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I need to start with this: Sean Hannity drives me crazy!  Yes, he’s done a great deal for liberty over the years, but I’ve—God help me– occasionally watched his coverage of the Rittenhouse trial.  If he has a 3-minute segment, he spends 2:40 rattling on endlessly in a pseudo-question.  When he finally shuts up, the person he’s tricked into thinking will be able to say something, stares at the screen, wondering: “is this guy ever going to shut up; is he done yet?” and then they have 6 seconds before Hannity shuts them up.  Oh yes, while this happens, over and over and over, I find myself shouting at my TV “will you just STF up?!”  I’ve had enough Hannity for a lifetime.

Judge Schroeder’s nightmare scenario has come to pass: the trial has devolved to a never-ending argument over drone video, and it’s the prosecution’s fault.

And now we learn, as the Defense files a second motion for a mistrial with prejudiceread that here –the Prosecution withheld their high resolution video of the drone video delivered, as Andrew Branca so accurately termed it, by “the evidence fairy” at the last minute.  Under Hi-res. it’s reportedly clear Kyle never pointed his rifle at the Ziminskis, just as Kyle, and at least one other witness, testified.

The point, of course, is not only the withholding of evidence, it’s denying the Defense the opportunity to see that video, properly prepare Kyle for his testimony, and properly prepare their case and closing argument.  Worse the Prosecution, having the clearest video that shows Kyle did not point his carbine at the Ziminskis, knew their provocation argument was a lie. They lied to the Judge and the jury.  One would imagine this is, at least, a disbarment level offense, and grounds for granting the motion.

Jump Kick Man unknown no longer

And it gets better.  It appears the Prosecution knew the identity of “Jump Kick Man” all along and withheld that too, surely because they knew putting him on the stand would only make their non-existent case much, much worse.

Jump Kick Man was given the name during the second incident on August 25, 2020 that led to Rittenhouse fatally shooting Anthony Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz. While running from a crowd of people, Rittenhouse tripped and fell. During this moment, Jump Kick Man allegedly ran up and stomped on the then 17-year-old’s head.


The Dan O’Donnell Show has revealed that Jump Kick Man is a 40-year-old black male from Kenosha, Wisconsin. His name has been withheld ‘as he has not been criminally charged in connection with the Rittenhouse case,’ according to the radio show host.

‘Sources indicate that he contacted prosecutors and offered to testify, but in exchange requested immunity from an ongoing drunk driving and domestic abuse case with which he was charged in June,’ according to O’Donnell.

At the time of the shootings, the man was reportedly out on probation following a conviction for domestic violence battery. He originally faced a jail sentence of nine months, but accepted a plea deal less than two months before the August 25 incident.

That plea deal gave the man 12 months probation instead of jail time. He reportedly violated that plea deal the following year, and was sentenced to seven months in jail.

The man has a criminal record that dates back decades, including felony convictions for car theft, drug possession, ID theft, and escaping custody.

Golly!  What a surprise that another one of the thugs who tried to kill Kyle is also has a lengthy criminal record, including for violent crimes.  Take the link to see an even longer volume of felonious criminal behavior.

According to O’Donnell, ‘At this point, Jump Kick Man had been sentenced to probation in three different cases and violated the terms of that probation every single time. Still, a judge last June sentenced him to probation yet again…and yet again he violated the terms of that probation earlier this year.’

‘He likely should have been in jail, though, and was not only because he received yet another break from the Kenosha County criminal justice system. In a very real sense, this break may have indirectly led to the death of Anthony Huber and shooting of Gaige Grosskreutz,’ he added.

What the hell?! The prosecution can compel this guy’s testimony.  If he failed to be there, that was the Prosecutor’s choice.  If they knew his identity and failed to inform the Defense, if they covered this up, hoo boy does the Defense have another major appeal issue.  This is the sort of thing, coming to light at this point, that could easily lead to a mistrial with prejudice.  Why didn’t they put him on the stand?  Because they knew this guy too would further sink a case that should never have been filed.

And speaking of criminals, the New York Post has additional information on Gaige Grosskreutz’ criminal history.

As regular readers know, the media’s coverage has been criminally negligent, false and dangerous.  They have, for example, moaned over and over again about how Kyle “crossed state lines,” as though driving from one state to another is akin to crossing national borders, and is somehow proof of evil intent.  In fact, Kyle’s father and grandmother live in Kenosha, a fact that surprised ADA Binger when Kyle testified. Kyle works as a lifeguard in Kenosha, and has friends there.  He lives with his mother in Illinois, only about 20 minutes from Kenosha, far less distance than many American’s daily work commute.  These people, so worked up about a 20-minute drive from one state to another, don’t give a damn about the serial violation of our southern border.

