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It’s my usual practice to post an education article on Mondays, however this series is inextricably caught up in education issues, and one of the primary excuses for the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration’s war on American parents is the Loudon County lunacy, that is the primary topic of this article.  To find every article in this series, enter “Suzi Soccermom” in the SMM homepage search bar.  The Daily Wire explains:

The 14-year-old boy who raped a ninth-grader in a girls’ bathroom while he wore a skirt and blouse was sentenced on Wednesday to residential treatment, as it emerged that he also allegedly attacked a third girl, and after the judge said his psycho-sexual evaluation was one of the most disturbing she has ever seen.

The boy, now 15, appeared with his hair in a bun and his ankles in chains, and apologized directly to the two girls that the court found he sexually assaulted in school. His name is being withheld by The Daily Wire due to his age.

You’ll forgive me, gentle readers, if I think that apology something less than totally sincere.

But one of the victims said he would not be rehabilitated until he acknowledged that there was also a third girl he has assaulted. ‘I hope one day you tell them what you did to that girl,’ she said. The judge said a report she reviewed as part of sentencing also noted the existence of a third victim.

Real reality: few, if any, sex criminals can or will be rehabilitated.

The mother of the first victim said: ‘These horrific sexual assaults should have never occurred. There were people who could have turned it around years ago.’

Uh-huh.  Such as the boy’s parents and the Loudoun County School Board, but they were far more concerned with woke virtue signaling.

Scott Smith, the father of that victim, told the court ‘this whole thing caused a huge division in our community … We were accused of lying about this sexual assault for political gain. That didn’t go over well with half of Loudoun County, who didn’t patronize our business’ as national media painted him as an ignorant conservative bigot for being angry at a school board meeting.

But on Wednesday Judge Pamela Brooks said the assaults did occur, saying, ‘Over the years this court has read many psychosexual reports, and when I read yours, frankly, it scared me. It scared me for you, it scared me for society.’

Translation: when a judge, who sees a great many similar reports, makes such comments public, we can be assured the offender is going to do it again, and next time, will be likely to kill his victims.

Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj appeared in court, but did not speak. The juvenile prosecutor who took the lead asked for the perpetrator to be placed on the sex offender registry, a more severe step than that requested by a juvenile parole officer. The judge said she had never ordered a juvenile onto the registry despite hearing numerous juvenile cases, but that ‘I am ordering you onto the sexual offender registry.’

Biberaj is a Soros prosecutor.  As to why the judge did that, see my previous translation, and remember the role of the Loudoun County Schools in enabling the rapist’s crimes, and of AG Merrick Garland in helping them enable them.

Biberaj was funded not only by George Soros, but also supported by former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), who was elected in 2013 and then ran again in 2021, as the Virginia constitution prohibits governors from serving back-to-back terms. McAuliffe went on to lose to Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin (R) last November.

Biberaj previously said the suspect was released from jail because he had no ‘history.’ The suspect’s mother later told the Daily Mail that he had been busted sending naked pictures four years prior. The publication reported that police were aware of the incident at the time, but that charges were not pursued because the school district promised to handle it.

This, gentle readers, is gross—even criminal–negligence.  Any sane prosecutor reviewing not only the boy’s psychosexual behaviors, and the nature of his crime, would never have let him out.  If the local police had any investigators with a mote of experience and common sense, they would have been screaming to keep that kid locked up.  During my police days, I would have done the same.  I wonder if they did?  If so, Biberaj, obviously focused on woke priorities rather than public safety, ignored them.  And was the Loundoun County School Board, or its various lackeys, concerned for student safety?

The Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) did not tell the school community when the May 2021 rape happened, and instead, sent out an email saying that if students noticed police on campus, they should rest assured that it was not because of anything that threatened student safety. Police logs show that police were dispatched to the school to deal with an angry parent: Smith, who was unsatisfied by how the school was handling the rape.

Loudoun County Schools and School Board: tar. Feathers.  And yes, I’m speaking figuratively.

credit: riverinvertebtatelarvae.co.uk

Soon after, the school board sought to pass a policy that would permit transgender students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. To address concern by parents that this could cause a safety issue, Superintendent Scott Zeigler said definitively that there had been no bathroom sexual assaults in the Loudoun schools. Smith was in attendance at that meeting and became angry, and he was arrested for disorderly conduct. He was personally prosecuted by Biberaj, who ordinarily would not be involved in minor cases, and she sought jail time, which is also highly unusual for such cases.

Should we give the school district another chance to do the right thing, gentle readers?

The school district did not report the May 2021 rape on statistics that are required, under state law, to be submitted to the state.

Gee, what a surprise.

LCPS said it would conduct an independent investigation of how it handled the incident in order to put community concerns to rest. But on Wednesday, it was reported that the school system has completed the investigation but is keeping the result secret by citing attorney-client privilege.

credit: mixed times.com

The parent group Fight For Schools said that either the report needs to be released or the superintendent was lying when he called it an ‘independent’ investigation, and said its real purpose may have been to prepare a defense to an investigation which incoming Attorney General Jason Miyares said he will launch. LCPS launched its probe one day after Miyares announced his.

