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I would like to believe most of the men and women working at the FBI are honorable, ethical.  I would like to believe they are taught ethics, and as members of the self-described premiere American law enforcement agency, feel an individual imperative to universally uphold them.  I would like to believe each and every one of them would sooner cut off a limb than become a political thug.  I would like to believe they are honest, that they know right from wrong and always tell the truth.  That’s would I would like to believe.  Fox News suggests I’m naïve:

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., contends Democrats have a stake in digging for more details about the FBI breaking its own rules to probe elected officials, political candidates, religious organizations and the news media.

The FBI conducted an internal audit, a highly redacted version of which came to light earlier this month, that found 747 ‘compliance errors’ across 353 separate cases in the category of ‘sensitive investigative matters.’ The bureau acknowledged the 2019 audit findings were ‘unacceptable.’

What, pray tell, are “compliance matters?”  Every law enforcement agency has polices and procedures.  They establish methods of doing daily business, establish uniform standards for performance and ultimately, help ensure employees do not violate the many, many laws with which they daily deal.  In this context, we’re obviously not talking about FBI agents failing to file the correct paperwork for a day off or failing to write reports in the approved manner, but violating the law.  As recent experience demonstrates, lying to obtain warrants, lying to judges, conducting illegal surveillance, conducting a coup against a sitting president, and similar “compliance matters.”

‘It possibly includes information about the surveillance of candidate Trump and later President Trump. But this is almost 750 compliance problems in 350 cases,’ Biggs told Fox News. ‘The next step is to call on the committee to have a hearing on this. If I was in the majority, I would want to get to the bottom of this. I suspect this conduct goes back for multiple administrations and has been an ongoing problem affecting members of both parties.’

If this kind of corruption didn’t begin in the Obama Administration, it certainly blossomed and became institutionalized there. 

Biggs signed onto a March 21 letter with the House Judiciary Committee’s ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., to FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting an unredacted copy of the report, documents referring to or relating to the audit, an explanation of whether the FBI resolved the matters and a description of the FBI’s predicate to open investigations into politicians, religious groups and others named in the audit.

It will not be surprising to learn the FBI has not, to date, responded:

An FBI spokesperson confirmed the bureau did receive the letter from the three GOP House members but did not say whether it would respond to the members or when.

‘The FBI takes compliance very seriously, especially when it comes to sensitive investigative matters, which is why, in 2019, we conducted an internal audit of those matters,’ the spokesperson said in an email response to Fox News. ‘While the number of deviations from FBI approval, notification and administrative requirements noted in the report is unacceptable, we began implementing important changes in training and raising awareness even prior to issuance of the report, and we remain committed to ensuring all personnel adhere to our internal investigative and operational guidelines.’

We should be horrified, rather than encouraged, by this bureaucrat-speak admission.  Having been a police officer, I can certify it is expected of every officer that they know right from wrong, that they not only refrain from doing the wrong thing, but they refrain from breaking the law, and they do not tolerate those that do.  They’re the police, for God’s sake!  One would expect the FBI, which has always represented itself as being head and shoulders above mere local police agencies in institutional and individual integrity, to not have to implement, agency-wide, “important changes in training and raising awareness.”  They’re the FBI, for God’s sake!  Every law enforcement agency has personnel who will, occasionally, fall short, and that is handled individually.  That’s an aberration, but apparently not for the FBI.  The FBI is admitting it is far less honorably circumspect that the smallest local sheriff’s office.

‘This internal audit and the staggering number of errors it found suggest a pattern of misconduct and mismanagement within the FBI in failing to uphold internal rules for its most sensitive cases,’ the House GOP letter to Wray states.

The letter goes on to remind the director that in testimony before the committee in 2021, he said the FBI ‘investigate[s] individuals with proper predication’ and said it does not ‘investigate First Amendment groups … [or] people for speech, association, for assembly [or] for membership in domestic First Amendment groups.’

Take the link and read the entire article, but what’s this “proper predication” all about?  It’s simple: police officers investigate people and organizations only when a reasonable police officer would believe crimes have been, or are about to be, committed.  They do not abuse their considerable powers for personal or political reasons.  Why, when police agencies are always short-staffed and are always overwhelmed with legitimate investigative work, would they do otherwise?  There’s more than enough actual crime to go around.  They do otherwise when they’re not police agencies, but regime protection forces, political thugs whose duty is to protect the regime at all costs and to punish the enemies of the regime.  That, and corrupt officers use their power to harm people they just don’t like, which where the FBI is concerned, seems lately to be Normal Americans, and certainly non-Democrats/Socialists/Communists.

It also seems the FBI is slightly branching out in its D/S/C protection duties, as The College Fix reports:

The FBI remains very tight-lipped about its investigation into a plethora of bomb threats targeting historically black colleges and universities in recent months.

In comments during a recent Congressional Oversight Committee, as well as in a statement to The College Fix, the agency provided scant details on the suspects or their precise motives.

An unnamed ‘law enforcement’ official, cited in numerous news reports last month, said the FBI is looking at six ‘tech-savvy juveniles’ who appear to be racial motivated.

Can you see where this is going, gentle readers?  Hint: the demand for “hate crimes” far exceeds the supply.

