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Yes gentle readers, Kamala—however she’s pronouncing it today—Harris was sent to Munich to save the world from Russia.  She did so well finding the “root causes” of illegal immigration, she got that job too.  After all, how can we possibly enforce American immigration law if we don’t know “root causes?”  Her Russia insight in the header photo followed on the heels of this brilliant insight:

But that wasn’t all, no.  Consider this complete bit of wisdom for the ages:

We are looking at a moment that is a very decisive moment on one of the bases for the Munich Security Conference and certainly one of the founding reasons for NATO, which is European security and the connection and alliance between Europe and the United States. It was important in that, as you all know, this is a moment that is very dynamic.  If not every hour, certainly every day, there seem to be new moments of interest and also of intelligence.

It’s a miracle every European country hasn’t declared war on us, particularly after this:

I’m sure the Europeans were grateful to Kamala for enlightening them about the seriousness of a potential war in Europe, Europeans having no experience with that sort of thing and all.  But at least the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration is well prepared and unified:

Oh.  Good question, Ted, particularly considering this:

Let me see if I have this straight: Kamala and Joe are hot to go to war with Russia, and they’re going to use that as an excuse to raise inflation and particularly gas prices.  I’m beginning to think our worst enemy is the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration.

I’m sure you recall the socialist government of Austin, TX gladly defunded its police force, causing a mass exodus of officers in addition to those fired.  With crime infringing on the self-imagined elite, and midterm elections on the horizon, the socialists have begun to refund, recruit, and once again train new officers, so this is particularly ironic:

A recent graduate of the Austin Police Academy had his U-haul with all his belongings stolen immediately after moving to the city.

‘A recent APD Academy graduate moved his family to Austin last night,’ Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday tweeted Saturday. ‘His U-HAUL was stolen overnight in South Austin. All belongings are gone.’

Golly!  Who could have ever foreseen something like that?  Let’s head to Seattle to see how things are going in defund the police central:

Staffing should be at least five times that number.  And what happens when a city’s “leaders” embrace criminals and chase police officers away?  This:

‘I asked him, ‘do you have your vaccination card?’ and he said ‘I’ve had the vaccine but I don’t have the card’ and I was like OK but you need to have proof of it,’ Ogilvy said…

‘He ended up basically saying ‘You’re picking on me,’ Ogilvy said. ‘I’m not going to deal with it.’ That’s when he started getting hostile.’

Ogilvy was trying to enforce Seattle’s Covid passport mandate.

A coworker came over to help defuse the escalating situation – and even a few customers – but the man wouldn’t go and fought back with a long stick. Witnesses said a sharp piece of metal was attached to the bottom end.

‘He swung the stick as hard as he could at my face, so not only did it puncture me, he also slit me,’ Ogilvy said.

The wound was so deep Ogilvy needed 31 stitches to close it up. [skip]

The man quickly fled the scene. A couple of people from the bar tried to follow him but he managed to get on a commuter train and disappear. It took police six weeks to identify and arrest him. At his first court appearance last week, prosecutors said they were charging him with felony assault and asked for $75,000 bail. But the judge ignored that and released him with a promise he’d return for his next court date and a no-contact order for Ogilvy.

I’m sure he’ll get at least a week of probation.  Why would anyone want to live in Seattle?  I would not think of riding my trike without a helmet, and Mrs. Manor and I have spent the bucks necessary to wear what appears to be the best on the market.  One would think a place like Seattle would be all about protecting people with all manner of safety mandates, but we now learn there are issues more important than public safety:

TerraTrike Spyder

The unending search for equity in Democrat enclaves has now come for the bike helmet. When the King County Board of Health (which encompasses Seattle) discovered that Black, Indigenous, and other ‘People of Color,’ along with homeless people, were getting more citations for biking without a helmet, equity compelled action: So the Board of Health repealed the bike helmet law, ensuring that this particular inequity would end even as it increases the possibility of serious head injuries for people of all colors and housing situations.

Police officers generally consider enforcing such chickenshit ordinances just that: chickenshit.  Particularly when there aren’t nearly enough officers on the street to do the basics, they’re not going to be issuing cites for that sort of thing unless those people go out of their way to attract an officer’s attention.  But homeless people, and “people of color” who as a class aren’t particularly law-abiding wouldn’t do that, would they?  Those sorts of folks aren’t going to be paying helmet tickets anyway, and Seattle’s leaders couldn’t possibly be worried about that, could they?  Nah.  Just some racist virtue signaling that is going to cost lives.

