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Liz “I reject the Wyoming crazies” Cheney is raising truckloads of money for her reelection bid, which raises the question: from where and who does all that money come?  The Federalist answers:

The newsletter linked to an analysis of Cheney’s campaign finances from OpenSecrets published before 2022’s first-quarter filing on April 15. Money from California and Texas now make up the bulk of the Wyoming lawmaker’s funding.

Cheney’s re-election bid is also being financed by the same Democrat donors who bankrolled the Lincoln Project. Her first-quarter filing for this year showed little difference, with Cheney raking more from her ‘constituents’ in northern Virginia, where she spends much of her time, than the constituents who first sent her to Washington in 2016.

According to a Federalist analysis of Cheney’s campaign finances to date based on public records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), less than 10 percent of the dollars Cheney raised came from Wyoming residents. Only about 2 percent of Cheney’s total contributors were from her home state.

Wyomingites also surmise most of that 10%- came from Jackson Hole, which like Austin in Texas, is an island of D/S/C lunacy and money in a sea of Normal American sanity, or “crazies,” as Cheney terms them.  As I’ve been reporting for several years now, Cheney avoids Wyoming like the plague. She refused to meet with, or even respond to, Wyoming Republicans even before they kicked her out of the Party—gee, could that have something to do with it?—and on the occasion of her most recent, and rare, visit to the state, charged people—the crazies–for the privilege of basking in the glow of her presence.  To see every article in this series, enter “liz cheney” in the SMM home page search bar.

A common feature of DC is ostensible Republicans going native, abandoning the people who elected them and sucking up to the D/S/C dominated deep state.  Such RINOs bask in the faux adulation of D/S/Cs, who think them useful idiots in the finest Marxist sense, somehow never realizing the moment they’re no longer politically useful, they’ll be thrown under the bus.  Here’s another example:

The ringleader of the establishment Republicans, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), announced on Thursday a donation to Democrat ally Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) reelection campaign.

Cheney, who is no longer recognized as a Republican by the Wyoming GOP, has received a campaign contribution from the Senate GOP leader, McConnell told Axios. When asked if he will hold a fundraiser or other campaign event with Cheney, McConnell redirected the conversation back to his lane of Senate business.

McConnell and Cheney apparently believe the Wyoming member may lose her seat to Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, a strong threat to the establishment Republican order in Washington, DC. With Hageman catching momentum heading into the August 16 GOP primary, former President George Bush has also donated the legal maximum amount to Cheney. McConnell and Bush are joined in their support of Cheney by failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R-UT). In March, Romney delivered a speech at a closed fundraiser for the embattled Cheney.

Wyomingites aren’t terribly fond of Romney either. His failure cost America a second Obama term, but boy, did we dodge a bullet there.

The Wyoming race has become a proxy war between the establishment and conservative Republicans. Hageman has earned the support of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Party leaders typically rarely endorse against sitting members of Congress. But after Cheney deserted the Republican party by allying herself with Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 committee and reportedly ‘orchestrated unprecedented’ Republican sabotage, McCarthy presumably believed Cheney must be ousted from her seat.

McCarthy’s support of Hageman came with a massive fundraiser with powerful MAGA heavy hitters. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Jim Banks (R-IN), Elise Stefanik (R-NY), and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R), among others, co-hosted the fundraising event. ‘Needless to say, the number of sitting House Republicans who are lining up against Cheney is quite stunning,’ Punchbowl News noted.

Needless to say.

Cheney’s absence from Wyoming voters lines up with what Hageman has told Breitbart News. ‘Liz Cheney has lost Wyoming. Liz Cheney doesn’t live in Wyoming. She doesn’t represent us,’ Hageman said. “She doesn’t represent our values.”

Cheney has defended herself by accusing her opposition of being unworthy of her time. ‘I’m not going to convince the crazies and I reject the crazies,’ Cheney stated about Wyoming voters.

Normal Americans—that includes most folks living in Wyoming—tend to take being called a “crazy” as an insult.  They’re funny that way.  They’re also “funny” about congresscritters who try to imprison and destroy innocent Americans, as Newsmax.com reports:

Members of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 select committee are frustrated that Attorney General Merrick Garland hasn’t pursued criminal charges against former Trump White House aides who have refused to testify before the panel, The Washington Post reported.

Lawmakers on the partisan panel — comprised of Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans Reps. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., and Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., — criticized the Justice Department during a business meeting Monday night, the Post reported Wednesday.

The venting continued Tuesday, when panel members complained about the DOJ dragging its feet with former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former Trump White House aides Dan Scavino and Peter Navarro.

