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Liz Cheney is apparently not satisfied with having 70% of Wyoming Republicans ready to vote for a ham sandwich rather than her.  Now she’s trying to piss off about half the population at large:

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) further strutted her woke posturing at the Reagan Presidential Library, where she said the world ‘is really not going that well’ under male leadership.

As part of the ‘Time for Choosing’ speaker series, Liz Cheney briefly honored former President Ronald Reagan before segueing into a diatribe against former President Donald Trump, calling him a ‘dangerous and irrational man.’ Cheney also characterized Republican leadership as being loyal to the former president at the expense of the Constitution. Towards the tail-end of her speech, Cheney celebrated that which gives her the most hope for the future: ‘young women.’

‘Young women who seem instinctively to understand the peril of this moment for democracy,’ Cheney said. ‘Young women who know that it will be up to them to save it. And I have been incredibly moved by the young women that I have met and that have come forward to testify in the January 6 committee.’

Ah yes.  Men can’t possibly understand democracy.  They demand things like facts and evidence, and Democracy certainly isn’t about that stuff.  But women, oh, they’re completely emotional, so Cheney will appeal to that, and female solidarity, because unlike men, women always tell the truth and must be believed, unless of course they’re accusing a D/S/C of something:

Cheney then praised January 6 witness Cassidy Hutchinson, whose testimony has since been called into serious question by a number of reliable sources that dispute her accounts of what happened at the White House during the Capitol Hill riot.

‘Her superiors, men many years older, a number of them are hiding behind executive privilege, anonymity, and intimidation,’ Cheney said of Hutchinson. ‘But her bravery, and her patriotism yesterday, were awesome to behold.’

Her truthfulness and credibility, not so much.  This is classic Cheney.  She’s a “constitutional conservative,” but she doesn’t know conservatives—normal Americans—do not despise men.  They see them, like women, as integral parts of God’s plan, each with their own complimentary strengths.  Cheney is defending the Constitution by trying to pretend executive privilege doesn’t exist.  She might want to chat with her dad about that.  And how are things for the January 6 Committee Stalinist soap opera going?  

A key lawyer for President Donald Trump who helped draft memos that sought to investigate claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election told The Epoch Times that he backs the charges by a recent committee witness that the January 6 committee lied to the American people.

Witness and former Department of Justice (DOJ) attorney Ken Klukowski, who testified before the committee last week, said in a statement provided to The Federalist over the July 4 weekend, ‘The January 6 Committee falsely accused me on Thursday of being a go-between in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. That accusation is false both in its broad outlines and its details.’

Lying, doctoring evidence and misrepresenting facts and witnesses is the stock in trade of the Stalinist Committee.  And there’s more bad news For Cheney:

In October 2021, 67 percent of Republicans said Donald Trump ‘should run’ for president again in 2024. Today, 66 percent say the same.

What?!  But all the smart people assure me Trump is toast!

Put another way: the Rigged Kangaroo Court Known As The January 6 Committee, is a total flop.

‘Former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s vivid testimony last month to the select House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack was the latest to shake Washington, but much like the panel’s other public hearings,’ Morning Consult reports, ‘it appears to have done little to change Americans’ minds about another presidential bid by Donald Trump, according to a new Morning Consult/Politico survey.”

Yes, that’s a poll from Morning Consult and the left-wing Politico. Can you imagine the heartache over there?

Their anguish must be overwhelming.  Good.  Cheney is also admitting what the Committee is really doing:

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is cautioning the GOP if President Trump were to run for the White House again in 2024.

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, Cheney said that the Republican Party can’t survive if Trump wins the GOP nomination.

‘I think that he can’t be the party nominee. And I don’t think the party would survive that… I believe in the party, and I believe in what the party can be and what the party can stand for. And I’m not ready to give that up,’ Cheney said.

She went on to falsely claim that ‘millions of Republicans have been betrayed by Donald Trump,’ saying that he has torn the country and the Republican Party apart.

Cheney also claimed that she had morals and a ‘responsibility’ to uphold what the GOP means, despite throwing Trump under the bus several times, including when she told ABC that she would do everything in her power to make sure Trump never gets back into the Oval Office again.

‘Those of us who believe in Republican principles and ideals have a responsibility to try to lead the party back to what it can be, and to reject, and to reject so much of the toxin and the vitriol,’ Cheney said, who is perhaps the most outspoken anti-Trump fan within the GOP.

When asked about the January 6 Committee hearings, the so-called Republican representative claimed that Trump has the ‘most dangerous behavior of any president in the history of the nation.’

Oh yeah, much more dangerous than running guns to Mexican drug cartels, destroying America’s energy independence and national security, or throwing open the border to drugs, sex trafficking, and terrorists. It’s good to recall, as Cheney pontificates, she has been thrown out of the Wyoming Republican Party and the DC House leadership, and the House Majority leader is supporting Harriett Hageman, so she’s not exactly speaking on behalf of the Republican Party anywhere, nor do most Republicans think she is.  Cheney is getting more and more desperate.  Here’s a flyer Wyoming residents recently received:

Wyomingites don’t take kindly to useful idiots quoting Ronald Reagan.