Just in case you thought the federal government wasn’t going full communist:

Nothing like keeping the Deplorables at each other’s throats.  Children: inform on your parents for fun and prizes!  You’re going to love this one:

“Three male presenting people.”  Uh-huh.  Were these “male presenting people” by any chance of any particular race?  Wouldn’t descriptions help catch those “male-presenting people”?  Attending NYU would appear to be a death sentence for sanity.

And speaking of the death of sanity, how are things in Canada?

Good thing they’re not doing that here.  Americans get annoyed when people mess with their dogs and kids.  At PJ Media, Robert Spencer explains what else would annoy Americans:

Maher’s quote was accurate. Trudeau’s full statement was: ‘They don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist. It’s a very small group of people, but that doesn’t shy away from the fact that they take up some space. This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people?’

And what must be done mein Fuhrer?  Will there be a final solution for “these people” who cannot be tolerated? Good lord.  Who would have ever imagined what’s happening in Canada?  Coming to a country south of the Canadian border soon?  It’s not looking good:

The U.S. economy under President Biden plunged to an all-time low, according to the Heritage Foundation’s annual Index of Economic Freedom.

‘This year’s Index of Economic Freedom paints a disturbing picture, both at home and abroad,’ Heritage President Kevin Roberts said of the report.

‘The decline of American economic freedom is serious cause for alarm and has real and tangible consequences for all Americans, especially low-income families and the working class.’

The report determined the U.S. fell 2.7 points from the 2021 Index of Economic Freedom to a record-low score of 72.1, according to the data released Monday. The U.S. also fell to its lowest ranking globally, from the 20th spot in last year’s rating to 25th in 2022.

But as soon as Joe spins up a war in Europe, we’ll fall even farther.  Let’s Go Brandon! What would an edition of TSTS be without AOC?

AOC’s complaint was in response to a segment Carlson did making fun of a newly released book that drooled all over her.  What Judge would like to talk about is that whole “freedom of speech/First Amendment” thing.  Me too.  Let’s visit the nomination wars in DC:

Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.), a friend and ally of Clyburn’s for over 30 years, said even Clyburn’s critics respect his political instincts and his connection with a valuable but often disappointed subset of Democratic voters.‘Nobody that I’m aware of feels that opposing Clyburn’s nomination would be the wise thing to do,” he said. “If you know that a person has been vetted by Jim Clyburn, you know that person won’t go to the court and end up being a Clarence Thomas,’ referring to the Black justice whose rulings often resemble the thinking of White conservatives.

Because all black people absolutely must think alike because they’re black, and all black people absolutely cannot think like white people, and certainly not white conservatives, but Thompson and Clyburn aren’t racist, no sir.  And speaking of racism, let’s visit NYC:

Mayor Eric Adams unloaded Tuesday in an epic rant in which he threatened to stop fielding ‘off-topic’ questions at his press conferences — and blasted the Big Apple’s news organizations over what he said was their lack of racial diversity.

The scolding, which came before an unrelated press conference on summer youth employment efforts, appeared to be sparked by coverage of his failed bid to get state lawmakers to budge on his anti-crime agenda — although the mayor failed to convey how race factored into that.

One day after meeting with Albany lawmakers in what he all but admitted was a failed attempt to roll back recent criminal-justice reforms, Adams claimed that accounts of his trip, none of which touched on race, were unfairly negative.

‘If you want to acknowledge or not, I have been doing a darn good job and we just can’t live in this alternate reality,’ a clearly angered Adams said.

We’ll see what soft of “darn good job” Adams has been doing shortly.

Adams repeatedly suggested that race played a factor in news coverage of him, telling an almost all-white group of reporters who were hand-picked by his office and invited to cover the City Hall news conference, ‘I’m a black man that’s the mayor but my story is being interpreted by people that don’t look like me.’

Ah.  Not that I’m in any way defending the NYC news swamp, but obviously the only reason anyone could possibly criticize a black person is racism.  Adams is well on his way to Bidenesque “uniting.”  And what is Adams doing to combat crime?  This:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced Friday a plan to dispatch teams composed of outreach workers, cops and mental health experts to combat homelessness and rampant crime in the subways.

