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Shinzo Abe
credit: trendradars.com

Last week, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated by a man wielding what was reportedly a homemade shotgun.  So of course, President Biden had to work “gun violence” into his comments about Abe’s death.

credit: mufcaren.com

This is a murder that happened in Japan, a country that bans private ownership of arms, a murder committed with a homemade shotgun.  NPR, that paragon of professional journalism, had this to say, and other media outlets have similar sentiments.

Let’s keep in mind the media called an Islamist murderer, after his death at our military’s hands, “an austere religious scholar.” 

Democrats/Socialists/Communists—D/S/Cs–are determined to establish permanent one-party rule, and like all good tyrants, they know it’s absolutely necessary to first disarm the public.  Useful idiot Republicans recently helped them pass a gun control bill, but with each new instance of a lunatic killing someone—even in Japan(?!) and as long as it isn’t black people killing other black people in places like Chicago—they renew their demands for disarmament.  They can never be satisfied because they are angry, miserable people whose goal is ultimate political power over the lives of the little people.  They will not stop trying to disarm and rule Normal Americans until they succeed, or until they are stopped and deterred in a way that even they will understand cannot be opposed.

As regular readers know, I’ve written this series not to encourage conflict, but to try to prevent it.  However, if a second civil war becomes necessary, if it is forced on us by people who refuse to honor the Constitution, refuse to obey the rule of law, and who refuse to leave Normal Americans alone, for what will Normal Americans be fighting?

I’ll provide a partial list.  Please feel free, gentle readers, to add anything you think I’ve missed.  Normal Americans will fight for:

*Their families in particular

*Their friends in general

*Individual liberty

*America first

*The Constitution as the supreme law of the land, including:

*Freedom of speech and religion

*The right to keep and bear arms

*Equal justice for all, under the rule of law

*A color-blind society where everyone is judged on the content of their character


*A small and strictly limited federal government

*The elimination of bureaucracies like the Department of Education

*A small and strictly limited federal administrative state—no more unaccountable bureaucrats with figurative life and death powers.  They have only the powers specifically delegated by Congress

*Massive reduction of regulations

*A Congress forced to actually do its job

*The elimination of all Diversity/Inclusion/Equity policies, bureaucracies and bureaucrats in government, education, everwhere

*An apolitical federal government

*The elimination of all race/gender based preferences

*An apolitical FBI

*A society based on merit

*Public education—including publically funded colleges–focused only on teaching the heritage of western civilization, math, reading, literature, science and other traditional and useful disciplines

*Public education—including publically funded colleges–without political, sexual, racial or gender indoctrination

*Honest elections for American citizens only—one citizen, one vote

*Election day, not election month

*No votes counted after election day

*Full enforcement of immigration laws, and no immigration that does not further America’s interests

*Fully secure borders

*Mandatory assimilation

*A military focused only on producing the most lethal fighting forces in the world

*Total elimination of the climate cult

*Full production and use of America’s national resources (with reasonable environmental standards)

*An all of the above energy production strategy

*A return of the criminal justice system to sanity

*The police are allowed to proactively pursue criminals within the law.  No unlawful restrictions on stop and frisk or hot pursuit

*Bail is reinstated

*Prosecutors are forced to prosecute and their discretion is limited by law

*Judges are forced to follow the law, and their discretion is limited by law

*Judges and prosecutors refusing to follow and enforce the law will be prosecuted, including federal judges and prosecutors

*Probation and parole violations will result in immediate incarceration

*Rioters will be immediately arrested and jailed and no bond will be allowed

*Riot will everywhere be a felony

*Obstructing traffic while protesting will everywhere be a felony

*Any public official so much as suggesting the police ignore rioters will be subject to arrest and prosecution for a felony

But that’s outrageous!  You can’t do that stuff!  Remember, we’re talking about what happens after a second civil war is forced on Normal Americans, and they win.  They will win, you know.  D/S/Cs have no more idea about the realities of such a conflict than they do about from where electricity comes.  These ideas, and I’m sure more, would be necessary to ensure America never again faced a civil war, and coincidently, Americans would have more, and more secure, rights than they currently sort of enjoy.

This is known as a good thing.

That’s a basic list, gentle readers, and I’m sure you can see all of this flows from honoring the Constitution and obeying the rule of law.  Those who would force war on Normal Americans would fight for pretty much the opposite, for far less liberty and the destruction of all America has accomplished.  If you have any other suggestions, have at it!