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No one listening to the speech will come away thinking the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration is going to do a damned thing to deal with inflation.  It is more clear than ever D/S/Cs not only have no idea of the needs, worries or lives of Normal Americans, they could not care less.

The speech lasted an hour, and was a rambling mess with few, if any transitions.  There were no changes in any policy that matters to Americans.  Biden didn’t address energy needs, except to continue his green delusions.  He didn’t address crime, prosecuting criminals, or anything that might reduce crime.  There was nothing about the DOJ pursuing parents as terrorists.  Biden tried to cloak himself in martial virtue by claiming to move mountains for veterans, while simultaneously kicking warriors out of the military over vaccinations.  Even that was a moment of pathetic narcissism.  More on that later.

There was no mention of China, our most threatening international foe.  He did blow a lot of hot air about making computer chips in America, but of course, he has recently shut down our intelligence efforts against Chinese spies in America who are stealing things like our methods of making computer chips.  He also didn’t mention Afghanistan, but to be fair, who wants to talk about the time they got caught pissing in the potted plants at  church?

What surprised me most is Biden didn’t mention January 6.  D/S/Cs have been haranguing us on that since Jan. 6.  The only reason can be the polling on this issue is deadly for D/S/Cs.  Someone might want to tell Liz Cheney.

Thank goodness for the anti-Normal Americans fence around the Capital, as well as all the police and National Guard troops.  Nothing happened.  If the DC idiots had just called me, I could have told them that, and it wouldn’t have cost boatloads of cash.

There was much glad-handing in the chamber before and after the speech, though the chamber, and the gallery, were about half empty, and more empty on the Republican side.  Only a few masks were present in the chamber.  Only five Supreme Court Justices were present:

I was struck by how old and infirm Biden looks.  His face, particularly his forehead, is deeply wrinkled.  Apparently Nancy Pelosi has used up all available stores of Botox, though it didn’t help her either.  Even compared to the 2020 campaign, where Biden’s forehead was stretched tight during every debate, his forehead looked like the Grand Canyon.  He often squinted, which I suspect was a matter of desperately trying to avoid losing his place on the teleprompter.

Congressional D/S/Cs went overboard on the initial applause, while Republicans were polite, and utterly unenthusiastic throughout.  On the occasions when Republicans joined D/S/Cs in standing applause—there seemed a lot less of that than usual–it was because of the topic, but their faces showed clearly they didn’t believe for a moment Biden would do what he was saying, and/or he was trying to claim D/S/Cs never did what they did and were trying to blame it on Republicans.

Biden began by saying “we meet as Americans,” and have “a duty to the Constitution.”  That’s where he, a man who has consistently branded Normal Americans racist and domestic terrorists and has broadly ignored the law and Constitution, lost me.

He began with broad platitudes and lies about Ukraine, but the overall message is “we stand with Ukraine, but we’re not going to do anything, in time, to save Ukraine.”  Biden essentially declared victory over Putin, as Putin is beginning to employ Russia’s most deadly weapons against civilians.  From the beginning, he was slurring final consonants, and said: “I spent countless hours unifying our European allies.”  Riiiight.  The aphorism that describes everything Biden has done regarding Ukraine thus far is: “too little, too late.”  I fear that’s going to apply going forward.  Biden made no commitment to sending Ukraine the arms and other support it needs.

He did say he was closing US airspace to Russian flights—I’ll believe it when I see it.  Despite all this, Biden mightily thundered America: “will defend every single inch of NATO territory.”  Oh yeah?  And why would anyone believe that?

Schumer thought this was his cue and had to sit back down.

During this minor tirade, Pelosi, behind Biden to the right, grinned like the village idiot, nodding like a bobblehead.  She did this throughout.  Kamala Harris, behind Biden to the left, was clearly reading one of the teleprompter screens, her lips puckered like she was sucking a lemon, an obvious expression of anxiety about what Biden might say spread across her face.  It was sadly funny to watch her expressions change to surprise and delight when he got what she feared he might screw up, mostly right.

How is Biden going to win the war against Putin?  He announced 30 other countries are going to release 60 million barrels of oil, and he’s going to release another 30 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  Just for giggles, that amount of oil will fill American’s needs for only a few days; it’s meaningless and depletes the SPR which is supposed to be used for war.  It will do nothing to reduce the price of gas or heating fuels, nor will it increase their supply.  More on this later.

But Biden reassured us, saying: “we’re going to be OK; we’re going to be OK.”  This isn’t a considered rhetorical device, but a verbalized pause akin to “um.”  It’s Biden losing his place and needing time to figure out where he is. He does it all the time.  He assured us Putin will be weaker and the rest of the world, stronger, and then he boldly exclaimed:

He’ll [Putin] never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.

I’m sure he won’t.

