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One thing D/S/Cs constantly do—badly—is invent new words and favored victim groups.  Campus reform explains:

New York University’s LGBTQ+ Center announced via Instagram that the university would be holding a slew of ‘Cultural and Identity-Based Graduation Celebrations’ to ‘acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of graduating students of color and LGBTQ+ students.’

Among the celebrations listed was an event titled ‘Latine Grad.’

‘Latine’ is a gender-neutral or non-binary alternative to ‘Latino,’ similar to ‘Latinx.’

Oh, that’s soooooo much better than “Latinx,” which Hispanic folk just loved.  That should stop the flood of Hispanics switching to Republican.  And what would an edition of TSTS be without Secretary Pete, who is very, very gay, and historic, because he’s gay and thinks highways are racist—just ask him:

During an interview with Fox News Wednesday night, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was asked about the ongoing mixed messaging and arbitrary pandemic rule following from administration officials. In his response, Buttigieg claimed there is a difference between airflow in a ballroom, like the one that will be used this weekend for the White House Correspondents dinner in Washington D.C., and airflow on an airplane.

Well, most of us excluding Pete.  The media is doing its best to hide the fact that dinner turned into a super spreader event.But let’s reality check Secretary Pete, who is gay and historic:

Today’s airplanes incorporate cabin air features designed to help protect the safety and health of passengers.

The cabin air flows primarily from ceiling to floor, not front to back, which minimizes contaminants spreading through the cabin.

It is also exchanged every two to three minutes with outside air and through high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. These HEPA filters, which are similar to those used in hospital operating rooms and industrial clean rooms, trap more than 99.9% of particulates such as bacteria and viruses from the air before it is recirculated to the cabin.

So unfiltered, non-recirculating ballrooms packed with journalists are obviously far more virus free than commercial aircraft.  And speaking of aircraft:

Boeing Co.’s decision to leave Chicago is the latest blow to a U.S. city that already has seen its once-mighty economy battered by Covid-19 and crime.

The planemaker said Thursday that it will shift its headquarters to Arlington, Virginia, from Chicago, a move that would put Boeing near federal government decision-makers in Washington.

Riiiiiight.  Because there’s no increase in crime or Covid there…

Uh, no Joe.  Not really.  And did you know Putin invaded Hungary and we’ve been giving the Russians anti-tank missiles?

President Biden stumbled repeatedly Tuesday during remarks on US aid to Ukraine — saying the United States ‘made sure Russia had Javelins’ and noting the successful ‘Hungarian’ resistance to Russia’s invasion.

Biden made the glaring gaffes at an Alabama facility that makes the anti-tank missiles.

The context of Biden’s remarks made clear he knew the US was actually arming Ukraine’s government with the sophisticated weapon, and he correctly identified the recipient nation at some points in his remarks.

‘Before Russia attacked, we made sure Russia had Javelins and other weapons to strengthen their defenses so Ukraine was ready for whatever happened,’ Biden said midway through his 16-minute speech at the plant.

Later, Biden said, ‘Just a few days ago, the Wall Street Journal quoted a young Hungarian fighter saying, ‘Without the Javelins, it would have been very hard to stop the enemy pushing ahead.’

Biden also said we’re going to conquer Mexico, or something:

And most of all, we’re gonna continue to fight for the rights and opportunities and dignity of Mexican-Americans and all Latinos in America. I might point out, and Jill and I talked about this, if we don’t get smart in this country, and the other team doesn’t understand what’s goin’ on, you know, twenty-five out of every one hundred children in grades kindergarten through, uh, senior in high school, speak Spanish. Twenty-five out of every one hundred. It’s overwhelming the interest not only of those kids, but of all Americans, that we invest, we invest in the community. And we’ll conquer and honor and lift up th-, all those folks who in fact, uh, are, have gotten in the way. You know, Mexican-American culture is a great contribution to, to America.

Uh…right.  Being consistent, Biden told us we should abort children because like him, they’re children of God who also exist:

Thanks Joe.  But when is it appropriate for kids to have sex-change surgery?

Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin (MI) reportedly would not say when she believes it is appropriate for children to undergo sex-change surgery.

Of course, but will she define “woman”?  Is there anything Donald Trump can’t do?

ABC’s legal analyst Sunny Hostin said Tuesday on ABC’s ‘The View’ that comedian Dave Chappelle getting attacked on stage during the “Netflix Is A Joke Fest” was in part due to former President Donald Trump unleashing ‘incivility.’

All those riots during the “summer of love” were awfully civil, and mostly peaceful too; don’t forget that.  Wait; I thought white supremacy or climate change were the greatest danger to democracy?

President Biden on Wednesday, reacting to the leaked draft opinion signaling the Supreme Court’s intent to overturn Roe v. Wade, slammed Republicans, saying the controversy is “about a lot more than abortion,” and warning that the ‘MAGA crowd’ is ‘the most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history.’

Oh, OK.  I thought the Klan, Antifa, BLM, ISIS, Al Queda, and all those other Islamists, anarchists and racists were pretty bad, but I guess not.  Layers and layers of editors and fact checkers:

In the latest example of a PolitiFact ‘fact checker’ stepping on a rake, reporter Yacob Reyes reached out to Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw for comment on the his recent claim that almost 60% of outstanding student loan debt is graduate school debt.

