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We begin this edition of the continuing saga of the Fall Of The House Of Cheney with one of Liz Cheney’s more recent gaffes.  Hillary Clinton infamously called about half of America “Deplorables.”  That didn’t work out so well for her.  Cheney, despite embracing the same governing philosophies as her new D/S/C besties, has obviously learned nothing from Hillary’s D/S/C debacle, as Breitbart.com reports:

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) dismissed many Wyoming voters as ‘crazies’ and unworthy of her time during an interview with New York Times published Wednesday.

‘I’m not going to convince the crazies and I reject the crazies,’ Cheney said about a Republican event of Wyoming voters held by the state’s GOP leadership.

Wow.  I can certify Wyomingites are among the hardest working, most reliable, sane people in America.  It’s never a good idea to call potential voters “crazies,” particularly when recent polling indicates those crazies comprise about 70% of the Wyoming electorate.  Non-crazy, normal folks tend to resent that sort of thing.  But Cheney need not worry about insulting half of the electorate, because she’s morally superior and that superiority will carry her to victory:

‘I reject the notion that somehow we don’t have to abide by the rule of law,’ she continued. ‘And the people right now who are in the leadership of our state party, I’m not trying to get their support because they’ve abandoned the Constitution.’

credit: original photo, nypost

Riiiight.  And who, exactly in Wyoming isn’t for the rule of law or the Constitution, besides Cheney supporters, of course?  One coherent example will do, but none will be forthcoming because Wyomingites are uncommonly serious about their support for both.  Wyomingites continue to be unimpressed by Cheney’s absence from the state:

Instead of attending the ‘biggest night of the year for Republicans’ in Wyoming, Cheney reportedly was spending her time 230 miles away with establishment media journalists at the annual gathering of the Wyoming Press Association.

They, apparently, are not “crazies.”

‘Cheney hasn’t appeared at a state Republican Party function in more than two years and hasn’t been to an in-person event for any of the party’s 23 county chapters since 2020,’ the Times reported.

To be entirely fair, most Wyomingites are just fine with that.  In fact, they’d rather she just went away entirely, and in 2022, they’re going to help her along.

Harriett Hageman

A January straw poll among GOP activists revealed Trump-endorsed Hageman holds a commanding lead over Cheney. The poll, conducted by the Wyoming Republican State Central Committee via secret ballot, showed Hageman won 59 votes and Cheney 6, a 53-point victory by Hageman.

In November, the Wyoming Republican Party voted to no longer recognize Cheney as a member of the GOP. Cheney later called the vote ‘laughable.’

On the national side, the Republican National Committee (RNC) symbolically censured Cheney last week over allying herself with Democrats and the partisan January 6 committee. According to the Washington Post, RNC is also considering financially supporting Hageman.

A non-crazy politician would read these political portents and be doing things very, very differently, leading those Wyoming “crazies” to wonder who is, after all, actually crazy?  Others are noticing Cheney’s January 6 Committee scam:

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) Sunday on CBS’s ‘Face The Nation’ called the House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 riots a ‘complete partisan scam.’

RUBIO: Well, anybody who committed crimes on January 6th should be prosecuted. If you entered the Capitol and you committed acts of violence and you were there to hurt people, you should be prosecuted and they are being prosecuted. But the January 6th commission is not the place to do this. That’s what prosecutors are supposed to do. This commission is a partisan scam. They’re going after- they’re- the purpose of that commission is to try to embarrass and smear and and harass as many Republicans as–

BRENNAN: That’s what you believe–

RUBIO: –they can get their hands on.

Noted Law Prof. Alan Dershowitcz is also unimpressed by Cheney’s committee:

Harvard Law School Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz described the Democrat-run House committee ostensibly investigating the events of January 6 as reminiscent of the House Un-American Activities Committee and ‘McCarthyism’ on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak.

‘[The January 6 committee] reminds me a little bit of McCarthyism, where you had committees like the House Un-American Activities Committee, which didn’t have an appropriate legislative purpose,’ Dershowitz said. ‘They were just trying to subpoena people for political and ideological purposes.’

