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Barack Obama tried to “fundamentally transform” the country, but his ego got in the way.  A doctrinaire Marxist from way back, current D/S/C consensus is he didn’t go nearly far enough.  What they’re not saying, perhaps because he is still running the country and has the power to punish, is everything was all about him, his “legacy,” which informed and drove his every decision–or refusal to decide.  As he often said “you should be thanking me.”

We’re thanking him these days for the Biden meat puppet presidency, for lock downs, a ruined economy, runaway inflation, forcing us to take untested vaccines that aren’t vaccines, face diapers, and the non-wasted crisis used to rig the 2020 election, among other boons.  The fundamental transformation continues…

How bad is it?  FBI whistleblowers are just beginning to come forward—FBI whistleblowers!–and what they’re saying, frightening to actual Americans and destructive to liberty as it is, is just scratching the surface.

Before we expand on that, let’s review one essential understanding: our country, our world, runs on energy.  If energy is more expensive, everything is more expensive.  If there isn’t sufficient energy, people die and everything breaks down, and so it is.

*Food in general, and baby formula have been weaponized.  Gropin’ Joe promised we’d have food shortages, and so we do.  Illegal aliens, of course, get first dibs on baby formula.

*Even Supreme Court justices live under a two-tiered system of justice as the Biden/Whoever DOJ refuses to protect them or prosecute abortion “protestors” violating specific federal law at their homes. 

*The Constitution is increasingly ignored or ridiculed, like this MSNBC idiot recently did:  

[The New Yorker’s Sheelah] Kolhatkar then condemned the draft opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, ‘You know, they spend 98 pages of their draft opinion talking about the Constitution, they talk about conception, and the right to life but there’s almost nothing about what this will look like in society other than a very cursory throwaway line about how there is widespread access to childcare, contraception, and paid family leave.’

Imagine that: the Supreme Court obsessed with the Constitution.  Who do they think they are?  Member of the Judicial Branch or something?

*FBI whistleblowers are beginning to come forward, like this one at Project Veritas:

FBI Whistleblower: ‘Tyranny happens incrementally, and it happens by a bunch of people agreeing to small injustices over and over simply to keep their paycheck and their pension…to maintain your paycheck and pension that gives you the Holocaust.’

Until recently, the FBI’s code of omerta surpassed that of the Mafia, but apparently a very few honest men and women still work there.  An agency unable to investigate its way out of a wet paper bag will surely focus every ounce of investigative effort on finding and punishing those few agents telling the truth and trying to save our republic.

*Our newly constituted Ministry of Truth has come in for much deserved ridicule, but it is an extraordinarily dangerous construction right out of the Stalinist playbook.  It should not have to be said, but any government even thinking it legitimate to police the thoughts and words of its citizens is not an American government.  It must not be forgotten the Department of Homeland Security—talk about a totalitarian name—is our largest law enforcement agency, and during the Obama Administration particularly, bought a huge stockpile of arms and ammunition.  Thus far, there is apparently no such thing as a DHS whistleblower.  They remain true believers, one and all.

*We now know, thanks to another FBI whistleblower, AG Garland lied to Congress when he said the FBI would never target parents concerned about CRT, political and sexual indoctrination of their children in public schools.  They did exactly that.

*D/S/Cs, who can always be identified by their projection of what they want and are doing on others, have only this week started accusing Normal Americans, and particularly Tucker Carlson, of fostering “the great replacement theory.”  Illegal immigration, which Carlson and virtually all Normal Americans oppose, if for no reason other than it is illegal, is just that.

The birth rate of most modern democracies is declining, and many—including the US–are below replacement—their populations of citizens with any real connection to American constitutionalism are dwindling.  The Biden meat puppet presidency is importing millions of people who still have lots of children, expecting they will vote Democrat to keep government largess flowing. They hope to change demographics such that most of the people living within American borders no longer believe in America or its founding principles.  Open border policies are no coincidence.

*In January of 2019, I wrote Abortion: Socialist Monsters of Virginia.  In that article, I exposed Virginia politicians actually advocating infanticide, including the then governor, Ralph “blackface/KKK” Northam.  The current abortion madness continues to cause monsters to crawl out from under rocks:

‘How does inflation compare to this newly important — in the sense of a Supreme Court decision pending — abortion issue? How do those two issues compare?” [MSNBC] host Lawrence O’Donnell asked.

