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*Joe Biden will not successfully implement TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE!

*Shortly after the mid-term elections, Joe Biden will resign the presidency to spend more time with his family.

*President Harris; Vice President Michelle Obama.

*The media will continue to explain Kamala Harris is president because of sexism and racism.

*Kamala Harris will make multiple unsuccessful attempts to pronounce her first name.

credit: likesuccess.com

*Barack Obama will actually run the presidency through Michelle, and she will be the 2024 D/S/C nominee.

*Her Majesty, Uber Doctor Jill Biden will have to be carried, kicking and screaming, out of the White House.  Just as Stacey Abrams continues to insist she is Governor for life of Georgia, Jill will insist she is the First Lady for life.

*The moment Joe Biden becomes a former President, Hunter Biden will become a former artist.

*Climate Change will not bring about the end of the world, not this year, not any year.

*Climate will continue to change.  So will weather.  Polar bears won’t care.

*Greta Thunberg and Al Gore will continue to get older, but not wiser.

credit: usnews.com

*Donald Trump’s continued existence will continue to make D/S/Cs even crazier.

*The World Health Organization—to say nothing of the UN—will be recognized by just about everybody as untrustworthy puppets of China and other totalitarian governments and NGOs.

Original photo credit: brobible.com

*Dr. Anthony Fauci, well past his sell-by date, will continue to claim he is science and change his scientific mind on a weekly, even daily, basis.

*Our entire federal health bureaucracy will double down and lose whatever tiny bit of public respect it still retained as 2022 began.

*CNN will cease broadcasting when 96% of its remaining employees are arrested for sex crimes.

*The national debt will be erased when AOC tells everyone to “just pay for it,” a bold idea of which no one had ever thought.

credit: original photo, nypost

*Wyomingites will mercifully release Liz Cheney from the Congress to ankle bite Donald Trump on her own dime.

*Illegal aliens will continue to be inexplicably immune to federal law and Covid.

*The government will continue to deny the existence and efficacy of natural immunity.

*The government will continue to import innumerable, unvetted, potential Afghan terrorists while keeping evil, racist white people in Afghanistan.

*Government will continue to foster and support anti-white racism in clear violation of federal civil rights laws in the name of equity.

*Our military “leaders” will continue to search for “white rage.”  They know it’s around here somewhere.

*Businesses throughout the nation will continue to use small, Plexiglass partitions, which have the magical ability to stop viruses within a kilometer in all directions of their actual, physical limits.

*As what’s left of his brain progressively (get it?) deteriorates, Joe Biden will speak less and less often in public–or otherwise.

*In a stunning application of technology, hackers will display porn on the fake window behind Joe Biden in his fake White House set, raising his approval rating 10%.

*Most D/S/Cs, even after being robbed, beaten, carjacked and otherwise victimized by the criminals they’ve exalted and unleashed, will continue to blame Trump and all white people—except, of course, themselves.

*D/S/Cs will continue to claim the only way to save the Constitution is to ignore or destroy it.

*D/S/Cs will continue to claim the only way to restore trust in elections is to make them entirely untrustworthy.

*New York City will elect a District Attorney who will refuse to prosecute anyone—wait, that’s already happened.

*D/S/Cs will continue to support the First Amendment by ruthlessly suppressing the speech of everyone with whom they disagree, and by ruthlessly suppressing the religious liberty of Christians only.

AG Merrick Garland
credit: theleoterrell.com

*The DOJ will begin prosecuting parents who object at school board meetings to Marxist propagandizing and perverse sexual indoctrination of their children.

*Adopting a Nixonian strategy, D/S/Cs will try to destroy democracy in order to save it.

*The DOJ will continue to deny Jan. 6 defendants rotting in the DC Jail a speedy trial.  It’s that ignoring the Constitution thing again.

*D/S/Cs will continue to relentlessly push America to the brink of Civil War, the better to save democracy.

*Fewer US Navy ships will run into things, but that’s only because their captains and executive officers will have been relieved for violating the laws of social justice.

*More and more blue state/city police officers, realizing enforcing the law is dangerous to their health, lives and liberty, will resign, retire, and otherwise seek other employment.

*Retired and active duty general officers will continue to try to accuse normal Americans of coup plotting.  Normal Americans will continue to ignore them.

*To the horror of D/S/Cs, millions upon millions of Americans, including D/S/Cs, will continue to buy guns and ammunition.

*Hispanic Americans, who think people who call them “Latinx” are idiot gringos, will continue to side with Republicans in ever-increasing numbers.

