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You’re President of the United States.  Your primary international enemy is in the midst of an unprecedented military build up, and is colonizing Africa, South and Central America, and infiltrating pretty much every country, including America, with spies. Even the oh-so-woke FBI is finally admitting it.  So what do you do?  This:

Oh, and, ‘Cargoes of SPR crude were also headed to the Netherlands and to a Reliance refinery in India, an industry source said. A third cargo headed to China, another source said.’



We’re sending our oil to the country that sent us the coronavirus!


That’s right gentle readers, it’s confirmed.  Biden is sending oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve, oil we’ll need in a crisis, such as China attacking Taiwan—or usto China.  Hey, it’s not like we need it or anything, right?  Biden is also about to drop tariffs on Chinese goods.  Wait a minute: China is getting all the cheap oil it wants from Venezuela, Russia, etc.  They don’t need American oil. Why, it’s almost like China has compromised Biden and he’s helping them destroy America, but that’s not possible, is it?  That’s just crazy talk, right?

Yes, he actually said that.

Gropin’, Sniffin’ Joe gave a speech in Cleveland on 07-06-22.  Some excerpts:

 ‘Republicans do nothing to obstruct our efforts to lower your gas taxes…’

‘Let me close with this: We’ve made incredible cogress [sic] on the — progress on the economy from where we were a year and half ago.’

‘Well, there’s another bill that, if we get it passed — and my guys are working like hell to pass it — it’ll create another $100  [billion] in investments in Ohio, creating more jobs. (Applause.)

They’re not “working like hell;” they’re working on behalf of Hell. To be fair, she has to remind him to put on clothing in the morning:

Here’s more of working like hell:

President Joe Biden’s administration is spending over $1.9 million on 11 pieces of indigenous art, Breitbart News has learned.

Through the State Department’s Art in Embassies (AIE) program, which ‘creates vital cross-cultural dialogue and fosters mutual understanding through the visual arts and dynamic artist exchanges,’ taxpayers can expect to purchase nearly $2 million in indigenous art ‘to complement the varying architecture of Capital Projects,’ a Department of State document obtained by Breitbart News indicated.

The nearly $2 million dollars worth of art is apparently meant to provide ‘cost savings’ and hide the ‘visual effects of Security measures.’

The more you spend, the more you save, and we certainly wouldn’t want hostile foreigners to think we have “security measures” at our embassies, would we?  Maybe Joe’s not really working like hell:  

American drivers will have to endure high gas prices for ‘as long as it takes’ for Ukraine to defeat Russia’s invasion, President Biden told reporters in Spain Thursday.

At the conclusion of this week’s NATO summit in Madrid, the president was asked by New York Times reporter Jim Tankersley about the surging price of oil as a result of Western sanctions on Russia in response to its Feb. 24 assault.

‘The war has pushed prices up. [Oil] could go as high as $200 a barrel, some analysts think,’ Tankersley said. ‘How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?’

‘As long as it takes,’ Biden answered. ‘Russia cannot, in fact, defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine.’

I wonder what excuse he’ll come up with when that war is over?  Oh:

That’s Deese on the right, and yes, he’s an idiot.

Oh well, as long as it’s for the “Liberal world order…”  Why am I beginning to think we’re ruled by lunatics bent on our destruction?  Last July 4th, Joe saved us 16 whole cents.  How’s it going this year?

I’m sure it’s Putin’s fault.  And on the “war on Clarence Thomas” front line:

Uh, no.  He was quoting assertions in a case before the court.  There’s a difference:

But surely Axios was the only media liar?

Oh.  And in the “don’t know much about his-to-ry” department:

Hmm.  I wonder if Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas might have something to say about that?  What would any edition of TSTS be without AOC—heyThat rhymes!

In exactly 22 seconds during a late-night television appearance, Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showcased her lack of understanding how the United States government works.  Ms. AOC literally gets the construct of our government reversed.

According to AOC it is ‘the responsibility of the president and congress to put the Supreme Court in check.’