‘Well, I don’t think they compare. I think they actually reinforce each other,’ [Rep. Katie] Porter [D-CA] replied. ‘So, the fact that things like inflation can happen and it can become more expensive to feed your kids and fuel your car is exactly why people need to be in charge of how many mouths they’re going to have to feed.’

So abortion is actually a good thing!  It’s green!  It’s climate change!  It gets rid of all those annoying babies that need baby formula.  Some are arguing that abortion fights inflation.

*The mummified meat puppet continues to destroy American energy independence, as the price of gas and diesel continues to set new records every few days.  Most recently, violating federal law, Biden canceled oil and gas leases in Alaska and the Gulf.

*Climate change—devolving America to an 18th century standard of living—continues to be the Administration’s existential priority—or at least one of them.  Pretty much everything, and everyone, they hate is an existential crisis.  They demand electric vehicles despite the fact enough of the rare earth elements necessary just don’t exist and most that do are under the control of China.  There isn’t nearly enough electric infrastructure to charge such vehicles in any numbers, and blackouts are predicted across America this summer.  Solar and wind power account for only about 6% of our generating capacity, and are intermittent and unreliable sources of power.  Sabotaging it all is the reality D/S/Cs seem to have no idea from where electricity comes: it’s produced almost entirely by fossil fuel plants, yet they continue to try to shut down nuclear plants and refuse to build new facilities.

*D/S/C attempts to disarm Americans never end, each new attack on innocents by lunatics fueling new faux outrage and calls for abolishing the Second Amendment.  D/S/Cs know they can never establish their communist utopia if Deplorables are allowed to keep and bear arms. In response, Deplorables continue to acquire and keep far more arms and ammunition than they can easily bear.

*Cries for court packing, eliminating the Electoral College and instituting vote fraud continue to resonate among the self-imagined elite.  The establishment of any one of these anti-constitutional depredations would go a long way toward the destruction of the Republic and could provoke a hot war.

*D/S/Cs never stop trying to surrender American sovereignty, not only through open borders and helping our enemies, but by trying to give the WHO the power to dictate American health policy. Never-ending pandemic lockdowns and mandates, anyone?

*Biden is “considering” another executive order for which he has no lawful power: forgiving trillions in college debt.  What Americans don’t know is he’s already done it—for government employees:

The department has approved over 113,000 applications through the waiver program, with an average forgiveness amount of $60,000 per applicant. For perspective, the department eliminated a total of $1.4 billion from the start of the program until October 31, 2021, for 18,000 borrowers. To assist individuals in applying for the limited waiver, the Education Department has launched a helpful tool.

*Abandoning allies and embracing enemies.  Sweden and Finland are seeking fast track membership in NATO.  European NATO members have recently developed strength because they know America is no longer trustworthy, and merit no longer matters.  Sweden and Finland are casting their lot with Europe, which isn’t at the moment, nearly as disastrously woke as America.  All of Europe now worries Russia can no longer serve as a geographic buffer against China, which is going to have to prop Russia up economically as its own economy suffers.  They see America going incredibly wobbly on China and are beginning to turn inward for security.  Consider this from the invaluable Victor Davis Hanson:

In the West in general, and in the United States particularly, we are seeing a final fruition of decades of woke self-loathing. The sight of a pride flag flying on the Kabul embassy as the most lavishly supplied and funded military force in history scrambled to fly home, abandoning allies and employees, was a bitter metaphor of the arrogance, ignorance, and impotence of woke ideology.

An ideology more than happy to gift untold billions in infrastructure and the most modern weapons to Islamist barbarians and Chinese communists.

What was once an elite boutique parlor game confined to university departments and the schools of education has now filtered throughout all campus courses to the point of being institutionalized. It is lapping into the engineering, math, and physics departments and the schools of medicine and business. The idea of meritocracy is disappearing, replaced by woke reparatory fixations on race, in the manner the ideologically correct Soviet commissariat destroyed Russian institutions or Mao’s cultural revolutionary insanity destroyed millions of Chinese.

