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I normally don’t post one of these series every week, but there is just so much stupid out there, I had to post this one before it grew to Tom Clancy length.  As for the header image, other than being entirely different in every imaginable way, The Guardian is right.  Election integrity:

Hmmm.  As I recall, Biden won Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes.  But all the best people have told me this was the most honest election, like ever!  Who knew there were so many people over 100 living in Wisconsin?  Must be the cheese, the Green Bay Packers, or something…

They’re sophisticated; they don’t need no stinking masks!  This one falls in the “I didn’t know that” category:

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says President Joe Biden’s national immigration agenda centers around ‘justice and equity’ for illegal aliens living in the United States.

While speaking at the annual U.S. Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C. this week, Mayorkas bragged about imposing so-called “sanctuary country” orders that prevent the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency from arresting and deporting most of the nation’s 11 to 22 million illegal aliens.

The Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration has made “justice and equity” for violent criminals who are actual citizens a priority, along with depriving Normal Americans of their liberties and calling them criminals, so why shouldn’t illegal aliens get in on the fun?

During my teaching career, it never would have occurred to me I was a parent to any of my students.

Uh, actually you do.  You know, the whole “we elected you and pay your salary” and “we can un-elect you” thing?  Ever heard of that?  How about “all power is derived from the consent of the people?”  “Constitutional, representative republic?” Does that ring a bell?  This, I’m sure gentle readers, does ring a bell:

Useful Idiot

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s ‘America’s Newsroom,’ White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that “If” President Joe Biden had concerns about the safety of American athletes competing in the 2022 Beijing Olympics, ‘we would work with the U.S. Olympic Committee to address that.’

I didn’t know the U.S. Olympic Committee was part of our military!  I did know this:

credit: matzav.com

Workers have removed the iconic Theodore Roosevelt statue that had stood in front of the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan since 1940.

The bronze monument depicts Roosevelt on horseback with an African man and Native American man – both on foot- by his side. ‘It has been criticized by some as a symbol of colonialism and racism,’ according to Reuters.

Actually it’s a symbol of American individuality, strength of character, accomplishment, honor, integrity, merit and masculinity—everything the anklebiters who removed it lack and fear.  And who are “some,” anyway?  What have they ever accomplished that anyone should take them seriously?  Rape?  Whadat?

On the Dr. Phil show, Kent State Associate Professor Dr. Suzy D’Enbeau made the shocking claim that the violent rape of a girl in the bathroom of a Loudoun County school perpetrated by a boy in a dress was not a ‘safety issue.’ Debating the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, D’Enbeau tried to brush off the threat of bathroom rape in America’s schools due to the woke ideology that says anyone should be able to use any bathroom regardless of sex.

Well of course!  What’s the occasional violent rape of little girls in school bathrooms compared to the whims of a few deranged trans?

Yeah.  I wasn’t surprised students at an “elite” college had no idea of reality either.  But hey, they’re our future.  Third world country?  Golly!  I wonder how that happened?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom showed up Thursday with a clean-up crew and vowed action.

And the Democrat, dressed in a T-shirt, baseball cap and coronavirus mask, pitched in himself, joining crew members from the state Department of Transportation in grabbing handfuls of debris and placing the trash in bags or in a dumpster.

‘What has happened on this stretch of the Union Pacific Railroad is unacceptable,’ Newsom told reporters. He said the area looked like a scene from ‘a Third World country,’ according to FOX 11 of Los Angeles.

Yeah!  Somebody in a position of authority should do something!  And Newsom did:

‘This is not one-off. This is organized theft,’ Newsom said. ‘These are organized gangs of people that are coming out.’

The horror! The horror! What lack of tact!

Naturally, Newsom quickly realized the faux pas and apologized for his offensive language.

‘Forgive me for saying ‘gangs,’ that’s not a pejorative,’ he said. ‘They’re organized groups of folks that move from site to site.’

Yes officer, it was “an organized groups of folks that move from site to site” that murdered my family and pets, stole my car, and burned down my house.  They had organized tattoos and flashed organized folk signs.  Priorities:


Joe Biden has withdrawn U.S. support for a pipeline project designed to deliver Israeli natural gas to Europe. Biden thereby reverses a decision made by the Trump administration.

The Biden administration tried to justify the reversal of U.S. policy on the basis of its interest in ‘renewable energy.’ But the obvious effect of the decision is to strengthen the stranglehold Russia has on Europe’s energy supply.

