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I last wrote on the topic of supposedly racist mathematics in December of 2021 in Woke Math: Evil.  I began with a list of contemporary definitions that apply to this article as well:

Let us first, gentle readers, make sure we understand the definitions:

Mathematics, noun: racist

Academic rigor, noun: racist

Equity, noun: making sure leftist principles/activists/narratives always prevail

Inequity, noun: when leftist principles/activists/narratives don’t always prevail, which is, of course, racist

Color-blind, adjective: racist

Academic success, noun: lowering standards as much as necessary to ensure favored victim groups appear to succeed

Grading, verb: see “Academic success”

Mastery, noun: see “Academic success”

Authentic, adjective; see “equity”

White supremacy, noun: a rare and seldom seen phenomena, but always whatever D/S/Cs say it is

Racist, adjective: everything and everyone

I’d add that circa March, 2022, every positive quality white people—actually, all people—practice is racist.  Such things as honesty, sincerity, reliability, being on time, recognizing reality, hard work, attention to detail and academic excellence, are now evil and must be avoided if one is to be “authentically black,” or authentically any other sort of favored victim group.

To find my past writings on this topic, enter “math” into the SMM home page search bar.  The attempt to utterly deconstruct math and mathematics education continues apace, as Campus Reform reports:

With a $1 million check from the Gates Foundation, leading universities and local governments are building an effort to bring ‘anti-racism’ efforts to mathematics.

One can argue Bill Gates contributed substantially to civilization.  Now he’s come full circle and is helping to destroy it, by denigrating the very qualities that built Microsoft.

A Pathway to Equitable Instruction exists to address ‘barriers to math equity’ by offering ‘guidance and resources for educators to use now as they plan their curriculum, while also offering opportunities for ongoing self-reflection as they seek to develop an anti-racist math practice.’

If this is allowed to continue, contemporary and future generations of math teachers will be teaching any and everything other than math.

Gates Foundation senior communications officer Josie Duckett McSpadden confirmed to Campus Reform that the nonprofit gave $1,000,000  to the group.

One of the group’s guides — entitled ‘Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction’ — lists the ‘focus on getting the ‘right’ answer,’ the emphasis on ‘real-world math,’ state standards directing classroom instruction, and the sequential teaching of skills as ‘white supremacy culture.’

Note the inherent lunacy and destructive intent.  Math exists to get the right answers.  Without them, nothing can be manufactured or produced.  Every device upon which we depend for daily life is impossible.  Without correct answers and the accurate measurements they produce, we can’t build furniture or houses.

Accordingly, the guide endeavors to debunk several alleged signs of white supremacy in mathematics. For instance, the notion that ‘good’ math teaching is considered an antidote for mathematical inequity’ among minority students is decried on the grounds that ‘either/or thinking’ ‘allows the defensiveness of Western mathematics to prevail.’

Translation: teaching “minority” students actual mathematics, and expecting them to properly learn and apply the concepts is racist.  Anyone expecting kids to learn actual mathematics is racist and “defensive,” because anyone disagreeing with such people must be racist.  It’s also not enough not to be racist—which is impossible for white people—they must also be “anti-racist,” which means buying every jot and tittle of woke lunacy.  The reality such non-thinking implies minorities are not sufficiently intelligent to master math, or much of anything else, is likewise ignored, and pointing out that fact is also evidence of racism.

In addressing the belief that state standards ought to direct classroom instruction, the guide suggests that teachers ‘unpack how the standards uphold white supremacy culture.’

There’s that evil, productive and competent white society again.  You know, the one that used math to design and use every product “minorities” use and cherish as an integral part of their “culture?”

As an antidote to white supremacy culture, the guide suggests centering the classroom upon ‘ethnomathematics.’

Students may, for example, ‘recognize the ways that communities of color engage in mathematics and problem solving in their everyday lives’ or ‘challenge the ways that math is used to uphold capitalist, imperialist, and racist views.’

And what might be “the ways that communities of color engage in mathematics and problem solving in their everyday lives”?  To such propagandists, it’s absolutely not using actual mathematics.

Teachers are likewise encouraged to ‘intentionally include mathematicians of color’ in their instruction and ‘acknowledge the mathematical knowledge of students of color, even if it shows up unconventionally.