Then there is the unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon lie.  Politifact, a so-called “fact checker” has maintained, for more than a year, Kyle was guilty of that.  When the Prosecution was forced to admit, under direct questioning by Judge Schroeder, Kyle was never in violation of the law, and dismissed the charge, Politifact doubled down:

These subsequent events show the grey areas of local gun laws — hardly a case of something being ‘perfectly legal.’ Our fact-check remains unchanged.

Yes, the law is poorly written, but on its text, Kyle clearly did not violate it, and the Prosecution admitted they knew it all along. That’s what “subsequent events” reveal.  But of course, that’s what “fact-checking” is these days: narrative maintenance at all costs.

Once again, Tucker Carlson took the media to task on his 11-16-21 show.  Take this link to his insightful commentary, video and text.

A visit to this Breitbart article by John Nolte, which speaks of how the media is actively inciting riots via the Rittenhouse trial, is also worthy of your time.

Finally, for the moment, take this link to a Daily Mail articleinteresting how the British press so often does much better than our D/S/C propaganda organs.  I’ve noted I hoped regardless of the trial outcome, Kyle sues each and every media outlet that defamed and slandered him, and Joe Biden too, though he’ll have to wait until Joe leaves office.  It turns out, Nick Sandman shares my hopes:

The parallels between me and Kyle Rittenhouse are impossible not to draw.

Kyle was 17-years-old when he became a household name after that terrible tragedy in Kenosha.

I was 16-years-old when I was catapulted into the national conversation by video of an encounter with a Native American activist on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

In only hours a CNN host tweeted an image of me, writing: ‘Honest question. Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid’s?’.

Kyle wasn’t given his day in court by his critics.

And neither was I.

The attacks on Kyle came from the national news media, just as they came for me.

They came quickly, without hesitation, because Kyle was an easy target that they could paint in the way they wanted to.

This is the problem with liberal media outlets in the United States. They want to get the story first, get the most views, make the most money, and advance the agenda from liberal patrons.

These outlets cover themselves when they are wrong with small footnotes at the ends of long articles, clarifying that new information has come out and that they have updated their coverage.

I personally am still involved in six media lawsuits as January approaches marking three years since the confrontation took place at the March for Life.

So, if Kyle is prepared to take on another burden in his early life, with the acceptance that it might result in nothing, I answer, give it a shot and hold the media accountable.

All it takes is one juror with this kind of faulty thinking…

As this is written, the Jury is watching video, alone in the courtroom, as many times as they wish.  Judge Schroeder will wait until a verdict before ruling on the Defense motion for a mistrial, and one can only imagine his frustration over the way the Prosecution has made a mess of this trial.  If there’s a conviction and he doesn’t grant a mistrial, there’s going to be an appeal and he’ll almost certainly be overturned.

Continuing, 11-17-21, 2030 MT: Once again, the jury retired for the evening without reaching a verdict.  It’s essentially pointless to speculate what is taking so long, but I suspect there are one or two holdouts.

Here’s the clearest video—the drone video—I’ve yet seen.  Take this link for the video.   There is no doubt—none—what happened.  Rosenbaum, who twice threatened to kill Kyle, is chasing him in a full sprint, not merely trotting after him saying: “hey buddy, can we talk?”  The prosecutors need to be sued for malicious prosecution.

By the way, the difference between the version prosecutors hid and the version they gave to the Defense was 11.5 MB to 3.6 MB.  That, gentle readers, is an enormous difference in resolution, particularly when any attempt is made to enlarge or zoom the image.  It works out to about 1/16th the resolution of the original, more than enough to deny the Defense the information they need to ensure Kyle’s due process.  It’s the virtual definition of “bad faith” on the part of the prosecution.  Oh, but they just made a mistake; they didn’t mean it!  Nonsense.  They—personally–have an affirmative, absolute duty to provide the Defense with what they have—the same evidence, unaltered. 

