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I have long known China was unremittingly hostile to America, and to any country that stands in its way as China spends billions to achieve global domination.  It is a communist dictatorship, with all the brutality, horror, genocide and evil that always attends any communist dictatorship.  No one reaches the upper levels of Chinese government, business or society without serving the Communist Party.  All are compromised, willingly or unwillingly.  Billionaires are billionaires only so long as they serve the Party.  The moment they don’t, they disappear.

Businesses exist to serve the Party.  Students attending college in America serve the Party.  Everything Chinese businessmen do in America and other nations is done to serve the Party, every deal, every stake in an American company, every real estate acquisition, everything.  Chinese citizens don’t travel abroad except to serve and/or benefit the Party.

All of which means everything China does, everything Chinese businessmen do, is designed to compromise foreigners and to benefit China, short or long term.

Everything and everyone in China must obey, even praise, the party.  Consider the plight of Tennis star Peng Shuai, as Breitbart reports:  

Note the date

Chinese tennis champion Peng Shuai, who went missing in November after accusing the former head of China’s Olympic Committee of rape, resurfaced this weekend to promote the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, issuing an interview where she again denied allegations and expressing excitement over winter sports.

Peng Schuai
credit: eurosport.com

Peng sat down for an interview in Beijing with the French magazine L’Equipe, most recently involved in another tennis controversy – sending a journalist to interview top men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic while the latter was allegedly infected with Chinese coronavirus. Djokovic reportedly did not reveal his status to the journalist.

L’Equipe, forcing a government official into the mix who was tasked with translating her remarks. L’Equipe provided only the government official’s translation of her comments, not Peng’s original Mandarin-language comments. The magazine revealed in publishing the interview that Beijing demanded it submit its questions to Peng in advance and that she did not answer at least one question – if the social media post in which she accused former Chinese Olympics head Zhang Gaoli of forcing her into sex had resulted in trouble with the government.

The original post appeared on the Chinese government-controlled site Weibo. Peng addressed the post to Zhang. Why, she asked, had he ‘brought me to your home and forced me to engage in sexual activities with you’? The post included repeated references to her refusing to have sex with him on prior occasions but concluded confessing a consensual affair; Zhang is married to another woman.

Peng also wrote in the post that she felt suicidal, but ‘didn’t have the courage to die.’

‘I would like to know: why such concern? … I never said anyone sexually assaulted me,’ the Chinese government official said that Peng said in the L’Equipe interview.

‘There was a huge misunderstanding in the outside world following this post. I don’t want the meaning of this post to be twisted anymore. And I don’t want any further media hype around it,’ Peng insisted. ‘Sexual assault? I never said anyone had sexually assaulted me in any way.’

Of course she didn’t.  Of course no high-ranking party member raped her.  It’s really easy to tell the “truth” when the alternative is torture, gang rape, the gulag, all of the above, or a bullet in the back of the head for which one’s family will be billed.  Yes, gentle readers, the CCP does exactly that.

I recently read Peter Schweizer’s Red Handed.   I thought I knew a great deal about China’s compromise of the West.  I know far more now.  The book is 330 pages long.  Eighty of those pages are carefully and properly done citations.  Schweizer is going to anger China and a great many Americans and others China has compromised.  Obviously, he wants to be lawsuit proof.  Among Schweizer’s many points is China, unlike western democracies, takes the long view.  Different men become chairmen of the Chinese Communist Party, but no one ascends to that god-like post without being a staunch and vicious communist.  Regardless of who is in that post, the long-term—even centuries—goals of the Communist Party of China remain the same: global domination and whatever is necessary to attain it.  Foreign policy does not change in China whenever there is a new Chairman, and there is no such thing as a “moderate” or “pro-western” Communist Party or Communist Party Chairman.

Unlike western democracies, the Party’s word is law.  Any pretense at pseudo-democratic input into governing is just that: pretense.  Schweizer quoted the admiring, fan girly longing of many Western “leaders,” for the god-like power of the Chinese Chairman.  He snaps his fingers and it’s done.   No messy “pretending to serve the people” stuff for him, no annoying Congress or Supreme Court, no sovereign states, no sir!  Among them: Justin Trudeau, PM of Canada, as we’re now discovering in his response to peaceful Canadian protest.  Barack Obama too made admiring statements about how much better it would be to wield those despotic powers.

According to Schweizer, and there is every reason to believe he got it right, virtually every American institution, from government, to sports, to entertainment, to higher education—Yale is essentially wholly owned by Chinese intelligence—to business, even defense contractors, are owned in part by Chinese businessmen, and are heavily infiltrated, even compromised.

No family currently in power is more apparently compromised than the Bidens, though Schweizer is careful not to make such direct accusations.  I make no accusations, only informed inferences.  Consider this from Breitbart:

‘There were five different deals,’ Schweizer outlined. ‘There was a $20 million private equity deal that put together. There was a $5 million deal that was arranged and then a series of other deals. And what they all have in common, Bill is that in each and every case, those deals were handled by a Chinese businessman who had links to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence — meaning the vice-minister for State Security and the former minister of State Security.’

