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A society that does not honor and defend women, that does not recognize the reality of biology, commits suicide.  Men that do not honor and protect women are not men at all. A society that allows the mentally ill, the stupid and the despotic to dictate reality is easy pickings for societies that do not.

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I speak, generally, of “transsexual women” and particularly of one Will Thomas, now the NCAA 500 Freestyle women’s champion.  Thomas is a “transsexual woman,” which means he—no, I’m not playing the pronoun game—has the size, strength, musculature, endurance, cardiovascular and lung capacity of a man while pretending to be female.  Unlike women, he has no vagina or reproductive organs, no female skeleton, no breasts, no female DNA, though to compensate, in addition to his aforementioned male advantages, he has a penis and testicles, which, according to his actually female teammates, he proudly displays, erect, in the locker room.

Talk about living the fantasies of adolescent boys!  The only difference is Thomas is not actually invisible, but woke insanity forces others, particularly naked female swimmers, to pretend he’s female and his erect penis, dangling testicles and leering grin are invisible.

It is a fundamental characteristic of all totalitarian regimes to not only lie, but to force its subjects to live and repeat lies as though they were truth.  Thomas’ teammates have been forced to accept the lies about Thomas under threat of banishment from the team, loss of scholarships, social ostracism and thinly veiled threats of loss of future job opportunities.

Allow me please, gentle readers, to be blunt: Will Thomas is a male, and a very poor male.  He is a cheat and a fraud, a bully and abuser of women.  Is he mentally ill?  Perhaps, but the comments of his teammates and his actions would suggest he is a knowing fraud, pretending to be a woman for fame and potential fortune.  Consider this from The Aspen Beat:

 At the Ivy League Championship Swim Meet last weekend [02-19/20-22], Thomas easily won four events, setting pool and league records. She may be the most-improved swimmer in history. She was ranked 462nd in the country a few years ago, and is now ranked Number 1.

The difference is not that her swim times have gotten better. It’s that her competition has gotten worse. Her Number 462 ranking was against men, while her Number 1 ranking is against women.

From 462nd to 1st.  To further understand just how wide the male to female performance gap is, consider this from The American Thinker:

How would a Will Thomas have performed in the same race swimming against men? His/her winning time in the 500-yard freestyle was 4:33.24. For comparison, let’s look at the same men’s event from last year, as this year’s competition has not taken place.

The men’s winning time in the NCAA championship 500-yard freestyle was 4:07.97. Thomas’s time would not have made the finals or consolation race. The slowest of the top 16 men swam the event in 4:16.13, 17 seconds faster than Thomas’s winning time in the women’s event. That’s a huge difference, half a pool length, compared to the only 9-second gap between 1st and 16th place in the men’s race.

If Thomas was still Will, competing as a man, he would not be competing in the NCAA championships and would not be an ivy league champion swimmer.

At the top levels in any racing sport, the difference between places is measured in a very few seconds or fractions of a second. 

The Lampoon was prophetic…

Those who have studied Marxism and related pathologies know they believe America will not be destroyed from without, but from within, by creating discord and hatred for all for which America stands.  People who hate themselves and their country are easily dominated and conquered.  This is why Marxists and fellow travelers have always sought to indoctrinate the young, and to tear down traditional, sane American beliefs and practices rooted in Judeo-Christian belief.  I am tempted to say I don’t care about delusional, mentally ill people like Thomas—understanding he may be neither, but merely a cheap con man–but I must, we all must, because they’re destroying the very idea of merit and trying to eliminate objective reality, replacing it with inherently destructive, irrational narratives and subjective “reality,” subject to ever changing D/S/C political demands.  Complicit in the establishment of non-reality is the NCAA: 

‘The NCAA Board of Governors firmly and unequivocally supports the opportunity for transgender student-athletes to compete in college sports,’ the statement said. ‘This commitment is grounded in our values of inclusion and fair competition.’

“Fair competition.”  See what I mean about non-reality?