Remember, this particular evidence issue is of supreme importance in this case.  It’s the only evidence the Prosecution presented to support their false provocation narrative.  That too was bad faith.  Consider this from Andrew Branca’s follow up article of 11-17-21:

Interestingly, a photo purportedly of ADA Kraus’ laptop screen being projected onto the large 4k TV screen in the courtroom shows the presence of an imaging software named Handbrake. I lack any technical expertise or experience with Handbrake software, but apparently, a core purpose is to generate low-definition versions of high-definition videos.  This has led to speculation that the provision of the low-resolution video to the defense was not an accident at all, but rather an intentional act of the prosecution.  If so, this would be prosecutorial misconduct sufficiently grievous to not only warrant a mistrial with prejudice but certainly misconduct perhaps even malicious prosecution charges.

Yes, yes it would.  Judge Schroeder told the Prosecutors there would be “a day of reckoning” over the miraculously acquired drone video.  Might that be a mistrial with prejudice, referral to the bar disciplinary process, prosecution for violating the law?  This trial is anything but simple.

It appears Gaige Grosskreutz was arrested for DUI some six weeks after August 25, 2020.  The DA—surprise, surprise—dropped the charges before the Rittenhouse trial.  He was accompanied by Jacob Marshall, Grosskreutz’s friend who said Grosskreutz’ regret was he didn’t empty the magazine of his Glock into Kyle.  This is interesting:

It’s pretty clear if you watch the clip that the officer is convinced Jacob Marshall is lying about the drinking to protect his friend Gaige Grosskreutz. He’s lying even though there’s pretty compelling evidence that Grosskreutz has been drinking. In fact, a blood draw would eventually find he was nearly three times over the legal limit. Put simply, Grosskreutz was blotto drunk that night but Jacob Marshall is lying to the officer’s face and saying they weren’t drinking to protect his friend.

Why is that significant? Because Marshall met with Grosskreutz in the hospital the morning after the shooting. He posted a photo of the two of them on social media along with some comments saying Grosskreutz’ one regret was that he hadn’t emptied his gun into Kyle Rittenhouse when he had the chance. But when questioned about that on the stand, Marshall claimed he’d made it all up.

‘You just posted something about your friend, your roommate, that was a lie?’ defense lawyer Corey Chirafisi asked him.

‘I did,’ Marshall replied. ‘Given the circumstances and all the threats I’ve received on the internet—I’ve never been put in a position like that. Addresses of ours were posted, you know. My mother was getting inboxed, my sister, it was insane.’…

Marshall added, ‘I lied. The words never came out of his mouth—100 percent made it all up.’

Golly!  You don’t suppose Marshall committed perjury under oath, or that there may be a pattern to his lying, do you?  There’s more, and video, at the link.

Here’s the link to Andrew Branca’s real time commentary throughout today.  There is video and text.

In Update 11—the SMM Rittenhouse case archive is here–I reported the bizarre accusations of “Squad” member rep. Cori Bush.  She claimed black protestors in Ferguson—the Michael Brown shooting—were the victims of snipers, and drew irrational parallels between those supposed events and the Rittenhouse trial.  A reporter who covered Ferguson notes:

I also covered the Brown casethat archive is here—and can suggest one additional, sure way we can know Bush is lying.  If what she claims actually happened, it—snipers trying to kill black women in Ferguson?!–would have been the top of the news, hourly, for months.  There wasn’t a peep.

Here are a few scenes from today’s street theater outside the courthouse:

Final Thoughts:  If you’re a juror, what confidence do you have in the system?  You’ve seen all the resources of the state arrayed against a 17 year-old for nothing more than saving his life against the murderous assaults of four felons, one a serial child molester, and yes, you haven’t been sequestered.  You know things.  The Prosecutors laughed at you for not wanting your town destroyed?  He told you it’s the position of the Kenosa DA’s Office everybody has to be willing to be assaulted.  Hey, it’s just the way things go in Kenosha, and don’t come crying to us when it happens! If you carry a gun, you forfeit the right to self-defense; you’re fair game for any sociopath.

You know about the threats against the judge, against Kyle, the Defense, and against you and those you love.  You know all about cancel culture.  Acquit, and you’ll probably find yourself out of a job, shunned, attacked, even killed.  What confidence do you have that the police, even if they wanted to, would be allowed to protect you?  They didn’t stop maniacs from burning down your town.  What confidence do you have that even if the police stopped and caught people harassing you, at your home, burning it down, trying to kill you and yours, the Kenosha DA’s office would prosecute them?  Wouldn’t they be more likely to prosecute you if you dared protect your home, your life?  Would you want to be on trial?  If you never thought of it before, you now know what “the punishment is the process” means.

And what, gentle readers, have we come to that any juror has to worry about this?  If this is the plight of jurors, what, God help us, do we have left, and how long until it all falls apart?

More tomorrow.