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credit: fox news

On this, day four of deliberations, the Defense told Judge Schroeder what I’ve been reporting for several days—the SMM Rittenhouse archive is here—that the Prosecution has known the identity of “Jump Kick Man” all along and withheld it from the Defense:

Fox News reported that the man is named Maurice Freeland, and that he has a lengthy criminal record. According to Fox, citing defense attorneys, he told prosecutors he would testify in exchange for immunity, but they refused the deal:

‘The man known as ‘jump kick man’ during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is 39-year-old Maurice Freeland of Wisconsin, defense attorneys revealed to Fox News Thursday

Freeland approached the prosecution to testify in exchange for immunity for other charges, including a DUI, but they rejected the offer, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

Wisconsin arrest records show that Freeland has a lengthy criminal history, including charges for battery, disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana and other offenses this year.’

They also apparently withheld his name from the defense, preventing Rittenhouse’s attorneys from calling him as a witness. That could prompt the defense to file a new motion for a mistrial, in addition to the two that are already pending with the judge.

Prosecutors have also faced criticism for charging Joshua Ziminski with arson. Ziminski allegedly fired the first shots that night, before Rittenhouse fired at his first assailant, but his pending testimony in his arson trial means that he could not be compelled to testify in the Rittenhouse trial because that might violate his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

Gee, you don’t suppose the Prosecution did that, you know, like on purpose?

It’s tempting to suggest all of this is now moot because the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty on all counts.  It couldn’t happen to a worse pair of prosecutors.

I’ve so often, gentle readers, explained D/S/Cs invent their own reality and try to force everyone else to live in it.  Their reality is based not on the rule of law, not on the Constitution, which is the basis for our representative republic, not even on reason or logic, but on “social justice,” and what ought to be.  It’s no coincidence that what ought to be is invariably ultimate power for a Marxist government and no liberty for Americans.  They constantly speak of “democracy,” when what they really mean is the tyranny of the majority, which is what a democracy is.  In such a polity, 50.00000001% get to decide everything, including the continuing existence, or lack thereof, of the minority.  As I said, Marxism, “fundamental transformation” of America from a constitutional, representative republic into a Communist hell.

Maurice Freeland, AKA “Jump Kick Man”

So it is in the Rittenhouse case.  From the beginning, the media and D/S/C politicians, including Temporary President Biden, have screamed the narrative: Kyle is a white supremacist, he carried an illegal gun, he crossed state lines(?!), the entire incident is racist, racist, racist!  None of that was remotely true.  In fact, as I’ve explained in the last several articles, the only black person involved was “Jump Kick Man,” a black criminal who tried to kill Kyle and was lucky to escape unharmed.  This  of course will be twisted into additional faux evidence of racist white supremacy.

I’ll have much more to say about all of this later tonight, and certainly, in the coming weeks.  Now, it’s up to Wisconsin’s politicians and police to maintain law and order, or to abandon the law-abiding to the D/S/C encouraged, approved and protected mob.  The same is so in many other cities across America.  It is interesting to note—it takes no psychic abilities to make this forecast—there will be few, if any incidences of civil unrest in red states, which don’t put up with that sort of thing, and actually prosecute people for rioting.  For the time being, let’s sample a bit of D/S/C reaction, and perhaps provide a bit of perspective, keeping in mind my commentary it based not only on the law, but on the trial record–the actual evidence:

Well, other than the fact Kyle did not act as a vigilante—the jury confirmed that—did not carry an “assault weapon,” did not carry any firearm across state lines, which would not have been a crime or in any way nefarious if he had, and the fact multiple witnesses established Kyle was the very opposite of threatening that night, Robinson is right.

Right, except he didn’t break any law, didn’t carry any weapon illegally, nor was the weapon he carried illegal, and crying on the stand establishes no legal presumption of self-defense.  But other than that…

Not quite, Huber and Rosembaum were violent criminals engaging in a riot.  They attacked the wrong person and died in the commission of attempted murder.  To call Bill de Blasio a pox on the face of humanity is an understatement.

Uh-huh.  And no black person has ever been exonerated via self-defense?  It’s an odd “active shooter” who walks abroad in a riot for hours offering medical aid and shooting no one until he is attacked, in the space of seconds, by four people trying to murder him, and only then does he shoot, and only at his attackers.  And no, only self-defense has been affirmed.

It’s refreshing to see even Joy Reid admit that even 17-year old kids have the right to self-defense in America (Yes, I’m kidding about her recognition of reality).

