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Even stupider than this?

How insanely dangerous and stupid are D/S/C wokesters?  This insane, dangerous and stupid:

In July, 17-year-old Tay’Zauhn Burns-Miller’s life was snuffed out by a drive-by murderer.  Just days before, Seattle was riven by a swarm of shootings in which six people were mowed down by shooters in one night. Four died. In October, a man escaped being killed by another drive-by shooter. And days ago, a man was critically wounded when a drive-by shooter picked him off as he sat in his car.

Seattle, Washington’s most populous city, had a record number of drive-by shootings in 2021. By July, the city’s drive-by shootings had doubled over the year before.

It’s a problem.

That’s an understatement.

So why are Washington Democrats offering up a bill in the state legislature to lower the penalties for drive-by shootings? Well, there’s woke and then there’s just plain stupid. Washington state Democrats are vying to become the best stupid they can be, bless ’em.

Currently, Washington law holds that a drive-by shooter should get an aggravated enhancement if he is arrested and prosecuted—and that’s a big if. Such an enhancement could land a drive-by murderer a life prison sentence.

Tarra Simmons (L), David Hackney (R)

But under a bill proposed for the upcoming Washington state legislature by white, woke ex-con state Rep. Tarra Simmons and her co-sponsor David Hackney, the reduction in penalties is a move toward ‘racial equity.’ That’s right, drive-by shooting prosecutorial outcomes are racist. Never mind all the black and brown people who are the disproportionate victims of drive-by shootings.

Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Seattle, or Washington State in general, gentle readers?  Is Victoria Taft, the author of the PJ Media article, a racist?  It’s an issue I last specifically addressed in August of 2020, quoting the indispensable Heather Mac Donald.  Mac Donald has done great work on the realities of race and crime, and just as Taft suggests, black Americans are committing crimes—particularly violent crimes, in numbers far beyond their numbers in the population, and their most frequent victims?  Other black Americans.  I’ll provide several useful graphs throughout the rest of this article.

People like Simmons and Hackney are the same people who conceived and acted on the brilliant tactic of defunding and/or abolishing the police, replacing them with social workers, psychologists and “violence interrupters.”  That’s worked out well.

They’re the same people who are constantly decrying “gun violence,” just as they’re the same people claiming it was an SUV that murdered people in a Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI.  The connection, of course, is it is young black males who are committing most of the “gun violence”—including drive-by shootings—mostly against other black people.  In Waukesha, it was a black male criminal who slaughtered so many.  It just happened, in that case, he used an SUV to do it. Irony abounds.  Inanimate objects have no agency.  They are incapable of committing violent acts.

They’re the same people who so scrupulously avoid mentioning wanton black on black slaughter, a good deal of it in drive by shootings, in blue cities like Chicago, just as they are refusing to report on or discuss the Waukesha massacre.  Refusing to mention such things means they don’t have to acknowledge the unfortunate realities of crime, which means they don’t have to actually do anything about them, other than try to disarm the law-abiding, which is much easier than trying to disarm criminals, who are their natural constituents.  

They’re the same people who scream “white supremacy” and “systemic racism,” and “white privilege,” and “black lives matter,” except, of course, the black lives of all ages lost to drive-by shootings and the out of control crime committed by black people in blue cities across America, including Seattle.

They’re the same people who refuse to admit it is not white people randomly shooting black people from vehicles, but black people.  That would tend to harsh the narrative.

They’re the same people who are eliminating bail and imprisonment for the worst predators among us.  They’re the same people who put those predators immediately back out on the street and who remain silent when they rob, loot, beat, rape and murder over and over again, and yes, many of those predators are black, and most of their victims are black and poor.

They’re the same people who thought 2020 would be “the summer of love.”

They’re the same people who think upholding the Constitution, individual rights, and upholding law and order are attacks on “democracy.”  They’re right, but only because their version of “democracy” is actually the tyranny of the majority, which is why they never characterize America as what it actually is: a representative, constitutional republic where individual rights matter.

They’re the same people who want to rewrite American history just as the Soviets rewrote history.  They’re the same people tearing down statutes, eliminating the classics from schools and replacing them with Marxist, racist propaganda.

They’re the same people who gullibly fall for every “hate crime” and never admit their gullibility when they are inevitably proved to be hoaxes.

They’re the same people who claim to be for “common sense gun safety” measures—like wildly shooting from moving vehicles and killing innocent children.

They’re the same people who are the self-declared champions of the poor and eternally oppressed minority Americans, so they want to make the price paid for wantonly killing them as cheap as possible.

Wait.  Perhaps I’m being too harsh on these people.  After all, they are only seeking equality–equal treatment under the law… No.  It’s not that, is it gentle readers?  The current law is race neutral.  It provides for sentencing enhancement based on one’s actions, not on one’s race.  What they’re after, and they admit it, is equity.

Who could object to a law that takes wanton murderers, people who misuse guns, who intend to kill and all too often kill indiscriminately?  Such people deserve less punishment?  They deserve to be freed as soon as possible, if they’re prosecuted and imprisoned at all?  That’s equitable?

That’s equitable—to their way of thinking.  It begins with the assumption black gunmen are victims, oppressed by systemic racism, so when they indiscriminately murder others, even black people—almost all of their actual victims—they’re not truly responsible.  It’s white supremacy, white privilege, the legacy of slavery, Republicans, Normal Americans, conservatives, any and everyone who does not agree with them—it’s their fault, and the only way to make up for all of that is equity.

Normal Americans, sane Americans, would consider that a particularly insane and destructive form of racism.  One can’t know what the innocent black people they kill would think, but “because equity” tends not to sit well with their survivors,

I’ve often written it: D/S/C philosophies and policies are infallible, non-falsifiable.  They begin with an infallible, self-evident premise—in this case, equity is the ultimate good–and require no proof.  Because they are formulated and administered by the self-imagined elite, they cannot possibly be wrong.  What’s that you say?  They’re white and all white people are racist oppressors, so how can they be good?  Shut up you racist!  If you weren’t such a white supremacist you’d know the self-imagined elite are exempt from such failings because their hearts and motives are pure and they’re working for the good of the oppressed, and Democracy; don’t forget Democracy!

But they’re admitting defunding the police didn’t work!  What about that?  Didn’t we tell you to shut up, you racist?  Besides, when any D/S/C policy appears to fail, it can only be because the policy wasn’t in effect long enough for it’s wonders to be obvious to all.  Or, it’s because not enough money was spent.  Or, it’s because white supremacist, Flyover Country Normals are allowed to continued to exist to pollute and dilute the policy.  Or it’s because the policy didn’t go far enough, and besides, shut up, you racist!

To maintain this alternate, utopian reality, D/S/Cs are eternally convinced the problem is their messaging merely needs to be properly adjusted so as to perfect the narrative to better fool the Normals, who are always waiting for just the right verbiage to accept, once and for all, non-falsifiable D/S/C policies and realities.  You know, things like: “you’re voting against your interests, which you’re not smart enough to understand.”

Maybe, just maybe, Washington State D/S/C politicians have chanced on the truly perfect policy, the ultimately convincing messaging, the infallibly eternal narrative.  Is this—making drive-up, indiscriminate slaughter as non-criminal as possible—the enlightened, equitable policy that will finally convince Normal Americans D/S/Cs are the party of law and order, the godlike givers of light, law, universal brotherhood and peace, and ensure their thousand year rule?

Or maybe they’re just socialists, Marxists, corrupt totalitarians.  Maybe they’re just evil.  I suspect the survivors of those murdered in drive-by shootings might agree.