Uh, no.  But at least she’s taking bold action:

And speaking of bold, and stupid, action:

A bust of President Abraham Lincoln and a plaque of the Gettysburg address have been removed from a Cornell University library.

‘Someone complained, and it was gone,’ Cornell biology professor Randy Wayne told the College Fix of the matter.

The bust of Lincoln and the bronzed plaque of the former president’s historic 1863 address had been in the Kroch Library, where the university’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections is located, since 2013.

Of course, because who did less for minorities and America than Abraham Lincoln?  Here’s another helping of AOC:

Yeah, nothing is worse than making Congress do its job and lessening the power of unelected bureaucrats over Americans.  The ever-irrelevant Dan Rather agrees:

What a dolt.  And speaking of dolts:

But at least our military is working like hell too:

I’m sure our troops will get right on that after they win the pronoun, trans and climate change wars.  And how are things at the January 6 Committee these days?

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former White House aide who was the January 6 committee’s star witness during a surprise hearing held on Tuesday, reportedly fabricated pieces of her testimony about conversations she had with former White House counsel Pat Cipollone.

During her testimony, Hutchinson claimed that Cipollone told her to tell her boss, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, that former President Donald Trump should not go to the Capitol on January 6.

And we know it’s true because Liz Cheney said so:

The committee’s vice-chair, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), doubled down on her calls to get Cipollone to testify before the committee due to Hutchinson’s testimony.

‘As we heard yesterday, WH counsel Pat Cippollone had significant concerns re. Trump’s Jan 6 activities,’ Cheney tweeted on Wednesday. ‘It’s time for Mr. Cippollone to testify on the record. Any concerns he has about the institutional interests of his prior office are outweighed by the need for his testimony.’

Cassidy and Liz wouldn’t lie about a thing like that, would they?


No edition of TSTS would be complete without Secretary Gay Pete:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is on a mission. He’s looking for highways with a racist past and is aiming to ‘help reconnect cities and neighborhoods racially segregated or divided by road projects.’ Buttigieg is examining interstate highways, built with federal dollars, ‘where a piece of infrastructure cuts off a neighborhood or a community because of how it was built,’ said Buttigieg in a speech announcing the $1 billion ‘Reconnecting Communities’ program.

Racist highways, because we don’t have enough problems.  Obviously, California doesn’t have enough problems either:

In short, West Hollywood has always been ‘out there’ with city council silliness, but the aforementioned weirdness was just, well, silly, not harmful to the city residents. But that changed on Monday, when the city council, by a vote of 3-2, defunded cops. It decided that the 137-percent increase in crime would be best addressed by cutting its police force.

One of the three councilmembers voting to slash the budget for policing is Mayor Pro Tem Sepi Shyne. Her bio says she’s gay, which in West Hollywood is like saying your breathing; she voted to replace cops, saying that it was time to ‘reimagine policing.’ She assuaged concerned city residents that the city’s massive increase in crime will be met with force. The city will deploy a force of 30 ‘safety ambassadors’ to replace cops.

Oh sure, that’ll work.  I’m not sure about this one:

Yum.  Queer food.  But at least Seattle has its priorities straight, or at least they’re consistent:

Seattle Public Schools would spend more than $5 million on so-called DEI initiatives, including a ‘racial equity analysis tool’ and an after-school program for black male students who are ‘referred to as kings,’ according to a district budget proposal for the 2022-23 school year. The budget allots a little more than $4.5 million for core academic subjects, such as math, science, and literacy. More than half-a-million dollars would be cut from the science budget as well. The school district lists ‘racial equity,’ ‘engaging students of color,’ and ensuring disciplinary policies are not used ‘as a substitute for culturally responsive behavioral and social emotional supports, among its guiding principles for the budget.

So they’re spending more on woke than on academics, and they’re calling black males students “kings.”  PrioritiesAnd speaking of urgent priorities:

For decades, Judy and Ed Craine parked their car in the driveway in front of their San Francisco home. Parking in the Golden City can be tricky with its steep hills and busy streets, and the Craines say they were lucky to have a spot that’s all their own for the past 36 years.

