, trans, racism, vaccines and all that down their throats.

But our military has powerful weapons.  AR-15s can’t defeat them.  Anyone making that asinine argument has no idea of the tactical or strategic realities of this kind of conflict, and of trying to defeat and occupy a country the size of America.  For example, our primary armor training base is in Texas, as are many other vital installations.  Texans–Texans–are going to roll over and let all that combat power be used against them?  A great many others–which includes huge numbers of nuclear weapons and their delivery vehicles–are in what would be red America.  Surely, some of our military, even our police, would throw in their lot with the blues, but that would be a terminal mistake.

A new United States would likely not be the most powerful military or economic engine in the world anymore, but the People’s Republic would be far, far weaker.  Would foreign enemies take advantage of a divorce?  Absolutely, perhaps even to the point of invasion, and the world would quickly become a far less free and prosperous place.  Life on much of the globe would surely become nasty, brutish and short.  As much as D/S/Cs gush with admiration at the Chinese Communists, how many would really like to live under their benevolent rule?

Schlichter recommends a sort of national marriage counseling, and I agree, but both sides have to be willing and have to agree, and one non-negotiable demand has to be honoring the Constitution and the rule of law, and a color-blind society—the willingness to live under those rules and leave others alone, stop trying to perfect them against their will.  Normal Americans would do that.

The kind of reasoning apparently taught at Harvard Law these days

Would D/S/Cs?