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We’re in the very best of hands:

The Biden administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on Tuesday publicly announced that Rachel Levine, the transgender assistant secretary of health for HHS, had been named the nation’s first openly transgender four-star officer across any of the eight uniformed services of the United States. According to the press release, this makes Levine, a biological male, the ‘highest ranking official in the USPHS Commissioned Corps and its first-ever female four-star admiral.’

‘Admiral Rachel Levine, who serves as the HHS Assistant Secretary for Health and head of the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps, was ceremonially sworn in as a four-star admiral,’ HHS said in a Tuesday statement, identifying the official as its ‘first-ever female four-star admiral.’

What could possibly go wrong:

 U.S. Iran envoy Robert Malley says the Biden administration is preparing for a ‘world where Iran doesn’t have constraints on its nuclear program,’ comments that show how little progress has been made in negotiations with Tehran aimed at securing a return to the 2015 nuclear accord.

Malley, during a televised talk on Wednesday with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said the United States has been talking to its allies about options for dealing with a fully operational and unrestricted Iranian nuclear program.

‘We have to prepare for a world—which we’re doing now in consultation with our partners from the region—about a world where Iran doesn’t have constraints on its nuclear program and we have to consider options for dealing with that, which is what we’re doing even as we hope that we can get back to the deal. Iran is giving us its answer by what it’s doing and not doing every day,’ Malley said.

Yes.  Malley, and the rest of the Harris/Biden/Whoever Administration are entirely insane.  But at least we have a historically trans admiral.  And speaking of the best and the brightest:

The wit and wisdom of Mayor Pete, who might soon become vice president/president in waiting Pete:

‘What I can tell you is that we are doing everything for the short term and the long term and we will work through the factors that present themselves as challenges in the terms that we encounter on everything.  … The significant problems are not problem of insignificance because they are not important problems, they are significant challenges because of the importance of their significance and we are addressing them in both long and short term solutions. … This is important, not just morally but also economically, because the challenges are what we need to recognize as important maintenance issue challenges.’

Well, he’s a moron, yes, but he’s a very gay birthing person, so…

Conservatives reacted with outrage to Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm’s remarks about the United States lacking ‘moral authority”’ over China because of its contribution to so-called man-made climate change.

During a round-table discussion last week in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Granholm made a direct comparison between communist China when it comes to pollution.

You know, we’ve got a global problem and China is a big contributor to that — we are, too,’ Granholm said. ‘And we don’t have much moral authority to say you should be doing this if we are not taking action and deploying the technology that we need to deploy.’

Well sure.  China oppresses about a billion people, loosed the Coronavirus on the world, harvests organs from the living, tortures, rapes and murders unpopular minorities, but we don’t have moral authority.  Ultimate moral authority for such people is trans admirals, D/S/C rioters and gay birthing persons.  Granholm is an attractive woman.  Evil often wears a pretty face.

This must have made poor Chuck Todd’s head explode:

Fifty-seven percent of Americans agree the U.S. economy has gotten worse under President Joe Biden, according to a Rasmussen poll released Friday.

 How could anyone imagine it hasn’t?

Gee, I’m beginning to think Democrats aren’t doing a very good job…

Walgreens said Tuesday that it will close five stores in San Francisco in November, citing the company’s concerns over retail theft in the city.

‘Organized retail crime continues to be a challenge facing retailers across San Francisco, and we are not immune to that,’ Walgreens spokesperson Phil Caruso said in a statement.

Golly!  I wonder how that sort of thing could have happened?  Whatever happened to the Republican “war on women?”  This happened:

Basic economics: if you want more of a given behavior, reward it.  If you want less, punish it:

Los Angeles ports will fine cargo ships waiting to unload their goods in an attempt to relieve congestion that is as desperate as it is gobsmackingly stupid.

It’s a fine so pointless and wrong that, of course, Presidentish Joe Biden has chimed in with his support for it.

According to CNBC, the White House is ‘hopeful’ that fines will ‘ease the intensifying logjam of cargo ships’ waiting to unload at Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles. Together, the two account for 40% of the country’s seaborne imports.

