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In the header we see the foundation of the problem.  Date is the Huffington Post’s White House Correspondent.  D/S/Cs cannot conceive of a threat worse than the loss of their political power.  This is the “democracy” about which they whine.

The week-long “observance” of the first anniversary of January 6 has come and gone, so it’s time for a review of that “momentous” event, and of what we know about the events of January 6, 2021, a date, to paraphrase FDR, that will live in mild annoyance.  This, of course, is how D/S/Cs want Americans to think of it:

That hasn’t worked out quite as they would like.  Let us first review D/S/C’s desperate attempts to gaslight America.   Michael Goodwin at The New York Post:

When it comes to weaponizing Jan. 6 for partisan purposes, Dems don’t know any limitations. Indeed, sometimes it was hard to tell on Thursday if they were commemorating a tragedy or celebrating an opportunity.

The most glaring example of overreach came when the White House equated the storming of the Capitol with 9/11 and Pearl Harbor, a mistake that should live in political infamy. By that token, any and all who entered the Capitol, even those who acted like awed tourists, are as wicked as Osama bin Laden and Japanese militarists of 80 years ago.

That the job of making the ludicrous comparison was given to Kamala Harris, the hapless vice president, only added to the absurdity. She probably had to stifle a cackle when handed the script.

One might think it impossible, but Harris actually read her Teleprompter script more haltingly and badly than Joe Biden.  She truly is a terrible politician. John Hinderaker at Powerline had many good points:

* Why are the Democrats trying to make ‘January 6’ into the equivalent of Pearl Harbor or the September 11 terrorist attacks? On its face this is idiotic, yet there is a rational purpose at work. I think the Democrats have two motives.

* The first is to change the subject. The Biden administration has so far been a train wreck, and the Democrats know it. They need to deflect attention away from inflation, covid, their unpopular spending spree, the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, Joe Biden’s mental incapacity, and so on. Their carefully coordinated ‘January 6’ campaign obviously is intended to distract.

* But I think there is a deeper purpose. Today Joe Biden violated all precedent by viciously attacking his predecessor, Donald Trump. This is outside the bounds of anything we have seen in our democracy, certainly in the modern era. Biden not only attacked Trump, he bragged about defeating him in the 2020 election, claiming that he won by 7 million votes.

I suppose when a former president is actually Hitler, or worse, decorum no longer matters.  At Breitbart.com Mr. Trump responded:

‘Joe Biden’s voice is now the voice of desperation and despair,’ Trump wrote in a statement, mocking the ‘the last gasps of a corrupt and discredited left-wing political and media establishment.’ [skip]

Trump described Biden as a ‘cynical politician who ran for office promising unity who is now doing the most divisive thing possible—slandering his political opponents as domestic terrorists, just like insecure dictators do in communist countries.’

By all means, take the link and read the rest.  CBS was so confident in the Jan. 6 gaslighting, they tried to bury their own poll; the results weren’t what they anticipated:

Most Americans ignored breathless media coverage of the January 6 events.  Particularly cringe-worthy was Nancy Pelosi in general, but in particular, her playing of a Zoom performance of a number by the cast of Hamilton.  She set it up by claiming the cast was incredibly honored to have the opportunity to grace the occasion with their song.  Unreported by the media was that particular performance was recorded from when it was first done for an entirely different event in October of 2021—a bit earlier than Jan. 6, 2021.  But hey, what better to commemorate a solemn occasion worse than, well, anything, than a song from a Broadway musical performed by people who didn’t do it for that event?

But of course they thought that…

Mr. Biden, as usual, lied to the American people, claiming multiple police officers were killed on Jan 6, mentioning an officer killed by a car driven by a Black Farrakhan supporter in April, 2021.  Officer Brian Sicknick died the next day from multiple strokes.  The only person killed that day was Ashley Babbitt, murdered by an incompetent Capitol Police administrator, though evidence is mounting a female protestor the Administration claimed died of a drug overdose was beaten to death by Capitol Police.

