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Perhaps the only strength of the Chinese regime about which one may be sure—beyond its ruthless willingness to slaughter its dissenting citizens—is its leaders take the long view.  One does not become the chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, or a member of the Politburo, without being a staunch communist.  Thus, unlike America, there is no ebb and flow of foundational political ideology.  Party chairmen are essentially interchangeable in their nationalism, ideology and hostility to liberty.  The essential communist article of faith of inevitable world domination does not change when leaders come and go.  Keep that essential understanding in mind as we explore possibilities for 2022.

 Imagine Joe Biden has been compromised by the Chinese.  Obviously the process of such compromise would have begun at least as early as the Obama Administration, and likely, earlier.  After all, Biden was a senator for virtually his entire adult life.  There is power there, and a man of modest gifts and means, he has amassed a considerable fortune during that time.  Which of his actions, or his inactions, would that explain?

Imagine Biden’s handlers, who actually run the country, are compromised by the Chinese.  How does that explain things, such as Biden destroying America’s newly won energy independence on his first day in office?  Does it explain his absolute refusal to press the Chinese on Covid, or any other issue?  Does it explain his refusal to see the Chinese as our deadly enemy?

We know the Chinese have compromised many of America’s companies, including defense contractors, many colleges, most of the media, and they have surely compromised some of our legislators, at least one of who remains on the House Intelligence Committee.  Such compromise has yielded the Chinese innumerable industrial and defense secrets, and we can only guess at how deeply our military, and intelligence agencies, have been penetrated.

Certainly Biden’s handlers and much of the contemporary D/S/C Party—including their media propaganda arm—is predisposed to socialist/communist policies and goals.   Even if they are not themselves compromised, how does their affinity for socialism/communism explain things?

Suppose the Wuhan Virus was actually biological warfare.  It need not be deadly as in eliminating a significant portion of the population, just sufficiently virulent to drive the West to societal decline, even suicide, a process that continues in 2022.  Suppose those in charge in the Federal Government and the states were sufficiently compromised to do that damage.  Even if they weren’t, they were sufficiently lusting for power to achieve the same result.  In any case, Covid panic has been sufficiently damaging to give China the time and space it needs to potentially surpass America in every way that matters, particularly in military might and the willingness to use it.

Suppose Biden’s handler’s precipitous and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, including leaving tens of billions of dollars of military arms and equipment to the Taliban and every other terrorist organization to which they want to sell it, was part of that long view.  Again, that need not be the case as the Chinese could rely on D/S/Cs, who hate our “systemically racist” country, to do maximum harm to America with little or no external provocation.

One of our greatest military advantageous has been our night vision technology.  The surrender of Afghanistan has given that capability and technology not only to our nation-state enemies, but our terrorist enemies.  That alone is going to cost innumerable American lives.  Long view.

Besides convincing our allies America is entirely untrustworthy, and our enemies America is incompetent and not to be feared, the surrender of Afghanistan has provided the Chinese with invaluable and strategic basing, including our very expensive and intact Bagram air base.  It has also provided China with tens of thousands of deniable and more than willing terrorists to use around the globe as they please.

Biden also convinced our enemies they don’t need to bother to take American hostages.  We’ll conveniently leave them behind and hinder anyone trying to get them out.

The process of removing actual warriors, men and women loyal to the Constitution and America rather than to D/S/C woke, social justice ideology, from our armed forces began in earnest with the advent of Obama, but there is evidence that process began long before those dark days.  Again, the long view.

credit; sputnik news.com

While our military still probably has an edge in some technologies, the Chinese are, reportedly, surpassing us in some critical areas.  We must always keep in mind Communist regimes always lie about such things as a matter of policy.  However, most importantly for their immediate, obvious designs:

*They have far more men under arms.

*They have far more war machines.

*They’re over there, and we don’t have the means to transport sufficient numbers of troops and materials quickly enough to matter.

*We’re discharging highly trained and capable patriots over Covid.  The Chinese aren’t.