Jan. 6 Select Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., encouraged the DOJ to assist the panel.

‘We’re not a criminal body — we are just looking for the facts and circumstances around January 6 but in the course of that review, there are some very troubling things that we’ve come upon that we think if [the DOJ] would take a look at it, there would be something there,’ Thompson said, the Post reported.

‘We don’t have any knowledge that they are, but we don’t have any knowledge that they are not.’

But of course!  That’s the D/S/C-Stalinist way to do things: show them the man, they’ll find—make up—the crime!  Verdict first, then the trial.  Liz Cheney is all for it:

Fifteen months after Congress certified the 2020 election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked Jan. 6 commission is still forging ahead with partisan theater.

The committee has seized bank records of peaceful protesters, routinelymade up evidence to tarnish Republican leaders, spied on federal lawmakers’ phone records, threatened press freedom, and is now admittedly trying to criminalize GOP’s fundraising on the issue of election security, as The Federalist’s Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway reported last month.

Remember this?

But there’s another comparison — one that carried massive implications for national politics and the rule of law: Wisconsin’s infamous John Doe investigation of former Gov. Scott Walker and his supporters.

Take the link to read the whole thing.  The parallels between the John Doe debacle and the Jan. 6 Committee are as unmistakable as they are unconstitutional and corrupt.  One more excerpt from the article:

Worse than what happened in John Doe, when 29 conservative organizations were subpoenaed on the same day as noted above, the Jan. 6 committee has officially subpoenaed a whopping 99 people or entities and requested the voluntary compliance of others, according to a Federalist analysis. Of the subpoenas, only about 8 percent were related to the Capitol riot.

Even some in the D/S/C Media are beginning to admit the Committee has nothing to do with the events of January 6.  Rather, it’s another desperate attempt to try to hold back the expected mid term red tidal wave. Miranda Devine at The New York Post comments here.  As I’ve so often written, Wyomingites aren’t fond of people who, while doing all they can to destroy it, wrap themselves in the Constitution:

TAPPER: House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is in the region. I think he’s in Poland. He just issued a statement in support of democracy and the individuals fighting for a free and democratic Ukraine.

And I’m just wondering if you feel that there’s any disconnect there, given the fact that he has not exactly been supportive of your efforts to get to the bottom of the attempt to overturn the election in the United States.

CHENEY: Well, what I would say is that what’s happening today in Ukraine is a reminder that democracy is fragile, that democracy must be defended, and that each one of us in a position to do so has an obligation to do so.

Clearly, I think Leader McCarthy failed to do that, failed to put his oath to the Constitution ahead of his own personal political gains. And I think that, at the end of the day, each one of us is responsible for our own actions and activity.

But, if we don’t stand for our Constitution, if we don’t stand for democracy, if we don’t stand for freedom, if we — if we forget that our oath to our Constitution is an oath to a document, it’s not an oath to an individual, we have got to always remember that, or our democracy is in peril.

Final Thoughts:  When I began this series, I though I might be able to find enough material for an article perhaps every other month.  Cheney is so Trump deranged, so drenched in the faux adulation of D/S/Cs, I could write an article every other day.  Notice how Cheney, wrapping herself in the Constitution, attacks anyone who dares criticize her.  As Anthony Fauci was science, Liz Cheney is the Constitution; she’s democracy herself!

The Jan. 6 Committee will issue its report as an October surprise in the hope it will damage Republican chances in the mid term election.  That, not trying to discover why Pelosi left the Capitol unguarded, is its entire reason for being. Unfortunately for them, Americans have already seen through their gaslighting.  There was no “insurrection” on January 6.  Even if the protestors succeeded in postponing the business of the Congress for another day, the government would have been, at worst, temporarily inconvenienced.  As it was, the Congress certified the vote a few hours later than planned.  There was never the slightest danger the government would have been overthrown.  No one was armed, and there was no nationally coordinated effort to seize power.  Even the FBI–the FBI!–admitted there was no conspiracy, and to this day, not a single “protestor” has been charged with insurrection or sedition.

Yet Liz Cheney is determined to save us from an insurrection that never happened.  She’s determined to keep us from voting for the candidates of our choosing, particularly Donald Trump, and she’s determined to keep Wyoming crazies from voting her out of office merely because she doesn’t live there, does everything she can to avoid setting foot in the state, hates the people who live there, and refuses to represent them because they’re crazies!  To her way of thinking, Democracy and the Constitution demand no less of her.

Come election time, Wyoming voters are going to demand less of her, far less.