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Marilyn Mosby               credit: time.com

I haven’t written on the issues that continue to bedevil Baltimore since January 2, 2020.  The SMM Freddie Gray archive is here.  Regular readers will recall Marilyn Mosby is the Baltimore prosecutor who tried to put six Baltimore PD officers in prison for the self-caused death of local small-time drug dealer and petty criminal Freddie Gray.  He was, of course, black.  Riding that early woke wave, she achieved national notoriety, but lost every case against the officers.  An honorable black judge found three not guilty, and Mosby was forced, by a complete lack of evidence, to dismiss the charges against the rest.  It was another instance of political charges that would never have been brought by a sane, honest prosecutor.

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Riots, whose flames were fanned by Mosby and other Baltimore and Maryland politicians, destroyed much in Baltimore.  The police were hamstrung when then Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake publically announced she gave rioters “space to destroy.”  As one might imagine, every BPD officer that could retired, resigned and otherwise fled.  Those that remained have done little or nothing since due to orders and/or self-preservation.  The BPD since has had a hell of time recruiting and remains badly understaffed.  Baltimore’s crime rate has skyrocketed.

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I’ve continued to add to this archive primarily to demonstrate the inevitable consequences of woke rule in blue cities and states, and to keep an eye on Mosby, one of America’s most self-absorbed, arrogant, destructive D/S/C and Soros-oriented prosecutors.  Fox Baltimore, in this 03-21-21 report, is also keeping an eye on Mosby:

Property records in Florida show that Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby purchased $1.02 million worth of homes in Florida since September of 2020.

One of those homes is a home in Longboat Key, Florida in February of 2021. The purchase price was $476,000. The other home was purchased in September of 2020. It sold for $545,000 and is located in Kissimmee, Florida.

Nick and Marilyn Mosby          credit: hellobeautiful.com

Hmmm.  The pay for Baltimore’s head prosecutor isn’t that high.  Even combining her salary with that of her husband Nick, those kinds of purchases raise eyebrows.

The purchases come amid the bombshell news that Marilyn Mosby and her husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, are under federal criminal investigation. A subpoena to Nick Mosby’s campaign treasurer requested tax records from 2014 to 2020 and all supporting documents. The request calls for spreadsheets, notes, receipts, checks, and bank statements.

This news also comes on the heels of a tax lien placed on the Mosbys’ home in Baltimore. The lien was for $45,000 worth of unpaid back taxes.

The new condo in Florida was sold to Marilyn Mosby by The Mustard Seed Goup, LLC out of Michigan. The Florida condo has two bedrooms, two bathrooms. It has an annual tax bill of $5,349 and a homeowners association fee of $1,045 per month.

The home in Kissimmee was built in 2017 and has a homeowners association fee of $433 per month, according to Zillow. It has 8 bedrooms and 6 full bathrooms.

Mortgage payments for those homes have got to be at least $4000 a month.  Add another $1500 a month for HA fees, even more for furnishings, utilities, upkeep, and jet setters like the Mosbys would need vehicles at each home…  I wonder what their Baltimore residence costs?  Consider this from Maurice Richards at The Daily Caller on 12-23-21:

There is a growing outrage in Baltimore. People are realizing that the lawlessness, violence and the war on cops that has overwhelmed every major Democrat-run city is no accident. The out-of-control crime and chaos is the result of an organized assault on the police and subversion of the rule of law through pro-criminal, anti-victim/anti-police policies of radical prosecutors. And Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby is one of their shining stars.  Even in the Freddie Gray days, Mosby and her husband were known to be living outside their means.  It has, finally, caught up to them.

Black Lives Matter Marxists, the Democratic Party and the ruling-class media have spread the lie that American policing is ‘systemically racist’ and there is an epidemic of fatal shootings by police of innocent, unarmed black people. They falsely claim that the United States is an illegitimate, inherently racist, irredeemable nation, and that the police are defenders of this evil order. Dehumanizing hate leads to violence and for some, justifies attacking or assassinating the police.

As regular readers know, Mosby was leading that anti-law and order/anti-police parade before it really took off.

credit: patdollard.com

Marilyn Mosby is not a friend of crime victims or the police. She typically puts the interests of violent criminals before their victims. Last week, Mosby gave one of her plea deals to another violent offender who in May tried to burn his ex-girlfriend and her two roommates to death by setting their townhouse on fire at night while they slept.

The criminal faced 18 felony charges including three for attempted murder. It should be noted that before Mosby took office a similar case with an almost identical fact pattern was prosecuted by the former state’s attorney. That offender was prosecuted and appropriately sentenced to 50 years in prison. But for this offender, Mosby dropped the charges down to one arson charge, let the offender plead guilty to a 10-year sentence which she immediately had suspended, and let him walk free after serving less than six months in jail.

Amazingly, the arsonist complained.  He was upset with Mosby for letting him get off so easily!  Even he knows he shouldn’t be out on the street.  Perhaps he’s been keeping up with the statistics:

Elected in 2015, Marilyn Mosby’s policies have been a public safety disaster. In her first year, Baltimore’s murders surged 62% and homicides have exceeded 300 for seven consecutive years. She undermined the work of BPD, dismissing almost 1,500 criminal cases and warrants. Mosby refuses to comply with Republican Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s demand to provide the numbers of the criminal cases she has dropped, failed to appropriately charge or pleaded down to lesser charges.