Let’s review what we know with reasonable certainty:

The events of January 6 were absolutely not an “insurrection” or a “coup.  We know this not only because nothing that happened at the Capitol that day fulfills the elements of the federal insurrection or sedition statutes, but because not one of the 700—more or less—defendants charged by the Government is charged with either offense, or anything like it.  Virtually all are charged with misdemeanors such as trespassing or “parading.”  Even corrupt, D/S/C federal prosecutors couldn’t go that far.

I hesitate to call it a riot, if for no other reason than what happened there would not make the list of the top 50 actual riots of 2020.  It was certainly a protest attended by up to 100,000 people, people who spent a few hours there and quietly left.  Nothing was set aflame, no statutes were torn down, and apart from some broken windows, and papers and other things thrown about here and there, little damage was done.

I’ve previously written people who actually committed crimes, such as assaulting police officers, should be arrested, prosecuted, afforded all rights applicable to the accused, and if convicted, given sentences usually applied for such offenses.

However, a small portion of those present that day did assault police officers, did break windows, and did otherwise violate the law.  Most, however, did not.  Let into the Capitol Building by Capitol Police, who accompanied them and engaged them in conversation, they took in the sights, took photos, and peacefully left.  There is also reason to believe those that did riot were inspired, perhaps even hired, by the FBI.  We do not know precisely who was involved in that riot, and if D/S/Cs have anything to say about it, never will.

There are thousands of hours of video of the events inside the Capitol.  The Government refuses to release those videos, but what has been made public shows just what I’ve described, not a riot and certainly not an insurrection.  I suspect the video footage government continues to conceal is no different.

We do know people who were there that day, merely standing on the Capitol grounds, have been arrested and prosecuted, while thousands who did far, far worse during the actual riots throughout America in 2020 were not charged, had their charges dropped, or were given ridiculously light sentences.  Congresscritters still claim to be suffering from the horror of that day, though many of them weren’t in the Capitol Building, nor were they ever in the slightest danger.  They express no outrage over the fate of thousands of Americans whose businesses and homes were destroyed by actual riots, but when their workplace was disrupted for a few hours on a single day, call it the most horrific attack ever.

Let’s review actual riots.  Fuzzy Slippers at Legal Insurrection reports on the May, 2020 riot at the White House that featured at least 60 injured Secret Service and other law enforcement officers, actual arson, including a nearby church burned to the ground.

John Hinderaker at Powerline reminds us of the actual riot in response to Mr. Trump’s Inauguration in 2017.  Sean Davis reminds us of the double standard:

Kylee Zempel at The Federalist reminds us of eight times D/S/C “protesters” actually broke into government buildings in DC and elsewhere.  In those events, not only were buildings torched and vandalism done, some were bombed.

Are we to believe the Capitol Police, and every other law enforcement agency having any hand in security at the Capitol that day knows nothing about crowd psychology?  They would have us believe that.  I speak specifically of the fact that surrounded by an angry mob, some people will do things they would never do otherwise.  Understanding this, police agencies expecting large crowds, prepare with a sufficient show of force to deter that kind of behavior.  The Capitol Police had no lack of manpower available, within and without their ranks, to achieve that deterrence, yet it just wasn’t there.

We know President Trump repeatedly offered at least 10,000 National Guard troops to guard the Capitol prior to that day.  Nancy Pelosi and others involved refused that aid, and obviously did not adequately prepare the Capitol Police, nor did they call for aid during the protest.  We also know, despite what the execrable Liz Cheney says, Donald Trump three times, within the few hours of the events at the Capitol, called for peaceful protest and for people to leave, the final time in a video message.

We also know Americans are being denied their Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial and are being held in brutal, unlawful conditions in the DC Jail.  Considering their mistreatment, one cannot help but to call them political prisoners, the mere concept an abomination to free Americans and liberty.

Final Thoughts:

Take the links I’ve provided to various articles.  There’s much there to know and consider.

