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Is he saying he wants more and more horrific food shortages, or doesn’t he have the slightest idea what he’s saying?  Is this a classic inadvertently-telling-the-truth gaffe, or additional evidence of spiraling out of control dementia?  Both?  Why in God’s name do Americans have to speculate about such things?  Why do we have to speculate about this?

The White House did not adjust for historic inflation in crafting President Joe Biden’s budget request for the fiscal year 2023 and does not expect elevated prices across nearly all commercial goods to affect the administration’s plan for deficit reduction.

Biden’s budget predicts that yearly inflation will drop to 2.3% in 2023 and remain constant the following year. Council of Economic Advisers Chairwoman Cecilia Rouse confirmed that the assumption was locked on November 10, 2021.

Oh sure, inflation is going to drop in 2023, and have I lately mentioned I’m a Nigerian prince in exile and if you’ll give me your bank account numbers, I’ll desposit millions for safekeeping? 

Who you gonna believe, Joe or your own lyin’ eyes and ears?

Credit where credit is due.  The question from Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy was articulate, direct and very well presented.  However, the response from Biden was, well, just unreal gaslighting.

Peter Doocy questions Biden about three recent examples of his statements the White House had to clean up and clarify immediately.  When Biden was confronted with his saying ‘troops were going into Ukraine’, and ‘we will respond in-kind to a chemical weapon attack, and ‘Vladimir Putin has to go’, Joe Biden said those statements never happened.  This is almost unreal.

Almost?!  Well, to be fair, it’s all too real.  Biden, the mummified meat puppet’s dementia is going to get us into real trouble, and his handlers will get away with it.  Like this:

And this:

Biden and his flying monkeys just can’t stop insulting the Irish:

And then there was his threat to eliminate Putin:

Sure Joe, you never said that, and you never said any of this either:

Despotic behavior isn’t confined to DC.  It’s everywhere in Illinois:

The Village of Melrose Park decided that it would be a good idea to issue 62 tickets to an elderly couple for having lawn chairs in their front yard. The Village issued ticket after ticket, imposing fine after fine, to two eighty-year-old residents, Plaintiffs Vincent and Angeline Cozzi.

The fines were not small potatoes. Each ticket cost $500, so the Village tagged them with fines totaling about $30,000. And when it was all said and done, the Village slapped them with a lien on their house, for good measure.

The tickets faulted the Cozzis for creating a nuisance and for ‘unsanitary conditions.’ The tickets did not explain what was unsanitary about the plastic lawn chairs. But the Village claimed that they were receiving anonymous calls about ‘clutter’ on their front lawn.

Take the link and read the whole thing, which is a story about a thuggish mayor wreaking personal vengeance on a retired couple because he’s an insane asshole. There’s loads of that in Illinois.  In case you had any doubts about the politicization of the FBI, and which side it has chosen:

If you had any doubts about the insanity of Los Angeles:

The Los Angeles Police Department has a message for the denizens of Tinseltown and the rest of the City of Angels. When you go out and about, you should probably avoid wearing any sort of flashy, expensive jewelry or other expensive possessions. Why would they say that? Because thieves have continued to become more and more brazen about pulling a weapon on pedestrians or motorists and robbing them of their belongings. And displays of wealth will just make you more of a target for these types of crimes. At the same time, gangs are also stepping up attacks on jewelry stores and other outlets selling expensive and easily fenced merchandise, so you might want to avoid those stores as well. LA is looking more and more like a scene from Escape from New York these days. (Associated Press)

Yes, California has sunk so far they’re admitting not only can they no longer reduce brazen, daylight crime, they’re not even trying anymore.  In fact, they’re blaming the victims.  Next, they’ll blame women for being raped because they’re brazenly walking about in those provocative bodies with breasts and long hair and stuff.  But wait a minute.  They’re demanding everyone drive electric vehicles, and they’re a lot more expensive than most conventionally powered vehicles.  Oh.  Right.  No one wants to carjack an EV.

How do we whip inflation while simultaneously “transitioning” to “clean energy?”  Like this:

 If you’re a glutton for misery, no doubt you’ve heard more than a few times from the climatistas about how we need to ‘end fossil fuel subsidies.’ Supposed subsidies for oil, natural gas, and coal are actually miniscule when calculated on a per-unit-of-energy delivered to the consumer, and has little effect on consumer prices, unlike subsidies for wind and solar power, which are yuuuge on a per-unit-of-energy delivered, and they have large market price-distorting effects for electricity. If we simply ‘levelized’ energy subsidies on a per-unit-of-energy delivered basis, wind and solar development would halt overnight, and oil, gas, and coal production would not change a bit in output or price.

So what’s the latest idea from the Democrats? Only the largest subsidy ever for oil, in the form of $100 per person monthly payments to assist Americans to buy gasoline. Up to $400 a month for a household of four. (Democrats are calling it a ‘rebate,’ but in fact they aren’t rebating anything, since ‘rebate’ would involves consumers paying the government in the first place.)

I’m guessing Democratic Party polling must find that high gasoline prices are killing them with voters, and that voters grasp which party consistently opposes domestic production of the energy supplies we actually use.