Riiiight.  Take officers from a grossly understaffed police force and make them security guards for touch feely “outreach workers,”  so they’ll have to focus on their safety rather than enforcing the law.  But no sweat. I’m sure psychologists can make breakthroughs in 5-minute street interviews.  Here’s another example of bold crime fighting work, this time in Louisville:

This is an example of BLM privilege.  This guy fired multiple rounds at five people at close range, and fortunately didn’t hit anyone, but not for a lack of trying.  This was a political assassination attempt, and one round pierced the sweater of the primary intended victim, but Brown was not charged with attempted murder(?).  His bond was set at only $100,000 dollars, and BLM bonded him out within 48 hours.  Meanwhile, Jan. 6 defendants, most charged with low level misdemeanors, rot, without bond, in the DC jail.  Oh, and of course it was Republican’s fault:

As time passes, we learn there is nothing so dangerous as having dirt on the Clintons–and other bottom dwellers:

Luc-Brunel was one of Epstein’s pimps, procuring young models for Epstein and his “friends,” among them, Bill Clinton.  But I’m sure his “suicide” was a coincidence.  Let’s travel back to NYC for what has become daily life:

A suspect with a long rap sheet and multiple arrests this year alone allegedly randomly punched a four-year-old boy in the head in Times Square.

According to police, just before 3:30 pm Thursday at the corner of 46th Street and Seventh Avenue, Rafaela Rivera and her young son, Angel Rivera, were at the New York City tourist destination when the suspect allegedly approached them and, without warning or provocation, punched the child in the head.

He did more than that.  He laid the poor kid out in the street.

Babacar Mbaye, 34, was arrested for the broad-daylight attack after being tackled by Angel’s mother and another woman, according to police.

“Allegedly.”  But I’m sure this was just an aberration, something Mbaye has never done before, right?  Otherwise he wouldn’t be out on the street?

Mbaye was charged with felony assault, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest, and according to police and prosecutors, he was on supervised release in connection with other recent random attacks.

Prosecutors said Mbaye has three open misdemeanors for assaulting strangers dating back to the summer, including two in the past month. During one assault, he allegedly ‘pushed a stranger and punched her twice in the shoulder’ and during the other, he allegedly ‘punched a stranger in the head.’

According to prosecutorsMbaye has a criminal record dating back to 2009, with arrests including for assault, criminal possession of a weapon, DWI, and menacing. He has 16 prior misdemeanor convictions, prosecutors said.

Oooooh.  So that’s why he was out on the street, because New York City.  I’ve been there several times, last in 2011.  Head on a swivel even then when things had not yet gone to Hell.  Not going back.  But how are things in LA?

A California man was arrested three times in sixteen hours last Sunday due to Los Angeles County’s emergency ‘Zero-Dollar’ bail order, police say.

Is anyone surprised, and some people just look the part, don’t they?  And speaking of LA:

A criminal and and a child molester. Guess which.

Background: This waste of oxygen—actually both are a waste of oxygen– brutally molested a 10 year old girl in a restaurant restroom when he was a few weeks shy of 18.  Finally identified and charged, LA’s Soros DA George Gascon, who is facing a recall, refused to charge him as an adult, which would commonly be done for someone with this puke’s record, particularly considering the heinous nature of the crime.  And then the asshole “identified” as female:

Tubbs was sentenced to serve two years time in a girl’s juvenile detention facility. Tubbs will not be required to register as a sex offender because the crime was committed when Tubbs was not yet an adult.

‘You won’t have to register?’ Tubbs’ father asked in the call, according to Fox News. Tubbs confirmed that was the case, then laughed.

Of course!  What better place to incarcerate an adult guy with a scraggly beard, a sex criminal, than in a juvenile facility for girls?  What could possibly go wrong?  And did you notice Tubbs doesn’t have to register as a sex offender.  All he did was rape a 10 year old, so making him do that would be cruel.  That’s D/S/C morality for you.

According to the Los Angeles Times, ‘Tubbs was two weeks shy of her 18th birthday when she walked into the women’s restroom of a Denny’s restaurant in 2014, grabbed a 10-year-old girl by the throat and locked her in a stall, court records show. Tubbs then shoved her hand down the girl’s pants and sexually assaulted her, prosecutors say, stopping only after someone else entered the restroom.’

With his recall election fast approaching, Gascon tried to appear a little less crazy:

In a statement, Gascon said that ‘While for most people several years of jail time is adequate, it may not be for Ms. Tubbs. If we knew about her disregard for the harm she caused we would have handled this case differently. The complex issues and facts of her particular case were unusual, and I should have treated them that way. This change in policy will allow us the space to do that moving forward.’

“She.”  “Ms. Tubbs.” Gascon got the pronouns, but not the justice. Priorities.  And no, Gascon didn’t change his “never charge any juvenile as an adult policy,” he merely said in the future he might consider charging a juvenile as an adult if he/she did something really icky.  This is the kind of thing that all but forces people to mete out actual justice.

One more thought for this edition:

Too stupid to survive.