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Wow.  Writing is a funny business.  Did you know SMM is read in pretty much every country around the world, and in 2021, I exceeded 3 million hits?  I suspect it’s more, but those are the “official” stats.  You spend some real time on an article you think people are really going to appreciate, and it lays there, limp, like a dead fish.  You whip out an article off the top of your head in a half hour, and it goes viral—well, as viral as articles from this scruffy little blog ever go viral.  The most popular article I’ve ever written—it actually did go viralish—was Connecticut: The Coming Storm.  You might want to take a look.  It’s a mix of fiction and disturbing reality. I’d like to think that article, which was much reblogged and linked, had a small hand in keeping Connecticut anti-liberty/gun politicians, bureaucrats and police in check, but who knows?

The Top 15 of 2021 is going to have to be a bit different, because were I pedantic about it, pretty much every article would be a Sunday Funnies.  For years now, I’ve been writing at least an article a day, and a Sunday Funnies every Sunday.  So I’m going to list the top three Sunday Funnies, and then round out the list with additional most popular articles on other topics.

Why are the funnies so popular?  Is it because I write less?  If so, that’s a bit disconcerting, but considering how bizarre and dangerous to liberty 2021 has been, perhaps we needed to laugh more than ever.  Actually, we always need laughter.  Perhaps it’s the combination of my little quips about the individual funnies and the funnies themselves, or you, gentle readers, have senses of humor nearly as deranged as mine, but in any case, I’m always grateful for your kind patronage.  Let’s review:

#1: Sunday Funnies for 02-14-21

Back then, the second impeachment of Donald Trump was all the rage, and I had a bit of fun with it.  I also had some fun with Temporary President Biden, which is virtually always almost too easy.  Oh yes, Epstein didn’t kill himself.  Interesting how that sort of thing keeps coming up…

#2: Sunday Funnies for 01-10-21

credit: babylonbee

The January 6 Insurrection, which was worse then Pearl Harbor, WWII, even a Fantasy Island or Love Boat remake, was big news.  I also had some fun with California, which like Joe Biden, is almost too easy, but so well deserved.  I also had some fun with the Supreme Court and social media Communists.

#3: Sunday Funnies for 03-07-21

It’s impossible to do the funnies without making fun of Poor Gropin’ Joe Biden.  This edition of the Funnies also featured breasts, climate change, coal, a much deserved swipe at Coca Cola, racist bears, the cancelation of harmless symbols, and of course, Fauci.  And my favorite headline: “Texas University Tells Students: Wear Masks During Masturbation.”

#4: Campus Rape And Social Justice: All Men Are Rapists

Emma Sulcowicz, rape “victim”
credit: independent.co.uk

This article was originally posted in 2016, but was popular again in 2021.  No doubt this was so because the D/S/C “all men are rapists, all women must be believed, and everybody gets raped in college” meme seems to never end.  Unless, of course, it’s a D/S/C accused of rape, then their accusers, even if D/S/Cs are liars.  Media corruption, of course, was also touched upon.  A good part of this article was explaining the realities of rape laws, and how everything to which someone might take offense is not necessarily a crime, let alone rape.

#5: Kristi Noem: Political Suicide?

Kristi Noem is the governor of the next-door state—South Dakota.  A real SD ranch woman—that’s a good thing–she seems to be doing a great deal right, and South Dakota, which was not locked down for Covid, did very well indeed.  But when it came time to put up or shut up on letting guys pretending to be girls dominate high school and college women’s sports, she dropped the ball.  Noem blamed the NCAA, an organization that seems determined to obliterate women’s sports, and appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Noem appeared evasive and unconvincing.  Noem has since seemed to come at least part of the way back to sanity, but this is an interesting take on the overall issue.

#6: Capital Lessons

This article was not only about the aftermath of the Capitol “riots,” but the absolute corruption of the legacy media, and much of cable media as well.  Posted on the date of the insurrection that wasn’t, it was my initial impressions of events, and something of a plea to take one’s time and gather more information before spouting off about things.  One fun take: Ann Coulter tweeted: “If the art [in the Capitol Building] isn’t destroyed, we’ll know it wasn’t antifa.”  Funny, but not necessarily true in this case.  Also, a tweet from President Trump from 1620 that day telling everyone to peacefully go home, illustrates yet again the political vindictiveness of the Jan. 6 Committee.

#7: January 20: A Peaceful–And Ignored–Transition Of Power

This is a gross violation of federal law; Gropin’s Joe’s idea of unity…

Posted January 13, this article was a response to D/S/C–which includes their media propaganda arm–claims there would be armed insurrection in every state capitol and at Biden’s Inauguration. There were some false flag attempts to stir up that sort of thing, but I noted most Americans weren’t aware of such things, and on Inauguration Day, most Americans would be working and otherwise going about their business—which they were and did.  The transition of power, which was supposedly foiled by the Jan. 6 insurrection that wasn’t, was entirely routine and peaceful.

#8: You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist If…

As the title suggests, this was a humorous take on D/S/Cs cries that any and everyone who disagreed with them in any way—or happened to be white—was/is a domestic terrorist:  Some examples:

You’ve ever voted against the approved, D/S/C messiah-of-the-moment.

You own a red hat.

You think people who swear to uphold and defend the Constitution ought to.