The organization said it has ‘a long-standing policy’ that provides ‘a more inclusive path’ for transgender athletes to participate by going through a year of hormonal therapy to suppress testosterone in transgender women to participate in women’s sports and aligns with the polices of both the International Olympic Committee and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

They know damned well “a year of hormonal therapy” does not erase the irreducible performance advantages of going through male puberty.

‘Inclusion and fairness can coexist for all student-athletes, including transgender athletes, at all levels of sport,’ the statement said. ‘Our clear expectation as the Association’s top governing body is that all student-athletes will be treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to ensuring that NCAA championships are open for all who earn the right to compete in them.’

Of course.  By unfairly beating women.  So what’s the standard?  A trans can compete against women as long as he doesn’t beat them too badly?  A man mediocre in male competitions can suddenly “identify” as a woman and immediately stand at the top ranks of women’s sports so long as he isn’t brazen about it in word or deed?  Or like Thomas, brazenness is good, stunning and brave?  Even when Thomas throws a race so as not to appear too overpowering, his mere presence denies a team slot to a worthy woman.

Fortunately, there are some voices of sanity, such as this from Brietbart:

The editor of one of the nation’s top swimming magazines says that the advantage a transgender swimmer has in women’s sports is just like the unfair advantage athletes who dope have over opponents.

John Lohn, chief editor of Swimming World, said that transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas — who has been smashing women’s swimming records since ‘transitioning’ to a female this season — has a ‘clear-cut edge over the biological females.’ [skip]

Lohn praised parents of U Penn students who penned a letter to the NCAA demanding that something is done about the damage Thomas is doing to the integrity of women’s sports.

‘Good for speaking out against an injustice,’ Lohn insisted of the parents’ letter. ‘Now, the NCAA needs to act, and it needs to act quickly. This scenario – with the effects of doping – cannot linger. For the good of the sport, and for fairness to those competing as biological women, a ruling must come down soon.’

To date, the NCAA has made no comments about the U Penn parents’ letter, but Lohn pleaded for the organization to do something, adding, ‘If it doesn’t, the NCAA just doesn’t care.’

Oh, it cares, just not for the welfare of women or women’s sports.  Take the link and read the entire article.  Consider this from another Brietbart article:

Jeri Shanteau, an 11-time NCAA All-American swimming champion, is stepping up to call for an end to biological men competing as women in college swimming as U Penn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas continues a controversial swimming career.

Shanteau appeared on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle with guest host Sean Duffy on Tuesday and called for a ‘political movement’ to confront the growing problem of men who claim to be transgender women competing in women’s sports. ‘If you care about women you should care about this cause. … Male bodies competing against women does not uphold what we believe in fairness of sport. And it will trickle down to everything else in life,’ she added.

The former swimming champ gave a ‘call to action’ during her appearance.

She added, ‘what you see right now in women’s athletics is going to be the extinction of women’s sports in general. This is the beginning phases of what this looks like. We need people to understand what is going on in athletics. We need people to understand that this is a complete discrimination of women, and what is happening that we do not have our institutions and our universities and our governing bodies standing by.’

‘Watching this unfold is complete neglect,’ Shanteau warned.

Indeed, unless the NCAA and other trans-supporting cracktivists are doing it on purpose, and they are.  Consider this from PJ Media:

Dennis Prager did a sort of year in review at PJ Media the other day, and had this, among others, observation:

JULY 20: You have a right to be transgender. You don’t have a right to expose your penis to women.

I suspect Prager meant one is free to think themselves transgender.  There is no such right, not even in the emanations of penumbras to be found lurking in the Constitution.  There is no right, enforceable on others or limiting government.  Of course, the current government isn’t big on recognizing individual rights, other than make believe, woke rights.

I’ll speak to the issue of “trans rights” shortly.  There is, happily, evidence trans cracktivists know their narrative is failing:

‘Right now, our opposition wins the debate on trans youth in sports against any and all arguments we have tried for our side,’ admits a “Messaging Guide” by the California-based Transgender Law Center.

That’s because the argument against “trans youth in sports” is reality and law based as opposed to narrative, emotion, name calling and screaming based.

