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Welcome, gentle readers, to the 40th edition of Too Stupid To Survive.  More than ever, stupidity is increasing so quickly and in such profusion, I spend most of my time sifting between levels, such as “incredibly stupid,” and unbelievably stupid,” and all for your benefit.  There is so much mere stupidity out there it no longer merits consideration for inclusion in this series.  We begin—where else?—with our Vice President:

Oh. My. God:

The White House is sending Vice President Kamala Harris to Europe next week to reassure NATO allied countries the United States stands with them.

I’m sure she’ll use her Pepe LePew accent again, since it worked so well with the French last time.  This could be a game changer in that she’s likely to cause Europe to voluntarily surrender to Putin if he guarantees she won’t come back.  I seem to remember something about the 2020 election being the most fair and honest in history and if you don’t agree you’re a domestic terrorist:

A study of Maricopa County’s mail ballots in Arizona’s 2020 presidential election estimates that more than 200,000 ballots with mismatched signatures were counted without being reviewed, or ‘cured’ — more than eight times the 25,000 signature mismatches requiring curing acknowledged by the county.

Biden “won” Arizona by 10,457 votes.  Pay no attention to the Arizona ballots, you domestic terrorists!  I wonder why the Biden’s keep referring to Kamala—who is unsure of the pronunciation of her first name—as “president”?

First Lady Jill Biden stumbled during her introduction of Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday, calling her the ‘president’ before correcting herself.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the president…’ She began before pausing and trying to correct herself.

As the crowd burst into laughter, Jill Biden said sheepishly, ‘I just said that to make you laugh,’ before introducing the vice president correctly.

She reminds me of my cats, who, when they fall off a chair or run headlong into something, immediately adopt their “I totally meant to do that” act and strut out of sight.  Sure you did Jill, suuuuure you did.  And we’re getting it good and hard:

Vice President Kamala Harris went off script on Monday in a speech at an event at the White House celebrating Black History Month to remind black Democrats that their vote for Joe Biden was not misplaced.

‘Because as we all know, elections matter. And when folks vote, they order what they want, and in this case, they got what they asked for,’ Harris said.

Which is why D/S/Cs are in a panic about blacks and Hispanics turning into instant Republicans in huge numbers.  This sounds kind of familiar:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed Tuesday that the American people did not really appreciate President Joe Biden because they don’t know about everything he has done for them.

‘Well, I think tonight is going to be very important because for people to appreciate what the president has done and working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is,’ Pelosi replied.

The Speaker went on to quote former President Abraham Lincoln, saying, ‘President Lincoln said, ‘Public sentiment is everything. With it you can accomplish almost everything. Without it practically nothing.’ But people have to know for public sentiment.’

If only there were organizations—we could call them “the media”–dedicated to telling the American people about all the wonderful things Biden has accomplished, while hiding all the bad things he has done and the things he’s failed to accomplish.  If we only had “the media” we’d know “what it is.”  Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

The woke crazies are trying to change American history once again. This time it’s the University of North Carolina. UNC is teaching students that America’s war against Japan in WWII was rooting in America’s ‘white supremacy.’

No, it wasn’t Japanese expansionism, it wasn’t its own racist domination of other Asian nations in its Pacific region, it had nothing to do with Japan’s deals with Nazi Germany, it even (so they say) wasn’t due to its sneak attack on Pearl Harbor killing more than 2,400 Americans. To these woke people December 7, 1941, wasn’t ‘a date which will live in infamy’

Heck no, truthful history buff to these educators America went to war with Japan because Americans are white supremacist racists. You see, white people are baaaaad!

They really are that stupid—and crazy.  And speaking of stupid and crazy:

During an interview with CBS on Monday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg responded to a question on whether the administration believes the U.S. should drill for more oil to deal with high gas prices by stating that President Biden has taken steps like ‘diplomatic efforts to increase global oil production’ and that while every option should be considered, ‘we are in the middle of a long-term transformation that is already fast underway’ away from oil.

Would those “diplomatic steps” include the two Saudi princes who refused to speak with Biden?  

 Buttigieg responded, ‘Well, look, the president has laid out and taken a number of steps, including addressing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, including diplomatic efforts to increase global oil production, and other ideas that have been raised that are on the table. Because everything deserves to be considered.

Everything but exploiting America’s enormous energy reserves, which would also create actual, lucrative jobs and greatly buttress our national security.  Oh yes, and nuclear power plants because nuclear bad, baaaaaaaad, and Climate Change and shut up you racists.