That is, until they received a $1,542 fine for parking on their own property — with the threat of a $250-per-day fee if they didn’t get the car off their carpad.

Choosing to live in San Francisco—that’s really stupid.  Here’s an urgent lesson about white supremacy:

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is a government agency that coordinates medical care and social well-being in the Beaver State. During the pandemic, OHA was responsible for coordinating Oregon’s vaccination drive and disseminating information about COVID-19—both vital tasks.

The agency’s office for equity and inclusion, however, prefers not to rush the business of government. In fact, the office’s program manager delayed a meeting with partner organizations on the stated grounds that ‘urgency is a white supremacy value.’

Of course, and so are being on time, telling the truth, delaying gratification, hard work, and obeying the law.  Rules are for the little people: 

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is on a personal vacation to Montana despite California’s ban on state-funded travel to the state over its conservative social policies.

Newsom’s vacation was first reported by CalMatters reporter Emily Hoeven, who noted that Newsom’s office had not disclosed his destination before the trip, as it usually does.

Newsom claimed he’s paying for the vacation so that doesn’t count.  When reporters asked who was paying for his security detail, his spokesliars quipped they don’t talk about security issues, so there.  And speaking of “so there,” here’s Iowa’’s Democrat Senate candidate:

Of course he’s an admiral.  At least he’s not directly screwing up the Navy anymore.  What would any edition of TSTS be without Kamala?

It’s good to be serious, though I’m sure that’s a sign of white supremacy too.  And speaking of being serious:

Yes, gentle readers, she’s a Rhode Island state senator, upside and twerking her capacious buttocks.  I think she’s protesting something or other in the traditional manner of her, um, people.  Ah, the nobility of government.  I decided to go with a still shot rather than the video to save you the horror.  And speaking of horror, on July 4, Minneapolis was in flames again, because racism, and free consumer goods.  Fortunately, the Mayor was on the job:

He’s only going to “curb” some of the violence, and he’s going to do it holistically.  I’m sure it will be organic and gluten free too.  This is interesting—and stupid:

Auchincloss (Right)

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNBC’s ‘Squawk Box,’ Rep. Jake Auchincloss (D-MA) argued that Republicans have spent ‘the last six months’ ‘tying themselves in a knot over guns and abortion and Trump instead of reaching across the table’ to work with Democrats on addressing inflation and high prices.

Auchincloss stated, ‘[E]nergy, food, housing, these are not monetary phenomena, these are real-world phenomena. And we’re going to have to come to geoeconomic and domestic policy solutions to address them as well. But we need Republicans to come to the table and work with us. What I’ve heard from Republicans in the last six months is them tying themselves in a knot over guns and abortion and Trump instead of reaching across the table and saying, how can we expand housing production and cut red tape? How can we work with you on expanding labor force participation and expanding legal immigration? How can we get some votes on the Republican side for Medicare negotiation of drug prices, which will lower out-of-pocket costs for senior citizens? We’re going to do that on a party-line vote. Why aren’t Republicans there with us? That lowers costs at the kitchen table.’

Of course.  Republicans are fixated on guns, abortion and Trump.  It’s all they can talk about.  Gee, I wonder why?  

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) expressed worry over the ‘toxicity in our public discourse’ despite having publicly yelled ‘Fuck Clarence Thomas’ the previous week.

While speaking at a press conference about public safety on Tuesday, alluding to the weekend violence toward police in Chicago and the Highland Park parade shooting north of the city, the Windy City mayor expressed concern that ‘people are losing respect for the institutions of our democracy.’

Yeah, but “fuck Clarence Thomas” was last week; it’s old news, you racist white supremacists.  Get woke, lose 66%:

The Toy Story spinoff  Lightyear is such a humiliating flop; it has grossed about a third of previous Toy Story chapters.

As of Monday, the woketard Lightyear has been in domestic theaters for 18 days and grossed only $106 million. It has already fallen out of the top five, so its run is over.

Joe is stupid, the US Oil and Gas Association, with the retort of the month, isn’t:

Too stupid to survive.