Carriers will have to pay ‘$100 per day for each container lingering past a given timeline’ starting on the first of the month. Containers moved by truck will have nine days before they’ll start paying, and containers moved by rail will have just three days.

Let me see if I understand this: the port can’t unload ships, which is forcing them to remain at anchor, waiting to be unloaded, so the solution is to fine the ships?  D/S/C logic. They’re not called “The Stupid Party” for nothing:

And speaking of stupid:

In keeping with the Biden administration’s newly announced gender inclusivity strategy, the State Department has printed its first gender-neutral passport, marked with an ‘X’ designation.

The State department confirmed the news Wednesday, although the identity of the person to whom the passport was issued was not revealed. The U.S. special diplomatic envoy for LGBTQ rights, Jessica Stern, told the Associated Press that the new option for the document reflects the ‘lived reality’ that increasingly more people identify with a gender different than the one they were assigned at birth.

They keep telling us there are multiple hundreds more people stranded in Afghanistan than they admitted last week, and this is the State Department’s priority?  Were I carrying an “X” passport, I wouldn’t try to enter Muslim countries.  But other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

Former Secretary of State and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell passed away on Monday morning from COVID complications.

We see the same thing everywhere, but one essential detail is left out: Powell had blood cancer.  Just another covid death…

They’re probably saving money for the Obama mausoleum:


The Art Institute of Chicago crouches on Michigan Avenue, defending the surrounding Grant Park from the city’s skyscrapers crowding in. Spreading over more than a million square feet, the museum has almost 300,000 works of art. And zero docents.

In museum-speak, a docent is a trained volunteer who greets visitors and guides them through the collection, filling in details of the artists’ lives, speaking to the visual elements of the work on display and adding art-history context. The Art Institute used to have more than 100 docents, 82 of them active, until Veronica Stein, an executive director of learning and engagement, sent a Sept. 3 email canning all of them. In gratitude for their long, unpaid service—averaging 15 years each—the Art Institute offered the involuntarily retired guides a two-year free pass to the museum.

The apparent problem was that the Art Institute docents were mostly older white women of above-average financial means and with plenty of time on their hands. The institute needs to go to a more professional model, Ms. Stein explained, ‘in a way that allows community members of all income levels to participate, responds to issues of class and income equity, and does not require financial flexibility.’

Yeah, the last thing one wants in an art museum is guides who know anything about art.  That’s real “learning and engagement.”  But at least we now know inflation is a good thing:

Why are D/S/C cities such cesspools of racism, inequality and bad management?  During my final years as a patrol officer, I wrote more tickets per year than our entire Traffic Division.  They weren’t chickenshit tickets either.  I wouldn’t stop anyone for speeding unless they were doing at least 13 MPH over the limit—43 in a 30, for example.  Just one patrol cop going about his daily duties, of which traffic tickets were only a small part.  It was a much smaller agency than the LAPD, but explain this if you can:

In yet another example of poor leftist fiscal management, Crosstown reports that the city of Los Angeles now spends more money on traffic and parking enforcement than it collects from traffic fines. That’s right, our leftist leaders continue to lose money writing traffic tickets in one of the world’s most car-crazy cities.

‘Over the past five years, fines from parking tickets have brought in over $617 million to the city of Los Angeles,’ said Crosstown. ‘But over that same time, the department in charge of writing those tickets ran up costs of more than $809 million in salaries, equipment and other expenses.’ In other words, that means parking and traffic enforcement cost the city of L.A. $192 million more than was generated in revenue from traffic tickets.

You can be sure LA charges much, much more for traffic tickets than my city ever imagined doing.  What are you doing, Joe?

President Joe Biden appeared frustrated Wednesday that his agenda was stalled in Congress, raising his voice during a speech in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

‘What are we doing?’ Biden asked after telling a story about parents driving their cars to McDonalds to get internet access during the coronavirus pandemic to do online schooling.

‘This is the United States of America, dammit!’ Biden shouted. ‘What are we doing?’