*We’re wasting enormous amounts of time “training” our troops in CRT, social justice and similar Marxist propaganda.  The Chinese don’t waste time with that, and they don’t have to spend a dime on propaganda.  Our military leaders do it for them.  We mandate pronouns and rush to accommodate every gender related mental illness.  They practice killing their enemies: us.

*The Chinese think us weak and decadent.  We’re proving them right.

*Quantity does have a quality all its own.

Keeping in mind the long view, consider the decades-long D/S/C push for green energy, including windmills, solar panels and electric vehicles.  Guess, gentle readers, which country not only produces most of those devices, and particularly solar panels, but virtually all of the rare earth minerals necessary for their production?  China.  Consider too that in gaining access to Afghanistan, they have also gained an entirely new country that has enormous potential deposits of those rare earths.  If one hated America and wanted to destroy her, giving China control over American energy production is likely the fastest and lowest risk—to China—way to do it.

credit: technocracy news.com

China is building coal-fired power plants at a feverish pace.  They are not so foolish as to cripple their progress with energy policies that don’t work, though they’re certainly playing credulous greenies like a harp from hell.

China wants Taiwan.

Russia wants Ukraine as another stepping stone to the reestablishment of a Soviet empire.

Iran wants to destroy Israel and slaughter every Jew.  It wants to rule the Middle East and do whatever damage to America it can.  Its leaders are Islamist madmen who would be delighted to ignite WWIII; they think it their religious duty.   Remember: Iranians are not Arabs, they’re Persians with a very different cultural history, including a history of conquest apart from Islam.

Other countries like India, Pakistan and even Australia are waiting to see who the winners are going to be, which ideology is going to dominate this century.  It is not a foregone conclusion that even Australia will remain part of free—relatively—western civilization.  They’re in a dangerous part of the world and are surely sufficiently smart not to relyon Joe Biden and the US, whose faithfulness to allies can change radically every four years.

China is not only building island bases everywhere, they’re building new alliances with Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, and a variety of other nations—including in our hemisphere—overtly hostile to America, or who, waiting to see who wins, could easily become hostile to America.

credit: newsbusters.org

But what about nuclear arms?  Doesn’t America have more than China?  Yes, but most are old and desperately need to be refurbished and updated.  Do you imagine, gentle readers, the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration—Joe Biden, Temporary President–gives much of a damn about that?  It’s the long view again.  The Chinese are not fools.  They do fear our nuclear capacity, but not our leaders.  What if they don’t believe we would use nuclear weapons for virtually any reason, and they’re likely right?  Thus, their development of hypersonic weapons.

In sufficient numbers, armed with conventional, biological or EMP warheads, their hypersonic weapons could wreak enormous damage with the reasonable assurance our compromised, or at least addled, leaders would not respond with nuclear weapons.  As far as we know, we have no real defense against such weapons, nor do we have similar capabilities.  China may be lying about their technological advances, but that may also be a long view tactic to allow those they’ve compromised, or fellow travelers, to allow China to do what it wants.

Keep in mind it has long been American doctrine that use of non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction, including biological weapons, is no different than the use of nuclear weapons, and may provoke a nuclear response.  As far as we know, Biden has not rescinded that policy.  This may explain why Biden’s handlers are so desperate to avoid in any way suggesting China unleashed, purposefully or accidentally, what amounts to biological warfare.  Keep in mind in Communist countries, there is no separation between medical research, particularly that potentially useful as a weapon, and the military.  If Bidenites had to admit Covid was a virus manufactured for military purposes, even if accidently released, and partially funded by Dr. Fauci, it is surely an attack on the world, and particularly America.  Would that not trigger a response in kind?  Should it?

What, you may be asking, does all of this have to do with a potential second civil war?  Patience, please.

China wants Taiwan.  Russia wants Ukraine.  Iran wants to obliterate Israel and dominate the Middle East.  Let’s consider these three objectives, keeping in mind this is a brief article and these are complex issues, my desire is only to provoke thoughtful debate.