In this regard, it’s worth noting, as we often have, that Biden supports the Nord Stream 2 pipeline system that stretches from the Baltic Sea to Germany. David Harsanyi reminds us that Biden waived sanctions on companies behind the project, including one run by Putin ally and former Stasi agent Matthias Warnig. No focus on renewable energy when it comes to defying Putin’s interests. 

Has Russia, like China, compromised Biden tooTo be fair, I’m sure climate change is at the top of Putin’s “to do” list, just as it’s at the top of Xi’s.  Scenes from a train wreck—Biden’s marathon press conference:

Does he remember what he did and where he did it?

Of course it is.  We only give free plane rides to illegal immigrants.

What do those people think they are anyway?  Americans or something?  The Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration owes those freeloaders nothing.

OK, WWIII breaking out and Americans held hostage by Russians is scary, but Covid?  That’s horrifying!

Does he know about which country Doocy spoke, or which direction is left?


That’ll be “What is Joe Biden” for 1000, Bob.  “Neoliberalism?!”

It’s everywhere in academia. And the latest thing to be attacked as a manifestation of ‘neoliberalism’ is . . . the annual motorcycle meetup in Sturgis, South Dakota:

“Is the rally really worth it?” The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the Costs of Neoliberalism:

By Catherine McNicol Stock

Editor’s Note

Most of us probably don’t see the thousands of motorcyclists who roar into Sturgis, South Dakota each year as avatars for the murkier world of high finance, tax avoidance, and neoliberal economic policies. But as historian Catherine McNicol Stock writes, South Dakota reinvented itself exactly in these directions, and those Harley-riding bikers who trash the town of Sturgis each year personify those economic forces at work.

The entire article is a museum-grade example of lugubrious leftist stupidity, complaining about South Dakota’s hospitality to trusts and finance (in other words, friendly to people who want to keep their finances private from prying leftist eyes), and somehow connects it all to icky Harley riders. The author, Catherine Stock, is an ‘historian’ at Oregon State University.

Regular readers know I’ve written about the abortive, nearly disastrous, attempt of Antifa to take their street theater to the streets of the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.   The police had to hustle them away, to the delighted jeers and applause of the bikers, to save their lives.  As a native South Dakotan and occasional visitor to Sturgis, I can testify Stock is entirely wrong.  The bikers never “trash” Sturgis, which is one of the best-policed and peaceful events in America.  They absolutely don’t want to spend thousands to make the trip, only to spend time in jail, and they are extraordinarily polite. I still have no idea what “neoliberalism” is.  And in the delicious irony department:

During the course of the madness that promoted ‘defunding’ or abolishing the police, there was an emphasis placed on replacing police in some circumstances with ‘community safety’ workers who would supposedly act as unarmed ‘violence interrupters’ and reduce the number of lethal use of force incidents by police officers. In Baltimore, Maryland’s violent gang territories, an existing organization known as the “Safe Streets Program” gained a lot of attention and municipal support in this effort. The goal of the program is to deploy former gang members (or ‘former’) into areas controlled by the gangs to negotiate nonviolent resolutions to conflicts. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen with other proposed ‘violence interruption’ programs in major cities, sending someone with a clipboard out to resolve a beef between gang members isn’t always effective. That was sadly this case this week when one of Baltimore’s Safe Streets workers was shot to death along with several other people on the East side of Charm City.

“Charm City.”  Charming.  Free advice for Baltimore: If violence is occurring, it usually takes more effective violence, or the threat of even more effective violence, to stop it.  I wouldn’t set foot in a war zone like Baltimore without being heavily armed. Hell, I wouldn’t set foot there under any circumstance.  But what about New York City?

[Mayor Eric] Adams responded to the incident [the murder of one police officer and near fatal wounding of another] by calling for more gun control.

He tweeted:

‘There are no gun manufacturers in our city. How are we removing thousands of guns off our streets and somehow they still find their way into the hands of killers?  We need Washington to act now to stop the flow of weapons into our cities.’

Adams used a second tweet to say, ‘We are all witnesses. To gun violence. To these murders. To the failures of leaders who have allowed these killers to get ahold of guns.’

New York has some of the most stringent gun controls in the country. Mike Bloomberg-affiliated Everytown for Gun Safety ranks New York No. 3 in the nation ‘for gun law strength.’