Overall, ‘we can at best elicit sympathy, a passive and often patronizing attitude that alienates our base [of current supporters] and fails to generate sustained interest from persuadable audiences’ of swing voters, said the guide, which is titled ‘Transgender Youth and the Freedom to Be Ourselves.’

The counter-strategy is to stealthily hook their aggressive ideology to the public’s existing sympathy for poor people, women, and racial minorities, according to the messaging guide:

‘…the Race Class Narrative to tell a convincing story of how our opposition uses strategic racism and transphobia to harm us all; and how, by coming together, we can ensure we all have the freedom to be ourselves and support one another.’

Transphobia (noun): refusing to accept any and every trans argument and demand, and refusing to praise every trans for their superior morality and bravery.

There is evidence Thomas knows his narrative is failing, and as a result, has thrown several races to women, as The Daily Mail reports:

Transgender University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas was crushed twice in a women’s swim meet by another transgender competitor who is transitioning from female to male – first in the 100-yard freestyle, where she placed fifth, and then again in the 400-yard freestyle relay.

Competing against Ivy League rivals Dartmouth and Yale, Thomas won the first of her four races by just two seconds – one month after she shattered two women’s records with a 38-second margin against her closest competitor. She also narrowly won the 500-yard freestyle by a second, with bystanders telling DailyMail.com that she seemed to be ‘coasting’ and ‘barely trying’.

But stunned parents at the meet held at UPenn’s pool in Philadelphia gasped as Yale swimmer Iszac Henig easily beat out his opponents in the women’s 100-yard freestyle with a time of 49.57 seconds. Thomas finished fifth with a time of 52.84 seconds.

A few brave, actually female Penn swimmers also said Thomas was throwing the races.  Thomas is not gracious in his fraud, as The Washington Examiner reports:

The crux of the [Penn State] swimmers’ complaints is the biological advantage that Lia has over female teammates. The swimmers were promised competition between females, not men who want to be female. Yet, there’s also the matter of an apparently inflated ego.

‘She compares herself to Jackie Robinson,’ the female swimmer told me. ‘She said she is like the Jackie Robinson of trans sports.’

Any such comparison to Jackie Robinson–NBC News did it too–is historically illiterate and makes a mockery of those who sacrificed so much for equal rights.

‘I try not to be around her because the whole situation makes me so mad,’ the swimmer added. ‘I don’t think Lia is a bad person. She’s very quiet and kind of introverted … It’s just really hard for me to respect her at all because of what she’s doing to my team and what she’s doing to women in general and not caring.’

Notice the female swimmer feels she must remain anonymous, and she must repeat the lie that Thomas is a “she.” 

Notice how NBC softened Thomas’ complexion, nose, eyebrows and even his chin to try to make him look feminine.

She asserted that Thomas evinces a lack of sincerity and empathy toward teammates.

‘She laughs about it and mocks the situation,’ the female swimmer told me. ‘Instead of caring or showing that she cares about what she’s doing or what she’s doing to her teammates, she’s not sympathetic or empathetic at all. Lia never addressed our team. She never asked if it was OK. She never asked how we felt. She never tried to explain how she feels. She never has said anything to us as a group. She never addressed anything.’

‘All she does is make comments to people like, ‘At least I’m still No. 1 in the country,’ and those kinds of cocky things,’ she said. ‘She doesn’t care how all this is affecting us and how this is affecting our relationship to swimming. She doesn’t care, and it makes it really hard to like her.’

That’s become Thomas is a liar and cheat and isn’t female, as this article explains:

Members of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team are reportedly uncomfortable changing and showering with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in the locker room, according to the latest reports on this controversial college athlete.

Thomas, who has claimed to have ‘transitioned’ to being a woman, has never gone through any surgical procedures and is still fully endowed with male genitalia. And according to reports, Thomas’s parading around in locker rooms with male genitalia has upset some of the natural-born female team members, the Daily Mail reported.

Gee, I can’t imagine why.

‘It’s definitely awkward because Lia still has male body parts and is still attracted to women,’ the unnamed source told the Mail, adding that Thomas tells teammates that he is still attracted to women.