The elimination of merit is an essential element in everything the Biden Administration is doing.  Consider this too from Hanson:

 After a year of politicizing the U.S. military and its self-induced catastrophe in Afghanistan, America has lost deterrence abroad. China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia are conniving how best to exploit this rare window of global military opportunity.

The traditional bedrocks of the American system — a stable economy, energy independence, vast surpluses of food, hallowed universities, a professional judiciary, law enforcement, and a credible criminal justice system — are dissolving.

Gas and diesel prices are hitting historic levels. Inflation is at a 40-year high. New cars and homes are unaffordable. The necessary remedy of high interest and tight money will be almost as bad as the disease of hyperinflation.

There is no southern border.

Expect over 1 million foreign nationals to swarm this summer into the United States without audit, COVID testing, or vaccination. None will have any worry of consequences for breaking U.S. immigration law.

This, and much, much more, is aggressively eroding the foundations of our republic.  What’s worse is none of this is accidental, none of it is mere happenstance, the vagaries of unintended consequence.  They’re doing it all on purpose.

In The Art of War, Sun Tzu noted:

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

America’s domestic enemies seek to do just that, though they believe should armed conflict become necessary, they’ll prevail, so morally and intellectually superior are theyIn his Lyceum Address in Springfield, IL on 01-27-1838, Abraham Lincoln said:

At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

I hope I am over wary; but if I am not, there is, even now, something of ill-omen, amongst us. I mean the increasing disregard for law which pervades the country; the growing disposition to substitute the wild and furious passions, in lieu of the sober judgment of Courts; and the worse than savage mobs, for the executive ministers of justice. This disposition is awfully fearful in any community; and that it now exists in ours, though grating to our feelings to admit, it would be a violation of truth, and an insult to our intelligence, to deny. Accounts of outrages committed by mobs, form the every-day news of the times.

Lincoln was, of course, speaking of slavery, of the passions that forced the first Civil War, which threatened to tear down the Constitution and the rule of law.  We face no less a threat now.  He concluded:

They were the pillars of the temple of liberty; and now, that they have crumbled away, that temple must fall, unless we, their descendants, supply their places with other pillars, hewn from the solid quarry of sober reason. Passion has helped us; but can do so no more. It will in future be our enemy. Reason, cold, calculating, unimpassioned reason, must furnish all the materials for our future support and defence.–Let those materials be moulded into general intelligence, sound morality, and in particular, a reverence for the constitution and laws: and, that we improved to the last; that we remained free to the last; that we revered his name to the last; that, during his long sleep, we permitted no hostile foot to pass over or desecrate his resting place; shall be that which to learn the last trump shall awaken our WASHINGTON.

Upon these let the proud fabric of freedom rest, as the rock of its basis; and as truly as has been said of the only greater institution, ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’

Take the link and read Lincoln’s speeh.  There was a man who wrote his own speeches, a man of innate intellect and decency.  Our current meat puppet president can’t even read the words of others from a teleprompter.

I’ve listed only a few of the depredations against American Constitutionalism and the rule of law we now face.  There is evidence of backlash.  Corporate titans, in the face of Florida Governor Desantis’ pinning back of Mickey Mouse’s ears are, for the moment, packing away from focusing on politics rather than the fiduciary obligation to their stockholders.  Parents across the country are defeating woke lunatics on school boards and in school administration offices, but it’s a battle we have joined late, and the outcome is far from clear.

While it would be harder for D/S/Cs to cheat in the 2020 mid term elections, it’s by no means impossible, and their arrogance is without limit.  They think themselves immune to the rule of law, and to date, they largely have been.  Combine that with the unending ability of Republicans to pluck defeat from the jaws of victory, and disaster awaits the unwary.

As I’ve so often written in this series and elsewhere, all that is necessary to restore sanity and relative peace and prosperity to America is for everyone to embrace American constitutionalism and all the bounty it provides.  That may prove, to our horror and that of western civilization, too much to ask.  Lincoln was right.  If America is to fall, it will be by suicide, and far too many Americans in name only are figuratively and actually importing the metaphorical and real fentanyl to do the job.