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I had the happy opportunity recently to speak with my sister-in-law.  A very bright and honorable woman—it runs in her family–she asked whether Donald Trump would—should–run again in 2024.  That’s a question many Americans are considering.

Before we examine the possibilities, a few disclosures.  I am among those I call “Normal Americans.”  I do not identify as a conservative, but a constitutionalist.  I recognize the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, and the best governing document ever written.  I support the rule of law, equal justice for all, and equality of opportunity, never equality of outcome, or equity, both of the latter being covers for eternal dependence on government, racism and discrimination.  Merit and hard work built this country and without them, American falls.  I also know Communism, and its somewhat less deadly and brutal stepping-stone—Socialism—are among the most immoral, murderous and evil ideologies ever conceived. Because I am an American constitutionalist, and on three occasions have sworn oaths to uphold the law and the Constitution, I fully support strictly limited government, and individual liberties.

I could go on and on, but I trust, gentle readers, you can infer the rest.  Ultimately, my beliefs mean I tend to vote for Republicans as they generally come closest to sharing, and even occasionally acting upon, my beliefs.  I do not automatically discount Democrats, but sadly, there are few contemporary Democrats my nearly seven decades of experience would recognize as “traditional” Democrats who come close to sharing my beliefs.  For this reason, I have taken to using the shorthand, “D/S/C”: Democrat/Socialists/Communists, because the majority of the “Democrat” Party is now Socialist and Communist.  As Mark Levin so sagely notes in his book American Marxism, that’s the prevailing ideology of the D/S/C Party these days.

I also am not an apostle of any politician, and generally distrust them all unless and until they demonstrate they are worthy of trust.  Don’t get me started on most congressional Republicans.  As to Donald Trump, prior to his election, I called him a con man, and expected him to be as corrupt as pretty much any politician, though I thought it might not be a bad idea to have a businessman in the Oval Office.

Trump surprised me.  He actually kept his promises, and those promises, by and large, were to the benefit of America and Americans, something Normal Americans all too seldom see.  He really did put America first, an act so unusual, shocking and outrageous to so many it spoke eloquently of how far our political class had—and have–slipped into the depths of Socialism and worse.  Despite having to fight off the worst the Deep State could do even before he took office, and every day thereafter, he accomplished great things, and honored his oath to uphold the Constitution.  This, more than anything, is what earned him the hatred of the Deep State, which is the D/S/C Party, its media propaganda arm, most federal bureaucrats, the FBI, DOJ, IRS and most other federal agencies, and not a few Republicans.  Even after he left office, he was impeached, and is still harried by the Deep State.

The Deep State, you see, views the Constitution as an impediment to its goals of power and wealth.

That said, I do not think Donald Trump a messiah.  That kind of warped veneration is for D/S/Cs.  I do not expect government, or any political “leader” to save me, or the country; quite the opposite. I automatically distrust anyone and any politician making those kinds of promises.  I’ve often said I vote for whomever I think will do the least damage to the Constitution.  Again, that turned out to be Donald Trump, like the rest of us, a flawed human being.  However, once one realized one should judge him not on what he said, but what he delivered, those flaws became easier to reconcile.  Most politicians lie, and deliver damage, or nothing at all.

I, like most Normal Americans, appreciate Trump because of his constitutional fidelity and because he did put America first, and despite all the forces arrayed against him, accomplished a very great deal for America.  I, like Normal Americans, understand he is no longer president, and may never again be president.  I weep to imagine what he would have done for liberty if not relentlessly pursued by the enemies of liberty.  They weep to imagine that too.  I would feel the same about any president of any party who did the same.  Charles De Gaulle said:

The graveyards are full of indispensable men.

If Donald Trump decides not to run in 2024, that’s fine with me.

Before we get into possibilities, you might at this point, gentle readers, be wondering just what the beliefs of Normal Americans portend.  It’s simple, really.  If one truly lives by American Constitutionalism, they must extend the same rights they enjoy, the same opportunities, to everyone, and particularly those who not only disagree with them, but would seek to silence, to “cancel” them, as it is commonly termed.  The First Amendment doesn’t exist to protect inoffensive speech with which everyone agrees; that needs no protection.  The First Amendment, above all else, protects political speech, precisely the speech D/S/Cs seek to destroy.  Either the Constitution applies to all, or it’s a dictatorship of some kind.  That, it may be reasonably argued, is precisely the goal of those who would ignore or destroy the Constitution.

Normal Americans want life to be normal, the kind of normal American Constitutionalism uniquely establishes.  They want a President who won’t destroy the economy, open the borders, defund and hamstring the police, encourage our enemies and abandon our allies, serially violate the Constitution and wipe out unalienable liberties.  They want a competent and pro-American POTUS.

Think about which Americans, which political ideologies, seek that destruction.  Am I, are Normal Americans, for a second civil war?  Only if pushed to that extreme, and only to preserve the Constitution: limited government, and individual liberty.  Not for power, not for control over others, but to preserve equality of opportunity, the rule of law, and government of the people, by the people and for the people—all the people–our representative republic, never a tyranny of the majority.  For what would those who would cancel Normal Americans fight?

So. 2024.