Well Joe, You’re the temporary president.  Maybe you ought to have a clue?  John Kerry certainly doesn’t:

Credit: truckerphoto.com

Anyway, as reported by Reuters, Kerry jetted to Mexico on Monday to fire up the locals about the number of ‘green energy jobs’ presumably [nonsense] ‘created’ by the Biden administration in a corrupt country that serves as a launchpad for illegal aliens — not only from Mexico but from Central and Southern America, Jamaica, the Middle East, and God Know where else — to stream into the U.S. in record numbers.

Well, at least Joe is on top of things:

Shipping costs are surging around the globe, causing the price of sending a container from Asia to the West Coast to increase many times over.

When Donald Trump was president in 2020, the price to ship a container from Asia to California was $3,800. That price spiked to $17,000 in October of 2021, according to supply chain technology company Freightos.

Freightos also revealed that shipping to the east coast is more expensive than the west coast, with rates reaching $20,000.

Such is the brilliant success of Joe Biden.  What does it mean?  Higher prices for everything—much higher, like:

But on the bright side, Academia never stops working to improve the lot of mankind:

Western Carolina University (WCU) recently added more than 10 pronouns to its Canvas student portal, a curriculum management platform.


The 12 new pronoun combinations include (E/Eir), (Fae/Faer), (Per/Pers), (Ve/Ver), (Xe/Xem), and (Ze/Zir), but both some university employees admitted that they were unaware some configurations existed.

Me too.  And speaking once again, of the best and brightest:

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace said that White House press secretary Jen Psaki is “‘one of the best press secretaries ever”‘ after hearing her response to a question from Peter Doocey, the network’s White House correspondent, about President Joe Biden claiming that he had been to the southern border.

Which is just one more reason I avoid anything involving Chris Wallace like the plague.  And speaking of things to be avoided like the plague:


U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen proposed taxing billionaires’ unrealized capital gains to fund President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion spending bill — a bill which the president has claimed costs $0.

Uh huh.  If it costs nothing, why do we need to raise new taxes?

During an interview with CNN on Sunday, Yellen touted the idea of taxing the unrealized capital gains of the wealthiest 1 percent, though she claimed the measure would not count as a ‘wealth tax.’

She said:

‘Um, I think what’s under consideration is a proposal that Sen. [Ron] Wyden [D-OR] and the Senate Finance Committee have been looking at that would, um, impose, um, a tax on unrealized capital gains, um, on liquid assets held by extremely wealthy individuals, billionaires.

I wouldn’t call that a wealth tax, but it would help get at capital gains, which are an extraordinary large part of the incomes of the wealthiest individuals, and right now escape taxation until they’re realized. And often they are only realized in a death, benefitting from a so-called step-up of basis.

So, it’s not a wealth tax, but, um, a tax on unrealized capital gains of exceptionally wealthy individuals.’

RiiightThey’re going to tax people on income they have not actually made, wealth they don’t actually have, but might have at some point in the future.  And they’re only going to tax billionaires.  I’m sure they’re trustworthy.  Hey, maybe we could deduct unrealized losses—money we might lose at some point in the future?

And this guy used to be an admiral:

No wonder the Navy can’t keep their ships from running into things. Not stupid:

Please, don’t anyone try to persuade D/S/Cs to change their tactics:

See what I mean?

And no, we’re not veering into tyranny.  Why would you think that?

Thomas Sibick was one of the protesters who stormed the Capitol on January 6. Unlike many of the protesters, Sibick seems to have done more than mill around. He is accused of assaulting a police office and stealing his badge and radio.

Sibick has been held in jail pending trial. The basis for his detention, I take it, is that he’s considered a potential participant in future lawless protest activity.

Now, however, Sibick has been released thanks to federal judge Amy Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee and anti-Trump partisan.

 But there’s more. As a condition of his release, Jackson said to Sibick, ‘You must not watch any political television programs.’ She also told him to stay away from political rallies.

When a judge tells a defendant what television programs he must not watch, she crosses the line. At that point, I think we really are veering into authoritarianism.

Too stupid to survive.