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My favorite is the new car manual that warns owners not to drink the battery acid, but maybe the Chinese don’t remove the child?  This pervert now has a high security clearance:

The Biden Collective’s deeply controversial new nuclear waste official once penned an op-ed in defense of an online escort service that was busted for facilitating underage gay prostitution.

‘Rentboy.com may or may not have broken the law. I don’t know. But I do know, from the frantic emails filling my inbox, that the raid on its headquarters has thrown many gay, bisexual, and transgender young adults into turmoil as their main source of income has been ripped away due to irresponsible and archaic views of sex work.’

Those are the words of Samuel Brinton, America’s new Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent (nuclear) Fuel and Waste Disposition, in an op-ed published in the LGBTQ+ magazine The Advocate.

Virtually none of Biden’s cabinet know anything about economics, so why not a gender-indeterminate groomer in charge of nuclear waste?  What could go wrong?  And speaking of wrong, First Lady Jill Biden recently gave a speech to Latinx, Hispanics at San Antonio.  It has been recently revealed Hunter Biden thinks Jill Biden a “vindictive moron.”  This isn’t helping:

First Lady Jill Biden butchered the pronunciation of ‘bodega’ and asserted that the Hispanic community is ‘as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio’ while speaking at the Latinx IncluXion Luncheon in the Texas city Monday.

As usual, in an already deep linguistic hole, she didn’t stop digging:

The meme makers have been having a field day:

Her Chief of Staff had to apologize:

She loves her some Hispanics/breakfast tacos.  Sounds legit to me.  Joe did worse. He couldn’t even place it in the right century:  

President Biden confused his centuries on Monday, saying that 17 people were gunned down at a Parkland, Fla., high school in ‘1918,’ rather than 2018.

‘Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida — 1918, 17 dead, 17 injured,’ the oldest-ever US president said on the White House lawn as he celebrated a gun-policy law that he signed last month to enhance background checks on young would-be firearm buyers, among other reforms.

Poor Joe was attacked, yet again, by his teleprompter:

He did no better on the occasion of his visit to Israel.  He began by hitting on a female Israeli service member:

Of course he did.  Turned down, he immediately got lost:

You don’t suppose this kind of perversity and mental confusion concerns our allies, do you?  You don’t suppose it delights our enemies, do you?  With all that’s going on in America, Joe has rather odd priorities:

Since 1978, four paintings by that most American of artists, Norman Rockwell, have hung in the White House. Rockwell’s World War II-era ‘So You Want to See the President’ series depicts a vanished America, including, among others, newspaper-reading photographers cooling their heels, waiting for ‘newsworthy fare’; a woman dressed in yellow and sitting primly and ramrod-straight, incongruously wearing a ‘Miss America’ sash; and next to her, a slouching baldheaded fellow, camera at his feet. But no more: Politico reported Tuesday that these ‘priceless pieces of art have been removed from the White House and it’s not yet abundantly clear why.’ Even better, they’ve been replaced by massive photos of everybody’s favorite pseudo-president, Old Joe Biden himself.

Let’s go Brandon!  What would any edition of TSTS be without Kamahla/Kamala Harris?

I believe she believes it.  She was the Attorney General of California, you know, which says pretty much everything one needs to know about the qualifications for that job.  Lets visit the world of education, beginning with the NEA:

The National Education Association (NEA), the country’s largest teachers union, proposed to replace the word ‘mother’ with ‘birthing parent’ in contracts at its Representative Assembly in Chicago, IL.

Well of course, because lots of people besides women and mothers give birth.  I’m still waiting for the video on that one.  Speaking of California and low intellectual standards, what do you suppose would happen if you stopped requiring merit at a school built on merit?

A San Francisco high school is handing out significantly more failing grades than ever before in its first semester after it scrapped its merit-based admissions scheme for a diversity, equity, and inclusion-focused one.

At Lowell High School — formerly one of only two public schools in the district with a merit-based admissions system — 24.4 percent of freshmen received at least one D or F in the fall semester, compared to 7.9 percent in the fall of 2020 and 7.7 percent in the fall of 2019, according to the San Francisco Unified School District data obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Who coulda thunk it?  Having thunk this, I need brain floss:

On Independence Day, taxpayer-funded National Public Radio (NPR) broadcasted a segment about ‘queer’ sex education, which, among other things, denounced the ‘terrible lie’ that STDs make one ‘dirty.’