 Biden shifted to the economy, praising himself for getting the American Rescue Plan passed, which cut the cost of health insurance(?)!  It saved the day, and Joe blurted: “It worked; it worked!”  Not only that, the economy is great and is growing at phenomenal rates.  Other than losing 3 million jobs, he created 6.5 million jobs.  Actually, those were the jobs lost to lockdowns restarting.  He reminded us Harris and he “ran on a new economic vision for America.”  We’re certainly living it, though it does remind me of the days of Jimmy Carter, who is certainly smiling now that he has been promoted from his place at the bottom of the presidential heap.

He bragged about the infrastructure law, you know, the one that doesn’t actually do anything about infrastructure, because “infrastructure,” when it’s not racist, is any and everything.  But it’s all about Climate Change and “environmental justice.”  And to obtain both, he’s going to build a half million EV chargers, high speed internet for everyone, and he’s going to fix 65,000 miles of highways and 1500 bridges and stuff, maybe like that one in Pennsylvania.

Then he pivoted to vowing to do nothing but buy Americans products, fossil fuels excepted, of course.  Why, Intel is going to build a massive chip factory!  Intel’s CEO was in the gallery to wave and smile.  But no chip plant for us unless we don’t pass Biden’s “innovation” bill.  The Republicans present weren’t impressed.  Oh, and Ford is going to spend 11 billion on EVs nobody wants, but that’s OK, because Biden is going to make them cheaper.  He didn’t explain how that’s going to happen.  Actually he didn’t explain how he was going to do anything, instead he adopted AOC’s “just pay for it” strategy, which he would employ the entire speech.

But thankfully, speaking of inflation, Biden said “I get it.”  Then he blamed Covid and his economy-destroying policies for supply line problems and inflation.  Once again, he asserted the price of cars causes inflation, which is Bizzaro World—exactly backward—economics.  He compounded that by insisting he had a plan to fix inflation:

Lower your costs, not your wages.

Here are some of the other parts of his “plan”:

*He’s going to cut prescription drug costs, apparently forgetting Trump did just that, but Biden reversed it.  He did speak about:

…health prebreemeeiums.

*He’s going to give tax credits for weatherizing homes and businesses.  Climate change, you know.

*He’s going to lower EV prices, which, unless he can change the laws of physics and economics is going to be a neat trick.

*He’s going to cut the cost of childcare, and no one is going to spend more than 7% of their income for childcare, which we’re apparently just going to pay for.

*He’s going to make housing affordable for everyone—we’re just going to pay for it.

*No one who makes less than $400 thousand a year is going to see higher taxes, which is among his most stupid lies of the night.

*He’s going to fix the tax system to make the wealthy and corporations “pay their fair share.”  About that, he noted we have:

…more corporations incorporated in America than in every other state combined.

And we’re gonna make the bastards pay too!  He’ll do that by imposing a 50% minimum corporate tax rate, and to ensure the bastards don’t vote with their feet, he’s going to impose a global corporate minimum tax rate.  That should really get the economy roaring!  Who wouldn’t want to build factories under those circumstances?

And all of this is going to grow the economy, lower prices for families, and lower the deficit?!  He attacked the 2017 Trump tax cuts, which by implication, caused nothing but horror for Americans. Oh, and he’s going to establish a “special prosecutor for pandemic fraud.” AG Garland was in the audience to smirk appropriately.  This is apparently necessary because there are no US attorneys throughout the nation to handle that sort of thing.

Then he hit us with this amazing revelation:

By the end of the year the deficit will be down to half of what it was before I took office.

Biden is proud no other president—not even President Harris—has ever accomplished this—including him.

Biden is also going to crack down on the four major meat packing plants in America, because that will somehow lower prices.  He’s also going to impose a $15 minimum wage, he’s going to “invest”—throw truckloads of cash into a black hole—in community colleges, and unionize everything, because unions lower prices on absolutely everything.

Biden pivoted to Covid, telling us to stop allowing it to divide us, recognize it’s a horrible disease, and be unified around his agenda because we’re all Americans.  I seem to remember him using that to divide us, declaring this winter to be a miasma of suffering and death for the horrible, murderous unvaccinated, but I’m sure his memory is better than mine—he’s the President.  He announced the new CDC mask guidelines, where selected Americans will be masked forever, and said “Covid no longer need control our lives.”  No.  Just government.  He often said “I have a four point plan,” and then rattled off a bunch of word salad that was not separated into any clear number of points.  So we’re going to keep Covid from controlling our lives by:

*Vaccines and boosters forever…

*Parents want vaccines for children under 5—in some reality…

*Biden ordered a million Pfizer pills for this year, and more for next…

*Testing! Testing! Testing!

*”Kids need to be in school,” but he made several veiled threats to impose masks and everything else in the future…

*Biden is sending vaccinations to the rest of the world…

He more or less concluded by assuring us we:

…can’t build a wall high enough to stop a vaccine…

These guys only like walls around the White House and Congress.

One of his most disgusting, ugly moments came when he spoke about going to New York to speak to the families of two murdered NYPD officers.  And from that, he wants to “restore trust and safety,” which will apparently be accomplished when we “hold law enforcement accountable.”  He was actually trying to sound pro-police, and boldly exclaimed:

The answer is not to defund the police; it’s to fund the police, it’s to fund the police.  Fund them.  Fund them.

