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One of the most venerable and useful military aphorisms (I’m paraphrasing; the program requires quotation marks) is:

Neophytes study tactics; professionals study logistics.

Colleyville is the little red dot

That, gentle readers, is the key to understanding the Colleyville attack.  To find every article on this topic, enter “colleyville” into the SMM home page search bar.  Specifically, how did an Islamist British Muslim, known to British and American anti-terrorism authorities, who had apparently never been to the United States, choose to fly to New York City and then on to Dallas?  Where did he, a man supposedly–according to his brother–mentally ill, and surely not wealthy, get the money for those flights?  Flying those distances these days is not cheap.  Why did he have a passport?  When did he get it and where?  Why Dallas, and more specifically, how did he come to choose a small Jewish congregation in, of all places, Colleyville, which is a considerable distance from Dallas?  That Synagogue is one of the smallest of all houses of worship in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Multiplex, an area of some 6.5 million residents.  It is not on one of the prime E/W or N/S highways in the area.  One doesn’t just stumble on it on a drive, jog or leisurely walk—not from Dallas.  To get there, one has to know of its existence and have the intention and means of seeking it out.  One also has to know when people—Jews–will be there.

The knee-jerk, reflexive D/S/C, all purpose, “we’ll never know” Islamist terrorist press release…

Granted, one can find such things on the Internet, but did he?  Is that too much investigative work, too advanced for the FBI, who may or may not, today/this hour, think Akram a jihadi who had Islamist motivations?  And again, if the Internet was the source, why, in all of America, that particular, little Synagogue, when other, more high profile houses of worship were within walking distance in Dallas proper?  Did Akram look up synagogues generally and somehow say: “Colleyville.  That’s the one,” or did he have help?

The “oh shit! We have a mid-term election coming up and we need to look at least a little less stupid and crazy” D/S/C press release…

He apparently did not spend all of the approximately two weeks from entering the US until his attack on the Beth Israel Synagogue in a Dallas homeless shelter.  Where did he stay when he was not there?  Asking how he chose the Beth Israel Synagogue is more significant that one might imagine.  The Metroplex is a huge, confusing hodgepodge of cities, the limits of one beginning where the limits of another end, all crushed together.  Anyone unfamiliar with the area, particularly anyone without GPS in hand, has a great deal of difficulty getting from specific place to specific place, and that’s if they know exactly where they want to go. There is no indication Malik Faisal Akram had a car, and I doubt there was point to point bus travel available to him, and even if there were, how did he know to go that specific synagogue, particularly where there were more, and bigger, much closer to Dallas proper?

Yes. Next question?

Did he take a cab or similar means of travel?  Where did he get the money for that?  For food?  Did he have any baggage, and if little or no baggage, why didn’t that, particularly with what must have been one way tickets, send up red flags in our vaunted TSA/DHS hierarchy?  Why was one of the few things he did in America obtaining a handgun?  That’s not—what’s the word?’—usual, or legal, for foreign nationals temporarily visiting America.  Is it?  Where did he get the money for the handgun he wielded?  Did he have to buy one, or was one provided for him, as well as his target, its location, and transportation to that target?

Logistics, gentle readers, not tactics.

I’m not the only one asking at least some of these questions: 

Immediately, reports circulated as to how Akram — with a lengthy criminal record and who was being monitored by British intelligence agencies — arrived in the U.S.

‘How was it that someone with an apparent criminal record and suspicious travel history was allowed into the United States to begin with?’ House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asked in a news release on Tuesday.

To date, the only confirmed information states that Akram arrived in the U.S. on December 29 via a flight from the U.K. That flight landed at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport in New York City, New York. Investigators believe Akram stayed in New York City for a few days before traveling to Dallas, Texas, where he ended up in a homeless shelter before taking hostages at the synagogue.

 Take the link to read the rest.  The Biden Administration is not answering congressional, or other, questions, with one exception.  Administration press flack Red Jen Psaki had a statement:  

Enemy of America (R); Islamist terrorist (L)

Our understanding, and obviously we’re still looking into this, is that he was checked against US government databases multiple times prior to entering the country, and the US government did not have any derogatory information about the individual in our systems at the time of entry,’ responded Psaki.

