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Imagine, gentle readers, you drop your laptop off at a repair shop, and then forget all about it.  On that laptop are things that should not be there, such as information that compromises national security.  Suppose you have never worked for the government and have no reason to have such material.  Suppose the FBI takes possession of that laptop.  How long do you suppose it would take for you to be looking at life from behind bars?  Robert Spenser at PJ Media explains what would happen to the self-imagined elite under similar circumstances:

Old Joe Biden’s chip off the old block, Hunter Biden, has been many things: board member of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma; vice chairman of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation; sought-after artist; and international bon vivant, but he has never been known to have served in the Department of Defense. So why does his infamous laptop contain, on top of everything else that is incriminating on it, Defense Department encryption keys that are not available to private citizens?

Sam Faddis, a retired CIA Operations Officer who served in the Near East and South Asia, disclosed on Sunday that ‘the ongoing analysis of the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop’ revealed the Defense Department encryption keys, and this was not an insignificant find: ‘These keys allow access to DOD email accounts and databases.’ As is characteristic of Hunter Biden from what we know of him already, he didn’t just dabble; he went all in. ‘The exact number of these keys is still unknown. There may be dozens.

Hunter Biden, as far as we know, has never been employed by the DOD or any other branch of government.  The article doesn’t list the exact level of sensitivity of such encryption keys, but obviously, they’re something only authorized personal should have, and hostile nation-states would very much desire.

Faddis explains that ‘the keys are known more formally as ‘root encryption certificates.’ Some of them appear to have unusually long expiration dates with many lasting twenty years or more. Such keys should not be present on a personal laptop of any kind, and there is no known reason that Hunter Biden would be in possession of them at all.’ No known reason. But Hunter Biden is a man with connections.

Those connections are for the most part still in power, and they have demonstrated that they’re more interested in seeing this revelation go away than they are in finding out why Hunter had the encryption keys. Faddis noted that ‘the keys were discovered only recently by Jack Maxey’s technical team working in Switzerland. Shortly after the discovery of the keys Maxey contacted the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland and reported that he had information that might compromise American national security and would like to talk to someone in the Regional Security Office to report what he had learned. His contact information was taken by the person with whom he spoke, but no one has ever called back to obtain the information in his possession.

credit: garydavidstratton.com

If you’re shocked, shocked! by this, I’m going to nominate you for the Louis Renault award.  Louis Renault, as you may recall, was the French policeman in Casa Blanca, who proclaimed himself “shocked, shocked!” to discover gambling in Humphrey Bogart’s Rick’s Place, just before he was handed his gambling winnings.  Why would Hunter Biden have such access?

Faddis reports that ‘an IT technical expert advising Maxey’s team has speculated that the keys present on Hunter’s laptop might have allowed Hunter to create throwaway email accounts on DOD servers and thereby route personal and business communications through those servers to escape detection. Such an arrangement would be in effect a much more sophisticated version of Hillary Clinton’s use of her ‘homebrew’ server to evade monitoring of her communications while she was Secretary of State.’

There is another, more disturbing, possibility.  More on that shortly.

Faddis points out that the FBI has had Hunter’s laptop ‘since well before the 2020 election.’ Thus ‘if the information currently in Maxey’s possession from DOD is correct and encryption keys giving access to DOD systems were still active until Maxey and his team discovered their presence and reported themthat would seem to suggest strongly that the FBI has never bothered to investigate what is on the hard drive.

It’s more likely the FBI knows exactly what’s on the hard drive and are keeping this under wraps for a much more disturbing reason: Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family, including Joe Biden, have been compromised by hostile foreign powers. 

It’s possible Hunter Biden was given encryption keys to conceal his business and personal communications, but if so, someone had to compromise national security to do it, and such compromise would conceivably extend back into the Obama Administration.  During that time, Hunter Biden was taking trips, some on Air Force Two, to China, Ukraine, and other nations hostile to America.  Apparently reliable reports put photos and video of Hunter engaging in sex with juveniles, drug use and other debauchery on that “Laptop From Hell,” as The New York Post’s Miranda Devine terms it.

Sex, particularly with children, and drugs are two primary means of compromise used by the Chinese and other hostile intelligence agencies.  Having compromised useful idiots, those agencies blackmail their witting or witless pawns, forcing them to compromise American national security.

Hunter Biden is a perfect useful idiot.  A drug addict with questionable morals, he could easily be trapped and manipulated in a variety of ways.  He’s utterly unreliable, but even that can be useful and easily manipulated to the advantage of America’s enemies.  A man without marketable skills and knowledge, he has made tens of millions from nations hostile to America, much of which reportedly filled Joe Biden’s coffers.  Even accepting money from America’s enemies is a powerful source of compromise and blackmail.

Is that what has happened here? I don’t know, but it is certainly possible.  Let’s, for the sake of argument, explore the possibilities if Hunter Biden has been compromised, and with him, Joe Biden, and among Hunter’s actions to the detriment of America was putting those encryption keys on a laptop.