The Bidenites have recently announced they would sell state of the art tanker aircraft—for mid-air refueling—to Israel, but it will take at least five years to deliver them. It is no secret Israel is not going to willingly allow itself to be destroyed by Iranian nuclear weapons.  Considering its small size, only a few nuclear weapons could accomplish that goal, and Iran is feverishly working to obtain them.  It is no secret Biden is doing everything he can, including reviving an imbecilic “deal” with Iran, to keep Israel from stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons as Israel fights a delaying action.  Long view: China is allied with Iran.  Israel needs tankers and very specific deep penetrator bombs to seriously delay Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which is why Biden doesn’t want them to have the tankers any time soon, which could force Israel to use its nuclear weapons, which would spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, and arguably, elsewhere.

How can China, Russia and Iran get what they want?  During the Cold War, America had a two major war policy.  We designed and outfitted our military under the assumption we needed to be able to fight two major wars, and perhaps one or more smaller regional conflicts, simultaneously.  We are nowhere near that capacity now.  Our Naval ships keep running into things and going up in smoke.  The Marine Corps scavenges aircraft bone yards to keep even some of its front line fighters in the air, we’ve run most of our real warrior/leaders out, and are kicking out thousands of healthy, loyal troops over vaccinations, and the list goes on and on.  It’s doubtful we could fight—and win—even one significant conflict, and remember, we don’t have the means to get there with the combat power we need.

How can our enemies do it?  Attack simultaneously.  Iran would not only fire many missiles, it would use its terrorist surrogates surrounding and within Israel to fire tens of thousands more, overwhelming Israel’s Iron Dome interceptor system.  Not only are Bidenites compromised, or at the least, not at all disposed to defend American interests, allies or even the principles of democracy and liberty, we no longer have the military capability to deter or win such conflicts.  Faced with three more or less simultaneous wars, the Administration would be paralyzed, and we don’t have the means to fight them all even if they weren’t.  The result would surely be the loss of Taiwan, Ukraine, Israel, and a complete reordering of international power, with every horrible consequence imaginable.

And for America?  The Administration might reflexively throw away the lives of thousands of our military members, but with the isolation that would surely result from such conflicts, America would be thrown into economic turmoil perhaps surpassing the Great Depression.  What then?

Would the Administration actually unite the country, give up their mania to fundamentally transform American to rebuild our military to save the America and Americans they despise, or use what remains of the military as a regime protection/Deplorable suppression force?  Would they see the need to unite Americans under the Constitution, or would they see such a disaster as the ultimate crisis not to be wasted?  How could they pass up the chance to establish their fever-dreamed socialist/communist utopia?  Surely they would succeed where every other scientific communist of the past failed?

I’ve often written such an attempt to use violence to upset the Constitutional order would not end as D/S/Cs believe, and it would surely be bloody, if brief.  Enter “second civil war” in the SMM homepage search bar to find every article in this series.  Finding their conquest of Deplorables far more costly than they imagined, facing the end of their socialist/communist dreams, would they ally with China or Russia to help them pacify their domestic, political enemies?  That’s a possibility Kurt Schlichter explored in the fourth of his six book—to date–Kelly Turnbull series: Collapse. 

Once again, gentle readers, please keep in mind this is a brief article, touching on some realities, and asking questions about possibilities.  Sadly, these possibilities could easily come to pass.  I have not thought of, or discussed, every potential geopolitical, or even internal sociopolitical possibility.  I primarily observe America’s unity, prosperity and liberty are dependent on our maintenance of deterrence, not only for us, but for our allies around the world.  That and our military capability to not only survive with sufficient prosperity, unity and ability to maintain our global dominance.

Failing that, and our enemies would very much like to see us fail, can America remain a single, unified, constitutional republic?  How much of our political leadership and population would embrace the ideology of our enemies?

Have at it.