I’m sure this will balance the budget, lower the deficit, and straighten everyone’s teeth too.  And speaking of government lunacy:

It’s increasingly hard to tell which of the Bidens is crazier.  Nah.  It’s Joe, actually, his handlers:

The U.S. is offering nearly a million dollar grant for projects that include reporting alleged human rights violations by Israel, prompting critics to lambast the Biden administration as ‘hostile’ to its key ally.

The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) at the State Department announced ‘an open competition for projects that strengthen accountability and human rights in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza’ last month. According to the Jerusalem Post, which first reported on the matter, it is the first competition of its kind from Washington and one that raises concern over the potential for abuse by entities who seek to boycott and sanction Israel.

Sure.  Israel is the only Middle Eastern democracy, surrounded by hostile, murderous terrorists and hostile military proxies of Iran, whose military routinely calls off planned strikes on terrorists because civilians might be harmed.  Obviously they’re violating civil rights.  How anyone could think the Biden Administration is hostile to Israel is beyond me.  But they love them some gays:

And their media propaganda arm loves them some trans:

The Photoshopped, softer, more feminine Will Thomas—no, I’m not pretending he’s female; he’s slinging his dick all over locker rooms—was done by NBC.  Just how stupid is The Washington Post?  This stupid:

The Washington Post, which led the 2018 Democrat effort to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life by falsely accusing him of serial gang rape, now claims asking Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson questions about her judicial record is worse.

The WaPo Editorial Board, whose deputy editorial page editor Ruth Marcus wrote a book smearing Kavanaugh, argued on Wednesday that Republican questioning on Jackson’s radical track record, lenience on child porn offenders, and lack of willingness to define ‘woman’ or state when life begins is ‘egregious behavior’ that far outweighs its months-long campaign against Kavanaugh.

Well sure.  Spending months charging a Republican nominee of multiple gang rapes, without a shred of evidence, is as nothing compared to asking a D/S/C’s nominee about her judicial rulings and philosophies.  No bias there, no sir.  Nothing to see here.  Move along; move along.  Well, he doesn’t know the difference between his wife and sister either:

President Joe Biden mistakenly referred to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin as his secretary of state, also accidentally using Austin’s former military title.

Biden made the error while thanking 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers stationed in Rzeszow, Poland, a NATO country, for their service amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine across the border.

‘The general, secretary of state, asked me if I would send over 12,000 troops,’ he told members of the Army airborne infantry division Friday. ‘There are 100,000 American forces here now. We haven’t had that in a long, long time, because we are the organizing principle for the rest of the world. He said you sent the best, the best available in America, and that’s all of you.’

I’m sure the troops were greatly impressed.  Not that these people are crazy or anything, but…

Democrats and White House officials have pushed for both greater domestic fossil fuel production and less reliance on fossil fuels over the last 24 hours.

President Joe Biden announced a deal with the European Union on Friday morning to export an additional 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to member nations in 2022.

But Biden noted at a press conference that the deal called for ‘reducing Europe’s demand for gas overall,’ even as the plan itself forecasted greater LNG exports to the continent.

LNG companies, who weren’t consulted by Biden before this particular gaffe, have said they have no idea how they’re going to meet his commitments, but they’re not complaining because it’s the first sane thing he’s done since taking office.  And in the Ketanji Brown Jackson continuing debacle:

One just can’t be reminded enough about his kind of D/S/C stupidity.  Or this, which didn’t get as much airplay:

Or this:

I have yet to meet, or read about or see, anyone who actually says they’re a member of “QAnon,” which appears to be nothing but a D/S/C boogeyman creation.  Granted, the guy’s outfit on Jan. 6 was a felony fashion violation, but sane people recognize pedophiles as a far more serious threat than a guy in a buffalo hat.  But there’s no election fraud, and the 2020 election was the fairest and most ethical ever!

New documents obtained through an open records request show how far Democrats in Georgia have gone in their attempts to demonize practices that make elections more secure and set themselves up for future victories by pushing their messages to the rising generation of voters.

In short, the records uncovered show that an organization founded by Stacey Abrams partnered with Atlanta public schools to uncritically teach students that election security provisions such as requiring ID to vote are discriminatory in nature, while the lax protocols implemented amid the COVID-19 pandemic should become permanent.

Oh yeah, that’ll make American’s faith in the integrity of our elections rise to new heights.  This is not a good sign:

About half the cars that pulled into a Rendichicas gas station in Tijuana, Mexico, had California license plates, the Los Angeles Times reported Thursday.

In the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana, about 12 miles south of Chula Vista, California, regular gas sells for about $3.96 a gallon – about $2 less than in California, according to the Los Angeles Times.

 People vote with their feet, or in this case, their gas tanks.  But it’s only fair.  California imports Mexico’s people; Mexico imports California’s cars.  Biden just can’t stop lying:

To be fair, I’m sure he has no idea where or who he is, or what he’s said a minute ago.  A sane nation wouldn’t allow that.  Or this:

With curbing climate change one of its top priorities, the Biden administration’s State Department has allocated $30,000 for a grant aimed at helping Chinese citizens be more mindful of climate change.

I’m sure the citizens of China will rise up as one and demand their government take climate change seriously.  Then they’ll be sent to labor camps or just shot dead and their surviving relatives will be charged for the bullets.  We have a government that has no idea Chinese people have far more to worry about than the climate change hoax.

Too stupid to survive.