Someone with access had to, for some reason, give Hunter that information, which is another avenue of compromise of America’s secrets.  Were they ordered to do so by higher authority, or were they too compromised idiots and/or Chinese assets within our military or security establishment?  In any case, the FBI, upon gaining the information from the laptop, should have immediately begun a counter espionage investigation.  That such an investigation could have potentially implicated the Vice President, even as many as two presidents, would have made it extremely sensitive.

Such things are kept secret, not only to keep from embarrassing politicians and our intelligence apparatus, but to keep America’s enemies from knowing what we know.  The FBI would want to know where Hunter got the data, and would presumably try to find out just how wide and deep the compromise went.  They’d try to find out who was handling Hunter, and who else, infiltrated into the DOD or intelligence agencies, was involved.  An investigation of this kind could take years as the FBI and CIA discovered just how badly we had been hurt and its implications.

That’s if the FBI was actually doing its job.

If the FBI is little more than a regime protection force, as I pondered in The FBI: What I’d Like To Believe, their covering up for Hunter Biden and the entire Biden Family to protect D/S/C power, and their own power is a foregone conclusion.

We have no idea to what degree Joe Biden is actually running the country.  With his continuing dementia, he’s certainly not in charge, and those that handle him knew of his dementia even before he was running for office.  Are these people merely power-mad despots, useful idiots, or are they committed socialists or communists, people directly working against America’s interests?  Any combination of these would go a long way toward describing pretty much everything Joe Biden—his handlers–has done in a little more than a year, and continues to do to damage America.

And what of The New York Time’s recent acknowledgement The New York Post’s Hunter Biden Laptop story was legitimate?  If the story was legitimate—and it is—everything on Hunter’s laptop is likewise authentic.  Why would the NYT finally print what everyone knew to be true, and the Bidens have never denied, and why now?  Even CNN and The Washington Post have admitted, mostly, the truth?  Are they all on the same page?

Is this merely to help Biden’s handlers prepare to remove him from the Oval Office?  Is it to help soften the blow to the D/S/C establishment of what they know to be upcoming revelations about Hunter Biden and the Biden family, including the information about which Spenser reports?  Why would the D/S/C establishment need those blows softened?

Is Biden being strapped into a metaphorical ejection seat, leaving Kamala Harris POTUS?  If so, who will be installed as Vice President?  My guess is Michelle Obama.  Biden’s handlers know neither he nor Kamala have a chance in 2024, but the S/Cs who actually control the D/S/C party would find the first female, black president irresistible.  Why, it would be historic!  But how to make history after that?  The first female, black/hispanic, lesbian/trans president?

They’ve foisted on the American public a man suffering from dementia and used him as a meat puppet. They’ve done enormous damage to Americans, America and Western Civilization.  They’ve committed horrific crimes, potentially including treason.  They need all the “softening” they can get.

Should we eventually discover even a small part of the real reasons for what has been happening to America’s detriment, we may discover whether the FBI and other governmental agencies have actually served America, and what portion of the D/S/C establishment has not.  That’s powerful motivation for all manner of bad acting to conceal betrayal and crime.

UPDATE, 04-02-22, 1115 MT:  I received this from a reader, a retired O5, and electrical engineer, who worked in military cyber security.  In other words, he knows what he’s talking about:

I knew some folks in USAF that worked in the White House Communications Agency.  I was never sure whether the USAF ran the office or just contributed staff, as my acquaintances were simply participating in projects I was working on and did not talk about their office.

Anyway, my theory would be that when Joe Biden was Vice President, he probably wanted to communicate safely with his family while he was traveling.  The comms office could have set up Microsoft Outlook (web based or application) and the DoD Root Certificates to enable emailing between father and son.  It would have violated regulations imposed on most military/government employees.  But I could see an argument where it was safer than doing email exchanges on Gmail or Hotmail or something similar.  Especially when either was traveling to a communist country.  Since the President can authorize security departures from standard regulations, I would think it would have been easy for the President to authorize this.

Also, the DoD Root Certificates would have (I assume) been for use on the unclassified NIPRNet network.  Nothing classified is authorized on that network, and at most it is used for Official Use Only.  Also, for Outlook to work, the military installers would have had to create an account for Hunter Biden on one of the DoD email servers.  I assume the Vice President is automatically given an account.

Bottom line, there is a non-nefarious reason Hunter Biden’s laptop might have had the DoD Root Certificates.  Even so, the rest of us in government service were allowed to use our government email accounts only for official business.  And of course, even though the certificates might have been installed for security reasons, it doesn’t mean that Hunter Biden might not have misused the capability.

Interesting indeed.  What we still don’t know if how Hunter Biden got those keys, and who authorized them?  Did he use them for innocuous family correspondence, or for other purposes?  Was that laptop compromised (that’s likely)?  Who compromised it and what did they do with the information?  Of course, since the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was calling the Chinese promising to betray America, whatever Hunter did might be rather low on the totem pole of betrayal.

So, “non-nefarious”?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  We’re finding out more and more all the time on this topic, though the Lamestream Media is still being coy about digging too deeply.  More, of course, as developments warrant.