‘[W]hat that means, in short, is that what was initially a story of cronyism and corruption, we now have to recognize is an intelligence story, and it’s not just a question of the Bidens getting rich. We have to start having the conversation and investigating whether the Biden family may indeed be compromised,’ he added.

In the book, Schweizer exposes at least $31 million given the Bidens, usually through Hunter Biden, in deals.  Lord only knows how much more they were given.  We have no idea who paid millions of Hunter’s “art.”  We also know of untold millions the Bidens made through other foreign countries seeking access, advantage, or compromise.  The Chinese are well known for “honey traps,” using sex, drugs and exploiting other weaknesses to compromise foreigners.  Anyone staying in a Chinese hotel has to know they’re being constantly watched and recorded, and every attempt is made to compromise them.

In Hunter Biden, the Chinese must have been amazed at their good luck.  There they had a drug and sex addict they could easily compromise, and through him, his father.  Schweizer does not speak of this directly, but it takes no imagination to understand Hunter was surely compromised by the Chinese. Likely, other Biden family members were too, and through them, Joe Biden.

Why would Chinese businesses, overseen by the Chinese military and intelligence agencies pay Hunter Biden tens of millions, a man with no marketable skills or knowledge, a drug addict who was bounced out of the Navy after Joe Biden secured a waiver for his enlistment as an officer(?!), a no-talent, utterly unreliable fool?  The CCP doesn’t do anything to be nice, particularly not to foreign devils.  What value, apart from blackmail, could someone like that possibly provide the Chinese government?  Access to Joe Biden?  That’s illegal, not that such people care about illegality.  More would be required, and it surely was secured.

But Joe Biden sometimes criticizes the Chinese!  So do other politicians!  As Schweizer reports, the Chinese have a proverb: “big help with a little bad mouth.”  They know westerners they’ve compromised, or who are “useful idiots, people who because of ideology, stupidity or hatred of their own countries and people, will betray them, knowingly or unknowingly.  Such people, particularly those compromised or willing betraying their countries will have to occasionally criticize China to maintain their covers and idiotic usefulness.

Eric Swalwell and Fang Fang

Take the case of California Congressman Eric Swalwell.  He was compromised by Fang Fang, a beautiful Chinese spy who fled back to China before she could be arrested—if we assume the FBI would have arrested her.  Why would a lovely young Chinese woman like her take up with Swallwell, grooming him for higher office for years?  He served—and serves—on the House Intelligence Committee.  Through him, China could know our intelligence secrets.

Congress members are given briefings about honey traps.  They’re strongly encouraged to inform the FBI when they’re approached by foreign women, or when they’re engaged in a relationship with one.  Obviously, should they give up America’s secrets, they’re committing crimes.  Swallwell, apparently, didn’t inform the FBI, and it’s a virtual certainty he had a long-standing sexual relationship with Fang Fang.  He has declined to deny it in any case.

But what’s the evidence he was compromised?  We will likely never know whether the FBI was actually really paying attention—they gave Swalwell a defensive briefing before Fang Fang fled fled–and if they were, what they discovered.  We know Fang Fang was exposed as a Chinese spy and fled the country, so obviously there was some compromise.  If Fang Fang got nothing, her handlers wouldn’t have had her hanging around a nothing like Swalwell for so long.  The FBI knew something, but all they apparently did was warn Swalwell.  Not so long ago, even the hint of potential compromise of intelligence would have resulted, at the least, of the potentially compromised congressman being removed from any committee having any access to intelligence, and likely, being forced from Congress “to spend more time with [his] my family.”   We’re obviously not that nation anymore.

Swallwell still sits on the intelligence committee.  Why?  As Schweizer reports, Nancy Pelosi kept him there.  Coincidentally, Pelosi and her extended family have also made millions from China.  But she recently criticized China, warning Olympic athletes in China to keep their mouths shut because China is ruthless!  Big help with a little bad mouth.  But couldn’t Biden have demanded he be removed?  Couldn’t he have stirred up a bad publicity firestorm?  Isn’t that the duty of any POTUS?  Big help with a little bad mouth.  Couldn’t California voters get rid of Swalwell?  China owns California.

By all means, gentle readers, buy and read the book.  It does not go into great depth on what is surely Chinese infiltration in most aspects of American government and other institutions, but it’s enough to make a government concerned about national security to take immediate, forceful and ruthless action.  The Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration, Joe Biden, Temporary President, won’t do that.  Why not?

We need a complete and independent—our federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies are surely politicized, and potentially compromised—top to bottom investigation.  Schweizer is right.  The continuing existence of America and western civilization hangs in the balance, in substantial part because of the easily exploited weakness of a cokehead dimwit with no marketable skills and his mentally impaired father.

Should we be fortunate enough in 2024 to be able to elect a competent, pro-American president, one of their primary mandates is going to have to be a massive housecleaning of our federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies—hell, the entire federal bureaucracy–and the investigation I’ve suggested.  Absent that, the Chinese long view is likely to prevail.  Normal Americans, and the rest of the western world, aren’t going to like that.