The paper added that some of Thomas’ teammates had asked UPenn’s coach to get Thomas to use other facilities to change and shower. But thus far, school officials have ignored the issue.

‘Multiple swimmers have raised it, multiple different times,’ the source told the Mail. ‘But we were basically told that we could not ostracize Lia by not having her in the locker room and that there’s nothing we can do about it, that we basically have to roll over and accept it, or we cannot use our own locker room.’

The source, a female swimmer on the UPenn team, added that ‘Lia doesn’t seem to care how it makes anyone else feel.’

Imagine a narcissistic fraud not caring about the feelings of others.

The swimmer also said that the school has told them to knuckle under and accept the situation. ‘The 35 of us are just supposed to accept being uncomfortable in our own space and locker room for, like, the feelings of one,’ she said.

‘The school was so focused on making sure Lia was okay and doing everything they possibly could do for her that they didn’t even think about the rest of us,’ the woman said.

Such is the nature of the contemporary university.  Take the link and read the whole thing.

Final Thoughts:

Should women compete exclusively against women?  If they don’t we make a mockery of Title IX, which established equal athletic opportunities for women.  Take this link to read the law, written in 1972.  It absolutely does not support trans demands.

Trans cheerleaders are like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart who, speaking of obscenity, said: “I can’t define it, but I know it when I see it.”  Trans cracktivists cannot define “woman,” but they know one when they see one, particularly if they aren’t actually female.  Thus do we have “chestfeeders, “bleeders” and “birthing persons.”  Thus are we expected to accept the lunacy that men—and whatever other genders trans cheerleaders dream up—can become pregnant and bear children.  They know perfectly well what women are, but biological reality has no room for people who “identify” as women, so women become indefinable except as those who “identify” as women, regardless of their male appendages, DNA and innate physiology.  To do otherwise exposes the trans narrative as the evil lie it is.

We have human rights, given us by our Creator, who created two sexes, male and female. These rights are acknowledged, not created, by The Bill of Rights, and if unmolested by government, are sufficient for men and women.  Additional “rights,” such as “gay rights,” “lesbian rights,” “black rights” and “trans rights” are as unnecessary as they are destructive.  They are not demands for equal treatment under the law, but for preferential treatment, for infringing on the rights of others, and for breaching the barrier between reality and totalitarian oppression.  They make some animals more equal than others, and require the oppressed to celebrate their oppression by praising the superior intellects and morality of their oppressors.

ESPN has become a woke parody of sports broadcasting

Worse, such “rights” are reversions to tribalism, to separating Americans not only by race and nationality, but by whims, sexual preferences, even mental illness.  They serve to disrupt and destroy, to weaken not only individual will, but to empower those who wish nothing but the destruction of America.  An obvious proof of this is screams of outrage at the mention of “white rights,” “male rights,” or even the manifestly true: “all lives matter.”

Under the Constitution, all lives do matter, because all Americans are equal under the law.  That the system does not always live up to its ideals is not justification for destroying the best system ever built, but for redoubling our efforts.  Tribalism, whether racial or sexual, does nothing but destroy the actual rights of all.

There is no right to demand others participate in anyone’s delusions.  Will we allow America to be transformed into a society that caters to the whims of a tiny minority or do we stand by objective reality?  Recognizing reality is no more hate than a man who “identifies as a woman” is a woman.

Some have suggested if whenever a guy pretending to be a girl takes the starting platforms, if every genuinely female contender refuses to enter the pool, just sits down on the starting platform, things would change, but that’s a bit naive.  The optics, as they say, would be delicious, but under our current system, those deserving young ladies would be individually punished by their oh-so-woke schools and athletic governing bodies.  The pressure for sanity must be broader, society wide and deep.

Unless the Olympic committee allows Thomas to compete in the women’s Olympics, he will soon fade into historical infamy. He is a fraudulent trailblazer, the momentary woke darling, and he won’t be the last, unless a sufficient number of Americans stand up and collectively scream “enough!”