This might be my memory again, but I seem to recall it was D/S/Cs that have always wanted to defund the police, and still do.  And of course, he would use the mention of two dead police officers to shill for all the usual gun control measures, including making it possible to use unlimited lawfare against gun manufacturers, who are the only manufacturers who can’t be sued, which is just another outrageous lie.

Then we learned “the right to vote is under assault,” so we have to pass his bills that would ensure everyone, including illegal immigrants and the dead, can vote early and often.  And speaking of the law, he called out Justice Breyer, who squirmed, grinned and covered his face like a middle school girl in the spotlight, and called Judge Brown-Jackson, his Supreme Court nominee “one of our nation’s top legal minds.”  Go here  and here to see how likely that is when one’s sole criteria for choosing a justice is they be black and female.

Then Biden boldly addressed immigration:

We need to secure our border and fix the immigration system.

Yes.  I’m not kidding. Joe Biden actually said that. He, the man who has allowed two million illegals, most of who are unvetted and may be carrying Covid and other third world diseases, to say nothing of drugs, human trafficking, and all manner of terrorists and felons, across the border in the last year alone.  But perhaps he has seen the light and will actually enforce the laws he swore to enforce?  Nah.  He’s going to establish “liberty and justice” by universal citizenship for illegals, which is the “economically smart thing to do,” proving once again he doesn’t have the slightest idea how the economy, or reality, works.

He made the mandatory pro-abortion mention, and reaffirmed his absolute fealty to LGBTQ everything, demanding all manner of laws that would ensure Americans not only tolerate but praise it all, and boldly told “pregnant trans” he’d “always have your back.”  This is apparently a reference to various “chest feeders,”  “birthing people” and perverts who want to hang out in girl’s bathrooms and showers.

Biden then pivoted to his “unity agenda,” which will, of course, unify us.  This was another one of those “there are 3 points…no! Four points, there are four…no! Five points,” Monty Python skits.  Anyway, here they are:

*He’s going to beat Opioids, which can apparently be done if only he can:

Stop doctors prescribing treatments.

*He’s going to “take on mental health,” which is apparently Covid’s fault.  Apparently it hasn’t made us quite crazy enough.  Thanks goodness Joe is willing to take it on.

*He’s going to “hold social media accountable,” just not for censorship and spying on Americans.  This was his attempt to seem normal and play on women’s emotions by invoking “the children,” for all the horrible things social media are doing to them.  Whenever a politician invokes “the children” you know he’s trying to sell something that can’t stand on it’s merits.

*He’s going to defeat cancer: “let’s end cancer as we know it,” he said, demonstrating he has no idea about medicine either.  He’s going to establish a medical DARPA, because federal health bureaucracies are so competent and universally trusted.

I’ll dispense with the asterisk for this one.  This is where he tried to wrap himself in veterans, because he loves our troops so much, but only specific veterans, those who might have suffered aftereffects from burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As he announced this, Pelosi displaying a grin that would put The Joker to shame, rose to her feet while rubbing her fists together, like a deranged B movie villain as her evil plan came to fruition.  Her timing was off, though—D/S/Cs were primed for this one and were waiting for their cue—but Biden rolled on, so she, still grinning and rubbing her fists, sat back down.

Why only veterans who might have contracted some illness from burn pits?  So he could bring up his son, Beau, who died from brain cancer.  When he did, a collective gasp rose in the chamber, because Biden constantly flogs his dead son for political advantage.  To be fair, he admitted he couldn’t absolutely say Beau’s brain cancer came from a burn pit—likely because he was an Army lawyer, not a combat soldier–but D/S/Cs obviously think cloaking himself in veterans might raise Biden’s approval numbers.  Normal Americans, from who virtually all our military comes, will not be impressed.  Wrong again, D/S/C pollsters!

For some reason, Biden also failed to mention it was Donald Trump who made great strides in reforming the VA.  Inexplicable.  And all of this while he is still kicking our servicemen and women out of the military for refusing to submit to the vaccines from which he is now pretending to back away.

As the speech, which was only an hour but seemed much longer, came to an end, Biden became much louder and more angry, as he so often does, apparently thinking this an effective rhetorical device.  He told us:

There’s nothing beyond our camacity—capacity…

He also told us:

We are stronger today than we were a year ago.

He finished strong—and incoherently—with this:

Go get him!

There was no pronoun antecedent within the previous 20 minutes.  We have no idea who “him” is.

The Republican response–I’ll have a transcript for Thursday–was given by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.  In a brief speech, she did what Biden didn’t: addressed the issues that matter to normal Americans.  She succinctly outlined the republican agenda for 2022 and 2024, if congressional republicans are smart enough to listen to her.

She correctly noted D/S/Cs are not taking America forward, but back to the horrors of the 70s with massive inflation, national security incompetence and the Cold War.  Well done Joe!

I’ll do a companion article for Thursday when I’ve had the chance to find transcripts, and to review more of my notes.  After that horror show, I really need some sleep…