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The first book of the series

As regular readers know, I recommend Kurt Schlichter’s Kelly Turnbull series.   Here’s an excerpt from my review of books 4-6:

…the series is set in an America split into red and blue countries.  The Capitol of the red/free states is Dallas, TX.  The red states have not only retained the Constitution, but strengthened the individual liberties it acknowledges, as well as strengthened its limitations on government.  One notable addition is in order to vote, one must serve in the military, no exceptions.  The red states are known as the United States, and they are productive and prosperous, perhaps even more so than the old United States at its best.

The blue states are exactly what one would expect from the American version of Marxism: fiendishly woke, brutally politically correct, corrupt, falling apart, full of hunger, poverty, sickness and despair, apart from a small elite atop the socialist pyramid and the internal security forces that keep them in power by ruthlessly suppressing the peasants.  Every bit of woke insanity one can imagine has not only taken hold, but run amok, and the only law is the law of the gun in the hands of the ruler’s security forces.  The non-productive and non-prosperous People’s Republic of North America has been forced to ally with China.

I know: we’re already allied with China, just covertly for now.

Schlichter and I share one essential hope: our writings on this topic might help to prevent the world of Schlichter’s novels.  D/S/Cs, you see, are so arrogant and power mad, their policies so perfect, so non-falsifiable, they cannot possibly be wrong.  And because they think themselves morally and intellectually superior and infallable, they are prone to making disastrous miscalculations.  After all, how could the Deplorables of Flyover Country possibly stand against their wisdom and might?

Let us, gentle readers, review Schlichter’s July 12 column: Are We Looking At Another Civil War?  By all means, take the link and read the whole thing.  I’ll comment on only a few pertinent passages.

The most important question related to the long decline of America at the hands of a corrupt, incompetent, and terminally foolish ruling caste that controls our major institutions is whether we can pull out of this tailspin without bloodshed.

I sure hope so, but the risk is real and we need to confront it.

I hope so too, and so I do confront it.

The logic of the left accepts political violence. A few years ago, one of its acolytes tried to wipe out the congressional Republican caucus on a softball field; last month, another member of the MSNBCNN target demo tried to off Justice Kavanaugh for somewhat limiting the ability of progressives to conveniently kill babies. Even the reaction to the recent molestation of the famously beer-ophilic jurist as he nibbled on a rib-eye at Morton’s in DC was indicative – this personal confrontation was celebrated by the left instead of decried. What’s the logical limit when you sign onto the idea that one can legitimately influence politics via the personal intimidation of officials placed in office by our agreed constitutional procedures? If you can get in his face, why can’t you slap it? Or put a bullet in it? If there is a boundary, the left is not setting it. Keep in mind that civil conflict is not unknown in America, Our revolution was also a civil war – one sparked by tyrants seeking to enforce gun control. The Civil War that followed four score and change years later was sparked by Democrats angry over the Republican demand that they stopped treating human beings inhumanly – a theme that continues to this day. Prior to the War Between the States was a war between the pro- and anti-slavery militias along the Missouri-Kansas borders. In the late-sixties/early-seventies, there was an urban leftist insurgency by groups like the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers that resulted in hundreds of bombings and many killings. It was dealt with as a law enforcement matter, but in a distinctly militaristic way. The Los Angeles Police Department famously annihilated most of the Symbionese Liberation Army – whose battle cry was ‘DEATH TO THE FASCIST INSECT!”’– in a blazing firefight in South Central that was broadcast on national TV.

Here we must stop for a moment to review history and reality.  It is the D/S/C party that has always been the party of political violence.  They are the party of the Klu Klux Klan, of lynching, of bombing black churches and murdering little girls, of rape and arson.  They are the party of racism, of segregation and brutality, the party of fire hoses and loosed police dogs.  They’re the party of separate but equal and the most vile hatred.  They’re the party of political assassination.

There are lines no sane person, no sane political party, crosses, but they’ve crossed them and are ramping up to cross more.  They’re actually saying, broadly and out loud, Supreme Court Justices who follow the Constitution should be assassinated so Biden can appoint people who will not in their place.  That’s in addition to never-ending court packing schemes, of course.

Lest anyone think they’re kidding about their murderous schemes, that it’s only overheated rhetoric, consider this:

A left-wing activist group is offering $50 to anyone who gives them the location of the six Supreme Court justices who voted last month to overturn Roe v. Wade.

ShutDownDC said it would pay the bounty to anyone who shares a ‘confirmed sighting’ of Justices Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett or John Roberts.

The group will pay a whopping $200 if the justice was still in the location where they were sighted after 30 minutes, according to a Friday tweet.