The segment, titled, ‘The importance of inclusion in sex education,’ was part of NPR’s Life Kit series and was connected to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

Well, maybe not “dirty,” but I suspect the lie is NPR’s as they try to normalize STDs, because that happens a lot with “queer” sex.

‘More than a dozen states have proposed similar bills,’ the NPR host said. ‘This could affect what students are taught in sex education. For NPR’s Life Kit, Lilly Quiroz explains the basics of queer sex education.’

Quiroz interviewed a so-called ‘sexuality educator’ named Milena Gioconda Davis.

‘One of the awesome opportunities about being a queer person is that we may not be as entrenched in some of the gender narratives and roles that can be kind of prescriptive around sexuality,’ Davis said. ‘So I think it can be a really amazing opportunity for us to explore our sexuality outside of those norms and patterns.

I think we need to start grooming kids in the womb.  Kindergarten is far too late.  I can’t imagine anything like this happening in Oregon:

Oregon’s Department of Education allocated nearly $2 million for a fellowship that would train K-12 educators from diverse backgrounds to reject the ‘eurocentric worldview’ of ‘individualism,’ Fox News Digital has learned.

The antiracist fellowship, funded by ODE, is broken down into several arcs for ‘decentering.’ One of them is pushing back against the ‘euro-centric worldview’ on ‘individualism.’

‘We are more than our titles and more than the roles we’ve been assigned; this arc will create space for each fellow to identify and unpack their multiple identities of self,’ the arc stated.

Whenever an academic says, “unpack,” I know they’re full of shit.  I’ve also always known radical feminist D/S/Cs are severely irony challenged:

Somehow I don’t think anyone is going to be too upset with these ladies withholding sex.  Rather than considering it malicious deprivation, most guys would likely think it a public service.  Can useful idiots be “played” if they do it willingly?

New from the land of green lunacy and the Holocaust:

What’s next?  A subscription to your ignition switch?  The door locks?  German cars are money pits.

The invention of air conditioning has saved millions of lives, and made it possible to live in previously unlivable places, immensely increasing productivity and prosperity, but I’m sure she—an evil doxer–means well.  This bozo doesn’t:

Newsom has banned any contact with Montana, and other states, but that’s different because shut up you racist.  I know I can’t wait to hear what the European Parliament has to say.

By the way, Europe has much more restrictive abortion policies than we do.  I’m sure Joe Biden immediately defended America—bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahahah!

So we don’t duck and cover anymore?  Masks and social distancing work against nuclear blasts and radiation too?  How will I be able to kiss my ass goodbye?  And in our new Army:

An Army training slide obtained by Breitbart News instructs soldiers to shower with transgender members of the opposite sex even if they have not undergone a surgical transition.

The training slide offers a ‘vignette’ instructing soldiers on what to do if they encounter a female soldier who identifies as male according to the Department of Defense’s personnel tracking system known as Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS), but has not surgically transitioned and still has ‘female genitalia.’

What could possibly go wrong?  Suuuuuure they did:

On what would have been the 100th anniversary of this July 4th tradition, the New York Times reportedly forgot to print the Declaration of Independence in its newspaper this year.

After disgruntled readers voiced concern, the paper printed it on July 5.

In its Wednesday ‘Playbook,’ Politico reported that the outlet forgot its “longstanding tradition” of putting the Declaration of Independence in its print edition every July 4th. A Times spokesperson blamed it on ‘human error.’

I’m sure it was just a harmless oversight.  This woman is a human oversight:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced criticism after she said that they U.S. is ‘stronger economically’ than it has ever been in history.

Ooooooh!  That’s what 9.1% inflation means, then!  She’s well informed too:

I think expecting her to know about anything other than being female, black, queer and an immigrant is unfair.  I’m sure she feels the same way.  I hate to “circle back” to education, but this…:

The modern dark age: Officials of Cleveland Metropolitan Schools have decided that its schools cannot be named after Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry because these great Americans — who trail-blazed the fight for individual freedom — had also owned slaves.

‘Guidelines implemented by the district last year with the urging of the Cleveland City Council require that schools not be named after people who have a documented history of enslaving other humans.