You think America is exceptional.

You worship God instead of politicians.

#9: Insurrection?

Posted on January 12, this excerpt pretty much explains this informative article:

May I, gentle readers, suggest the most accurate contemporary definitions for sedition, insurrection and treason?

Sedition: doubting the integrity of an election based on voluminous and convincing evidence, and daring to write and speak about it.

Insurrection: entering a government building, hanging around for a while, and leaving it intact.

Treason: telling the truth about corrupt politicians.

The article was an attempt to inject a bit of sanity into the media panic over January 6.

#10: The Rittenhouse Case #13: Kyle Acquitted, Racial Grievance Industry, Prosecutors, Hardest Hit

credit: foxiness

I reported the identity of “Jump Kick Man,” which identity had been long concealed by the corrupt and inept prosecutors.  It surprised no one, I’m sure, to learn he was a black criminal with a long record.  I included many tweets from D/S/Cs, including the Wisconsin AG, which demonstrated why Kenosha burned in the first place, and why such dimwits have not yet learned letting criminals do whatever they please is not such a good idea.  The SMM Rittenhouse archive is here.  

#11: Insurrection 2

This January 5th article, updated three times, produced emerging evidence the “insurrection” was actually a staged event, and not staged by mostly peaceful supporters of President Trump.  This was one occasion “mostly peaceful” was actually true, so of course the media refused to so label it.  During this time frame, D/S/Cs were still claiming Capitol Police officers had been killed, and a variety of other falsehoods.  It’s an interesting look back at the beginnings of what is now falling apart for the Government.

#12: Utopia

This article is an explanation of D/S/C political philosophy, its basis in Marxism, and what it portends for us all.  I used the classic science fiction Forbidden Planet (1956) to explain how every human attempt at creating utopia is not only doomed to failure, and certain to result in disaster.  As always, hubris—excessive pride—inevitably leads to Nemesis.  It’s a pretty good article, if I do say so myself, and I do.  If you’ve never seen Forbidden Planet, it’s very much worth your time, and not only because everything since then has followed its lead.

#13: The Bidens: The Government We Deserve

I’ve long believed Democracy assures we get precisely the government we deserve.This excerpt explains the general thrust of the article:

That’s why this article by Christian Alexander is so pertinent in these opening days of the temporary Biden Administration, which may be the beginning of the middle of the end of our Republic.  Christian Alexander transmogrified from a Never Trumper to a Never Biden voter, because like Hunter Biden, he was a cocaine addict.  Why is this significant?  Primarily because it is nearly as hard as overcoming an addiction to rise from the depths of Wokeness to reality, but also because it actually takes one to know one, and not only does Alexander know Hunter Biden, he knows the corrupt relatives—that’s Gropin’ Joe—who enable, and even use a coke addict for their own purposes.  Ironically, it was his addiction that allowed him to see the truth, and to act on it.

Is our current government entirely corrupt?  This article at least provides food for thought.

#14: Covid: Time To Be Americans Again

credit: babylonbee

Posted on March 3, this article argued given what we then knew about Covid, and the lies keeping the panic alive, it was time to once again cowboy up and become Americans instead of living in fear.  Interestingly, I sent this link to the Governor of Wyoming and his staff, and a few days later, he announced Wyoming was doing to do just that.  Did my wretched scribblings have anything to do with that decision, or did my encouragement just happen to align with what was already being considered in Cheyenne?  Who knows, but this article seemed to make sense to plenty of readers.  It makes even more now as we know just how badly we’ve been manipulated and deceived.

#15: A D/S/C Guide To Deplorables

The article, posted at the end of January, began with this:

D/S/Cs, which obviously include the media, appear to have no idea about the lives and beliefs of those strange creatures that live their meaningless little lives in Flyover Country.  We here at SMM are all about public service, so we present this helpful guide to Deplorables.

It’s a partially satiric attempt to explain Normal American philosophy to D/S/Cs.  Sadly, conversions from the one, true D/S/C faith to real reality aren’t easily made, but over the last year, more seem to be making the leap, and it’s always worthwhile to try to help them.  This article was an attempt to let them know they’ll be welcome, and much happier if and when they do.

Final Thoughts:  As always, gentle readers, I thank you for your kind patronage of this scruffy little blog.  I appreciate it more than I can say when you, through word of mouth and keyboard, encourage others to read my wretched scribblings, and when you link to and reblog them.  I also appreciate it when you buy copies of License To Kill—available here and here—and encourage others to do the same.  I’m never going to get rich on that book, but it’s a story with which I flatter myself to think all literate and patriotic Americans should be familiar.

As we celebrate the dawn of a new year, let’s never fail to forget the sacrifices of every American, of every color and gender—all two of them—who gave us the most free, kind, generous and prosperous nation in history.  Let’s resolve to read and understand actual history, and to do whatever is necessary to oppose those who would revise it, and who would see our representative republic fail.  As Ronald Reagan said:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

Let’s be worthy of the respect the generations that follow might one day pay our efforts to preserve liberty.  Let’s go to our reward secure in the knowledge we did all we could to ensure 2022 is better in every way than 2021 and every year that preceded it, and that our efforts, had a part in ensuring, as Abraham Lincoln urged:

…that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

From Mrs. Manor and me, a Happy New Year, and may the Lord bless and keep you.