Trump Runs And Wins: A real possibility, and wouldn’t it be perversely fun to see him run against Hillary Clinton, who has not improved with age and experience–again?  But is it to be desired?  By then, will he have mellowed a bit, retaining everything good about his first term, and abandoning the personality excesses?  Has he learned from his mistakes?  Surely, any misconceptions about any possibility of good will on the part of D/S/Cs in particular and the Deep State in general are gone, but does that mean he will immediately and forcefully clean house, not only firing those who so desperately need to be fired, but ensuring their replacements continue to force federal employees to do their jobs in a truly non-partisan manner that benefits Americans?  Perhaps prosecuting those that break the law might have a salutary effect on the rest?

How far have we fallen in such a short time that Normal Americans long for the days of affordable fuel, food and life’s other necessities?  How much farther can we fall before all is irretrievably broken?

Would Trump understand, truly understand, there is nothing to be gained by being nice to people sworn to destroy him and “fundamentally transform” America, and would he, three years hence, act on that understanding?

Will D/S/Cs, having failed to destroy Trump with two impeachments, one after he was out of office(?!), admit defeat and suddenly develop consciences and a willingness to work for the good of America and all Americans, or will they go totally berserk—they were nearly there during Trump’s first term—and utterly destroy the nation?  Or will they suddenly become rational and actually work with Republicans for the good of the nation.  I know, I know…unlikely, and some Republicans are going to have to be willing to do the same.

Another Republican Runs And Wins: If that Republican held America first, and adopted Trump’s successful policies such as energy independence, individual liberty, limited government, actual enforcement of immigration law, supporting our allies and deterring and if necessary, punishing, our enemies, etc., few, if any, Normal Americans would object.  But would such a Republican enjoy any honeymoon?  Would they be able to count on any good will, and support from D/S/Cs for the good of the nation?  Would they say: “he’s not Trump, so we can absolutely work with him?”

At the moment, the obvious candidate is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  He’s saying the right things, and more importantly, doing the right things, things that parallel Trump’s policies, and that would be the policies of any POTUS who actually represented the United States and worked to preserve and defend it.  Because he wouldn’t be Trump, would D/S/Cs and the Deep State treat him any differently?  The signs aren’t good.  As The Blaze, and a variety of other media outlets are reporting, the usual suspects are already claiming DeSantis is Hitler, and worse than Hitler.  Such people have no originality.  Beyond Hitler, what’s left?  Satan?

If Republicans controlled the House and Senate, at least impeachment would probably be off the table, but even then, could any Republican president count on Republican unity to pass an America first agenda, or would they, as usual, never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity?  With control of only one house, no Republican president would be able to do much, if anything.  With both houses in D/S/C hands, all any Republican could hope to do, unless they were a D/S/C in disguise, would be to delay the worst excesses of people determined to turn America into Venezuela.

A D/S/C Wins:  God help us.  God particularly help us if the election is not as honest and transparent as it can possibly be. If our electoral mess isn’t resolved by then, and half of America can’t trust the result, all bets are off.

But even if the election is honest, which won’t happen if D/S/Cs get their way between now and then, if one house is in Republican hands, once again, the best that can be achieved for liberty is to continue to slow America’s decline to a tyranny of the majority and socialism/communism.  If D/S/Cs control the Congress and the presidency, America’s decline will be rapid and permanent.

Oh, but D/S/Cs could come up with a truly moderate candidate, someone who wouldn’t try to fundamentally transform America!  Uh-huh.  Like Hillary Clinton?  Liz Cheney?  AOC?  Does anyone the D/S/C media propaganda arm is floating for the job at the moment remotely resemble a “moderate”?  Someone who loves America?  Someone who is, at least, not crazy?  Would the D/S/C Party ever again nominate anyone like that?  And I’m mostly kidding about Cheney.  Despite The New York Times actually suggesting she belongs on a D/S/C ticket for 2024, Cheney is merely a useful idiot.  As soon as she loses her usefulness when the Jan. 6 Committee disbands, D/S/Cs will treat her as they treat any apostate from the one, true faith.

Final Thoughts:  There are a great many other factors that will crop up between now and then.  Some are easily predicted, some not.  I doubt Joe Biden will finish his term.  His dementia is proceeding apace, and the drugs and altered sleep schedules his handlers are using for his few and heavily stage managed appearances are fast losing their effectiveness.  But President Harris?  No sane D/S/C—I know: oxymoron—wants that, particularly not in the run up to 2024.  But who else?

No Republican should imagine merely not being, or in any way supporting, Donald Trump will in any way cause D/S/Cs to play nice.  When you’re trying to fundamentally transform the most free, prosperous and non-racist nation in history, “nice,” or even “constitutional,” are not in your playbook.  The end justifies any means.  Trump wasn’t so hated for mean tweets, although “how dare you criticize morally pure, elite people like me?!”  He was hated because he slowed the inevitable march to socialism/communism, because he kept his promises and did what surprised and horrified politicians on both sides of the aisle: he kept America—and Americans—first.  How yesterday.

Normal Americans will accept another like that, someone pro-American and competent, someone they don’t have to worry about every day.  Donald Trump is no messiah, no savior, just a man willing to honor his oath of office, a competent, pro-American president. Whether there will be such a man—or woman—in 2024, or whether they’ll have to settle for whatever they can get, remains to be seen.