Few Wyoming voters, despite being crazy, would disagree with Rubio or Dershowitz.  As regular readers are aware, Cheney has been pulling in truckloads of D/S/C cash for her reelection bid, but Harriet Hageman has been adding substantial money, and from Normal American sources, as Fox News reports:

Harriet Hageman, the leading Republican candidate challenging Rep. Liz Cheney as Wyoming’s at-large member of the House runs for re-election this year, reports that she’s hauled in over $1 million in fundraising since declaring her candidacy for Congress less than five months ago.

Hageman brought in roughly $745,000 from her campaign launch on Sept. 9 through the end of 2021, according to figures shared first with Fox News on Monday, with over a quarter-million raised since the beginning of the new year.

The Wyoming native who’s backed by former President Trump as she runs to oust Cheney, also reported bringing in $443,460 during the October-December fourth quarter of fundraising.

Hageman, who is far from crazy, spoke to and for Wyomingites:

‘Wyoming deserves to be represented by someone who cares about Wyoming, not someone who is consumed by her own personal war with President Trump,’ Hageman told Fox News in a statement. ‘I have been to all 23 counties in Wyoming, and I know that the people are desperate for a change.’ [skip]

‘We only get one House seat, and we can’t waste it on someone from Northern Virginia who does all of Nancy Pelosi’s dirty work to distract voters from Joe Biden’s disastrous administration,’ Hageman charged. ‘I am standing for Wyoming First and America First values, which is something that Liz Cheney cannot and will not say.’

Cheney can’t respond to Hageman’s points because they’re all true. Look who is fundraising for Cheney:

Former President George W. Bush, and former Republican House Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan, have helped raise campaign cash for Cheney. And Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee and a vocal Republican Trump critic, will headline a fundraiser for Cheney in March.

But just a moment!  Didn’t D/S/Cs viciously attack Bush and Liz’s dad, calling them war criminals, Hitler, and worse?  Why yes they did!  And now Liz is their best pal.  It seems even the fall of former CNN chief Jeff Zucker—that sordid story isn’t going away any time soon—has had an enormous effect on the January 6 committee:

While you probably haven’t wasted your time watching any of it, CNN has become January 6th-central over the last year. Aside from the non-stop coverage and analysis long after the event stopped being newsworthy, the liberal network also secured exclusive access on January 6th, 2022, including hosting a two-hour live special inside the Capitol rotunda. Even recently, Jim Acosta hosted a primetime show (likely to be temporary given its abysmal performance) laughably entitled ‘Democracy in Peril.’ Much of it focuses on CNN’s obsession with January 6th.

There’s just too much smoke given the outcry from members of the January 6th Committee and CNN’s prior actions to not suspect Zucker was colluding with the committee to shape news coverage. Why else would his departure make them feel ‘devastated for our democracy?’ CNN is still going to exist, right? But Zucker was likely their direct connection to getting on air what they wanted on air.

The comments refer to a CNN talking head, who, upon the news of Zucker’s ouster, said members of the Jan. 6 Committee told her without Zucker, democracy was doomed.  Oh yeah, Wyomingites love them some Jeff Zucker, CNN and the January 6 Committee! The question is how much effect CNN’s remaining dozen or so viewers can have?  Unfortunately, even Mitch McConnell is taking Cheney’s side:

‘Mitch McConnell denounced the RNC for calling the Jan. 6 riot ‘legitimate political discourse’, wrote leftist outlet The New York Times.

For crying out loud. The RNC did not call any riot ‘legitimate political discourse.” Why would McConnell accept that obvious lie and say that they did? It is no surprise that McConnell is the least popular politician in the country, somehow even less popular than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Mollie Hemingway explained why McConnell’s comments are far from truthful or sane:

Last year, Pelosi blew up the commission to investigate the security breaches and events of January 6 by removing the Republican Party’s picks from the committee. Since then, no Republican-appointed members serve on the committee and it has been used to seize private communications of political opponents of the committee. Even prior to kicking off Republican-appointed members, Pelosi chose rabid anti-Trump extremist Cheney to serve her on the committee.