‘Hello, I am writing a fact-check on a quick deadline following Gov. Ron DeSantis claim: ‘The student debt that it out there, almost 60% of it is graduate school debt.’ If you would like to provide supporting material for the claim, I would need to hear by 9 p.m. Meanwhile, I’ll be continuing my own research and interviews’ he wrote in an email to Pushaw.

It’s unclear how much research Reyes had done at the time of writing, as the source of DeSantis’ claim was the non-profit journalism school and research organization Poynter, of which Reyes is himself a staff writer for.

How much research?  That would be “none.”  This is particularly stupid:

Riiiiight.  All those pro-life people who have been conducting a yearly, entirely non-violent march on Washington, and thousands of other similar events around the nation for decades, are suddenly going to get violent when it appears, after nearly a half century, they’re on the verge of winning.  Sounds legit.  And this guy can’t stop emitting flatulence from every orifice:

Great analogy there Fang Fang Bang Bang.  You might want to check out how many of those shooters were staunch Democrats… And how do we get environmental justice?  Why, by making people die of thirst:

‘Zany as ever, the California Coastal Commission wants to scuttle a desalination plant that could meet 16 percent of Orange County’s water needs over concerns about plankton and ‘environmental justice.’

The proposed Poseidon Water facility could meet 16 percent of the water needs of Orange County, with its 3.1-million population. A similar facility down the coast in Carlsbad meets 9 percent of the water needs of San Diego County’s 3.3-million residents. That’s nothing to scoff at in the midst of water rationing, but those who think that way obviously aren’t fixated on the plight of local plankton.

Drinking water, bad.  “Environmental justice,” good.  Just when you thought California couldn’t get any crazier… And in the doubling down on stupid department:

U.S. health officials on Tuesday restated their recommendation that Americans wear masks on planes, trains and buses, despite a court ruling last month that struck down a national mask mandate on public transportation.

Americans age 2 and older should wear a well-fitting masks while on public transportation, including in airports and train stations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended, citing the current spread of coronavirus and projections of future COVID-19 trends.

For months, the Transportation Security Administration had been enforcing a requirement that passengers and workers wear masks.

They just can’t stop digging, no matter how deep the hole:

New study: Face mask usage correlates with higher death rates

Using data from 35 countries and 602 million people, peer-reviewed study confirms previous research and cautions use of face masks ‘may have harmful unintended consequences.’

“May?!”  Has the CDC read this study?  Can they read?  In the stupid elections department:

A judge directed Republicans in the Wisconsin State Assembly not to delete any records in the investigation of the 2020 presidential election in the state.

Dane County Circuit Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn expressed disbelief that she had to issue such an order but emphasized it was necessary because the inquiry is being led by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, whose team has said they destroyed unimportant documents.

‘I don’t want any records destroyed,’ Bailey-Rihn said, per Fox 11 News. ‘I’m frankly amazed that I have to say, ‘Don’t destroy records that are subject to an open records request,’ or order that to occur. All of us know what the law is.’

But all the best people assured me 2020 was the cleanest election in history!  Women, minorities hardest hit:

Biden DOJ Announces New ‘Office of Environmental Justice’

‘Although violations of our environmental laws can happen anywhere, communities of color, indigenous communities, and low-income communities often bear the brunt of the harm caused by environmental crime, pollution, and climate change.’

This is exactly like something out of a Kurt Schlichter novel.  In response, the understatement of the week:

More evidence we’re in the very best of hands:

Wait, I though there was no such thing as CRT.  It’s disinformation, and the Commissar of the Ministry of Truth said so, so it must be true, er, disinformation, er, something…  Aren’t these folks jolly:

Comedian Laurie Kilmartin appeared on MSNBC over the weekend to fantasize about having sex with the person who leaked the Supreme Court’s draft Dobbs v. Jackson opinion, which could overturn Roe v. Wade, then ‘joyfully’ aborting the baby out of spite if it turned out the leaker was a conservative. [Kilmartin is on the far right]

‘Here’s my feeling about the leaker. I would like to find out who the leaker is, so I could make sweet love to that person, because that person is a hero to me. Okay?’ she said on MSNBC’s ‘Ayman,’ hosted by Ayman Mohyeldin.

Oh, that’s just a laugh riot!  But wait, there’s more:

‘And if the leaker — a lot of people are saying it could be a conservative — if the leaker is a Republican, and if I get pregnant during our lovemaking, I will joyfully abort our fetus, and let them know,’ she continued.

The rest of the panel just cracked up.  That’s the kind of thing that really going to turn sane people toward D/S/C thinking.  Speaking of cracked up, the Mayor of Chicago, where gunfire is more common than microwave popcorn, used a gun analogy to defend abortion:

Speaking of disinformation, a “gaffe” occurs when a politician accidently tells the truth about what they really think or want.  That’s not what happened here:

President Joe Biden said inflation was both a strength and a threat in an apparent gaffe during a Tuesday speech discussing his plans for tackling inflation and lowering costs.

‘I agree with what [Federal Reserve Board] Chairman Powell said last week: that the number one threat is the strength, and that strength that we’ve built is inflation,’ Biden said. ‘So the Fed should do its job, and it will do its job, I’m convinced, with that in mind.’

Well, he did say he’d built the greatest vote fraud operation in history, and he obviously meant that, so I guess inflation is strength.  I thought it was diversity, but what do I know?  Just for a change of pace, something that’s not stupid:

Attaboy, Ben!  But as for the rest:

Too stupid to survive.