But let’s also be clear, that we are in the middle of a long-term transformation that is already fast underway, especially when it comes to vehicles. Making electric vehicles more affordable for Americans is something that the president has proposed and is hoping Congress will pass. … We want them to be American-made electric vehicles, creating American jobs on American soil. And that’s going to continue to be a policy priority for this department and administration, even as we’re acting to provide more short-term relief.’

The only way to make EVs more affordable is to use taxpayer money to heavily subsidize them to the tune of $20,000 each, and Americans still won’t want to buy them because they’re not ready for prime time, and in states which feature “winter,” they suck snowplows.  Go here to discover why Buttegieg’s waking hallucinations are impossible.  Kamala Harris had deep thoughts on this issue too:

It’s always discouraging to discover we’re about 20 years behind Germany:

It’s always good to learn our military is cutting edge:

While the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, the U.S. Army’s priority is on training its soldiers about gender pronouns and when to offer gender transition surgery, according to an official Army presentation obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Entitled ‘Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Persons and Persons with Gender Dysphoria,’ the mandatory training was reportedly given to officers last month, along with instructions for training their subordinates on the material. The Free Beacon obtained portions of the presentation from a whistleblower who shared it with the news outlet.

The materials come from an official program ‘used to train Army personnel on the recent changes to the DoD and Army transgender service policy,’ an Army spokesman confirmed to the Free Beacon. As per the spokesman, all Army personnel are required to participate in the training by Sept. 30.

‘A telling phrase in the presentation—’assigned [male or female] at birth’—reveals that whoever developed the presentation material, and the policy being implemented, accepts the argument that gender is an artificial construct rather than a biological reality,’ Wood told the Free Beacon. ‘This is a highly controversial argument promoted by the progressive left and rejected by the conservative right.’

It’s also rejected by everyone who recognizes reality.  But if the Russians or Chinese ever challenge us to a microaggression match, we’ll run to our safe spaces and pet fuzzy stuffed animals while we cry.  I don’t have any graphic for this one because…well, you’ll see:

By sifting through various government websites and databases, WCW found that the NIH has been funding an experiment called ‘Rostrocaudal Distribution of the C-Fos-Immunopositive Spinal Network Defined by Muscle Activity during Locomotion.’ According to the group, 18 healthy cats had portions of their brains removed and electrodes implanted in their spines before being forced to walk on a treadmill for spinal cord experiments.

‘Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to pay white coats in the Russian government to torture and kill cats in wasteful treadmill experiments,’ Vice President of WCW Mackie Burr said in an exclusive statement to Breitbart News. The group is also known for uncovering at least six separate incidents of labs experimenting on beagles using taxpayer dollars — the group refers to its collection of investigations as ‘BeagleGate.’

You do need to see this:

Yeah, it really pisses me off too…

The experiments were performed at the Pavlov Institute of Physiology, which is one of four state-run labs in Russia that the NIH has given approval to receive taxpayer dollars, specifically for animal testing. The specific NIH grant, NS100928, was awarded to the Georgia Institute of Technology, which then sub-awarded the funds to the Pavlov Institute, WCW reported.

Government data shows that the grant has received $2,724,022 since 2017. In November 2021, $549,331 of the NIH grant was sent to the Pavlov Institute, and another $221,135 was sent in 2018. The grant is set to expire on May 31, 2022.

Russia?! Why Russia?  Because they couldn’t find Americans sufficiently soulless and corrupt for this one?  Because in America we put people who torture animals in jail and throw away the key?  Fauci and his NIH thugs are pure evil, and so are the D/S/C comrades who pay and protect them.  Go here to read more about this.

Our “leaders” are not only importing known Muslim terrorists into America, they’re letting them go, and they have no idea where they went:

As the Biden administration moves to ship tens of thousands of Afghan refugees into American communities to live, there is growing concern that the vetting process to weed out ‘known or suspected terrorists,’ including those involved in IED attacks on American troops, failed.

At issue is a newly released Pentagon inspector general’s report that highlighted the dozens of refugees who slipped through the process and are suspected of being dangerous.

Which means they’re absolutely certain they’re “dangerous,” but don’t have the adult honor to own up to their mistakes. At least they could have the decency to say: “Oooops.” Larry Correia has a trenchant comment:

All of these effeminate little sneering leftists are one bad day away from being Pol Pot. All of them. Never forget that. Once they reveal who they are they need to be driven from office and never let anywhere near any sort of authority ever again. They will happily destroy you and everyone you love.

Pol Pot was the Cambodian communist dictator who murdered at least 2 million of his own citizens.  He particularly liked to kill people who wore glasses on the theory they must be intellectuals.

She might want to talk with Alaskans, who tend to have to drive and fly a looooong way on a regular basis, about that.  I’m sure their comments will be something like: “let’s go Brandon!”