Those laws include everything the Democrats are pushing at the federal level under the guise of safety, including universal background checks, a ‘high capacity’ magazine ban, an ‘assault weapons’ ban, a permit requirement to buy a handgun, a red flag law, gun storage requirements, ‘ghost gun’ regulations, and a prohibition against gun possession by felons, among other controls.

Gee, I dunno.  Maybe if NYC locked up armed robbers, murderers, and others who use “gun violence” to, you know, break the law?  Maybe if people like Adams realized criminals don’t obey any law, but law-abiding people do?

Now this is where the Washington Post has a fundamental misunderstanding of the relationship between employers—the people—and teachers—employees—in a representative republic: they do.  I didn’t know foreign aid extended to paying the UN dues of countries dedication to our destruction.  Yet another Biden accomplishment:

The decision of the Biden administration to arrange for the payment of Iran’s dues at the United Nations is being described to us as ‘a staggering act of appeasement.’ That is the phrase used by our sometimes legwoman at the United Nations, Claudia Rosett. We had called her to see what she made of the news. Her tirade is probably still echoing down the telephone lines from the fastness of upstate New York.

The gist of the story is that Iran had failed to pay its dues at the United Nations and had in consequence lost its voting rights in the World Body. One would think that this would be a boon for America. It’s the fruit of American sanctions, after all, and would mean that Iran would be able to foment less trouble at Turtle Bay. If that’s what one thinks, though, one would not be a muckety muck in the Biden administration.

I tend not to give millions to people who scream “death to Mike,” and mean it, but that’s just me.

They mean that through legitimate channels, the Ayatollahs couldn’t scrape together enough money to pay their UN dues. So two weeks ago, Secretary General António Guterres issued a letter. It listed those countries that were so far behind in their dues that, under Article 19 of the United Nations Charter, they couldn’t vote in the General Assembly. Iran was the second worst deadbeat, after Venezuela.

From that point it took fewer than two weeks for the Biden administration to arrange for $18 million of blocked Iranian funds to be released to the Iranians so they could pay their dues. The niceties were carried out by the South Koreans working with our own Treasury Department. It seems that Secretary Janet Yellen doesn’t have enough to do ginning up inflation. Why not grease the skids for a war in the Middle East?

The irony, Ms. Rosett points out, is that somehow the Iranians seem to have enough spondulix for resupplying weapons to the Houthis, help out Hezbollah, and take part in joint naval maneuvers with Russia and China. We’ve been told for years that the point of sanctions on Iran is to get the regime to change its behavior. If so, South Korea and the Biden administration have just helped out Iran — without changing a thing.

You can’t blame insane religious zealots and other assorted fanatics for spending their money on terrorism rather than a useless and corrupt international organization that supports terrorism.  Can you?

That’s right: we’re giving illegal aliens who don’t have to submit to Covid regulations or even identify themselves taxi rides to airports where they get free air fare to pretty much wherever they want to go.  I wonder why Biden doesn’t do the same for Iranian terrorists?  Or maybe he does…  In the “amazing revelations” department:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted Monday an ‘underfunding’ of police departments are contributing to a surging crime rate.

Psaki suggested the rise in crime was due to rising gun violence but conceded a lack of funding and resources to specific police departments could be perpetuating the crisis.

‘Well, I think we should be responsible in how we’re reporting to the public what the roles are and what the reasons are for the surge in crime,’ Psaki told reporters at the White House press briefing. ‘Gun violence is a huge reason for the surge in crime. Underfunding of some police departments and their need for additional resources, something the president has advocated for consistently through the course of his career, that’s something we know we need to take action on.’

“Roles” of the “surge in crime”?  And no, “gun violence isn’t a cause, it’s a tool, a means of committing crimes.  She is right that Biden has been consistent about underfunding police departments, though that’s not what she intended to say.  Why is the Administration suddenly discovering something resembling reality?  The real reality of the upcoming mid-terms is dimly dawning on them, and they’re starting to realize they have to at least look a little less crazy than usual.  And speaking of crazy:

What happened here is Peter Doocy of Fox News asked Biden if Inflation is a political liability?  Biden snidely replied: “No, it’s a great asset—more inflation,” then sneered “what a stupid son of a bitch.”  This was not off-mic, not whispered and was clearly audible.  But didn’t Biden promise a kinder, gentler relationship with the press?

Oops.  Biden later called Doocy and said: “nothing personal pal.”  In this context, “pal” is a snide insult.  He did not actually apologize, and Doocy graciously framed the conversation in very polite terms.

Too stupid to survive.