Mosby refuses to prosecute quality-of life crimes. These include possession with intent to distribute dangerous drugs, drug possession, street prostitution, trespassing, minor traffic offenses, open alcohol, urinating and defecating in public, and breaking into and theft from vehicles. Democratic Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott enthusiastically supports her pro-criminal policy and disturbingly, Police Commissioner Michael Harrison is also on board. As a result, BPD proactive policing and street-level drug enforcement has practically disappeared—misdemeanor drug arrests have decreased 91%. Open-air drug markets operate 24/7, calls for help are ignored and communities have been destroyed.

See what I mean about officers doing nothing out of self-preservation?  They know if they have to use force against criminals, particularly black criminals, they’ll be prosecuted.

But instead of focusing on enforcing the law and holding offenders accountable, Mayor Scott has followed Mosby’s lead. He implemented a five-year plan prioritizing keeping criminal offenders out of jail and replacing cops with social workers.

Marilyn Mosby has enabled a culture of lawlessness and emboldened violent criminal predators. Fearing no consequences, thugs prowl streets with impunity — victimizing citizens and now, assassinating the police. Baltimore’s leaders and their policies have failed. The city’s only hope lies with its residents, who are beginning to stand up and demand policies that put law-abiding citizens first.

Perhaps this will help:

credit: msbnc.com

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby (D) was indicted by a federal grand jury on four charges Thursday [01-13-22], including perjury for falsely claiming a COVID-19 hardship on an application to withdraw $90,000 from her retirement account.

The withdrawals, without a tax penalty, were a temporary financial option created by the federal CARES Act for people who suffered hardships during the pandemic. Mosby’s annual salary is $247,955.58.

Mosby faces two counts of perjury for two separate withdrawals from the retirement account citing coronavirus-related hardships and two counts of making a false statement on a loan application.

Federal prosecutors say those false statements were made on mortgage applications for a home in Kissimmee, Fla., and a condominium in Long Boat Key, three hours to the west. As part of both applications, Mosby did not disclose a federal tax lien of $45,022 that had been placed against her and her husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick J. Mosby (D).

In each application, Mosby also responded ‘no’ in response to the question, ‘Are you presently delinquent or in default on any Federal debt or any other loan, mortgage, financial obligation, bond, or loan guarantee,’ even though she was delinquent in paying federal taxes to the IRS, prosecutors said.

Mosby took out a $490,500 mortgage on the Kissimmee home and a $428,400 mortgage on the Long Boat Key condo.

According to federal prosecutors, Mosby also signed a ‘second home rider’ for the Kissimmee property, representing to the mortgage company that the house would be used primarily as a personal residence for at least one year and would not be rented as a vacation property. The rider was signed on Sept. 2, 2020; a week earlier, on Aug. 25, Mosby had signed an agreement with a vacation home management company to control the property, according to the indictment.

By saying the home would be for personal, and not rental, use, Mosby could secure a lower interest rate, federal prosecutors said.

According to the indictment, Mosby lied on paperwork for two withdrawals from her retirement account: $40,000 on May 26, 2020 and $50,000 on Dec. 29, 2020.

To qualify for a retirement distribution through the CARES Act provision, Mosby certified that she experienced adverse financial consequences from the pandemic for one of four allowable reasons: as a result of being quarantined, furloughed, or laid off; having reduced work hours; being unable to work due to lack of childcare; or the closing or reduction of hours of a business she owned or operated.

The indictment alleges that Mosby did not experience any such financial hardships and received her full gross salary of $247,955.58 from Jan. 1, 2020 through Dec. 29, 2020, in bi-weekly gross pay direct deposits of $9,183.54.

Mosby could spend 30 or so years in federal prison.  I’m confused.  Mosby is one of the elect, the sophisticated and self-imagined elite.  Not only is she female, a D/S/C Soros prosecutor with a record of hating the police and ignoring the law-abiding public, she’s black.  Kamala Harris has praised her and Mosby has called Harris her role model.  How is it possible the Garland DOJ is prosecuting her for the kinds of financial crimes people of her station commit, and prosecutors ignore, on a daily basis?  Sure, the IRS is involved, but they tend not to pursue the “elite” either.

D/S/Cs inevitably eat their own, but something else must be happening in this case.  Did Mosby fail to support the right—left—local or federal politicians?  Did she anger the wrong person?  Did she do something to incur the wrath of Biden’s handlers?  Does she have something on a powerful politician who is conducting a pre-emptive strike?  Or perhaps someone with more political power wants her job as a stepping stone to higher office?

These are the kinds of crimes that are pretty much cut and dried.  Either the defendant made a false application or they didn’t.  Either they knowingly lied, or they didn’t.  And again, this sort of thing happens every day and prosecutions are not exactly rare, but they’re not common either.  Federal prosecutors, particularly in major metropolitan areas, tend to prefer to go after much bigger, publicity grabbing crimes.  All the usual suspects, like race-hustling lawyer Benjamin Crump, are screaming “racism!”

Final Thoughts:  If the prosecution continues and Mosby is tried or takes a deal and is convicted, we can be reasonably sure she somehow angered her patrons, and/or people with a great deal more political power.  If these charges somehow get bargained down to nothing or go away entirely, it’s likely because a political deal behind the scenes has been struck and Mosby now knows her place and will be allowed to serve her political masters.  I’ll keep reporting as required, but in the meantime, it couldn’t happen to a worse person.

UPDATE, 01-15-22, 1300 MT:  Go here for Mosby’s excuse.  It’s all because she’s black and really pure and all, but you knew that.