Sorry Liz, but the “clear message” Wyomingites are getting is you’re siding with the people who oppose everything in your flyer you claim to support. They’re smart that way.  They’re also smart this way:

Many of the Democrat political elites are funding Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) reelection bid in Wyoming’s Republican primary against Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman.

While polling shows Hageman has taken a huge lead with the primary just around the corner, the American donor class has taken notice of Cheney’s shrinking chances of retaining her seat on August 16. Fearing Cheney may lose through a series of political miscalculations, establishment donors are coming out of the woodwork to protect one of their own.

“Miscalculations” like refusing to show up in Wyoming, and calling Wyomingites “crazies.”

One of the Democrats’ most prominent donors, film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, who has funded Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaigns, has donated at least $43,000 to Cheney. The totality of the sum has not been disclosed for unknown reasons.

‘We agree on little, if anything,’ Katzenberg admitted in an interview with the New York Times. ‘But she has done something that very, very few people in history have done, which is she’s put her country over party and politics to stand in defense of our Constitution.’

If there’s one thing Hollywood producers care about, it’s the Constitution.

Dmitri Mehlhorn, a strategist who advises far-left LinkedIn co-founder and Democrat donor Reid Hoffman, is also supporting Cheney’s reelection bid. ‘Cheney is the most important politician in America right now,’ Mehlhorn alleged to the Times.

Golly.  I wonder how “popular”  and “important” she’ll be when her usefulness to D/S/Cs expires?  Wyomingites don’t have to wonder about her priorities:

During the campaign season, Cheney has spent large amounts of time helping Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) highly promoted January 6 committee hearings. On Thursday, Cheney even accepted President Biden’s invitation to attend the televised Medal of Freedom ceremony 1,711 miles away from Casper, Wyoming. It is relatively unheard for a Republican candidate to be seen at the Democrat-controlled White House, far away from her home state one month from Election Day.

Cheney’s absence from the Cowboy State has been a key issue in the voters’ minds. ‘She understands she has to campaign and earn the trust of voters — I would certainly like to see her here more,’ state Rep. Landon Brown (R) told the Times.

If she “understands” that, why is she avoiding Wyoming like the Plague?

But Cheney has her own reasons for remaining in Washington. ‘I’m not going to convince the crazies and I reject the crazies,’ Cheney said at a Republican event for Wyoming voters in February.

“The crazies” would be at least 70% of Wyoming Republicans at last check.  When you’ve lost CNN:

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) may not survive the Republican August 16 primary, CNN reported on Thursday.

While Cheney ‘has become an unexpected hero for Democrats’ and the media, CNN’s Harry Enten analyzed, CNN readers ‘shouldn’t mistake adoring press coverage and bipartisan bona fides for popularity in the place where popularity matters most for Cheney: Wyoming.’

“Democrats’ and the media”?  There’s a difference?

Citing polling that shows Cheney the least popular member of Congress in 2021, Enten acknowledged only 17 percent of Republicans nationwide approved of Cheney’s alliance with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) January 6 committee. Sixty-one percent disapproved. More specifically, the article also noted Cheney’s opponent, Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, is leading Cheney “by a significant margin” of 28 to 30 points in Wyoming.

‘Now, we should treat this data with caution since the people releasing it likely have their own motives, such as rooting for Cheney to lose. Still, the congresswoman trailing makes a lot of sense given what the nonpartisan polling in Wyoming has indicated,’ the article stated.

Wow.  When CNN makes that kind of admission, they’re abandoning Cheney’s rapidly sinking political ship.

Enten also highlighted Cheney’s campaign strategy of asking Democrats to vote for her, though few think the strategy will be successful, even though she opposed Donald Trump and his policies at nearly every turn:

Wyoming, though, doesn’t have many Democrats. Yet Cheney has been trying to get the few Democrats there are to cross over and vote in the Republican primary. These statistics demonstrate that those efforts probably won’t do much for her. [skip]

‘In sum, the statistics are daunting for Cheney heading into her August primary,’ the article said. ‘It’s no wonder that the betting markets give her less than a 10% chance of earning another term in office. That doesn’t mean Cheney can’t win It would just be quite surprising.’

“Quite surprising.”  Cute.

Final Thoughts:  The Wyoming Republican Primary is only a few weeks away, and Cheney’s popularity is not improving.  She’s not visiting the state because she knows she’ll be heckled off any stage outside of Jackson Hole.  She’s also staying away because she’s chosen to be D/S/Cs useful idiot.  It’s this sort of thing that really annoys Americans:

Is the J6 Committee, Liz Cheney, Vice Chairman, looking into this sort of thing, or why Nancy Pelosi and Washington’s mayor each turned down Trump’s offer of up to 20,000 National Guard troops?  Of course not.  She’s only out to get Trump, no matter what it takes, and as some 60,000 National Guardsmen across the nation are being kicked out over Covid shots, Cheney hasn’t a word to say about that.

In Wyoming, the basics, like fuel and energy prices, inflation–it’s officially 9.1% now–and putting America first matters.  Liz Cheney is not only doing nothing about them, she’s basking in the useful idiot glory of the praise of the people who are strangling Wyomingites and all Americans.

I suspect CNN is right, just this once.

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