‘We’re certainly looking back ,as I referenced, at what occurred to learn every possible lesson we can to prevent attacks like this in the future. Beyond that, I’d certainly refer you to the Department Homeland Security,’ she continued.

Hmmm.  As informative as always.  Of course, the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration—Joe Biden, Temporary President—isn’t looking very hard into the backgrounds of any of the several million illegal aliens they’re admitting, are they?  At least they may have known Akram’s name, which is a step up from their information on most people entering the country.  The Daily Mail, doing the work American media refuses to do, adds this:  

The Independent reports that Akram was known to MI5 but that they didn’t consider him a severe threat.

It’s unclear what he said in his application for an ESTA tourist visa, which asks whether or not applicants have a criminal record.

The ESTA website claims checks will be carried out to see if an applicant has any undisclosed criminal convictions on file.

But according to social justice charity Nacro, the US authorities do not have access to criminal records held on the UK’s Police National Computer.

There was equal outrage in the UK, where lawmakers demanded to know how he was able to by-pass America’s immigration rules, which are known to be some of the strictest in the world.

Known by whom?  Apparently what’s “known” in the UK isn’t keeping up with the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration. But to be fair, our immigration laws are hell on wheels on paper.  Of course, when no one is enforcing them…

Tory MP Bob Seely told MailOnline there seemed to have been a ‘dreadful’ error at the UK and US borders caused by an ‘intelligence failure’ and it needed to be looked at.

‘This is clearly a failure of intelligence sharing. It is absolutely dreadful that he has been allowed to go to the States and hurt people.

‘Clearly something has gone wrong somewhere,’ he said.

“Clearly” and “dreadful” indeed.  Another bit of confusion is being cleared up, which is why I tend not to write about these things for a few days.  It was widely reported, and at the very least not contradicted by the FBI, the FBI Hostage Rescue Team heroically rescued the hostages.  As Mike LaChance at Legal Insurrection reports, not so much:

A rabbi who was among the four hostages held during a nearly 11-hour standoff at a Texas synagogue managed to escape after throwing a chair at the gunman, he told ‘CBS Mornings’ on Monday.

Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker said he and the two other remaining hostages were ‘terrified,’ especially during the last hour of the standoff Saturday night because the suspect ‘wasn’t getting what he wanted.’ It was at that point that Cytron-Walker saw an opportunity to act.

The rabbi said he first made sure the other hostages were ready to run and that the group wasn’t too far from the exit.

‘I told them to go, I threw a chair at the gunman and I headed for the door,’ he said. ‘And all three of us were able to get out without even a shot being fired.’

In other words: pretty much dumb luck no one was killed.  It was only after seeing all the remaining hostages run out of the building that the apparently very surprised HRT entered and killed Akram, which raises other interesting questions, the most pressing of which is was it absolutely necessary to kill Akram?  I have no way to know that answer, but we can be certain the only answer the FBI will ever provide is “yes,” and no one else could have possibly done it as professionally, and yes, heroically.  I am not for a moment suggesting one should call for social workers or John Kerry in such situations, quite the opposite, and were I on that team, I would surely have used deadly force if it was lawful, but there may be reason to be suspicious.  More about this shortly.

It also appears Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker is very much a standard, anti-gun D/S/C, and has been very public about those articles of D/S/C secular faith.  One wonders if he will, as sometimes happens with people mugged by reality, suddenly see the wisdom of armed security.  One would think Jews, of all people, would know better.  Or like so many other D/S/Cs, is it impossible for reality to alter their secular faith, even when lives are actually at stake?  At PJ Media, Rabbi Michal Barclay provides useful perspective:  

Most synagogues I know of have armed security present, with guards and/or people with CCWs. With the attacks in Poway, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and more over the last few years, this is a sad requirement based on the wisdom of survival. As Golda Meir famously said, “If the Palestinians lay down their weapons, there will be peace. If the Israelis lay down their weapons, there will be a massacre.” All sensible Rabbis recognize this sad truth and act accordingly.

So how did the tragedy in Colleyville come about?

Most people don’t want to be honest, and it’s appropriate that this thesis be presented by Jewish clergy as opposed to other non-Jews, but had this Rabbi done his duty as a sheepdog for his people, it is doubtful the crisis would have happened.