Perhaps if we had a sane, American, Attorney General who would actually enforce a very specific federal law against harassing Justices in their homes and elsewhere, I might feel a little better about our chances for avoiding armed conflict.  If D/S/Cs, individually and as a whole, would denounce that kind of harassment and incitement to violence and actually act on it, that might help.  But no.  And how might that conflict play out?  Schlichter explains:

[T]he blues face a real challenge. They will have those massively over-extended logistical lines. It’s nice to hold cities, but if you do not also hold all the rural territory between the cities, as well as the routes to the places where you are getting your food and fuel (and holding those is a big question in itself), then you have a real problem. The stuff that keeps cities alive has to pass through Indian country, and even assuming you could convince civilian truckers to make that passage, the blue states would still have to devote a massive proportion of their forces to defending those routes. Even a small-scale campaign against those supply lines could cause chaos in the cities. Imagine the madness as soft urban professionals, unused to privation and largely disarmed, find themselves both starving and subject to the will of the strong and merciless. It’s The Road Warrior, and there is no Mad Max coming to save you.

Meanwhile, in the red areas, they are growing food. And when they eventually win, they want payback. Perhaps they might negotiate a national divorce—sort of like the converse of a shotgun wedding—or perhaps they might just channel Michael Corleone and resolve to take care of all family business at once. They would not want to risk going another round with the enemy next door. As Cato the Elder might have said, ‘Blue America delenda est.’”

Remember that a US city cut off from food – and it’s easy for even light paramilitary forces to interdict the long rural stretches of the interstates and railroads – is five days from becoming Mogadishu. Advantage: Red America.

Uh-huh.  And where is electricity generated?  It’s not in Manhattan or LA.  Shut off the electricity and high rises and apartments are not only unlivable, they’re death traps.  But those buildings have emergency generators!  And on what do those generators, which some of them have, run?  Unicorn farts and fairy dust?  Remember that part about shutting off the railroads and highways?  Oh, and our meat puppet President has shut off the pipelines and won’t let anyone build new refineries.

Civil war is the ugliest war.  The betrayals, personal and national, tend to harden the soul and make understanding, empathy and mercy rare qualities.  In that passage Schlichter points out reality: D/S/Cs, mostly coastal, city dwellers with no tradition of martial practice, and few, if any survival skills, have no idea of the realities of life.  They’re not the people with the arms and the knowledge and skill necessary to use them.  They’re not the people who know how to build and maintain, how to fix what is broken, and without electricity, which they think comes from the aforementioned unicorn farts and fairy dust, they’d be killing and eating each other within a week.  Virtually all of our military comes from Flyover Country, from makers and doers, people willing to sacrifice for the greater good, not pronouns, grooming children and racism.

Schlichter, like me, knows what’s necessary to not only preserve America, but restore her to greatness:

But we must look the monster of political violence in its eyes if we hope to defeat it. The way to bring America back to greatness need not be force. We have the Constitution, and it gives us the answers to all our questions. We citizens must demand that we do our fighting in the political arena instead of on the battlefield.

It’s that simple.  They have to willingly embrace the Constitution.  If the Constitution is silent on any issue, it’s up to the states.  If the Constitution doesn’t give government a specific power, legislators don’t pretend it does, or try to faux-cleverly work around it.  With the Constitution comes the rule of law, which means no two-tiered system of justice, but equal justice for a color blind all and a fully functioning justice system, where the police are proactive, prosecutors prosecute, judges obey the law in sentencing, and people who need to be behind bars are behind bars for a very long time, and all of this in accordance with the Constitution.

All we have to do is, as Schlichter suggests, follow the political process laid out in the Constitution and the law, which means no more vote fraud, no more political dirty tricks and no more grotesque, blatant media bias.  If you lose an election, figure out what the people want and adapt, instead of trying to replace the Constitution, the law and the people.  That, and choose to leave others alone to live under the Constitution and rule of law.

Which is why I fear civil war is inevitable.

If your enemies are racists, white supremacists, domestic terrorists, monsters who don’t want their children groomed and indoctrinated in school, who refuse to use preferred pronouns, who expect schools to teach their children to read and write and think for themselves, and who don’t want them trying to turn their little girls into little boys and little boys into little girls, how can you possibly leave such evil degenerates alone?

If they’re insurrectionists who don’t bring weapons to an insurrection, don’t burn anything down, don’t loot and destroy businesses, and do nothing to actually bring down the government, well what kind of people do that, or rather, don’t do that?

If your political enemies don’t want open borders and the disease, crime, drugs and social upheaval that entails, who could possibly live with such lunatics?  Worse, if your enemies love America and think it good, what’s wrong with them?  How can any right—left—thinking person live with such dangerous mental defectives?

Is this an improvement on TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE?

If those you hate are that bad, that dangerous not only to you and the rest of the self-imagined elite, dangerous to the planet itself(!), shouldn’t all right—left—thinking people take the logical, necessary, morally correct next step and crush them?  For the planet?  For the children?

Schlichter will have a follow up article on Thursday 07-14-22.  We’ll drop in then.