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C’mon man!  The FBI are professionals.  They wouldn’t spend time persecuting Normal American moms and dads just because they don’t like what local school boards—their employees—are doing.  And The Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration are also non-partisan professionals whose every waking minute is spent considering how best to serve the American public—their employers.  Right?  Right?  Right……?

To find partial answers to those questions, merely enter “suzi soccermom” or “the FBI” in the SMM homepage search bar.  All of the articles in this series may be found there.

Andrew McCabe

To answer those questions, we begin with an article by Evita Duffy at The Federalist, outlining the views of former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe.  McCabe, as you may remember, was fired for repeatedly lying under oath in an internal FBI investigation and elsewhere.  As readers may recall, in October of 2021, the DOJ restored McCabe’s pension and other perks, because why not?

On January 6, 2022, McCabe, part of an FBI cabal that lied to federal courts in its deranged pursuit of Donald Trump, who they knew was innocent, was the featured speaker at the University of Chicago.  The topic?  Integrity in democracy in America.  Obviously, everyone there had their sense of irony surgically removed long ago.  Have the years since he was fired provided McCabe with a renewed love for his fellow Americans and a sense of honor?  Not so much:

McCabe likened conservatives to members of the Islamic Caliphate: ‘I can tell you from my perspective of spending a lot of time focused on the radicalization of international terrorists and Islamic extremist and extremists of all stripes… is that this group shares many of the same characteristics of those groups that we’ve seen radicalized along entirely different ideological lines,’ he said.

Oh sure.  Characteristics like fidelity to the Constitution, equal justice under the law, the rule of law, limited government, individual liberty, color blindness, those kinds of radical ideas.

‘Political violence [is] not just confined to the Capitol,’ McCabe asserted. ‘It’s going on in school boards around the country. It’s going on in local elections. It’s happening, you know, even to health-care workers.’ According to this politically protected former FBI no. 2, the ‘political violence’ occurring recently at school board meetings and during local elections is a ‘very diverse and challenging threat picture.’

Of course.  Parents telling school board members—their employees—they disapprove of their actions and are going to throw them out at the next election is challenging indeed.

McCabe said moms and dads who stand up for their children’s health and education at school board meetings in ways Democrats disagree with are very dangerous. So dangerous that it is actually ‘essential’ we have a ‘rapid and complete response by law enforcement at the state, local and federal level to this sort of political violence…’

McCabe didn’t provide any actual examples of “political violence,” but then again, we know the woke consider the slightest disagreement with them actual violence, so there was no need. 

Holding America’s parents ‘accountable’ is not enough for McCabe. He wants to make sure that federal agencies also put ‘out that message that this sort of conduct that both horribly victimizes individuals, but also serves to undermine our democratic process’ is ‘considered a threat to national security [that is] not tolerated.’

Uh-huh.  Suzi Soccermom in Buffalo Breath, Nebraska telling school board members she thinks trying to indoctrinate kindergarten kids with gay, lesbian and trans porn, and Marxist racial hate, shutting down schools and forcing kids to wear masks has to stop is far more threatening to national security than say, millions of unvetted and unidentified illegals pouring over the southern border, Iran’s race for nuclear weapons, or China’s growing military strength and general hostility.  Any insane person can see that.

‘I’m fairly confident,’ McCabe said, ‘[that] the FBI [and other agencies] have reallocated resources and repositioned some of their counterterrorism focus to increase their focus on right-wing extremism and domestic violent extremists. And I think that’s obviously a good idea.’

But McCabe wants more. McCabe asserted that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and FBI need to stop merely focusing on the ‘fringes of the right-wing movement,’ in order to ‘catch this threat’ of the ‘right.’

‘Are you going to catch this threat if your focus is only on the traditional, right-wing extremist, those groups that we know about, the quote-unquote, fringes of the right-wing movement?’ asked McCabe. ‘And I think the answer to that is no.’

‘It’s entirely possible that when the intelligence community and the law enforcement community looks out across this mainstream,’ McCabe continued, ‘they didn’t assume [on January 6] that that group of people — business owners, white people from the suburbs, educated, employed — presented a threat of violence, and now we know very clearly that they do.’