Considering history, the contemporary Islamist threat, our open borders, the common knowledge Islamists are crossing our southern border, unidentified and in unknown numbers, and the hatred of the D/S/C establishment for Israel in particular and Jews in general, it would be the height of incompetence for Synagogues not to have armed security.  Rabbi Barclay continues:

Again, it is important to step back and be honest. Although Rabbi Walker is now expressing gratitude for the anti-shooter training that religious communities learn for his survival, we need to all ask ourselves if this situation would even have occurred if there had been armed security at the synagogue.

My prayers go out to the Rabbi, and I hope this crisis has made him reevaluate his values. According to a past member of the congregation, Rabbi Walker ‘called Israel an apartheid state against Islam,’ and ‘didn’t allow his members to be armed during services.’ Seemingly, this Rabbi was supportive of the recent school walkout in Colleyville to urge stricter gun control. And the Rabbi’s relationships with Islamic extremists who hate Israel is well documented.

There is an adage that if you lay down with dogs you will get fleas. The recent horrors in Colleyville remind us as well that if a sheepdog lays down with wolves, the sheep will be unprotected.

And so they were.  Rabbi Barclay clearly understands the admonition: “Never again.”  Rabbi Cytron-Walker obviously does not.  He, after all, let Akram in–at least the synagogue’s doors were locked–and served him tea.  The Anti-Defamation League agrees with Cytron-Walker:

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claims that its mission is ‘to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all …’ So you might think that after an Islamic jihadi stormed a Texas synagogue and took hostages, the ADL would be drawing attention to Islamic anti-Semitism, as well as to the targeting of synagogues by Islamic jihadis in the past. Instead, it once again proves that it is more interested in preserving the Leftist narrative than in combating anti-Semitism: the ADL is very concerned that some of the reactions to the hostage-taking incident have been, in its view, ‘Islamophobic.’

In a long-winded article entitled ‘Extremists Respond to Colleyville Hostage Crisis with Antisemitism, Islamophobia,’ the ADL did admit that “Islamist extremists immediately expressed support for Akram’s actions. Online, prominent Al Qaeda supporters described the hostage situation as ‘inspirational’ and a warning to their enemies. Others, including Anejm [sic] Choudary, a British-based pro-ISIS Islamist preacher, reiterated calls to free Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman convicted of attempted murder of U.S. nationals, who is serving an 86-year sentence at a federal facility near the Colleyville synagogue, and whom Akram mentioned during the standoff.’

As I’m sure you can imagine, gentle readers, D/S/Cs everywhere were very disappointed Akram was not one of those white supremacist domestic terrorist/insurrectionists who just never seem to be around doing the things D/S/Cs are sure they’re doing, when things like that need doing.  It’s so hard to maintain a narrative one just knows to be fake but accurate when white supremacists won’t cooperate:

Ever anxious to fortify the impression that there is a ‘right-wing’ threat that is equivalent to or even greater than the jihad terror threat, the ADL added, ‘Right-wing extremists are likewise attempting to exploit the Colleyville crisis to advance their own antisemitic, conspiratorial and bigoted ideologies – a clear indication that acts of antisemitism tend to inspire further expressions of antisemitism.’

There also appears to be a complete lack of supply of Islamophobes sufficient to meet D/S/C demand.  Take the link to read the whole, drearily unsurprising thing.  It might also be a good idea to visit Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse:

I have intentionally not written about the terrorist attack in Colleyville, Texas, because my initial review saw significant parallels to the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil which took place in 2015 at Garland Texas, carried out by Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi.

In the Garland attack the FBI organized, facilitated and coordinated the attack. The FBI even drove the terrorists to the attack venue and then left once the shooting began. Yes, you read that correctly, the first ISIS attack on U.S. soil was organized by the FBI. {Go Deep} CTH dug deep on the 2015 Garland attack, so it wasn’t too difficult to spot the similarities between Garland 2015 and Colleyville 2022.

Colleyville, Texas – Malik Faisal Akram, who was known as Faisal Akram, had a well known Islamic extremist history to British and American intelligence. Akram ranted, prior to his travel to the U.S, that he wished he had died in the 9/11 terror attacks. He was a regular visitor to Pakistan, and reportedly a member of the Tablighi Jamaat group set up to ‘purify’ Islam. To say the U.S. intelligence system knew Faisal Akram would be an understatement.  The FBI knowledge of Akram has now been confirmed by The Daily Mail.