Rachel is the sister of former Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, the Pillsberry doughsoldier who had an ankle-biting role in Trump’s second failed Impeachment circus.  But she’s right: what a horrible, un-American thing for Stefanik to say, supporting the victims of Russian barbarism that way.

I don’t know about you, but when I need clarity about complex international issues, I always turn to celebrities.  And speaking of people who are famous for being famous—and gay—here’s Secretary Pete again:

Anchor Stephanie Ruhle said, ‘I want to stay on gas for another moment. You’re absolutely right, the president does not set the price of gas, but he can influence it. And while releasing some strategic reserves matters, given how much has been released, it is really just a drop in the bucket. Are there things, and I realize this is controversial, it has huge environmental impacts, could the president possibly consider authorizing the Keystone Pipeline? Or working something out with Iran?’

Buttigieg said, ‘Look, the president has said that all options are on the table.

Except the options that would benefit America.

But we also need to make sure that we are not galloping after permanent solutions to immediate short term problems, where more strategic and tactical actions in the short term that can make a difference, like what you have with the strategic reserve, which exists partly in order to respond to situations like this.’

Put aside the fact that word salad made no sense, what I think he’s saying is actually reestablishing American energy independence is a “permanent solution[s] to immediate short term problems.”  We obviously can’t have that, because runaway inflation is only an “immediate short term problem.”  So apparently it’s the job of government not to fix any problem in any lasting way.  In that case, Pete is perfect for the job.  He couldn’t even get potholes in Indiana patched.

He added, ‘The president has laid policies that are going help cushion the impacts of any volatility in energy markets in the future by building up more of a diversified and homegrown energy base for this country.’

Take the link above, if you have not already, to see why that’s a lie.  If Buttegieg doesn’t know that, he’s even more stupid than I thought.  If he does, we don’t need the Russians and Chinese to destroy America.  We have Pete!  And he’s gay too!  It’s a twofer!

I recently wrote about the criteria any president should use in choosing a Supreme Court nominee in Supreme Court: It’s the American Thing To Do, and Supreme Court: It’s the American Thing To Do 2.  Among those criteria were not putting race and sex above competence, experience and fidelity to the Constitution and the law.  Which is why Joe Biden did just the opposite:

credit: youtube

‘I did that four days ago, when I nominated Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, one of our nation’s top legal minds, who will continue Justice Breyer’s legacy of excellence,’ Biden said during his State of the Union address on Tuesday.

“Our nation’s top legal minds”?!  Take the links to my two articles to discover just how unlikely that is.  But just to be fair, let’s see how “top” Brown actually is:

The progressive organization Demand Justice even left Jackson’s name off its lengthy list of ‘diverse, progressive’ Supreme Court candidates released in 2019.


In fact, Jackson is notorious for her high record of opinions reversed by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. ‘She’s someone who has a record of being regularly overturned by the D.C. Circuit, including the most liberal judges in that circuit,’ said Carrie Severino, president of the Judicial Crisis Network. An Ethics and Public Policy Center senior fellow also called Jackson’s reversal record ‘striking.’

The DC Circuit is just about as leftist as you get, and even they regularly think she’s too far left.

Legal scholars have also criticized Jackson for her ‘clunky’ writing style. American lawyer Ed Whelan said Jackson’s opinions have ‘clunky verbiage,’ ‘clumsy images,’ and ‘mischosen words.’

Translation: she writes like a middling bright middle school kid.

Jackson was also criticized for using ‘shocking’ political language when she wrote ‘presidents are not kings’ in a 2019 opinion regarding a House Judiciary Committee subpoena request for former White House Counsel Don McGahn to testify. Ironically, that decision was reversed by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Perhaps the most obvious indicator Brown is not remotely qualified for the job is far fewer than usual D/S/Cs are praising her, and those that do damn her with faint praise, as Shakespeare put it.

Layers and layers of editors and fact checkers.

As Joe Biden has informed us, he has rescued America from economic crisis, among others.  Go here to Issues And Insights to discover the truth.

Some people are born to greatness.  Others trip up the airplane boarding stairs:

So I mean, I think he was kind of almost experiencing like he was kind of born to be president at this moment. I hope that’s the case, and I think he’s done a good job so far, I really do.

That was James Carville, the “ragin’ Cajun.”  I think he’s been “ragin’” too long out in the hot Louisiana sun.  We end with an absolutely preventable tragedy:

The gunman who killed his three daughters, a chaperone who was supervising his visit with the children and himself in a Northern California church this week was in the United States illegally, immigration officials said Friday.

And whose fault is that?

 Too stupid to survive.