*By the end of the year, everyone, including newly arrived illegal Hispanic immigrants, will be claiming to be American Indians.

*Republicans, who will likely retake the House and Senate in 2022, will find new and creative ways to earn the appellation: “the Stupid Party.”

*By the end of 2022, there will be virtually no white or straight actors in TV or Internet commercials.

*BLM and Antifa will continue to act up, but only in blue cities and states.  They absolutely will not take their street theater on the road to red cities and states where people won’t put up—violently—with their nonsense, particularly including the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

*Companies striving for vaccination purity and government favor will put themselves out of business.  They’ll later claim on one told them “get woke, go broke.”

*D/S/C attempts to portray January 6 as the worst thing ever will continue to be D/S/C attempts to portray January 6 as the worst thing ever.

*The DOJ will continue to charge no one with insurrection in the January 6 affair, even though they’re sure there are insurrectionists around here somewhere.

*In an embarrassing incident, FBI agents posing as white supremacists will infiltrate and entrap another group of FBI agents posing as parents.  Merrick Garland will prosecute both.

*The FBI will lose the trust of the remaining 6% of the public that doesn’t already distrust them.

*Maxine Waters will continue to be a racist idiot.

*AOC will be re-elected because New York City.

*NYC residents will continue to be unable to see how cause and effect relates to electing insane Marxists and a dramatic decline in their quality of life.

*Donald Trump’s social media company will enjoy great success, which will cause much wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments among D/S/Cs.

*”Shut up you racist!” will continue to be D/S/C’s primary philosophical argument.

*D/S/Cs will abolish the filibuster.  They will regret it.

*Gas prices will reach new heights.

*Inflation will become long-term temporary.

*D/S/Cs will continue to try to explain why inflation is a very good thing.

*D/S/Cs will not care if people die because they’ve fired too many unvaccinated health care workers.  Sane people will not care what they think and will rehire them.

*Universities will hire at least one diversity bureaucrat for every enrolled student.  They will fail to recognize this is not a smart fiscal move, but not for long.

*D/S/Cs will continue to step over lines no sane person would.  They will regret it.

*Americans will continue to elect stupid, arrogant would-be despots to local school boards.

*”I did that” stickers will continue to be the primary American growth industry—right after guns and ammo.

*The AOC/Hillary battle for the 2024 D/S/C presidential nomination will begin in 2022.  Popcorn sales will skyrocket.

*Hollywood will continue to drive movie theaters out of business with woke, unwatchable offerings that don’t even pay the lighting bills for their production.  They will call this “artistic integrity.”

*NFL and other professional sports players will continue to be useful idiots for the Chinese and will continue to behave like—well, NFL and other professional sports players.

*America’s teacher’s unions will continue to lobby for the inclusion of their logos to illustrate the definition of “evil” in dictionaries.

*Men pretending to be women to dominate women’s sports will trend downward when female athletes start pantsing them on the starting blocks.

*D/S/Cs will continue to argue parents should have no say in their children’s educations.  Parents will ensure they regret it.

*”Experts” will continue to convince Americans they’re anything but.

*Even some Blue states that legalized marijuana will begin to realize, in their less stoned moments, that wasn’t such a great idea.

*D/S/Cs will continue to deny the vaccinated can get and transmit the Covid virus.

*Jimmy Carter will be recognized as only the second worst president of the modern era.  Let’s go Brandon!

*Americans will continue to ignore idiots who called Donald Trump literally Hitler and loved seeing images of his disembodied, blood-soaked head berating them for “let’s go Brandon.”

*Academics will continue to argue math is racist.  Actually, they’ll argue there is nothing that is not racist.

*A 22,038th gender will be discovered.

credit: babylonbee

*Motorcycles identifying as bicycles will set new world records.

*Firearms identifying as martial artists will set new world records for fastest knockout.

*The world will be shocked when Dr. Fauci actually tells a single, verifiable truth about something.

*In some few institutions, merit will grudgingly be acknowledged to be superior to posturing.

*Red states will band together to build border walls—between red and blue states.

*California will break off and float toward China.  China will call it an act of war.

*The January 6 Committee will report, as often as possible, Donald Trump is responsible for everything bad that has ever happened or ever will happen.  Sane people will not care.

*Finally going full woke–never go full woke–the health care industry will declare everyone in America is systemically racist, and will refuse to treat anyone.

*A minor White House advisor will advise “you’re all going to contract serious illnesses and die in misery” is not a smart political message.  He’ll be fired, prosecuted, and thrown in the DC jail.

Finally, some of these predictions will turn out to be right, and some will turn out to be wrong.