And what sort of unconventional “mathematical knowledge” do the authors want to be acknowledged?  If it’s not learning processes that yield correct answers, it’s certainly not math.  Propagandists argue students must be given full credit for wrong answers, for merely making some attempt at getting an answer, and certainly for parroting back Marist propaganda.

Let’s visit another Campus Reform article that demonstrates how college math professors are working to dumb down America:

Math professors and educators at leading American universities have taken to Twitter in order to debate whether math is racist.

Some asserted that objective mathematics is rooted in “white supremacist patriarchy” and white social constructs.

credit: campusreform

The debate itself was rooted in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, in which citizens of a fictional totalitarian state believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5 as a result of government propaganda.

Laurie Rubel, who teaches math education at Brooklyn College, says that the idea of math being culturally neutral is a ‘myth,’ and that asking whether 2 plus 2 equals 4 ‘reeks of white supremacist patriarchy.’

No, it “reeks” of one of the basic building blocks of mathematical knowledge.

‘Y’all must know that the idea that math is objective or neutral IS A MYTH,’ she tweeted.

Hmmm.  Is gravity subjective too?  The two sexes? If math has no right answers, how do we quantify the 57 genders and the new genders being daily discovered?

Rochelle Gutierrez, [I wrote about her here] who teaches ‘Sociopolitical Perspectives on Mathematics and Science Education’ at the University of Illinois, responded to a tweet from a former educator claiming that the U.S. ‘colonizes’ math.

‘By now it is well known, for example, that other cultures were using the theorem we call Pythagorean, yet we still refer to it with this name. This is colonization and erasure,’ the tweet from the former educator read.

Gutierrez responded with, ‘YES! This attends to the Cultures/Histories dimension of RM (addressing Western/Eurocentric maths). And, we also want to attend to the Living Practice dimension (which is more about imagining a version that builds upon ancestral knowings, but does not yet exist).’

credit: darlene enbocek.com

“Alternate ways of knowing” is a common leftist, know-nothing concept that rejects reality, substituting feelings, conjecture and leftist politics.  If Gutierrez’s writing sounds like meaningless academic jargon to you, you’re not only intelligent and rational, you’re surely racist, even if you’re not white.

Final Thoughts:  What’s happening here, gentle readers, is the ongoing Marxist “long march through the institutions,” American Marxist style.  By rejecting every productive human behavior, and denying mathematics exists to get the right answers, which allow us to build a modern, technological society, Marxists gain money and power.  That they benefit enormously on a daily basis from the products of the mathematics they deny exists does not phase them.

As one born without the math gene, if all I had to do was cry “racism” when I failed to get the right answer to a math problem, life would have been much easier for me.  I’ve often noted that while gazing at equations, the inherent wonder and beauty of the universe is not revealed to me.  I’ve often read about and talked with people whose brilliance in math, and the wonder it provides them, is inspirational, but I don’t have that kind of brain.  Even so, because I try to practice those successful human qualities, including the ability and willingness to study and learn, I aced my college math requirements.  So did many of my non-white fellow students who didn’t yet know in so doing they were racist.  Of course, I took my undergraduate degree back in the 1400s, when one demonstrated mastery of math by getting the right answers.

But why would teachers buy such nonsense?  Some are leftist true believers.  Some are merely deluded, the product of public schools and colleges teaching little but Marxist propaganda.  Some are inherently lazy.  Math is hard work, and if one isn’t very good at it, it’s much easier to pretend there is no such thing as correct answers.  And some are just poor teachers and poor human beings who lack the qualities necessary for human success, but are sufficiently smart to try to cover their inadequacies with loud, angry propaganda.

What is increasingly clear is every parent in America, in every town and school district, must be vigilant to ensure every teacher in every school is competently teaching their actual discipline, wasting no time on political indoctrination of any kind.  Because we have to hire from the human race, not every teacher will be excellent, but even those at the bottom of the “competent” column teaching actual math will do far more good for their students than the smartest person teaching propaganda.  History, social studies, English, theater, science, math, every discipline is now infected with Marxist woke propaganda, and if every parent does not, loudly and effectively, root it out and extinguish it, our future is dim indeed.  Math education is merely the latest, but potentially the most easily exposed and combatted, attempt at America’s destruction.