The district also prohibits naming schools for those who have actively participated in the institution of slavery, systemic racism, the oppression of people of color, women, or other minority groups, or who have been a member of a supremacist organization.’

The two schools are now named after a black Democratic Party politician and a former school official. In our new dark age, these relatively minor individuals are now considered more important than two giants who made it possible to found the first country on Earth dedicated to freedom and individual liberty where the people were sovereign and the government was only their servant.

Well of course they’re more important because shut up you racist, white supremacist!  This is stunningly stupid, even for college English teachers:

Cornell University’s English department voted to change its name to the ‘department of literatures in English’ to challenge ‘structural forms of racism.’

In their first faculty meeting of the semester, Cornell faculty introduced the proposal in order to combat the ‘conflation of English as a language and English as a nationality,’ Director of Undergraduate Studies professor Kate McCullough told the Cornell Daily Sun

The change was approved by the majority of department faculty and is now awaiting administrative approval.

Carole Boyce-Davies, one of the professors who wrote the original name change proposal, says she was motivated by the increasing popularity of the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd.

No, gentle readers, you’re more than smart enough; you’re not missing some brilliant academic nuance.  They’re idiots.  Anyone who mentions George Floyd for any reason other than to illustrate what human beings should never become, is an idiot too.

Really?  What was your first clue, Einstein?

Tuesday on FNC’s ‘Your World,’ White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said the COVID-19 vaccines did not perform ‘over well’ against infection of the virus.

He’s the most highly paid government employee, you know.  Thank goodness he finally spoke up:

LeBron James has finally spoken up about Brittney Griner, the WNBA star languishing in a Russian jail on drug charges, and has said if he were her, he may not even want to return to America.

James, who is infamously anti-American despite becoming a billionaire in this country, commented during HBO’s The Shop that if he were Griner, he might not want to remain a U.S. citizen.

‘Now, how can she feel like America has her back? I would be feeling like, ‘Do I even want to go back to America?’’ he said, according to TMZ.

No, that’s Joe Biden, not America.  And why does anyone tolerate this ignorant, entitled jackass?  Still, The Babylon Bee has the right idea:

She’s apparently no prize, but I’m behind this effort.  We do have a few sane Senators:

Khiara Bridges, a professor at the Berkeley School of Law, accused Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Tuesday of opening transgender people up to violence by asking if only women can get pregnant.

During the hearing, Hawley wanted to clarify what Bridges meant by referring to those who could get pregnant.

‘I want want to clear one thing up, Professor Bridges. You said several times you’ve used a phrase I want to make sure I understand what you mean by it. You’ve referred to ‘people with a capacity for pregnancy.’ Would that be women?’

Bridges claimed that many other people besides women can get pregnant.

‘Many women, cis women, have the capacity for pregnancy. Many cis women do not have the capacity for pregnancy. There are also trans men who are capable of pregnancy as well as non-binary people who are capable of pregnancy,’ the Berkeley law professor said.

She continued saying that Hawley could open transgender people to violence by ‘denying that trans people exist and pretending not to know that they exist.’

Hawley asked, ‘I’m denying that trans people exist by asking you if you’re talking about women having pregnancy?’

The Berkeley School of Law obviously has no sane teachers.  Our rulers want us to be just like the sophisticated Europeans: 

Cities across Germany are planning to use sports arenas and exhibition halls as ‘warm up spaces’ this winter to help freezing citizens who are unable to afford skyrocketing energy costs.

Bild newspaper reveals how the nation’s Cities and Municipalities Association has urged local authorities to set aside public spaces to help vulnerable citizens in the colder months.

They’re also talking about burning wood instead of natural gas.  And these people almost conquered the world?  Sadly, the most popular Japanese Prime Minister of the modern era, Shinzo Abe, was assassinated recently.  NPR, and various other media cesspools, was as decent and decorous as one would expect:

This is the same media who called an Islamist murderer “an austere religious scholar,” so I don’t imagine we can expect anything more from them.  But surely we can expect President Brandon not to use the occasion for political purposes?

Right.  By the way, the assassin used a crude, homemade shotgun.  We’ll have to ban those next.

Finally, this is absolutely not stupid: 

Take the link and see the political ad.  It’s classic, because it’s historically accurate and oh so true.  As for the rest: too stupid to survive.