Clearly, the riot at the Capitol, committed by a tiny portion of those present, was nothing, but any sane definition, resembling an insurrection or a coup.  It was not an “assault on our democracy.”  Vote certification was delayed a few hours, but finished the same day.  President Trump left the White House on schedule and the transfer of power was uninterrupted.

There is no question there were many anomalies in the 2020 presidential election, anomalies D/S/Cs seek to make permanent.  There was clearly sufficient electoral fraud to reasonably doubt the outcome of the presidential election and some state elections.  Those that claim the courts found no electoral fraud are being misleading at best.  No court, including the Supreme Court, actually heard evidence.  They, like other courts, refused to hear it.

The events of January 6 were, unlike every other actual riot, a mostly peaceful protest.  D/S/Cs continue to call it an “assault on democracy.”  While crimes were committed, no such “assault” occurred.  Their narrative is an attempt to deny  and warp reality, to distract from their horrible record of the last year.  Believing the election was stolen, speaking and writing about that belief, is constitutionally protected speech, even if done by Donald Trump.  Peacefully protesting, at the Capitol and elsewhere, is likewise constitutionally protected.  How can exercising enumerated rights be undemocratic?  One may argue about the propriety of a POTUS arguing as Mr. Trump did, and if one considers that unwise, the remedy is to vote him—in an unquestionably lawful election–out of office, not to claim the First Amendment is anti-democratic.

D/S/Cs had two chances to impeach him–the second after he was already out of office–and failed.  Their third attempt–the Jan. 6 Committee–will fare no better.

D/S/Cs are speaking about “democracy” because what they want to establish, with their “fundamental transformation” of America is not the representative, constitutional republic we enjoy, which is very different than democracy, but a tyranny of the majority, where 50.000001% of the people rule, and may deny the minority their unalienable rights, including liberty, property, even life.  This is why they’re desperate to abolish the filibuster in the Senate.  They currently have that 50.000001% in the Senate, and fear they’ll lose it in 2022 and 2024 unless they can federalize all elections everywhere.  What they most hate and fear is any limitation on the power of government—not possible in a constitutional republic–and they believe they are the only people fit to wield that eternal, unlimited power, which a democracy would give them.

The hypocrisy of D/S/Cs is blatantly arrogant.  This is the party that claims every election won by a Republican fraudulent.  Al Gore actually won; Hillary Clinton actually won; Stacey Abrams is the rightful governor of Georgia.  The only legitimate elections, to their way of thinking, are those won by D/S/Cs.

Attempting to equate the events of January 6, which clearly should never occur again, with Pearl Harbor or 9-11 is not only historically illiterate, an outrageous lie, and actually dangerous to our union, it’s a cynical and stupid attempt to seize eternal political power.  At the moment, only two D/S/C Senators stand between their Party and eternal power, power they know they’re going to lose in 2022.

We can all have a role in defeating such malicious and false narratives.  When anyone tries to uphold that narrative, every honest American should let them know, verbally and in writing, in person and at a remove, they’re lying, and will be socially ostracized if they continue to lie.  This too is constitutionally protected.  Do it politely, but forcefully.  Do it to retain our constitutional republic and to ensure we’re never a democracy.  Do it to honor the memory of those lost at Pearl Harbor and on 9-11.  Do it to shame those incapable of feeling shame until they at least feel the righteous anger and disdain of honest, honorable Americans.  And vote out of office any politician of any party who would turn America into a democracy.  It’s the least we can do.

UPDATE, 01-10-22, 1200 MT:  Oh yes, the FBI–the FBI!–admitted there was no actual plan on the part of anyone–“anyone” includes Donald Trump–to overthrow the government.  In other words: no insurrection.  Did the FBI admit this because it is an impartial, professional law enforcement agency, or because it is trying to cover up its role in the January 6 riot?  No way to know, but in any case, when the Jan. 6 Committee produces any of the conclusory documents it wrote before the committee had its first meeting, the D/S/C’s primary clean up and Normal American suppression agency will be on record torpedoing it’s entire reason for being.