I’d go with lying and ass covering.  Invoking attorney-client privilege in this case is fraudulent.  Everyone in the Loudoun County Schools is a public employee.  The public is the client, and the public has an absolute right to know the results of investigations done in their name and on their dime.  There is no legal privacy privilege involved, other than redacting the names of involved students.  Townhall.com is with me:

Victoria LaCivita, the communications director for Attorney General-Elect Jason Miyares provided a statement to Townhall shortly after publication, emphasizing that Miyares is committed to prioritizing an investigation the school board. ‘What happened in Loudoun County High Schools this past year was nothing short of horrific. The Attorney-General Elect is committed to investigating the Loudoun County School Board and their coverup that led to this rapist being able to assault another young girl. It is a day one, immediate priority,’ she said.

It’s nice, and rare, to see a politician keep his promises.

Interestingly enough, Youngkin also hired Wyoming’s Schools Superintendent Jillian Balow to be Virginia’s, in significant part because she is very much anti-CRT.  It appears there is going to be accountability, at long last, in Virginia.  We can be assured, however, the Biden Administration will do everything it can to obstruct Miyares’ investigation.

And speaking of accountability, the National School Boards Association has opened a whole can of accountability on itself:

Until this fall, the National School Boards Association was a noncontroversial, bipartisan lobby group. Then its leaders wrote President Biden a letter. It alleged that the threatening and aggressive acts against school board members across the country might be a form of ‘domestic terrorism’ and asked for federal law enforcement intervention.

Now, the association is at risk of total collapse…

Nineteen mostly GOP-led states have withdrawn from the association or promised to when this year’s membership expires, and six members of what was a 19-person board have left. Several states are discussing forming an alternative association for school boards. A new executive director of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) is working to save the organization, lobbying individual states to reconsider, but so far he has not persuaded any of them to change their minds.

‘I hope they’ll give us a chance,’ John Heim, the newly installed executive director, said in an interview.  His goal, he said, is to ‘rebuild trust’ in the association, which critics believe took sides in a partisan debate.

“Critics believe??!  The NSBA isn’t being starved of funds because “critics believe” anything.  It’s going under because it did take “sides in a partisan debate,” and the side it took was against the welfare of America’s children and their parents.  Sane educators around the nation tend not to like that sort of thing.  One thing I learned very early on in my police career was you don’t mess with people’s children or pets.  It was a lesson that was helpful in my education career.

Not long ago, upset with people refusing to obey his Covid mandates, Temporary President Biden told Americans he was running out of patience with their silly individual liberty/limited government nonsense.  The NSBA, and the D/S/C Party is just beginning to realize Normal Americans, which includes parents unhappy with D/S/C school boards and officials, has no patience left, particularly not where their kids are involved.

Final Thoughts:  A school board, a school superintendent, school officials, who do not do their legal duty to report sexual assault and to protect students from sexual assault are, at the least, incompetent, but only if their failure was not politically motivated or otherwise malicious. When such people refuse to report, refuse to protect, because they don’t want to expose their foolishness in establishing woke policies any reasonable person should know would have put that rapist in a girl’s bathroom, and worse, would have enabled him to do it again in a another school, they are arguably criminal, and surely evil.

Oh, but they were sincerely trying to do the right thing!  No they weren’t.  They put the whims of a juvenile trans sex offender over the safety of every girl in their school district.  They failed in a fundamental legal, moral duty, and caused an innocent parent to be arrested and prosecuted to cover their failure because they knew they were doing wrong.  If this were not so, wouldn’t they have been glad to fully engage in public debate, listen to parent’s concerns, do everything in a fully transparent way?  Would they have maliciously caused parents to be arrested?  Wouldn’t they be delighted to release the results of any investigation into their conduct?

But what if they were just arrogant, power mad?  The possibilities I’ve presented aren’t mutually exclusive.  Arrogance is virtually always an essential element of woke virtue signaling.  Which, by the way, is worse?  The result is the same.

Don’t get me started on police officers who ignore common sense and discretion to make this kind of arrest.

To preserve and further an evil ideology, an ideology that so denies reality it fostered two rapes of children—perhaps more—these people knowingly ignored their lawful and moral duty. They knowingly sacrificed children in their obsession to vindicate social justice lunacy, to virtue signal, to preen and think themselves intellectually and morally superior to inferiors like Scott Smith who foolishly think their daughters ought to be safe from rape while at school.

There may be no punishment sufficient for them, and the worst punishment may be reserved for after this life.  What are just desserts for such people?

UPDATE 01-19-22, 1430 MT: The rats aren’t exactly deserting the sinking ship, but they’re throwing the first scapeboat overboard.  Fox News reports:

The chief of staff for Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has left his position, prompting questions about the district’s compliance with federal law and handling of two sexual assault allegations.

In a statement to Fox News on Wednesday, LCPS spokesperson Wayde Byard said that the position was ‘vacant.’ It is unclear why exactly the most recent Chief of Staff Mark Smith is no longer in the position.

‘He had obligations under Title IX and they weren’t met. He was not a Title IX expert, but it was his job,’ the school board member reportedly said. ‘Someone had to pay and it was him.’

In addition, a LCPS web page previously listing Smith as the chief of staff was removed Wednesday.

“Someone had to pay.”  The School Board is still refusing to release it’s “investigation” of the sexual assault debacle.  This firing is a pathetic attempt to cover their collective asses in the hope firing Smith will appease the new Attorney General who is investigating the Loudoun County Schools.  I doubt it will have the effect they expect, and further doubt it will in any way satisfy the parents of that school district.  Someone is going to pay indeed, and Smith is just the first “someone.”