Cheney had already been ousted from her Republican leadership position. Absolutely obsessed with opposition to Donald Trump and his supporters, Cheney had convinced her colleagues she was unable to perform her actual duties and they took the unusual step of removing her.

Republicans in Wyoming, the state she purports to represent from her home base in Northern Virginia, took the unusual step of voting to no longer recognize Cheney as a Republican. The New York Times even admitted that Cheney has for years snubbed Republican voters in her home state, including a recent decision to instead hang out with the liberal reporters who love her.

Even before her ouster, Cheney — an advocate of unending interventionist wars — had been known for spreading anti-Trump disinformation, such as the false claim that Russians had paid Afghans to kill American soldiers and that Trump knew this and did nothing about it.

The resolution passed by the Republican National Committee last week noted that the primary mission of the Republican Party is to elect Republicans and support their values and that Republicans have an obligation to fight Biden and Pelosi’s agenda, not serve as handmaidens to it. It specifically noted that Cheney and Kinzinger were helping Pelosi obliterate Republican Party rights, traditional checks and balances, due process, and other protocols.

It also noted the committee was going after not just those people who rioted on January 6 but law-abiding Americans who were practicing their First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble and express themselves. “Representatives Cheney and Kinzinger are participating in a Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse, and they are both utilizing their past professed political affiliation to mask Democrat abuse of prosecutorial power for partisan purposes,” the resolution read.

It’s true. Cheney and her colleagues on the committee have been persecuting people who aren’t in any way accused of having anything whatsoever to do with the riot or any political violence. They’ve seized texts, emails, and other communications from hundreds of people who were simply practicing First Amendment rights. In one case, Cheney went after a person nowhere near the riot who had committed the crime of running a Super PAC to unseat her.

Political parties on the local, state and national levels exist to formulate, explain and implement their governing philosophies.  When candidates or sitting politicians act contrary to those philosophies, those parties have every right and power to disown them, which is precisely what has happened to Liz Cheney, because of her rejection of Republican principles and her embrace of D/S/C principles.  She seems to think Wyoming owes her a seat in Congress.  Wyoming thinks otherwise.  Kevin McCarthy was far more Republican than McConnell:

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Friday on Fox News Channel’s ‘The Story’ that Reps. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) would have a ‘hard time ever coming back to Congress’ after the Republican National Committee censured them.

MacCallum asked, ‘Today, the RNC voted to censure Representative Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger of Wyoming and Illinois respectively for serving on the January 6 Select Committee. Do you think that is appropriate on the part of the RNC to say that they will cease any and all support for those two candidates?’

McCarthy said, ‘Look, there is a reason why Adam is quitting. There’s a reason why Liz Cheney is no longer in leadership and has very low poll rating in Wyoming. This is a committee that when you watched the only person that had a worse week was CNN. You watched just the guilty decision played right now of their top guest and Zucker leaving. You had four January 6 members calling in upset that Zucker is leaving. This is a purely political committee. I think those two individuals would have a hard time ever coming back to Congress.’

Final Thoughts:  Former House Speaker Tip O’Neill said “all politics are local.”  Kevin McCarthy and Harriett Hageman know that.  Liz Cheney, if she ever knew it, has clearly abandoned it.  Does she imagine the D/S/C machine will be able to rig the election for her in Wyoming?  Is she so deluded she thinks her self-imagined embodiment of the Constitution and the rule of law will convince all those “crazies” to vote for her at the last minute?  Or does she think there are enough D/S/Cs in Wyoming to overcome Hageman’s lead in Wyoming’s open primary?  Perhaps she’ll just have the Jan. 6 Commmitte subpoena all those crazies, or maybe she’ll have the FBI arrest them all?

In any case, I suspect Harriett Hageman, and the rest of the Wyoming crazies, are going to have the last laugh.