Ida Bae Wells–AKA Nikole Hannah-Jones–gentle readers, is the woman responsible for the 1619 Project.  Just as in that ahistorical abomination, she lies about the Martin case.  The SMM Martin archive is here, but for the record, it was Martin who was the aggressor, the trial of George Zimmerman was a political prosecution, just as the Rittenhouse trial was, and when he was shot, in lawful self-defense, Martin was beating Zimmerman’s head into a concrete sidewalk.  But other than that, and her recent embarrassingly idiotic comments about America’s use of nuclear weapons to end WWII, Wells is as accurate as ever…

One would expect a congressman to show a bit of dignity and restraint, right? Right?  Self-defense is not, by definition, murder, but again, D/S/C reality rather than real reality…

Hold onto your hats.  It’s going to be a rough ride.

More soon.

UPDATE, 11-19-21, 2120 MT:  As I noted, it’s now up to Wisconsin politicians and police.  This tweet by Wisconsin’s Attorney General may offer insight into why Kenosha burned in the first place:

Hmmm.  Perhaps it might have been useful to assure potential rioters, looter, arsonists, serial child molester and murderers that such things are, you know, illegal, and Wisconsin authorities, you know, like the Attorney General, are actually doing to do something about it this time?  One would think the AG would understand that self-defense does not qualify as vigilantism, but obviously not.  This tweet also explains a great deal.

Golly Lt. Governor Barnes, thanks for that vote of confidence in the justice system!  And thanks for lifting up the voices of “organizers and activists.”  They’re our best and brightest, particularly when they’re committing arson.  And of course we must honor “Jacob, Anthony, JoJo…” who should be praised daily in classrooms as role models for children, though we shouldn’t let people like them get too close to children, particularly from behind.

I particularly loved this: “We all have the power to heal Kenosha and our nation. Sure, as long as we define “healing” as arson, looting, destruction of property, and deadly violence.  And here’s the Governor.  All he has to do is not be insane.  Surely he can do that?

And he begins by bemoaning the indescribable loss to mankind, to pedophiles and criminal everywhere, of Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, and the pitiable, entirely self-inflicted plight of Gaige Grosskreutz and Jacob Blake.  Enter “jacob blake” into the SMM homepage search bar to find relevant articles.  At least the Governor very politely asked D/S/C thugs to be nice.  It certainly wouldn’t do to inform them the law exists and they might pay a price for violating it.  Certainly such people don’t want to be “sewing division,” or “hinder that healing.”  And he’s all about “ending violence in our communities,” but not so much for stopping violent people from actually doing violence.

God help the people of Wisconsin.  The socialist morons they elected certainly won’t.  Perhaps there’s an electoral lesson there?  If so, there’s no evidence D/S/Cs are learning it:

I’m certain of one thing: Joe Biden didn’t write this.  He can probably barely read it.  I’m also sure the federal DOJ will be trying to prosecute Kyle any way it can, though it’s hard to imagine how that would be possible under the law.  Perhaps he violated the civil rights of the thugs that tried to kill him?  The civil rights of the mob in general?

See what I mean?  Apparently it’s now illegal to cross state lines in America such that it requires the attention of the DOJ.  Of course, if they’re after Suzy Soccermom at school board meetings, why not send the FBI after state line crossers too?  Even one of the primary organs of the D/S/C Party had to get in on the act:

Uh, Jacob Blake was not only armed, he admitted that, because he wasn’t killed.  This is the “ought to be,” alternate reality about which I spoke, the reality that not only doesn’t need facts, it actively rejects them in favor of the narrative.  As to facing no consequences—more on that shortly.

And we hear from one of the most evil organizations in America, the ACLU.  Notice who they think needs protection.

And notice how very far outside the realm of actual reality these equally evil people are.

These Marxists just want to destroy America.  And what would any discussion of alternate realities be without AOC?

“Those it was designed for”?  Yes.  American citizens.  As always, The Babylon Bee is firmly grounded:

Notice what happened to a former NYT reporter who tried to file an accurate story on the 2020 Kenosha riots:

We can only hope:

And in the “can they really be this dense?” category:

“Aurelia Cotta,” by the way, was Julius Caesar’s mother.  “Dense” in that the Prosecution gets only one try.  If they lose there’s no appeal.  It’s that whole double jeopardy/Constitution thing.

Finally, let’s end with a bit of rationality:

That’s the point: D/S/Cs don’t want Normal Americans to be able to defend themselves against D/S/Cs and their agents.

Leave it to a Navy SEAL for common sense:

Incredible, but absolutely predictable.  Yes:

I’ll be writing about exactly this in the near future.

More to come soon, I’m sure, gentle readers.