Sundance concludes with this:

What the Federal Security Service (FSB) is to the internal security of the Russian state; so too is the FBI in performing the same function for the U.S. federal government.

The FBI is a U.S. version of the Russian ‘State Police’; and the FBI is deployed -almost exclusively- to attack domestic enemies of those who control government, while they protect the interests of the U.S. Fourth Branch of Government.  That is the clear and accurate domestic prism to contextualize their perceived mission: “domestic violent extremists pose the greatest threat” to their objective.

Put another way, ‘We The People’, who fight against government abuse and usurpation, are the FBI’s actual and literal enemy.

Let me be very clear with another brutally obvious example.  Antifa could not exist as an organization, capable to organize and carry out violent attacks against their targets, without the full support of the FBI.   If the FBI wanted to arrest members of Antifa, who are actually conducting violence, they could do it easily – with little effort.

It is the absence of any action by the FBI toward Antifa, that tells us the FBI is enabling that violent extremist behavior to continue.  Once you accept that transparent point of truth, then, you realize the FBI definition of domestic violent extremism is something else entirely.

The FBI is not a law enforcement or investigative division of the U.S. Department of Justice.  The FBI is a political weapon of a larger institution that is now focused almost entirely toward supporting a radical communist agenda to destroy civil society in the United States.

The current mission of the FBI is to facilitate, preserve and protect the administration of Joe Biden.  The attack in Colleyville presents as a purposeful distraction from a multitude of extremely bad headlines overwhelming the administration as a direct result of leftist policy.

Something intentional happened to allow Faisal Akram entry into the U.S, and anyone who continues to push the fraudulent ‘honorable FBI rank and file talking point’, is, at this point in history, willfully and purposefully operating to deceive the American people on behalf of government interests who are intent on destroying us.

It is not a difference of opinion any longer.  It is now a simple matter to accept what is staring us in the face.

Perhaps.  Take the link and see for yourself.  In case you think this kind of apparent negligence by our government is merely random and situational, Daniel Greenfield at Front Page Magazine.com has this:

After Obama’s obsession with freeing as many Islamic terrorists from Gitmo as possible, the ones who remained were the absolute worst of the worst. Now Biden is setting them loose too.

5 Islamic terrorists, Al Qaeda and allies, have been scheduled for release from custody.

They include Osama bin Laden bodyguards and murderous terrorists with blood on their hands.

As Greenfield points out, the terrorists from the 9/11 timeframe remaining in our custody are the worst of the worst.  Lesser Islamist maniacs have already been released and many have returned to Jihad.  Greenfield ends with this:

Oh yeah, this absolutely enhanced our national security…

Lee Wolosky, Obama’s point man on freeing the terrorists, urges Biden to show ‘the same resolve and leadership’ that he had ‘demonstrated in extricating the United States from Afghanistan.’

Biden is certainly doing that. Even while he abandoned Americans to the Taliban, he’s freeing some of the worst of the worst from Guantanamo Bay. It’s a degree of ‘resolve and leadership’ that the Al Qaeda terrorists he is liberating to kill more innocent people can only applaud.

Is there any Islamic terrorist too monstrous and evil for even Biden to free? It’s still a long way to 2024 and there’s plenty of time for us to find out and for him to free them all.

This, I suppose, represents “equity.”  It certainly represents “social justice,” and it’s plenty diverse and inclusive.  It’s probably carbon neutral and gluten free too.

No. That’s just what they’d expect us to do…

Final Thoughts: Is the FBI asking and investigating the questions I’ve raised?  Any competent, non-political law enforcement investigator would be, and they’d be discovering and answering a variety of other questions in the process.  I’d like to believe the FBI is doing that, but I can’t.  No one who has been following their behavior in recent years honestly can.  Even if honest FBI agents are investigating properly, who can believe their honest conclusions will ever be acted upon or made public?  The FBI can’t be trusted any more than most federal agencies can, and that’s ultimately more potentially damaging than any individual jihadist attack.