That’s right, gentle readers.  The FBI doesn’t have nearly enough to do. It’s allocating its limited resources to go after half or so of the population of America, those violent suburban white people, who despite being employed, spend all their time rioting, looting, committing arson, beating random innocents, ambushing the police, screaming racist hate…oh wait.  That’s BLM and Antifa and their D/S/C financiers, enablers and supporters.  My mistake.

By all means, take the link and read the rest.  But let’s review.  As you’ll discover in reading the first four articles in this series, The National School Boards Association, which bills itself as “The leading advocate for public education,” sent a letter to President Biden. Notifying him of the horrible national security threat of parents opposing racist political indoctrination, school shutdowns, masking and similar D/S/C articles of faith, in schools.  Biden swinging immediately into action, the letter was forward to Attorney General Merrick Garland, who immediately charged the FBI and DOJ with suppressing this imminent, domestic terrorist threat:

In that first article in this series, I noted:  

Notice Garland’s DOJ has, virtually to the letter, fulfilled the NSBA’s demands, elevating the occasional, local display of anger, and demands for public accountability at school board meetings, into ‘domestic terrorism’ and putting the FBI in charge.  Again, notice as with the NSBA’s demand letter, the DOJ press release and internal letter have no mention of any specific threat, nor are there any examples of violence, intimidation or harassment of any kind.  What Garland is calling terrorism, and crimes requiring the mobilization of all federal criminal—and surely, intelligence—agencies is nothing more than the occasional angry commentary of parents upset at the lunatic mandates and arrogance of local school boards.

The Administration’s narrative is the NSBA sent a letter, unbidden, out of their purely honorable concern for national security and the safety of school board members, to President Biden, who acting on equally pure motives, engaged the AG, who engaged the DOJ and FBI and Lord only knows how many other federal assets, to end this new insurrection that isn’t.  Garland, called before congress, admitted the letter was the only “evidence” he had, and produced no new evidence.

No American not suffering from TDS, and not a D/S/C, believed virtually anything Garland or any other Administration mouthpiece said, mostly because their lips were moving–which indicates they were clearly lying–when they said it. Now we know the whole thing was provoked by the Administration, as Mary Chastain at Legal Insurrection reports: 

The Parents Defending Education group obtained emails showing the Biden administration, especially Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, requested the National School Boards Association (NSBA) letter that compared concerned parents to domestic terrorists.

Miguel Cardona

Here’s the e-mail exchange that revealed Cardona’s request:

Who is “Chip?”

Chip is Chip Slaven, then-interim director of NSBA. Swett did not provide more details in the email, like why Cardona requested the information or if he persuaded the NSBA to give the administration a reason to step in.

The DOE denies Cardona asked for the NDBA letter:

 ‘While the Secretary did not solicit a letter from NSBA, to understand the views and concerns of stakeholders, the Department routinely engages with students, teachers, parents, district leaders and education associations,’ the spokesperson told Fox News Digital.

I’m sure it does, just normally not to declare half of America domestic terrorists, not until the Biden Administration, that is. This, like Garland’s congressional appearance, has been a disaster for the NSBA, who, as I noted in the fourth article in this series, frantically backpedaled:

On behalf of NSBA, we regret and apologize for the letter.  To be clear, the safety of school board members, other public school officials and educators, and students is our top priority, and there remains important work to be done on this issue.  However, there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter.  We should have had a better process in place to allow for consultation on a communication of this significance.  We apologize also for the strain and stress this situation has caused you and your organizations.

Their apology has only been partially successful.  As of mid-December, 2021, their problems were already much worse:  

Along with the 17 state school board groups which have withdrawn from the NSBA, half of all groups in the country have downgraded their relationship with the headquarters, most citing disillusionment with the inflammatory language used in the letter. Annual dues from the 17 chapters accounts for 40 percent of NSBA member collections.

In an email to NSBA officials last month, Steve Gallon III, a Miami-Dade County school board member and chair of NSBA’s Council of Urban Boards of Education, said that the turn of events over the letter ‘has weakened a national voice for public education.’ He said it ‘has caused further devastation to the already dangerously fragile financial position of NSBA in the loss of revenue in the millions’ and ‘abated coordinated, national efforts around issues of educational equity,’ according to emails obtained by Axios.