At the Congressional Oversight Committee hearing last week, [FBI] Executive Assistant Director Ryan Young told lawmakers much the same thing.

Asked specifically about the suspects’ race and motive this week, the FBI told The College Fix:  ‘We don’t have anything to add to EAD Young’s Congressional testimony last week other than to reaffirm that the investigation of these bomb threats remains of the highest priority for the FBI.’

On Feb. 23, the agency released a statement that said from January 4 to February 16, there were 57 bomb threats lodged across the country to colleges and other institutions made either through phone calls, e-mails, instant messages or anonymous online posts.

Golly.  How dangerous have these threats been?

‘The FBI is investigating these cases as racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism and hate crimes,’ it stated, adding no explosive devices related to these threats have been found.

In other words, the kinds of bomb threats made around the nation all the time and routinely handled by local police forces.  The FBI has made no arrests—keep that in mind as we continue.

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) [during a congressional hearing] questioned Young on why no arrests have been made.

‘This year 59 historically black colleges and universities have been targeted with bomb threats,’ Rep. Higgins said during the hearing. ‘That’s absolutely unacceptable and this committee is looking for guarantees from the FBI that there’s gonna be arrests made.’

Higgins admitted the investigation has been narrowed to six juveniles, but refused to comment further.

In his testimony, Young stated that 55 came by threat, 4 by email, one by instant message and one posted on a blog.

‘Was the person who actually made the threat — were they capable of carrying through with the threat actually to a physical action, other than simply a verbal threat?’ Clyde asked.

Good question.  Young wouldn’t answer.

Another congressman that questioned Young about the suspects was Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX).

First, Fallon confirmed that there in fact had been no arrests made before asking, ‘So we haven’t made any arrests, so how do we know that they’re coming from six tech-savvy juveniles?’

‘Some of them come from encrypted platforms and so it’s been, you know, challenges with attribution,’ Young answered.

‘So how would we know the ages of the perpetrators if we don’t know who they are?’ Fallon asked as a follow-up question.

‘I can’t go too much more into the investigation, sir, but that’s — understand that this is a high priority,’ Young answered, adding they are using ‘counter terrorism’ tech resources.

So are these perps acting on behalf of hostile nations?  International terrorist organizations?  Is that why FBI “counter terrorism” assets are being used?

‘So we don’t know who they are but we know they’re juveniles and then — how do we know what their motivations are if we don’t know who they are?’ Fallon pressed. ‘I’m confused.’

Me too, but I suspect the FBI wants it that way:

‘I can’t go too much into the investigation sir, but based upon the statements that were made — that were received by the divisions, they were what we would call racially motivated,’ Young responded.

So not terrorists then?

‘Right, from the statements, but we don’t know who it is yet,’ said Fallon, adding that while there are certainly legitimate hate crimes, sometimes they turn out to be hoaxes.

While Fallon raised the specter of a ‘false flag,’ not once during the Congressional hearing was Young asked by anyone about the suspect or suspects’ race, according to a College Fix review of the hearing; although some lawmakers referenced white supremacy as the motive.

Of course they did.

This week, Vice President Kamala Harris announced new grant funding for HBCUs, citing the bomb threats, to be used for mental health professionals and enhanced security, Campus Safety reported.

Of course she did. Take the link and read the entire article. Have you figured it out yet, gentle readers?  These “bomb threats” are probably another race hoax, almost certainly committed by black students or other politically favored black groups.  Perhaps the FBI is still smarting over sending at least 13 agents to investigate the NASCAR garage door pull hoax?  Exposing and arresting such people would be very much against the “white supremacy” narrative, so no arrests have been made, nor will they be made.  Why is the FBI involved rather than local agencies?  Because local agencies would be likely to expose race hoaxes, and there’s no political advantage, and much political damage, in that, particularly with a probable mid-term slaughter of D/S/Cs in the offing.

As I’m sure you recall, the FBI has also been expending an enormous amount of resources in the investigation of the “theft” of Temporary President Biden’s daughter, Ashley’s diary.

It wasn’t a theft at all, actually.  Prior to following family tradition and expectations by going into drug rehab, Ashley Biden abandoned the diary, and other personal possessions, in the home where she had been staying.  The diary eventually wound up in the hands of Project Veritas, which exercised far more journalistic integrity than the Lamestream Media, and because they could not verify its authenticity, not only declined to print anything about it, but turned it over to the police.  For this, the FBI not only searched the homes of many PV employees, but seized their property.

What we know beyond any doubt is the diary contains very embarrassing, and possibly criminal, revelations about Joe Biden and perhaps other family members.  From what is currently known, it appears PV had no hand in any theft, and even if they did, this too is a matter for local law enforcement, nothing more than a misdemeanor.  The only reason the FBI could possibly legitimately be involved is if the diary contained information compromising national security, which is actually not as unlikely as one might imagine, or if they are acting as a regime protection force, which is the more likely explanation.  I may be wrong.  Perhaps I missed the Congressional authorization for the FBI to become a national diary theft investigation agency.

Perhaps there are logical, constitutional, ethical reasons why the FBI is doing what appear to be illogical, unconstitutional, unethical things.  That’s what I’d like to believe.