Obviously, the NSBA is an organization that badly needs abating, and it’s fortunes are not improving.

Final Thoughts:  It doesn’t take world-class detective work to figure out what happened.  The Administration plotted with the NSBA to give them an under the radar excuse to persecute and prosecute their political enemies: Normal Americans; those who refuse to drink the D/S/C Koolaid.  Cardona asked for the NSBA letter, Biden forwarded it to Garland—who was no doubt expecting it—Garland spun up the DOJ, FBI—they were expecting it too–and a variety of other ideologically fellow traveling agencies and bureaucrats, and the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus of the Federal Government was fired at Suzy Soccermom.

I guarantee, gentle readers, there is not a single law enforcement agency in America, including the FBI, that has excess personnel such they can afford to waste a single man hour on anything but their core responsibilities.  Considering the unprecedented penetration of every aspect of our nation by China alone, the FBI absolutely cannot afford to send a single agent after parents upset with their local school board.  The Buffalo Breath police, the county Sheriff or the state police can easily handle any crime committed in their jurisdiction.  There is no legitimate or necessary role whatever for the Federal government—unless, of course, this isn’t about national security or enforcing the law, but is actually about suppressing political dissent, which used to be—according to Hillary Clinton and other D/S/Cs–the purest form of patriotism and the most sublime expression of democracy.

What’s that you say?  McCabe is gone; the rot has been removed from the FBI?  Sure.  It was only Comey, McCabe and a few others, and they’re all gone.  No FBI agent would violate American’s liberties that way.

Sadly, there is every reason to believe Comey, McCabe and a few others were just the tip of the iceberg.  The real work of the FBI, of any law enforcement agency, is not done in the executive suite, but by the people in the field: line agents.  And yes, they will, virtually to a man and woman, follow orders to break the law and persecute innocent Americans.  Some are political partisans.  Some are true believers in the FBI, which in a warped religious sense, cannot possibly be wrong.  Some will mindlessly obey any order given them because that’s what one does in a paramilitary organization.  All have mortgages, all want a generous government pension with benefits, and the honest among them know will happen to them if they dare oppose those in power.  They know they could easily end up on the wrong end of a government vendetta.

The Administration may have thought the mere threat issued by Garland would be sufficient to force Americans to obey.  They thought wrong, and now they’re going to have to ruthlessly suppress innocent Americans, or shut up.

What we’re continuing to see is the destruction of American’s faith and trust in essential institutions caused by those institutions.  That’s the real danger.

UPDATE, 01-11-22, 2015 MT:  The DOJ is doubling down on dangerous: 

‘I decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit to augment our existing approach,’ [Assistant AG Matthew] Olsen said. ‘This group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat, helping to ensure that these cases are handled properly and effectively coordinated across the Department of Justice and across the country.’

Apparently Americans have made it abundantly clear they aren’t intimidated and won’t shut up.  Harsher measures will have to be taken.

‘The vulnerability of these targets, the insular nature of the process by which these individuals radicalize and mobilize to violence, and the limited communications they typically have with others regarding their plans pose significant challenges to law enforcement in its efforts to detect and disrupt these plots before they are carried out,’ Olsen said in his written remarks.

Translation: Olsen is talking not about conspiracies involving groups and movements, but individuals who might commit crimes pretty much on their own.  Again, these potential crimes are the business of the local agencies in the jurisdictions in which they occur.  The federal government has no legitimate business in such matters.  Just what sort of heinous criminal will this new “unit” pursue?

‘We’ve seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies,’ he said.

Ah.  “Anti-government and anti-authority ideologies.”  That would be, at one time or another, pretty much the entire population of the United States, particularly during the Trump Administration.  Even now, tens of millions of Americans and more suffer from TDS.  This unit is focused on wrong think, thought crime.  And what evidence, other than the government narrative Americans are hopelessly systemically racist, exists to substantiate the racial threat espoused by Olsen?

We can be sure, gentle readers, of one thing: just as the demand for racism and hate crimes grossly exceeds the supply, this “unit” will manufacture crimes to justify its reason for existing.  This is not a move toward unity or toward rebuilding American’s trust in the DOJ in particular and the Federal Government in general.